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Neighbours Episode 0405 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<0404 - 0406>>
Episode title: 0405
Australian airdate: 16/01/1987
UK airdate: 26/05/1988
UK Gold: 20/05/1994
Writer: Reg Watson
Director: Richard Sarell
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Dan smugly tells Madge that he is in the position to make her a wealthy woman.
Ramsay House
Madge is not convinced that Dan has anything to give to her at all; she thinks he is just going to lecture her. Shane wants to know what Dan meant about making Madge a wealthy woman. Dan replies that Madge is obviously not interested. Charlene insists that she is and says to Madge "You are, aren't you Mum" Madge tells her that she isn't.
Dan continues that he thought she was short of cash. Madge replies that she wouldn't be short of cash if Dan's son (Fred) would give her the money for the house instead of giving it to her in dribs and drabs. Dan pulls a will out of his pocket and tells them he has got a letter from Madge's Aunt Maud.
Shane reminds Dan that Auntie Maud is dead; Dan says he is aware of that she wrote the letter on her death bed. Dan tells Madge that the letter is for her and would she like to read it. Madge thinks it is just like Aunt Maud to get the last word even on her death bed and tells Dan that he can read it. Charlene says that Aunt Maud sounds like a real dragon, Shane says he never met her but his "old man" was scared stiff of her.
Dan starts to read the letter:
My dear Madge,
As you know I have never approved of you and your wild ways. You are fortunate that I have found it in my heart to forgiven you for that incident with the green frog.
Madge is exasperated at the mention of that darn green frog. Dan explains to Charlene that Madge had put it in Aunt Maud's nightie and the screams could be heard for miles. He then continues with the letter:
You may remember how I warned you against marrying that no hope Fred Mitchell. As usual I have been proved right; he left you for a young woman and from what I hear your two children aren't anything to write home about. Charlene obviously takes after you and Henry after his father.
Madge has heard enough and tells Dan to tear up the letter but Dan continues reading:-
Max and Tom have grown into fine Ramsay men and are obviously financially secure. For this reason and also because you are my only niece, I am asking your father Daniel to decide whether you deserve a legacy from me. Till we meet again
Your dear departed Aunt Maud
Shane and Charlene want to know how much money it is. Dan says it could be a little or it could be a lot it would all depend on whether he thinks it would be better spent on a memorial to the dear old lady. He suggests that they set up a foundation at the university.
Madge scoffs and says what kind of memorial you could get for a few dollars. Dan wants to know who is talking about a few dollars he is talking about thousands. Charlene asks how many, Dan replies $50,000. Madge drops the tea-pot in surprise!
Robinson Garage
Scott is working on his car as Mrs Mangel arrives she asks after Helen saying that she wanted to have a word with her. Scott suggests that she leaves it a while, as Helen had had a rough time at the hands of that loony. Mrs Mangel says that it is precisely that loony she wants to talk to Helen about. She had also been convinced by him and had confided certain things to him as you would to a clergyman. Scott tells her not to concern herself about it he probably doesn't even remember talking to her.
Kelly arrives and asks Mrs Mangel whether she told him about what she did with Mr Mangel. Mrs Mangel says that she could trust Kelly to eaves-drop on a private conversation. Mrs Mangel goes off muttering about the world as Daphne arrives. Daphne wants to know what is up with Mrs Mangel.
Kelly tells her that she thinks Mrs Mangel has confessed to some minister about her bumping off her old man and she is worried that he will squeal. Daphne tells her not to spread that around she doesn't want her back in court on slander charges. Scott remembers about Kelly's court case and asks how it went. Daphne tells her that Kelly got off by the skin of her teeth and only has 200 hours of community service to do. Scott giggles about the number of hours she has to do. Daphne tells him it is better than having to spend time in jail. As Daphne leaves she asks Kelly if she is coming in for lunch. Kelly says she is.
Kelly nods towards Daphne and says that anyone would think she wanted me to go to jail. Scott teases her saying that she is lucky to get off so lightly.....pinching handbags like that. Kelly replies at least she didn't do anyone in like old granny Mangel. Why doesn't he give her a lecture about bumping off her old man?
Ramsay House
Shane and Charlene want Madge to sit down so they can discuss the legacy but Madge isn't interested. Madge tells them that he can take Aunt Maud's will and shove it up his jumper! Shane argues that she is turning down $50,000; Madge matter-of-factly replies that she knows. Shane continues to argue that all she has to is prove that she deserves the money. Madge scoffs that it is going to be impossible with an old goat like Shane's grandfather acting as judge and jury.
Dan comes in and says that you can see why Maud wasn't sure about her Madge was what's the word....unreasonable. Charlene wants Dan to stay and discuss the will. Madge says there is no decision to make Dan wants to give the money to the university anyway. Dan feels that Madge has misjudged him; he wants her to have the money. Madge says Ok then hand it over then. Dan tells her that he can't do that, she has read the will, he owes it to the family name to make sure it is...perpetuated. All Maud is asking is that she proves to him that she had misjudged Madge all those years ago.
