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Neighbours Episode 0385 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0385
Australian airdate: 14/11/86
UK airdate: 28/04/88
UK Gold:22/04/94
Writer: Jeffrey Truman
Guests: Kelly Morgan: Jodie Yemm
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Shane rushing out of the bank and chasing after unknown female biker on his bike
Streets of Erinsborough
Exciting bike chase through the streets on Ramsay Street takes place. Shane weaves in and out of stationery cars. There doesn't appear to be much moving traffic on the road But in the end he finally catches up with the unknown biker and cuts his bike across hers forcing her to crash. She jumps off her bike and starts to make a run for it, but is grabbed by Shane. The biker kicks him on the leg and Shane grapples her to the ground telling her "Why don't you try acting like a lady for a change".
Daphne walks into the bank and Des tells her about the biker trying to cash in Eileen's savings. Daphne is dismayed that the thief was a girl. Shane comes struggling into the Bank with a very reluctant Biker, still fighting him all the way. Daphne recognises the biker as Kelly Morgan. Kelly tells them "to rack off" Des is not impressed and tells her to mind her manners. Kelly replies that she isn't scared of them; Des then tells her that maybe she will be scared of the police; they will be here soon. Kelly's attitude changes and she tells them that she only did it because she was desperate, she appeals to Daphne saying that she has been done before and that the police will put her away this time. She is only seventeen she doesn't want to go to jail. Des thinks she should have thought of that before she started snatching bags from poor defensive old ladies.
Shane has difficulty keeping a straight face and Daphne smirks and says she doesn't think that Eileen would want to be described that way. Des replies forcefully that that is beside the point the police are coming and that is all there is to it.
Coffee Shop
Mike comes off the phone and tells Scott and Nicky about events at the bank. Shane is now a hero having caught the biker who turns out to be Kelly Morgan. Mike thinks that they have studied enough and it is about time that they went out and enjoyed themselves and asks them about going out that evening. Nicky jumps at the chance but firmly says it is just as friends. Scott declines saying he has to drop off the notes that Charlene lent him.
Daphne is urging Kelly to ring her mother she is sure that she will want to know and help. Kelly tells her that she wouldn't care the only thing she is interested in is where the next beer is coming from. She had already kicked her out. Daphne says she will try and contact her to see if she could help. As the police take Kelly away she looks scared and appeals to Daphne for help.
Daphne tells Des that she has to do something to help her. Des is totally dismayed and asks "Why....she deserves to get everything that is coming to her and I mean everything!"
Ramsay House
Charlene opens the door to Jane, as Madge and Shane are in the kitchen. Jane smiles at Shane and says that everyone is calling him a hero. He is rather coy about events. Madge wants to know if they knew Kelly. Charlene tells her that they all knew her, she always acted so tough. Jane replies that she felt sorry for her it didn't sound like she had much of a chance.
As Madge and Charlene prepare dinner, Shane and Jane go into the living room. Shane asks Jane if she is studying tonight she replies hat she isn't so he asks her out to dinner. Jane readily agrees.
Madge whispers to Charlene that she knows it is none of her business, but she still thinks Jane would be better off with someone her own age like Mike. Charlene agrees but says that she thinks Mike has more or less blown his chances.
Clarke House
Des arrives home and starts telling Mike and Eileen about the day's events in the bank and that Shane caught the thief who stole Eileen's bag. Eileen nods knowingly she and Mike know all about it. Des tells Mike that he was impressed how Shane managed to capture Kelly, but Mike bitterly just says that the police would have done just the same. Eileen mimes at Mike, who then asks about the handbag. Des explains that the police will need to keep it for a while for forensic and finger printing tests.
Eileen scribbles on her pad and passes it to Mike, who asks about Kelly. Des explains that she will have to go before a magistrate who will probably let her out on bail. Eileen is visibly angry and scribbles on her pad again, and hands it to Mike. Mike ignores what is written on the pad and asks Eileen how she feels about that. Des doesn't wait to hear what Eileen has written but says that it doesn't bother him so much but what does is that Daphne is starting to feel sorry for Kelly. Seeing how upset Eileen is he continues that because Kelly is so young Daphne is just concerned.
