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Neighbours Episode 0403 from 1987 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0403
Australian airdate: 14/01/1987
UK airdate: 24/05/1988
UK Gold: 18/05/1994
Writer: Ray Harding
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Paul gives Scott a new car seeing he wrecked his last one.
Paul and Susan argue at work.
Helen and Rev Price go to the cemetery to pay their respects to Terri's grave. Helen wants to leave when Rev Price starts act strangely but Rev Price tells her that she is never going home. Rev Price later visits the Robinson house looking for Helen.
Robinson House
Feeling rather unsure Lucy lets Rev Price into the house. Rev Price asks when Mrs Daniels will be home. Lucy tells him that she doesn't know, she didn't even tell them she was going out and is normally home by now. Rev Price replies that she is probably just visiting friends, although it is hard not to worry when so many horrible things happen to people these days. He continues that it makes you afraid to step outside your own front door sometimes.
Jim arrives home and Rev Price introduces himself. As Jim returns the introductions, Rev Price says "Ah yes you were Terri's father-in-law. Lucy asks if he knew Terri; Rev Price explains he was the prison chaplain and what a lovely girl Terri was. He continues that there are couple of things that he wanted to discuss with Helen and Paul. But he has obviously come at a bad time, as Lucy tells him that Helen is missing. Jim dismisses Helens absence as her just visiting friends and being a bit late home.
Clive's House
Susan is in the kitchen banging pots and pans around as Clive comes home. Susan snaps at him for being late. Clive explains that he was with a patient who has finally gone full-term after four attempts and now has a son. Seeing Susan's mood he realises that she has had an argument with Paul and asks her about it. Susan says that it was just about work but not really about work. Clive says that if he was on the other side he would be jealous too. (He keeps switching from one side to the other of Susan) Clive tells her that there is a simple solution he would only have to increase his work load a little bit at the surgery and she could... But Susan won't hear of it as she wants to pay her own way.
Susan changes the subject and tells him to get changed dinner will be in 10 minutes. Clive replies that will just give him enough time to go and see Mrs Mangel. Susan grabs his shirt and pulls him closer and tells him that he is lucky she isn't the jealous type otherwise she would be jealous of him and Mrs Mangel.
Mangel House
Mrs Mangel opens the door to Clive and she isn't very pleased to see him saying that she isn't feeling very well. Clive is sympathetic and says she hasn't been feeling well for quite some time. And asks when she is going to go back to work. Mrs Mangel explains that Paul is being very understanding and is holding her job open for her and she may go back next week. Clive asks after Jane and Mrs Mangel tells him that she is working late tonight. Clive then asks if she has heard from Len. Mrs Mangel is very firm and tells him No...she doesn't want his name mentioned in her house. Clive insists that she comes and has dinner with him and Susan, at first Mrs Mangel objects but finally agrees.
Robinson House
Paul is reluctant to talk about Terri with Rev Price, he fells there is nothing he or anyone else can tell him about Terri that he would want to hear. Terri is dead and he is the one who has to live with it. Rev Price tells him that they all have to share the responsibility for her death and that he got to know Terri quite well. He keeps telling himself that there must have been something more he could have done; a different approach he could have used to get through to her.
Suddenly Paul remembers that there was another minister at the prison the night she died- an older man. Rev Price just dismisses this as his relief; he wasn't there the on duty night she died. He wasn't there when she needed him most. Paul feels that it wouldn't have made much difference it was just the way Terri was.
Scott arrives home with the Pizza and Rev Price looks uncomfortable. As Jim introduces Scott, Scott tells him that he remembers seeing him earlier in the morning in Ramsay Street. Rev Price makes a lame excuse about forgetting his address book and not knowing which house no they lived in. He then excuses himself saying that he doesn't want to interrupt their dinner and he knows that they have other worries at the moment. Jim suggests he calls tomorrow by which time Helen will be home.
Jim says to Paul that he could at least have tries to be polite to Rev Price. Paul feels that he doesn't want anyone trawling through his past minister or no minister. It isn't his fault that Rev Price is losing sleep because he wasn't there the night Terri died. Jim says that has it not occurred to Paul that he might have come around because he might be losing sleep too. Paul replies that he thought he was coping very well. Jim says "Are you Paul? sometimes I wonder"
Clive's House
Mrs Mangel is cooing over Sam, she then tells Susan that she can't eat beans because they are bad for her digestion or lamb as it is far too fatty. Susan pulls Clive into the kitchen and asks Clive what was he thinking of inviting her to dinner. Clive tells her that she knows she had had a bad day but it will be fine. He will cook omelettes, even Mrs Mangel can't object to wholesome eggs.