Shane asks how Madge is supposed to do that. Dan replies by showing him a loving and gentle side to her nature. By this week treating him with the respect he deserves. He then says he will be late for his appointment and asks Madge, calling her Maggie, to think about it. Madge calls after him "Don't call me Maggie!"
Charlene and Shane argue that all she has to do is be nice to him for a week. Madge isn't convinced she thinks that Dan is only interested in the Ramsay name and that he has already decided to give the money to the university. Charlene says that she can be nice to him...$50,000 nice for a week. Madge smears and says she will think about it.
Ramsay Street
Kelly is writing something in chalk as Dan walks down the street. As Kelly runs away you see the words "WHO KILLED MR MANGEL" written in large letters on the Mangel drive.
Robinson Driveway.
Scott is sitting in his car reading over the Highway Code for his test the next day as Charlene joins him. Charlene asks if he got the job at the news agents and Scott tells her that someone beat him to it. He then says that her grandfather has got him freaked-out about his test, he thinks they are going to fail him. Charlene tells him not to worry about Dan as he is s good driver. She then tells him about Great Aunt Maud and the money. Scott ignores her and asks if she can get her overalls on later and look at the engine. Charlene is not impressed and goes to get out of the car. Scott pulls her back into the car and apologises to her, saying that he thinks she has blown a gasket. Charlene jokes "Who, Aunt Maud?" Scott replies "No, the car" Charlene says that she will help him and Scott goes back to learning the Highway Code.
Clive's Surgery
Clive beckons Dan into his surgery. Dan tells Clive that this meeting is in strict confidence he must understand that. Clive assures Dan that he can say anything he likes. Dan tells Clive that he is sure there is nothing wrong with him but you see these commercials telling you to check up. He didn't want to worry Edna so he thought he would check up while he is down here. Clive suggests that he takes some notes and then he will do a complete check-up.
Clarke House
Kelly is on the phone asking if she can work somewhere else, she comes off the phone and moans to Daphne that she has to do her community service at an old people's home. Daphne feels that this will be good for her; she might learn to love them. There is a knock at the door and Mrs Mangel comes in demanding to speak to Kelly. She accuses Kelly of the writing on her driveway. Kelly denies that she knows anything about it and asks where Mr Mangel is anyway. Mrs Mangel gets distressed and tells her that one more word and she will report her to the police. Daphne apologises to Mrs Mangel and says that Kelly will be over immediately to clear it all up. When Kelly protests her innocence Daphne tells her that she does not believe her.
Clive's surgery
Dan wants to know what the verdict is, but Clive tells him that he can't be sure of that until he gets the results of his blood test. His blood pressure is up a bit so in the meantime he suggests he cuts down his intake of salt and takes more bran. Dan moans about bran being horse fodder. Clive suggests he could give him pills instead, Dan insists he never takes pills. Dan says that there doesn't seem to be much wrong with him. Clive replies that it is always good to have these check-ups. Dan says that there is something, isn't there...you can tell me I am as tough as a bull. Clive insists that the time to start panicking is when they get the test results but he is concerned about some of the symptoms he was describing.
Ramsay Street
Charlene is trying to fix Scott's car and is shouting at Scott to turn the engine on. He can't hear her as loud music is blaring out. Kelly arrives with a bucket of water to clean the Mangel drive and shouts at Charlene over the music asking what is wrong with Scott's car. Charlene shouts back that she is trying to find out and then asks Scott to turn the music off so she can talk to him. Charlene asks him to turn the engine on and off as she fiddles with the car. Kelly goes around the side of the car and as Charlene continues to adjust the engine says she will leave her to it.
As she turns she literally bumps into Dan and splashes some of the water from the bucket onto him. Dan over-reacts and accuses Kelly of walking into him deliberately. An argument results with Charlene, Scott, and Dan all having a go at Kelly. Dan says that he is going to have a word with Daphne about having Kelly evicted from the street.
Clarke House
Dan comes storming into the house and accuses Kelly of deliberately walking into him. Kelly declares her innocence saying that Dan wasn't looking where he was going. Dan insists that he wants Kelly out of the house and out of the street. If Daphne doesn't do it he will call all the neighbours together and do it for her.
As Dan goes, Kelly insists that Dan walked into the bucket. Daphne is not prepared to listen saying that Kelly is hell bent on proving she is a lost cause. Kelly admits she did write the graffiti on the Mangle's drive but she didn't deliberately walk into Dan. Daphne starts lecturing Kelly about the fact that sooner or later Kelly has to wake up to her actions she can't continue like she is. Kelly gets angry and says that she is finished with Daphne, finished with the street and the 200 hours of community service that Daphne got her. She is packing her bags and going and Daphne can't stop her.
Clive's surgery
Mrs Mangel is in Clive's office, he is suggesting that maybe she needs to see a psychiatrist. Mrs Mangel says that she is just upset about her husband and needs a certificate for another week off work. Clive suggests that maybe she could go away and see her sister in Queensland. Mrs Mangel insists that she would like to go but she has responsibilities and has to look after Jane. Clive feels that maybe Helen could look after her but Mrs Mangel insists that is not possible with Scott being under the same roof and Mike and Shane being either side of her. Clive then suggests that he and Susan could look after Jane. Mrs Mangel says she would consider it, subject to a couple of conditions. Clive wants to know what conditions.
