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Neighbours Episode 0404 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<0403 - 0405>>
Episode title: 0404
Australian airdate: 15/01/1987
UK airdate: 25/05/1988
UK Gold: 19/05/1994
Writer: Wayne Doyle
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Jim and Paul discover that the Rev Price who has been visiting them is not the "real" Rev Price from the prison where Terri died. And to make matters worse he appears to be involved with the disappearance of Helen.
Mangel House
Mrs Mangel is taking tea with Rev Price she is telling how distraught she was at the time. (Unfortunately for us she doesn't say what she was distraught about!) That she didn't know which way to turn her only thought was to rid herself of him once and for all. Rev Price replies that she must not distress herself that her husband must have subjected her to all sorts of provocation. Mrs Mangel agrees, she has suffered at his hands most of her life. If anyone had an excuse for such callous behaviour it was her. Rev Price replies that we are all human. Mrs Mangel is pleased that she can discuss these delicate matters with such a charming man of the clergy.
Rev Price makes his excuses to leave saying that he promised to drop in on the Robinsons. As Mrs Mangel shows him to the door she says that she has been very selfish keeping him, the Robinson much be out of their minds with worry over Mrs Daniels. Rev Price just smiles and says "The Lord works in mysteries ways"
Robinson House
Jim and Paul are arguing in the kitchen, about what they should do about Rev Price and Helen's disappearance. Jim doesn't want to call the police yet, until they have further evidence. Paul is convinced he has something to do with it, and just how much evidence does Jim want. The governor at the prison didn't make some stupid mistake.
Lucy comes running in to tell them that Rev Price is coming up the driveway. Paul says "Good I will get out of him where Gran is if I have to beat it out of him" Jim doesn't think this is quite the right approach that it would be better if they played along with him and see if he let slip anything. Jim sends Lucy still in her PJ's over to the Ramsay house via the back door and goes to open the front door to Rev Price.
Rev Price says that he hopes Mrs Daniels returned safe and sound. Jim informs him that Helen is still missing. As Jim invites him in Rev Price replies that he know how difficult it must be for them all, he hopes that they will allow him to share the burden of the their worries.
Ramsay House
Dan arrives and Madge is not pleased to see him and says that her mother had telephoned to say he was coming and that he had some good news for her. Madge had told her mother that was a contradiction in terms. Madge calls Charlene to tell her that her grandfather is here. Charlene comes running in to greet him with a hug. She questions him whether he and Edna had had another fight. Dan wants to know what is wrong with them "A man comes all the way down here...." Shane walks in and Dan greets him and wants to know who got the girl. Shane is just telling him it was a bit of a stalemate as Lucy comes running in very distressed.
Lucy tells them about Rev Price not being the "real" Rev Price and that he is in someway involved in Helen's disappearance. Charlene and Shane start to tease her about the fact she is making it up and watching too many late night films. Lucy says she is telling the truth and gets even more distressed. She just wants Gran to come home and the Rev is over at her house now.
Shane and Dan feel that they should go over there and beat the truth out of him. Dan says "Let's show them how a Ramsay deals with troublemakers" Madge stops them by saying that they should stop thinking with their fists for a change and let Paul and Jim deal with it.
Robinson House
Rev Price is telling Jim and Paul that he understands how distressing this must be for them. He has lost someone close himself. Turning to Paul he says "It must be doubly hard on you so close after Terri's death. You must feel some responsibility for that in the circumstances" Paul tells him it has something he has learnt to live with. Rev Price replies "Acceptance of God's will is the wisest choice" Paul is trying hard to hold himself together and not confront the Rev Price as Jim goes off to make some tea.
Rev Price continues "Forgive me if I upset you by mentioning Terri. Perhaps if you confront your grief, bring it all out into the open,.. I would only be too willing to lend an ear" Rev Price is clearly irritated as Jim calls Paul into the kitchen.
Jim whispers to Paul to take it easy. Paul insists that his way isn't working and wants to make him tell them. Jim suggests that they get someone to follow him when he leaves, Paul volunteers but Jim thinks it would be better if Shane did it as Rev Price doesn't know him. Paul quickly sneaks out the back door to have a quick word with Shane.
Jim goes back to Rev Price telling that they have just blown the element on the jug and Paul is fixing it.
Ramsay House
Paul comes rushing in, ignoring Madge's worries he asks Shane if he will follow Rev Price and see where he goes. Shane is rather reluctant about it; he feels it is better left to the police. Paul says he hasn't time to argue that Rev Price is already getting nervous and it would be better if it was someone he hasn't met. Shane finally agrees. Charlene wants to go with him as they always have two on the TV cop shows. Dan however feels he would be better as he is trained in this kind of thing. As Paul urges Shane to leave quickly Madge tells Charlene and Dan they have been a great help...turning to Charlene tells her "A teenage girl who thinks she is Marta Hari and turning to Dan "A old fool who thinks he won WWII all by himself"
Dan thinks Madge is a stick in the mud. Madge tells him forcefully "I do wish you would stop treating this as some silly adventure. Helen Daniels is missing and if Jim and Paul are right and this bogus minister is involved it could get very serious"