Sam starts to cry and Susan starts to go to see to him but Clive holds her back and asks Mrs Mangel to do it. Mrs Mangel protests that she can't look after babies with her arthritis but as Clive goes back into the kitchen she gets up and starts cooing over Sam again.
Robinson House
Jim and Lucy are doing the dishes as Jim chastises Lucy for letting a stranger in the house, even if he was a minister. Scott is on the phone to Charlene telling her about his new car. Jim insists he gets off the phone in case Helen is trying to ring them. Paul feels that Helen is probably just visiting friends and has lost track of the time. Lucy insists that "Gran" never comes home late not without telling them first. Paul reluctantly agrees to phone around her friends and see if they have seen her. He goes out of the kitchen and heads for the front door; he says that will use the phone at the office so not to tie up the house phone. Jim catches up to him and quietly asks him that if he has no luck, could he start ringing around the hospitals. Paul silently nods in agreement.
Clive House
Mrs Mangel is sitting on the couch with baby Sam in her arms still cooing over him as Clive pours the tea. Susan comes in with Sam's night bottle and Mrs Mangel asks if she could give it to him. Susan tells her that he can be a bit fussy and Mrs Mangel replies that they all can be. Clive goes off to the pantry after carrot cake and Susan sits down to watch Mrs Mangel feeding Sam. Mrs Mangel tells her some things will never change babies will always need someone to feed them and that Susan should enjoy it while she can; he won't thank you for it later. She continues that in her day, there wasn't a chance for a mother to go out to work it just wasn't done. She gave up everything to look after her children. Susan looks confused and asks that she thought she only had one...Amanda. Mrs Mangel sadly tells her that Amanda is the only one she has kept up with but there was another. That is a side of motherhood she is yet to learn about.
Robinson House
Scott is reading a magazine as Jim comes off the phone and tells him that none of Helen's friends have seen her. Both Jim and Scott look worried as Scott asks about the hospitals. Jim tells him that no one of Helen's description has been admitted so they know she has not been in an accident. But there is nothing to panic about yet, she is sure Helen will come home. Scott looks unconvinced and gets up to go to bed, Jim asks him to look in on Lucy. Scott says what I tell her is she isn't asleep. Jim replies just what I have told you.
Jim goes to the police dials and tells them that he would like to report a missing person.
The next morning Paul arrives to find Jim sleeping on the couch waiting for Helen. Paul asks him if he has heard anything and Jim replies "No". Paul then tells Jim that he did find Helen's car in the car park at work, he didn't remember seeing it there before. Jim feels that someone must have put it there, but Paul insists it just means that he didn't see it before.
Scott wanders in as Paul asks what the police said. Jim is reluctant to say anything because of Scott being there but Scott insists he has the right to know. Jim reluctantly tells them that the police weren't very interested. Helen is over the age of consent and has every right to stay out all night. They had even suggested that she might have wanted a night off on her own. . Scott replies that Helen wouldn't go off without telling them. Jim reasons that you have to look at it from their point of view they get dozens of calls like this and 95% of them are false alarms. Paul asks what about the other 5%?
Clive's House
Mrs Mangel arrives carrying two jars of jam and asks if Clive has heard anything about Mrs Daniels, Jim had been rather uncommunicative when she called. Jim had rang to see if he had seen her but he knew nothing else. Mrs Mangel tells him that she has been out all night, all her clothes are still there but she has disappeared without a trace....Amnesia. You hear about it all the time people wandering off forgetting who they are. Clive feels that there is probably a very boring but logical explanation. Clive tells Mrs Mangel that he has to go, but completely ignoring him she asks if Susan is home. Clive explains that she has just taken Sam to Mrs Kirkwood. Mrs Mangel gives Clive the jam and continues to make small talk about the previous evening. She doesn't know how she manages to continue to work and look after baby Sam. Clive tells her that hopefully she won't have to keep working after she is married. Mrs Mangel says she won't be getting married as a bride...in white with all that that implies. Clive assures her that Susan just wants a simple wedding.
Paul pops his head around the door and Mrs Mangel asks him if there is any news of Mrs Daniels. Paul tells her that there isn't and they are at a loss. He is just checking again if either of them saw her yesterday. They both shake their heads. Mrs Mangel suddenly remembers that someone must have been home to let the minister in yesterday. Paul questions her about the evening visit. But Mrs Mangel corrects him and says that it must have been about 11.30 am, she remembers she was vacuuming her living room and she thought it strange that a minister should be calling....Paul thanks her very much and rushes off. Clive and Mrs Mangel look a bit perplexed by it all.
Robinson House
