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Neighbours Episode 0386 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<0385 - 0387>>
Episode title: 0386
Australian airdate: 17/11/86
UK airdate: 29/04/88
UK Gold: 25/04/94
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Andrew Friedman
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
- Madge asking Helen to explain the real reason for her early return from New York.
Robinson kitchen
Helen finally confesses the real reason for her return - Laura had been very involved with a MS Hospice and Rosemary had been busy with the business so Helen had been left more or less to her own devices. A friend of Rosemary's - a very charming gentleman had taken her under his wing. He was an artist too and they had a lot of similar interests. They had gone to art museums and exhibitions and had spent a lot of time together. Then they began to realise..... Madge butts in "Ah a holiday romance it sounds wonderful. Helen continues the problem was he was engaged. She assures Madge that he was honest with her from the beginning. But Helen didn't realise that they would begin to feel about each other they way they did...they had fallen in love with one another.
Madge is a little confused and replies that he was only engaged...engagements can be broken. Helen gets quite distressed and tells Madge that she couldn't be the cause of that, she had told him that she couldn't see him anymore and came home as quickly as possible. Madge thinks that Helen acted hastily and she wasn't very fair to herself or to him. He had the right to make the choice between this other woman and Helen and that if he really cares about Helen he probably wouldn't be able to go ahead and marry this other woman anyway. At the point of tears Helen replies "He has to otherwise she will be absolutely shattered otherwise." Madge says "So you know his finance then" Helen brushes the comment away quickly and says "Slightly" Madge continues she doesn't know many women who would be able back out in a situation like this, she has just as much right t happiness as the other woman. Helen says it is more complicated than that but she doesn't want to go into right now. Madge understand and says that when she does she is always there for her.
Clarke House
Eileen is croakily practising her scales as she cooks breakfast. Des comments that her voice is getting better and that maybe it would be best if she didn't talk for a couple of days. Eileen replies that that they would all like that - Daphne for one. She continues that then Daphne wouldn't be forced to listen to what she has to say about that GIRL! Eileen informs Des that Daphne has told her that she is going to take the bail money out of the coffee shop takings. Des replies that it is her money and there is nothing he can do about that. Eileen won't let it go and says she can't see how Daphne can take the word of that criminal over her, she feels betrayed, she can't even raise her voice it protest.
Mike joins them and comments on Eileen's voice, while Eileen continues to rant about her voice and that her feelings mean nothing to anyone in the house. Mike tries to defend Kelly and her actions saying that when her dad died her mum took everything out on her. Eileen thinks this is no excuse for her actions. Daphne joins them from the shower and agrees that it is no excuse for Kelly's actions but that is also no excuse for turning their backs on her either and she has her reasons for helping her which she has explained to Des. Eileen snarls back that no one has explained it to her. Daphne then says that she had the chance to help to help a girl like Kelly before and she didn't and she went to jail and ended up dying in a prison riot at the grand old age of eighteen, she doesn't want that to happen to Kelly. Eileen argues that Daphne was hardly responsible for this other girl. Daphne replies that Kelly is only seventeen she thinks that it is too young to go to jail with hardened criminals and that Kelly could turn her life around. Des decides that he isn't hungry and doesn't want any breakfast after all. Eileen snaps at Daphne that Desmond has always had a delicate stomach and this has obvious upset him a great deal. Daphne should be more concerned about the health of her husband than some teenage reprobate. Daphne had had enough and bites back that maybe Eileen should conserve her voice she had said more than enough this morning!
Robinson House
Scott comes off the phone all excited, Paul is picking up his new sports car today and is going to drop it around for them to see ...A Mitsubishi Stallion (whatever that is) Lucy asks Scott when he is going to learn to drive as he already has his learner's permit. Scott says soon now that the exams are over and asks Helen if she would teach him. Helen declines and Scott looks disappointed.
Madge arrives via the backdoor, to catch up with Helen. As Helen sends Scott and Lucy off to tidy their rooms, Madge comments on the pile of papers Scott is carrying and asks him if he is still studying; she thought the exams were over. Scott explains that as a writer he has to start somewhere and so he is writing a biography of Nana Robinson. Helen says that as a journalist Jim's mother had done a lot of fascinating things in her life and that she had suggested that Scott might like to write her life story. Scott says that she had given him piles of material to work on but he couldn't do much this year because of the HSC, he has written about two-thirds of the book already. Madge is very impressed. Helen says that from what she has read it is very, very good it is something to show them when he goes for his journalism course. Scott replies "If I go for it...I might not get a high enough aggregate" Helen dismisses the comment saying that there is nothing he can do about it now, they have to just wait for the results, unlike his room. Scott goes off to tidy it up.
Now on their own, Madge says the real reason for her popping in was to see if Helen was alright; she was pretty upset last night. Helen assures Madge she is fine. It was good to talk about it. Madge wants to know if she has told Jim. Helen is horrified and says that he has enough problems in that department without sharing hers as well. Madge continues that a problem shared...Helen butts in getting distressed again that she doesn't really want to discuss it with anyone else....she begs Madge to leave it alone. Seeing how distressed Helen is Madge agrees.