Daphne arrives home and despondently tells Des that some women don't deserve to be mothers. Eileen rushes up with her notebook and again and gives it to Daphne. Daphne dismisses her and tells her she wasn't talking about her but Kelly's mother. As far as Kelly's mother is concerned she can rot in jail, so Daphne has decided to do something for her and get her out of jail she asks Des for $200. Des is shocked and replies that he wouldn't spend on cent on that girl after what she did to his mum.
Eileen rips a piece of paper off her pad and shoves it at Mike...Mike looks at it and reads the word "TRAITOR" and she indicates that he should give it to Daphne. Mike gives it to her and says he is staying out of this and walks off to his bedroom. Daphne explains to Eileen that she knows that Kelly has done the wrong thing but it doesn't stop her feeling sorry for her. Eileen walks off in a huff.
Des tells Daphne that he doesn't blame Eileen being upset; Daphne seems more concerned about Kelly than what happened to Eileen. Daphne says she has a good reason for feeling the way she does and that she will tell him about it later.
Robinson House
Scott and Jim are sitting on the couch as Nicky comes in and asks if she looks OK. Scott makes a sarcastic comment that he never knew she was so beautiful. Jim tells her to just ignore him. Mike knocks on the door to collect Nicky and asks if she is ready, Nicky goes off to get her bag. Mike asks Scott again if he would like to go with them, but Scott declines. Nicky comes back and Helen comes into the room. Mike and Nicky go off to dinner.
After they have gone Scott says that he doesn't know what Jane is doing dumping Mike for Shane. Jim scoffs that women are well known for changing their minds. Scott replies yes but Shane is much older than her. Helen wants to know what age has got to do with it. Scott feels that they don't have that much in common, but Helen feels that it is up to them to decide.
Lassiters Restaurant
Shane is trying to read out loud the menu which is written in French. His pronunciation is terrible and Jane laughs and correctly reads it out. Shane thinks she better order otherwise they will end up with apple pie for starters. Jane tries to read the menu but the writing is all blurry as she hasn't got her glasses on, Shane asks where they are has she left hem at home. Jane tells him she doesn't have to wear them all the time. Shane tells her that he likes them on her, and that she doesn't realise how pretty she is. Jane blushes and replies enough compliments.
In the background Nicky and Mike arrive and sit in the table just behind Jane and Shane.
Ramsay House
While Charlene is helping with the dishes Madge says that she is still can't see why Jane couldn't have joined them for dinner. Charlene replies so that you could keep an eye on them. Madge reluctantly says yes, she feels that Jane is far too young to understand the emotional needs of an older man. Charlene knowingly says "are you talking about SEX or are you talking about SEX. Madge is shocked, but Charlene continues that they talk about it all the time at school it is part of their human relations course. She doesn't understand why Madge has such a hang up about the word maybe if she said it out loud...S----E----X! Madge scoffs and says "Really Charlene...no wonder I am so worried about Shane.
There is a knock at the door and Madge goes to answer it. Scott comes in and asks for Charlene. Madge asks Scott how Helen is and did she enjoy her trip. Scott is obviously feeling uncomfortable about being in the Ramsay house and replies that he thinks she did but she is a bit jumpy at the moment and puts it down to jet lag. Madge says that she will go and see her later; Scott says he will let her know.
Madge calls Charlene and then leaves them to talk. Both Scott and Charlene are feeling obviously very awkward around one another. Scott gives back her records and books. Both of them don't seem to know what to say to each other and Scott finally says better go and leaves.
Madge says to Charlene that she is sorry that she is feeling so upset about Scott. Charlene says that at least she got her records back, but looks very upset.
Lassiters Restaurant
Mike is apologising to Nicky, for the company and saying that it is not really the best way to spend a relaxing night out. Nicky asks Shane and Jane what they are having. Jane tells her that she is having the duck and Shane the trout. Shane laughs and says at least that is what she said she ordered me with his French he wouldn't have a clue. Nicky laughs and says that she thinks he can trust Jane. Mike snipes that you can't bet on that. Jane replies that she knows that Mike is angry with her but he is ruining it for everyone else.
Shane tries to make polite conversation with Nicky and asks after Nicky's mum (Laura) Nicky smiles and tells him that she is having a great time. Mike grumpily cuts in that Nicky is with him. Shane tells Jane he has had enough of this and goes off to see if he can get another table.
Clarke House