Scott is on the phone and tells Jim that Greg Crawley was on the phone; his uncle owns a news agency in Walls Street and they need someone for the holidays. Greg wanted him to go for it. Jim wants to know why he isn't, Scott explains that the interview is this morning and he felt he should stay home. Jim tells him to go for it, and Scott objects, Jim tells him that he would prefer him to be doing something rather than sitting around the house stewing. As Scott goes to get dressed Jim asks him to look in on Lucy.
Paul comes rushing in the back door and says to Jim "I thought you told me that Gran hadn't met Rev Price" Jim replies that was what he thought. Paul then tells him that Mrs Mangel saw him her yesterday morning and that Gran had let him in. It is strange that he didn't mention it. Jim thinks it must have been an oversight, but Paul is not convinced as Rev Price said he was looking forward to meeting Helen. Jim says "Let's not make any wild accusations until we have proof" Paul says if we need proof I know just where to get it and goes to the phone.
Ramsay Street
Rev Price is walking up the street as Mrs Mangel collects her post. Mrs Mangel stops Rev Price and says good morning and tells him that he isn't from this parish. Rev Price confirms that he isn't. Mrs Mangel continues that she knows most of the ministers very well but they are all older. Young people today don't seem to want to go into the ministry. Rev Price agrees saying that "God's calling does appear to fall on deaf ears these days". He looks at his watch and makes an excuse to leave.
Mrs Mangel tells him that she saw him yesterday when he called on Mrs Daniels and she was hoping he would come back today that she needs to talk things over with a clergyman. Rev Price thinks it would be better to talk things over with her own minister. Mrs Mangel replies that sometimes it is easier to talk things over with a stranger. As Rev Price looks at his watch and looks at the Robinson house and tells Mrs Mangel he would love to oblige but.... Mrs Mangel continues that in her day it was considered unchristian like to turn your back on stranger when they approached you for help but she guesses all the has changed. Rev Price says that she is quite right and apologises, that there is times when we all need to be reminded of our duties as the Lord reminds us in the parable of the Good Samaritan. Mrs Mangel agrees and they go into the house.
Robinson House
Paul is still on the phone as Scott comes in all dressed for his interview. Scott says that he still doesn't feel like going, but Jim encourages him to go as Lucy and Paul will be there to keep him company. As Scott could do with the money to insure his car, he reluctantly agrees. Scott wants to know who Paul is on the phone to; Jim just dismisses it as a client. As Scott goes Paul wishes him good luck.
Paul comes off the phone and tells Lucy that Basil is probably feeling lonely and she should go and play with him. Lucy wants to know if he has found something out about Gran. Jim tells him she has the right to know. Paul tells them that he contacted the governor of prison and there is a Rev Price there but he is on his holidays at the moment.
Jim feels that is how he has had time to come and visit. Paul replies the real Rev Price is 52 years old. Jim is shocked. Paul says that he said there was another minister there the night Terri died. There is only one minister who works at the prison and it is not the guy who visited last night. Jim wants to know who he is and what has happened to him. Paul has no idea but he has got to have something to do with Gran's disappearance. Jim says that they have to find him. Paul wants to know "How" .Grasping at straws Jim says that he was going to come back here today. Paul doesn't think that is likely seeing how he treated him yesterday and if he doesn't come back where do they start looking.....
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Susan Cole, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0403
Susan Cole, Clive Gibbons

Nell Mangel, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0403
Nell Mangel, Clive Gibbons

Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0403
Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson

Reverend Price in Neighbours Episode 0403
Reverend Price

Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0403
Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson

Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0403
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson

Sam Cole, Susan Cole, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0403
Sam Cole, Susan Cole, Nell Mangel

Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0403
Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson

Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0403
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson

Clive Gibbons, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0403
Clive Gibbons, Nell Mangel

Clive Gibbons, Paul Robinson, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0403
Clive Gibbons, Paul Robinson, Nell Mangel

Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0403
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson

Nell Mangel, Reverend Price in Neighbours Episode 0403
Nell Mangel, Reverend Price

Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0403
Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson

Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0403
Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Jim Robinson

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