Clarke House
Kelly comes out of her room and tells Daphne that she is off and does Daphne want to check her bag or the room in case she has pinched something. Kelly starts to go towards the door and Daphne gets up and starts shouting at Kelly, she wants her for once in her life to sit down and shut up. She then calmly tells her that she knows that everyone has had a go at her. And that she resents it but some of them have really tried to help her. She wants to know why she doesn't open up to people; a lot of them are genuine.
Kelly is sarcastic and says 'Wonderful human-beings just like my Mum" Daphne replies "So you got kicked out. A lot of people have not had it easy; have a look at Mike" Kelly tells Daphne that her father never hit her or anything. But they used to have rows all the time...terrible rows. He always said I was to blame and he was right. Then one night she killed him. I didn't mean to they were in a stupid fight over something stupid I had done. He was yelling and swearing at me. Then he started gasping and holding his chest. He died. At the funeral Mum just stared at me, she blamed me for Dad's death. She hardly ever spoke to me after that. Even when I started getting into real trouble, shoplifting, she would just turn away if I tried to talk to her about it. It got so bad with me getting into worse trouble I told her I was leaving. She just nodded, she was glad I was going. So that is what really happened. I tell people that they kicked me out and that work killed my father but it was all my fault. I always let down the people who try to help me.
Daphne insists that the only person she is letting down in all of this is herself. Kelly agrees but the last thing her father yelled at her was that she was a no-hoper. He was right wasn't he? Daphne insists that he wasn't and she is wrong to blame herself for what has happened. Kelly explains that she tries to tell herself that but she just keeps seeing it over and over again. She wants to know what she is going to do. Daphne replies "what are we going to do...now eat your lunch and forget about running away again"
Ramsay House
Madge is fussing over Dan putting on his slippers, while Dan complains abut Kelly and how in his day the young respected their elders. Madge tells Dan that Charlene thought it was an accident but Dan insists that he was the one that got hit so he should know if it was an accident or not.
Madge takes a deep breath and gently tells Dan that she really does need the money from Aunt Maud's will. Dan insists that she knows the terms of the will, that she can't blame Maud from wanting to make sure she is no longer "Cattle head" (Strange term...no idea what it means) Madge goes to snap at Dan about being "Cattle Head" but stops herself.
Dan softens a little and reminds Madge how he and Maud begged her to marry Harold Bishop. Madge rolls her eyes and replies "Not Harold Bishop again!" Dan tells her that if she had married Harold Bishop she would be living in Clover now. He has the biggest stock and station agencies in the state, he is a smart man. But you had to marry the drongo Fred Mitchell.
Madge replies that we all make mistakes, Dan points out that Madge has been making them all her life. Madge swallows her pride and says that she will do her best to prove she is worthy of Aunt Maud's money.
Shane comes in and asks Dan if he is sick or something. Dan is immediately defensive and wants to know what he means. Shane tells him that Mrs Mangel saw him going into Clive's surgery. Shane and Madge start to question Dan about his health. Dan forcefully tells him that it is none of their business. Getting up from the couch Dan addresses Shane "Your grandmother must not be told one word of this you understand, not one word." He then walks off into the bedroom leaving Shane and Madge looking perplexed....
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Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell, Dan Ramsay, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0405
Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell, Dan Ramsay, Shane Ramsay

Dan Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0405
Dan Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell

Madge Mitchell, Dan Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0405
Madge Mitchell, Dan Ramsay

Scott Robinson, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0405
Scott Robinson, Nell Mangel

Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0405
Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan, Scott Robinson

Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0405
Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay, Charlene Mitchell

 in Neighbours Episode 0405

Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0405
Scott Robinson, Charlene Mitchell

Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0405
Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan

Nell Mangel, Kelly Morgan, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0405
Nell Mangel, Kelly Morgan, Daphne Clarke

Dan Ramsay, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0405
Dan Ramsay, Clive Gibbons

Charlene Mitchell, Dan Ramsay, Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0405
Charlene Mitchell, Dan Ramsay, Kelly Morgan

Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0405
Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan

Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0405
Kelly Morgan

Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay, Dan Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0405
Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay, Dan Ramsay

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