Side Garden between the Ramsay and Robinsons
Shane wants to know why the Rev would be hanging around if he is involved in Helen's disappearance. Paul doesn't know but says that he thinks it has something to do with Terri's death because he keeps mentioning her. But it is the only clue they had got so what ever happens don't lose him. Shane assures him he won't. As Paul leaves he asks Shane to give him a ring as soon as he hears anything.
Ramsay Street
As Shane hides in the garden, Charlene comes out of the house with Dan and shouts at Shane to ask if he has he seen him yet and has he got a good disguise. Shane jostles them up the Ramsay drive he tells them to be quiet and that this is serious. Dan tells Charlene to go and get a rope they will need it after he has overpowered the Rev. Charlene wonders if he has a gun, Dan looks decidedly uneasy at that and says that he hadn't thought about it. Dan grabs his chest and says that he has been having some nasty pains lately maybe he will slow you young ones down. He will just go in side and have a small brandy...back at headquarters. They need a head quarters after all.
Shane tries to persuade Charlene to go inside as it could be dangerous by saying she is a girl. This doesn't go down to well with her and she starts to shout that her being a girl has nothing to do with it. She has every right to be there and she is not going anywhere. Shane gives in order to keep her quiet.
Robinson House
Jim is unburdening himself to Rev Price telling him what a tight knit family they are, that Helen has been a tower of strength since his wife died. A mother to young Lucy, he doesn't know how he will cope if anything happened to her. It would tear the family apart Rev Price listens intently and says "He can see the extent of his suffering but what about your son how is he coping" He suddenly realises that Paul hasn't been there for some time and asks where he is. Jim makes some excuse about the nuts on the kettle as Paul walks in giving the same story.
Rev Price nervously suddenly remembers he has an appointment and leaves immediately. Paul nods quickly at Jim that everything is sorted.
Ramsay Street
In the garden Charlene and Shane are keep a watchful eye out for the Rev Price. Charlene is telling Shane that if the whole idea is to follow him incognito he will stick out like a sore thumb if he doesn't have anyone with him. (FASHION POLICE ALERT: At this point I should mention that Charlene is wearing what can only be described as Auntie Flo's curtains...A bright pink trouser suit with red roses all over it...!) Shane says "What the hell would you know and you are not coming and that is final" As Rev Price comes out of the Robinson house they dart up the drive to keep a watch on him. Charlene is still insisting on going ...what looks more normal a couple going for a walk or a guy stalking...Shane puts his hand over her mouth and tells her for once in her life to do as she is told.
As Rev Price passes the Ramsay House, Charlene goes to follow him. Shane pulls her back and tells her that they will let him get a bit in front and then they follow. Shane puts hi s arm around Charlene and a little way down Ramsay Street they meet Kelly. Kelly comments on the fact they look like lovers and wants to know what is up. Charlene tells her not much but she has to go. As they go Kelly mumbles "Great to see you Kelly...Good Luck with your court case Kelly"
Clarke House
Kelly comes in and slams that door after her. Daphne tells her that the court case won't be that bad. Kelly says it isn't that, she had just bumped in Charlene and Shane and they had hardly said two words to her and she was dumb enough to think she had made some friends. Daphne thinks she is probably making a mountain out of a mole hill she should forget about Charlene and Shane for the moment she has far more important things to thinks about today....Like the court case. They need to convince the judge she is clean cut and suggests that she goes and changes her dress.
Random Road
As Charlene and Shane follow Rev Price he heads for his car. Shane says he will have to run back and gets his bike. Charlene thinks it will take to long, but as luck has it a Taxi just happens to come along at that precise moment. Charlene hails it and as they get in says "Follow that car, I have always wanted to say that"
Clarke House
Kelly is looking at herself in the mirror, as Daphne moans that Des isn't much good to them being at a seminar. Kelly wants to know what happens if they throw her in the slammer. Daphne assures her that that isn't going to happen, she has been in trouble before but this time Daphne is there to help her. Daphne continues that it is time to go. Kelly replies that she doesn't have much choice in the matter.
Robinson House
The Ramsays and the Robinsons are all waiting for any news. Madge is moaning about Charlene going with Shane, she is amazed that Dan had the good sense to stay behind. Dan says that it was a tough decision he is known for laughing in the face of danger.
Lucy pipes up that she doesn't know why anyone would want to go, the man is creepy. She hopes that he hasn't hurt Gran. Madge doesn't understand why a man would want to do that sort of thing. Paul and Jim tell them that it seems to have something to do with Terri. That Rev Price wants to see how upset they are by her death. Madge thinks they should call the police. Jim tells her they have and they are sending someone over. Paul just hopes that Charlene and Shane don't lose him.
The cemetery
Rev Price arrives and walks through the cemetery past Terri's grave. Charlene and Shane arrive in the taxi and go to follow him. Charlene tells Shane to pay the taxi as she hasn't got any money and then wants to know what he is doing at the cemetery. They follow him as he walks quickly past all the graves to the edge where there is a corrugated shed with a steel bar dug into the ground to prevent the door opening. As Rev Price removes the bar you she Helen tied up with her face bruised lying on the floor of the shed amongst the gardening tools.