Daphne, Des and Eileen are finishing dinner; Daphne thanks Eileen for the meal she grabs the plates and storms off. Daphne whispers to Des that she is trying to make up with her but that she won't let her. Des replies that he doesn't really blame her that he thinks it is awful that she is trying to bail out someone who robed her mother-in-law.
Daphne thinks it is more complicated than that, she goes on to say that when Kelly use to come into the coffee shop it was obvious that she was a kid who was drifting and that she tried to make friends with her and to help her, but she stopped coming. Des scoffs that Kelly was probably out stripping cars or something. Eileen barges between them and nods franticly at Des in agreement. Des turns to her and tells her to shut up...then realises she hasn't actually said anything and tells her to stop inferring.
Des tries reasoning with Daphne saying that if she hands over the $200 to the police for the bail then Kelly will just shoot through and they will not see her or the money again. Daphne says that isn't the point...Des wants to know what is.
Daphne tells Des that when she was counselling, she met a girl who was a lot like Kelly, she ended up in jail and later she heard that she had died in a prison riot. And when she heard that Terri had died in jail it bought it all back. Now with Kelly headed the same way that she can help it she has to do something to help. Des is dismayed and replies that it doesn't make sense she has no reason to feel responsible for Kelly. Daphne says she can't change the way she feels. Des is not moved and replies that Kelly deserves to be in jail. Daphne walks off despondently and tells him to forget it.
Robinson House
Madge arrives to have chat with Helen about her trip, she apologises for the late hour but Helen says that by her body clock it is only 8 am in the morning.
The phone rings and it is Rosemary, Helen assures Rosemary that she had a lovely holiday. The only reason she came home was because she was missing the children - Scott and Lucy.
Mangel House
Shane and Jane sneak into the Mangel house, Mrs Mangel has gone to bed. Jane apologises for the evening and Mike's behaviour. They go and sit down in the living room. Jane thinks maybe she is too much trouble to go out with; she only seems to cause so many problems maybe they should just remain friends. Shane gently takes her hand and says that it suites him...but he also wants more than that. If she wants the truth he only started going out with her because everyone was so opposed to it. But now he knows the reason why he is here tonight. It is because he can't think of anyone else he would rather be with. He wants to know how Jane feels; she says she feels the same. Shane gently leans forward and kisses her.
Robinson House
In the kitchen Jim, Madge and Helen are discussing Helen's trip. Jim excuses himself so that they can have a proper girly chat. Helen continues to tell Madge about her trip, but Madge interrupts her and says that is not hat she wants to hear. What is the real reason she came back so early. Helen starts by denying anything happened, but Madge says "Come on we are friends aren't we, tell me the truth." Helen finally gives in and says that something did happen. She wanted to keep it a secret but she has to tell someone she can't keep it inside any longer...
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Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0385
Shane Ramsay

Kelly Morgan, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0385
Kelly Morgan, Shane Ramsay

Kelly Morgan, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0385
Kelly Morgan, Shane Ramsay

Shane Ramsay, Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0385
Shane Ramsay, Kelly Morgan

Des Clarke, Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0385
Des Clarke, Kelly Morgan

Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0385
Daphne Clarke, Des Clarke, Kelly Morgan

Nikki Dennison, Mike Young, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0385
Nikki Dennison, Mike Young, Scott Robinson

Jane Harris, Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0385
Jane Harris, Charlene Mitchell, Madge Mitchell, Shane Ramsay

Eileen Clarke, Mike Young, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0385
Eileen Clarke, Mike Young, Des Clarke

Jane Harris, Mike Young, Nikki Dennison, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0385
Jane Harris, Mike Young, Nikki Dennison, Shane Ramsay

Daphne Clarke, Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0385
Daphne Clarke, Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke

Helen Daniels, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0385
Helen Daniels, Madge Mitchell

Jane Harris, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0385
Jane Harris, Shane Ramsay

Jane Harris, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0385
Jane Harris, Shane Ramsay

Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0385
Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels

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