Outside The Police Station
As Daphne and Kelly come out of the police station, Kelly thanks Daphne for getting her out and tells her that she will see her in court. Daphne is shocked and tells Kelly that she is coming home with her. Kelly snarls back "What for...you frightened I won't turn up and they will do your money" Daphne replies "Could be, where else has she got to go". Kelly says that she can look after herself. Daphne continues that if she gets into anymore trouble before her court date then there is no way of keeping her out of jail. At Daphne's place she could have a roof over her head, a bed to sleep in and food on the table. Kelly isn't convinced and wants to know what strings are attached, Daphne assures her there aren't any and she just wants her to keep her nose clean before she turns up in court next week. Kelly snarls at her that she is a real "do-gooder" The problem with people like her is that they always want something in return. Daphne assures her that she just wants to help she doesn't want anything in return. She has put up the bail money for her and that makes Kelly her responsibility and she wants her where she can keep an eye on her. Kelly shrugs and tells Daphne it is her funeral and goes with her.
Ramsay Street
Paul drives up Ramsay Street in his new sports car beeping the horn loudly. Lucy, Scott and Helen rush out to admire it. Scott asks Paul if he will teach him to drive, Paul declines saying that they will be at one another's throats in five minutes flat and he especially isn't going to teach him to drive in his new car. Scott thinks for a minute then says that they could use Helen's car, Helen says No to that idea. Scott is just saying that he can't afford driving lessons as Daphne and Kelly walk up Ramsay Street also to admire the new car.
Scott is very cold towards Kelly, Daphne introduces Kelly to the "Robinsons". Scott frostily says to Kelly that she hasn't been around for a year or two. Kelly makes a rude comment about the ashtray of the car being full and walks off followed by Daphne.
Paul tells Helen that Kelly is the girl that Shane nabbed who has been stealing the handbags. Helen doesn't think that can be right as Daphne is taking her home to where Eileen is!
Clarke House
Daphne, Kelly, Mike, Des and Eileen are in the living room. Kelly makes a rude comment that she didn't know the old duck would be there, looking at Eileen. Eileen croaks loudly "Old Duck" then starts coughing. Daphne informs Kelly that while she is a guest in this house that she should be polite to the other guest. Kelly is shocked and asks if Eileen is staying here too! Eileen tells her not for long that she refuses to spend a night under the same roof as her. Daphne asks Mike to show Kelly the spare room. Eileen is incensed she turns to Des for support and asks that he can't expect her to share a room with a "Mad Dog." Daphne firmly tells her that they only have one spare bedroom. Kelly says that she isn't sharing with Eileen. Daphne firmly tells her to go with Mike.
Daphne tries to reason with Eileen saying that while she is there, Kelly can sleep on the couch. Eileen is not impressed, Daphne continues that Kelly has no where else to go that she has been sleeping in doorways and on park benches. Eileen sarcastically replies that she would have thought she could have afforded a hotel with all the money she has been stealing. Daphne firmly tells Eileen and Des that Kelly can barely afford to feed herself that she intends to supervise her until her court appearance then they will review the situation depending on what happens. Eileen snaps she hopes a good stiff jail sentence happens that will wake her up. Daphne reasons with her saying that a bit of care and consideration would do more good and that is what she intends to give her. These kids don't get a chance and it is up to them to give them one when they can.
Eileen replies that Daphne will obviously do what she thinks is fit. And that she hopes to spend tomorrow afternoon with Des as it is his birthday, but she intends to move back to her house tonight. She has been cut to the quick that Daphne would take that little law breaker over her. She is unhappy that Des has let Daphne do it to her, it is like a knife in her heart or should she say...in her back!
Robinson House
Helen asks Paul if he remembers the fun he had when Jim taught him to drive. Paul laughs and says that he wanted to kill him at one stage. Helen replies that he didn't and that Paul was very grateful when he got his licence. Paul says that he even started to respect him like they were friends. Helen urges Paul that that is what he needs to do with Scott, give him a few lessons and see how it goes. Paul gives in and agrees to give Scott driving lessons. Helen tells Paul that she is counting on him to keep his temper. Paul shrugs and replies that that is easier said than done you know what Scott can be like. Helen teases Paul by saying that he is the adult the cool calm business man, he has to prove how controlled he can be. Paul laughs and tells her that flattery will get her everywhere.
Scott comes home and Paul tells him that he will teach him to drive. Scott is over the moon and says his "L" plates are in the garage. As he rushes off to get them Paul says that there is one condition. Scott is downhearted and replies "I should have known" Paul says that they can't use his car and that is definite. Scott says that he has been thinking about that and he has t all solved and rushes off to get his "L' Plates.
Ramsay Street
Paul pulls Clive's car up in front of the Robinson house and comes to a stop. Scott quickly fits the "L' Plates to the car. Paul starts moaning about the condition of Clive's car and being that he is a doctor he feels he should have a better one. Scott feels that Clive is a top bloke and that Paul shouldn't be so hard on him and he is great with little Sam. Paul wants to know if Susan was inside, Scott tells him that she was and Paul makes a sarcastic comment about isn't love grand.
