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Neighbours Episode 0387 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0387
Australian airdate: 18/11/86
UK airdate: 02/05/88
UK Gold: 26/04/94
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Andrew Friedman
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Kelly steals Paul's new sports car and drives off down Ramsay Street with Daphne shouting after her
Robinson House
Daphne rushes into the Robinson House to tell Helen that Kelly has just stolen Paul's car.
Somewhere in Erinsborough
As Paul gives Scott a driving lesson, Kelly speeds by. Scott points at the car but Paul isn't interested just wants to get through the driving lesson in one piece.
Robinson House
Helen is telling Daphne that Paul will not be happy his car being missing. Daphne assures her that Kelly won't be getting away with it this time and picks up the phone to call the police. Helen looks out the window and sees Kelly returning, she tells Daphne who puts the phone down. Daphne rushes out the door announcing that she is going to "Kill Kelly"
Ramsay Street
As Kelly stops the car and turns the ignition off she looks rather smug with herself until Daphne arrives and physically drags her out of the car. Daphne lays down the law to Kelly asking her if everything in Ramsay Street has to be nailed down while she is around. Kelly defends herself by saying it was Paul's fault for leaving the keys in the car. Daphne informs her that that is no excuse and that she had been on the phone to the police when she returned one minute longer and Kelly would have been even more trouble.
Jim arrives to admire the car and Daphne frog-marches Kelly back to the Clarke house.
Jim wants to know what that was all about.
HELEN: Oh....Only the usual Saturday morning drama in Ramsay street
Robinson House
Helen is filling Jim in with the details of Kelly taking Paul's car. Jim wants to know if they called the police, Helen tells him that Daphne was about to when Kelly returned the car so she thought it was better for Daphne to deal with it. Jim doesn't think Daphne is up to dealing with Kelly but reluctantly agrees with Helen that if they do inform the police that Kelly could spend the rest of her life in institutions.
Jim wants to know where Paul is as he wants to tell him how irresponsible he is to leave the keys in the car in the first place. Helen tells him that Paul is giving Scott a driving lesson. Jim replies that he is not sure if they will be able to cope with the fall- out, it is just a matter of time to see who throttles who first - Paul or Scott.
Lucy rushes in to tell Helen and Jim that she has just seen Kelly driving Paul's car down at the park. Helen wants to know what Lucy was doing down at the park as she was told not to leave Ramsay Street. Lucy replies that Basil (the dog) needed a walk and she is telling the truth. Jim says he believes her and asks her to put away his sports equipment, rather dismayed by their reactions she does as she is told. Jim says that there is no way that Paul isn't going to hear what Kelly has done now.
Helen says that she is going off shopping; Jim is a little confused because she went shopping yesterday. Helen explains it is to help Daphne prepare for Des' birthday party. Jim thinks Helen should be taking it easy as she hasn't been her usual bubbly self since she got back from New York and is she sure there is nothing she wants to tell him. Helen replies that she has nothing to tell him!
Clarke House
Daphne is laying down the law to Kelly over her actions with the car, trying to make Kelly understand that her actions could have had serious consequences if the police had found out. Kelly tells Daphne with Paul's car that she could have been half way up the coast by now but because Daphne had been good to her she bought it back and now they are even. Daphne despairs at Kelly and her reasoning.
Eileen comes into the living room and comments that Kelly is still there. She tells Daphne that she will continue with her packing. Daphne tries to reason with her about leaving but Eileen insists she must go for obvious reasons....looking at Kelly. But seeing it is Des' birthday tomorrow she has decided to throw a small party at her house. Daphne says that that is very nice of her and she had had a similar idea and was just going to get all the shopping for it. Daphne suggests that maybe Eileen could help her instead, as she is going to need all the help she can get. A very subdued Eileen agrees.
Ramsay Street
