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Neighbours Episode 0521 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0521
Australian airdate: 29/06/1987
UK airdate: 04/11/1988
UK Gold: 31/10/1994
Guests: Dan Ramsay - Syd Conabere
Edna Ramsay - Jessica Noad
Hilary Robinson - Anne Scott Pendlebury
Summary/Images by: Donna (glittergal)
Jim promises he will be talking to Scott as soon as he returns from School. Dan doesn't see how a schoolboy can provide for his granddaughter. Dan is sure that Scott has bluffed his way into Madge's good books. Hilary butts in and says at least Scott and Charlene are getting married instead of living out of wedlock like Dan and Edna did for so long! Jim and Helen make a hasty exit and leave Hilary to deal with Dan.
The Office
Jane is making jokes about the cellar escapades. Paul doesn't find it funny. Helen and Jim arrive and ask Paul if Hilary can move in with he and Gail until after the wedding. Paul would rather give her a room at Lassiters but agrees Hilary can move in as long as Gail says its ok.
Hilary comes in to find Madge and Edna preparing wedding food. She turns her nose up at the party food but Edna points out so long as Scott and Charlene have a good day nothing else matters. Hilary tells Edna she doesn't know how she copes with Dan. Edna brings in the wedding cake and Hilary says most people just buy them nowadays. But she realises money is tight and can see why Scott and Charlene will be living with Jim after the wedding. Madge is angry and tells Hilary that Scott and Charlene will be living with her when they marry and that they will manage just fine.
Edna is working on the cake whilst Dan sits reading the paper. Madge thinks they should give the cooking a rest and wishes Charlene would come home. She wants to know what is going on with the living arrangements. Charlene arrives home and Madge asks her if it's true that she and Scott will be living with the Robinsons. Charlene tells Madge that she and Scott want their own place but failing that they don't know where to live. She suggests they all talk about it later in the evening.
Dan tells Charlene he will give her some money for a deposit on a house. Charlene is overjoyed until Dan tells her there is one condition - she has to postpone the wedding. Dan tells her it's only because his insurance policy doesn't come through for another two years. Charlene says there is no need to call off the wedding and says she and Scott will gratefully accept his gift in two years. Dan says Scott isn't good enough for her and if she marries Scott he will not be there.
Madge and Edna walk in on the tail end of their row. Dan tells Edna to pack their bags - they are leaving.
Ramsay Street
Scott is showing Lucy how to ride his skateboard. He runs straight into Dan as Jim and Helen drive back into Ramsay Street. Jim rushes over and tells Scott he has told him before not to use Ramsay Street as a skate park. Scott tells Dan he is sorry and Dan says he should be, for many things.
Paul and Gails
Hilary arrives and is still angry that she wasn't invited to Paul and Gail's wedding. Hilary wants to meet Gail as she's heard she's a lovely girl. Paul tells her Gail is at the office but invites her to come and stay with them until after the wedding. Hilary is thrilled to be asked and says it will make up for all her little disappointments.
Scott's Bedroom
Charlene arrives and tells Scott that Madge has arrived and so any minute now a big debate will begin over where they shall live. They talk about Dan and his interference. Charlene says she used to like Dan and now she doesn't care whether he comes or not. Helen calls them outside for the meeting.
Jim, Helen, Madge, Scott and Charlene gather round the kitchen table. Hilary is there too but Helen tells her it's a family matter and asks if she'd leave. Charlene tells Jim she and Scott have decided to go to a guesthouse for their honeymoon. Jim apologises to Madge for not speaking to here about living arrangements. Charlene says they don't care where they live so long as they're together. Hilary asks Madge why it's so important the kids live with her. Madge says Charlene is her daughter and her responsibility and asks that Hilary mind her own business. Hilary walks out in tears.
Jim follows Hilary and tells her Madge didn't mean what she said - she's just upset Hilary says she was only trying to help. Jim tells her to come back to the table but Hilary thinks she should go home. Jim tells her not to be silly but Hilary retires to her room.
Madge apologises to Jim and says she had no right to lose her temper. Helen says she feels there is more to it and asks Madge to explain. Madge says that when Charlene first moved in they were like strangers, Henry was in prison and the whole family was apart. She said it took a long time but finally she and Charlene found each other again. She says it seems that just as she has found her daughter she is losing her again. Scott tells Madge he and Charlene would love to live with her. Madge hugs him and says he is a very nice man.
Dan and Edna are arguing whilst Henry is on the phone. Dan is still sure he can stop the wedding. Madge and Charlene arrive home and send Dan to bed. Henry comes off the phone to Maria - Max is still in pain and neither they, nor Danny or Shane can make it to the wedding. Charlene says if one more thing goes wrong she'll scream
Hilary hasn't touched her breakfast and says she didn't sleep very well. Hilary thinks she should stay away from the wedding. Scott tells her, through gritted teeth that he and Charlene would be very disappointed if she didn't go. Jim comes in and tells them he has just spoken to Julie - she is not coming to the wedding because Debbie and Michael have the measles. Everyone is upset and Hilary is worried she may catch it as she spent a lot of time with the kids before she came to Erinsborough.
Jane has come to see Charlene to ask if she wants to pick up her bridesmaid dress with her. Charlene agrees and says whilst they are out they can buy some jewellery. Charlene says she is wearing the necklace of Anns that Jim gave her and shows Jane where it sits on her neck. Jane looks in horror as she sees Charlene is covered in spots. Madge comes rushing over and Charlene asks what is wrong with her.
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Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0521
Madge Mitchell

Hilary Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0521
Hilary Robinson

Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell, Jim Robinson, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0521
Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell, Jim Robinson, Madge Mitchell

Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0521
Charlene Mitchell

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