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Neighbours Episode 0520 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0520
Australian airdate: 26/06/1987
UK airdate: 03/11/1988
UK Gold: 28/10/1994
Guests: Dan Ramsay - Syd Conabere
Edna Ramsay - Jessica Noad
Hilary Robinson - Anne Scott Pendlebury
Summary/Images by: Donna (glittergal)
Paul gives Scott his choice from the champagne rack. Scott says he would like to make a short speech first. He thanks them all for the party and shakes everyone's hand. He then makes a run for it and locks them in the cellar. They shout at him to open the door but Scott refuses and says he's chickened out! They realise Scott knows about their plan and Paul gets them all some drinks. Jim stops Dan from drinking whilst Des worries about leaving Daphne alone.
Helen, Lucy and Hilary arrive home and Helen tells Hilary that she put her foot in it several times during the evening. Helen sends Lucy to bed and Hilary offers her help to Helen for the following day. Hilary tells Helen she spoils the family and it's no wonder Jim has never remarried; she's so well organised she'd scare any future bride away.
Helen goes to bed and Scott arrives home. He sets his alarm and Lucy comes into his room. Scott tells her he has locked the men in the cellar and will let them out in a few hours when his alarm goes off. He promises Lucy he won't tell them it was she who dobbed. Lucy asks Scott why they have to grow up; she wants it to be the way it used to be when they were kids. He tells her they'll still see heaps off each other even after he's married.
Dan is banging on the cellar door screaming for release. Henry emerges dressed in the chicken suit and tries to entertain the troops. Dan isn't impressed and thinks Henry was the one who told Scott about the plan. Des thinks it was Jim who told Scott but Jim protests his innocence. They all start arguing and Jim says if they accuse him again he'll have them!!
Scotts Bedroom
Scott's alarm goes off. He turns it off and goes back to sleep.
Des wants to know why Paul doesn't have a phone in the cellar. He wants to phone Daphne and let her know he's ok. Jim asks Paul about Gail and Des apologises for being so selfish. He says it must be worse for Paul given that he's just got married. Henry jokes that Gail probably thinks he's run out on her and Dan comments that Paul is still on his honeymoon. Paul plays up to their sympathies and asks they change the subject. Henry suggests a game of poker - they all agree on the premise it's for money and not for fun!
Edna is making cocoa when Charlene comes into the kitchen. Edna is worried about Dan not being back as it is after 3am. Charlene asks Edna if she's too young to marry Scott. Edna says she asked her mother the same thing when she was to marry Dan, and she was told to 'think happy and be happy'. Edna gives Charlene her blessing.
Henry is winning the game and Dan thinks he's cheating. Des is asleep and muttering things as he does so.
Hilary has made breakfast and asks Helen to call Jim and Scott.
Scotts Bedroom
Helen wakes up Scott. He sees the time on his clock and runs into a panic and out of the house.
Edna is furious that Dan is still not home. Charlene is worried and wonders where they all are.
The men are all asleep - Des is still sleep talking. The beer supplier opens the cellar and asks Paul if everything is all right. Paul asks him not to say anything to the rest of the staff.
The Waterhole
Scott comes running through the door and is caught by Paul and Henry. Scott is full of apologies but no one is to keen to listen. Des is angry and tells Scott he'll deal with him later. Scott explains that his alarm never went off and tells Jim he's sorry.
Lucy is too tired to eat. Hilary wonders what possessed Scott to do such a stupid thing. Scott and Jim arrive home and Scott tells Lucy everyone hates him. Hilary tells Jim she blames him, as he was the one who organised the stag night. Helen arrives and says she has been next door - Daphne slept through the whole thing and didn't even realise Des was missing. Jim says that's no excuse and wonders how Gail felt being left alone so soon after marrying Paul. Helen says if Gail were worried she would have called. When Hilary hears the men were gambling she tells Jim she has no sympathy for him.
Des and Mike are now seeing the funny side of what happens. Mike tells him he was talking in his sleep and was mentioning Lorraine Kingham. Des is horrified and asks Mike not to say a word to Daphne. Mike starts laughing and says he was just joking.
Ramsay Street
Scott and Charlene meet on the street. He asks how her hen night went and she says it was great. She says Dan is blaming Scott for his ulcer flaring up again and Scott says he will never live this one down! Henry comes outside wearing the chicken mask and says he had a great night as he won $200 at poker.
Edna is interrogating Dan and wants to make sure he didn't drink last night. Dan wants to know why she didn't come looking for him, Edna says she had better things to do then rome the streets. Helen arrives and apologises for Scott's behaviour. Edna says there is no need to apologise but Dan insists there is. He says he is going to see Jim - Scott and Charlene will get married over his dead body!
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Charlene Mitchell, Edna Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0520
Charlene Mitchell, Edna Ramsay

Des Clarke, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0520
Des Clarke, Scott Robinson

Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0520
Charlene Mitchell, Scott Robinson

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