Scott turns into Ramsay Street, still bunny hopping, mounts the curb after two attempts and finally comes to a stop after stalling the car. Paul jumps out, comes around to the driver's side and kisses the ground and announces "Safe at last". Scott asks if they are going out again after a "break". Paul scoffs and says if he has the stomach for it and then tells Scott all the mistakes he had made like indicating right and turning left. Scott says that is only because he had such a bad car to drive and eyeing Paul's new car says if he had something like this to drive things would be better. Paul says that they is no chance of him driving his car and pats the car lovingly and continues that there isn't a scratch on this "baby" and that is the way it is going to stay. Just then the car rolls backwards and smashes into Jim's car, smashing the rear lights and bumper of Paul's car.
Jim, Lucy, Helen and Daphne come rushing out of their houses having heard the crash. Scott laughs and says that someone must have forgotten to put the handbrake on with Paul flatly denies. Lucy pipes up that it was Kelly, Jim quickly ushers Scott and Lucy back into the house. Paul wants to know what Kelly had to do with it. Daphne explains what happened and that Kelly probably left the hand brake off. Paul is angry and starts to argue with Daphne, but Helen interrupts and says that it isn't Daphne's fault. Daphne offers to pay for the damage caused. Paul angrily says that she will, that Kelly could have wrapped it around a tree or something. Helen says yes she could but she didn't and there is no point and taking it out on Daphne. Paul angrily agrees and goes off to see Kelly. Helen tells Daphne that Paul will tear strips off of Kelly but Daphne thinks it will do her good.
Clarke House
Kelly is cooking lunch (a casserole that Daphne had prepared earlier) and is trying to make peace with Eileen, who is looking for her handbag. Kelly tells her she has hidden it in the rubber tree plant, she continues that that is the first place a thief would look. Eileen thinks that she would know. Kelly continues that it is her own fault that she got her handbag stolen it was the way she was holding it and asks Eileen for her bag so she can show her the best way to hold it.
Paul comes storming into the house (without so much as knocking) and starts shouting at Kelly for her reckless actions. He tells her about his car rolling into Jim's and that she doesn't give a damn that she has let Daphne down and cost her more money. One more stunt like that and he will call the police.
As Paul storms back out Eileen says that she did warn him what kind of girl Kelly was. Kelly angrily retorts that Eileen better get used to it because she is here to stay until Daphne says otherwise. Eileen snaps back that she doesn't intend despite her infliction to suffer in silence.
Kelly goes back to heating up the casserole a wicked smile comes across her face and she takes the top off a "spice" and tips that whole bottle in!
Robinson House
Paul is having lunch, while Scott is urging him to take him out for another driving lesson. Despite the Saturday traffic Paul finally relents and gives in. As Scott rushes off to find the keys, Paul talks to Daphne who is unpacking the shopping with Helen, he apologises to her for his earlier outburst and says that they all admire what she is doing for Kelly but he thinks she is setting herself up for a lot of unnecessary grief. Daphne replies sulkily that after what happened to Terri that he would have been all in favour of keeping Kelly out of jail.
Clarke House
Kelly is serving up the casserole and calls Eileen to lunch at first Eileen is suspicious of Kelly's actions as she hadn't served anything up for herself. Despite telling Eileen that she wasn't hungry she changes her mind and dishes up a small portion for herself and sits down. Eileen takes this as a good sign that everything is Ok and takes a large mouthful of casserole but as soon as it hits her mouth so does the "Chill powder" which Kelly has doctored the casserole with. As Daphne comes in Eileen starts shouting at the top of her voice that Kelly was trying to kill her. Kelly says that it was only a bit of Chilli. Eileen continues to shout that the next time it will be Rat poison. Daphne smiles and comments that Eileen's voice has now returned to its full strength.
Eileen tries singing a few scales (off key as usual!) to see if her voice had in fact returned and replies that is beside the point that she won't stay a minute more in the house with Kelly and Des can bring her things over once he is feeling better. Daphne looks disapprovingly at Kelly, who tells her that Eileen had it coming to her. Daphne informs her that she isn't going to say anything, Kelly wouldn't listen anyway, that they have just got to accept the fact she made a mistake in bailing her out. That a good stint in jail is about the only thing, which will make her wake up to herself.
Somewhere in Erinsborough
Scott is weaving the car all over the road, as Paul tries to give Scott a driving lesson. Paul screams at Scott to watch the stop sign as the car comes to a screeching halt.
Clarke House