Rev Price says "What is the name of your little granddaughter...that's right, Lucy. Little Lucy. Jim tells me that she is very upset about you. She has been crying. I will get her next. I will give her just enough time to grieve over your death" Helen cries that he is very sick. Rev Price continues that he has been watching her family suffer. Like Terri suffered. Your grandson was never good enough for her.
Out side Shane sneaks up to the shed and hears Helen's voice and sneaks back to tell Charlene who is waiting back amongst the grave stones. He tells her that he is going in and Charlene should wait there. Shane sneaks back to the shed, while Charlene looks around and finds a convenient spade which just happens to be lying in the grass.
Inside the shed Rev Price is telling Helen 'He killed her and I will kill him but not yet I want him to know how it feels. And believe me Mrs Daniels he is suffering. They are all suffering. They are so worried. Just then Shane enters the shed as Helen gives a little cry. Rev Price rushes for Shane and knocks him into a load of metal and plastic drums and makes his escape.
As Shane gets up to go after him you hear from outside a loud thump. Once outside you see Charlene standing over Rev Price with the spade in her hands having hit him on the head with it. Shane grabs the Rev who is on the ground and pins his arms behind his back. He asks Charlene if she is alright and she nods in agreement, he then tells her to go and check on Helen.
Charlene comforts Helen and tells her that Shane has got Rev Price and then proceeds to untie her.
Robinson House
As the Ramsays and the Robinsons are all gathered around, Madge is saying that Rev Price seems like a right madman. Helen tells them that the police had said that he was institutionalised for a few years for bashing some poor young girl over the head. Shane says that he fooled everyone into thinking he had made a full recovery but he won't be fooling anyone now. Helen and he have to give the police a full statement later.
Paul thinks that they should lock him up and throw away the key. Lucy says that she doesn't care what happens to him as long as her Gran is safe and gently kisses her on the cheek. Jim suggests that what Helen needs is a hot bath and straight to bed. Helen whole heartily agrees.
Madge herds them all out saying thank goodness you are all right. Paul thanks Shane for his help as shakes his hand. As Madge shoos them all out of the front door she starts chastising Charlene for her foolhardiness of going with Shane.
As Helen tries to stand, she has difficulty getting up and has to be helped by Jim and Paul. Jim goes to run Helen's bath and Helen says to Paul that it is good to be home. Paul cups his hands around her face and tells her it is good to have her home and then gives her a big hug. Paul questions her "This Ralph Drew or whatever his name is. Why did he pick on you?" Helen tells him that apparently Terri and he were once very close. She lost interest but he never forgot her. He developed this frightening obsession about her and when he heard that she had committed suicide he wanted revenge. So the first thing he did when he was released from the mental institution was coming looking for us"
Paul wants to know whether he was looking for them or for him. Helen assures him that he was looking for them all. Paul looks at her and says "But it was really me he wanted to get at" Helen finally agrees that it was but no one is to blame. He was a very sick man. Helen leaves to have her bath.
Ramsay House
They return to the house still arguing over whether Charlene should have gone or not. Dan feels they should have some kind of a ticker tape parade that Charlene did "Clock" the bloke. Madge should be proud of her. Madge tells them all to shut up. Dan tells her that "You should learn to curb that temper of yours Maggie" Madge tells him not to call her Maggie. Dan replies "It is my business more than your realise. It is about that news your Mum said I had for you. I am in the position to make you a wealthy woman"
Madge rolls her eyes and laughs, as Dan sits at the table looking smug....
<<0403 - 0405>>
Reverend Price, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0404
Reverend Price, Nell Mangel

Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0404
Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson

Dan Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0404
Dan Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell

Lucy Robinson, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0404
Lucy Robinson, Madge Mitchell

Reverend Price, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0404
Reverend Price, Paul Robinson

Madge Mitchell, Paul Robinson, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0404
Madge Mitchell, Paul Robinson, Shane Ramsay

Shane Ramsay, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0404
Shane Ramsay, Paul Robinson

Dan Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0404
Dan Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell, Shane Ramsay

Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0404
Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0404
Helen Daniels

Helen Daniels, Reverend Price in Neighbours Episode 0404
Helen Daniels, Reverend Price

Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0404
Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell

Shane Ramsay, Reverend Price, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0404
Shane Ramsay, Reverend Price, Charlene Mitchell

Helen Daniels, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0404
Helen Daniels, Charlene Mitchell

Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0404
Helen Daniels, Paul Robinson

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