Clarke House
Kelly says aggressively that does she have to share a room with that old bag. Daphne tells her patiently that Eileen will probably be moving out today. Kelly snaps back that it is because of her and that no one wants her here do they. Daphne says she does. Kelly then looks at Des and asks "What about you wing nut" Des takes a deep breath and says it is ok with him. Kelly isn't convinced and replies that she isn't stupid that she knows they don't want her. That all Daphne is interested in is protecting her bail money and storms off outside. Daphne asks Mike to go after her and make sure she is alright. Des takes a deep breath and tells Daphne that it is going to be a long haul.
Daphne sits down next to Des and rather despondently says that Kelly feels unwanted and unloved and it is a lousy way to feel, she knows, she has felt it. Des reassures her that there is no need for her to feel that way now. Daphne says that she knows that. Des gives in and says that he is behind her on it all. Des kisses her and she thanks him and gives him a hug.
Ramsay Street
Mike chases after Kelly in the street and asks her where she is going. Kelly asks him what does it matter? Mike thinks that she isn't being very fair to Daphne. Kelly scoffs she will get her bail money back and that is all she cares about. Mike replies that if that is true why would she have bothered putting it up in the first place? Kelly says that she doesn't owe Daphne anything. Mike says that he does, his parents didn't give damn about him. His father used to beat him up so he left the place. He had nowhere to go until he met Daphne. She gave him a job, a home and stood up to his parents for him. She even managed to get him a government allowance so he could finish school. When she married Des they were more like parents than his mother and father ever were.
Kelly just dismisses it and says that Daphne is a soft touch that is why she asked for her help at the bank. She was the only chance she had; no one else was going to put up her bail money. Daphne did it and she had thanked her for it, but she isn't going to kiss her feet for it. Mike argues that Kelly is right about one thing, Daphne is the only chance she has got so why doesn't she give her a chance.
In the background, Clive's car driven by Scott is bunny hoping and then revving up and taking off at great speed down Ramsay Street.
Mike asks Kelly if she would like to go to the coffee shop, she wants to know what for. He rolls his eyes and tells her that her problem is that she likes to feel sorry for herself.
Robinson House
Daphne enters through the back door and says that she has almost been bowled over by Lucy. Helen laughs and says that she has just let Lucy out, she had made her stay in to tidy her room. Daphne replies that kids that age must be easy to manage. Helen looks at her and says I gather you are having your problems. Eileen told Madge and Madge told her. Daphne replies "Don't tell me it is all around the Neighbourhood that I have betrayed my mother-in-law" Helen is supportive and says that it is an admirable thing but she can understand that it could be hard for Eileen to take, being one of the victims.
Daphne replies that it is hard for Des; he is the meat in the sandwich between her and Eileen. But he is backing her up and that it is his birthday tomorrow. She was going to have a quiet dinner at home, but she would like to do something more for him, perhaps a surprise birthday party. He hasn't been feeling too well and maybe it would buck him up. Helen says agrees to help if she can. Daphne thinks the main problem would be to get him out of the house. Helen replies that Des likes attention when he is sick. Helen suggests that they could prepare the food here and that Madge and Eileen could help. Daphne thinks that it is a great idea. Helen says the only problem would be to get Des out of the house so they could take the food across. Daphne replies that she will worry about that later. She thinks she might even involve Kelly it will give her something to occupy her mind.
Ramsay Street
Kelly has returned to Ramsay Street and stops at Paul's new car in the driveway. He has rather stupidly left he car with the windows down and the keys in the ignition. She looks around to see if anyone is watching gets in the car and drives off at great speed down Ramsay Street. Just then Daphne comes out of the Robinson house and spots her. Daphne is left in the middle of the street shouting after her.
<<0385 - 0387>>
Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0386
Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels

Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0386
Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke, Mike Young

Des Clarke, Eileen Clarke, Mike Young, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0386
Des Clarke, Eileen Clarke, Mike Young, Daphne Clarke

Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0386
Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson

Scott Robinson, Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0386
Scott Robinson, Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels

Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0386
Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan

Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0386
Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels, Lucy Robinson

Daphne Clarke, Helen Daniels, Kelly Morgan, Lucy Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0386
Daphne Clarke, Helen Daniels, Kelly Morgan, Lucy Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson

Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0386
Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels

Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0386
Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson

Kelly Morgan, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0386
Kelly Morgan, Mike Young

Daphne Clarke, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0386
Daphne Clarke, Helen Daniels

Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0386
Kelly Morgan

<<0385 - 0387>>
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