A subdued Kelly comes into the kitchen and says to Daphne that she was going to do the dishes that Daphne had just finished. She wants to know what Daphne is going to do. Daphne replies that she doesn't know. Kelly argues that Eileen asked for it, all she did was rave on at her. Daphne reasons that she knows what Eileen is like. But just because you don't get on with someone isn't any reason to keep getting on at them. Kelly replies that she gets by. Daphne says you get by alright that is why you are out on bail before your court appearance.
Kelly bites back that what does Daphne know she has a nice little business, a nice house and is married to the local bank manager. That she really had had it tough. Daphne pushes Kelly onto a seat in the living room and tells her not to tell her how easy she has got it. That she knows nothing about her. Kelly goes to get up and Daphne shouts at her to "SIT" Daphne continues does Kelly know what she was doing when she met Des....she was stripping at a bucks party. That she isn't the only one who has had to go it alone. That everything she has done everything, everything she has got she has had to fight for. So don't tell her what it is like. She grew up with girls who make Kelly look like a Sunday school teacher, some of them had the guts to make a go of it, and the others are either in jail or dead. That it is a choice she is going to have to make and make it fast as she is running out of time.
Somewhere in Erinsborough
Paul is continuing to give Scott a driving lessons warning him of the pending Give Way sign. Scott is getting fed up with the constant warning of "Stop signs" "Give Way signs". Paul starts shouting at Scott that he should start slowing down...Scott stalls at the Give Way sign and Paul gets out and tells Scott that it is obvious that he isn't happy at the way he is teaching him so he would be better off finding someone else and starts to walk off.
Scott goes to get out of the car and the car rolls forward, he jumps back in and puts the handbrake on as the truck behind him passes him and the driving informs him at this rate he will never get his licence. Scott runs after Paul and begs him to come back. Paul says he will if they can do it his way without any complaints, Scott agrees.
Robinson House
Eileen is having afternoon tea with Helen and comments that the streets of Erinsborough are no longer safe for decent people and that she is just another victim of urban crossfire. Helen thinks that Kelly is hardly a one woman crime wave. Eileen hints that Helen returned early because of the crime in America and then asks that she can tell her the real reason now that Nell Mangel isn't around. Helen insists that there was no problem that she had a fine time.
Scott and Paul come in arguing over the driving lesson; Paul is refusing to give Scott any more lessons. Helen chips in to Paul in that you promised not lose your temper. Paul tells her that he promised not to do it while on a driving lesson not afterwards.
Clarke House
Daphne is backing out of the bedroom saying "Yes my lord and master, personally I think it is all a ploy to have tea in bed" She calls after Kelly but then spots a note from her. She walks over to the bedroom door and tells Des to say it..."All right say it....I told you so...Kelly has gone and it is anyone's guess where!
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Daphne Clarke, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0387
Daphne Clarke, Helen Daniels

Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0387
Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan

Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0387
Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels

Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0387
Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels

Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0387
Daphne Clarke, Kelly Morgan, Eileen Clarke

Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0387
Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0387
Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0387
Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson

Kelly Morgan, Paul Robinson, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0387
Kelly Morgan, Paul Robinson, Eileen Clarke

Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0387
Kelly Morgan

Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0387
Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson

Daphne Clarke, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0387
Daphne Clarke, Paul Robinson

Kelly Morgan, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0387
Kelly Morgan, Eileen Clarke

Kelly Morgan, Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0387
Kelly Morgan, Daphne Clarke

Daphne Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0387
Daphne Clarke

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