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Neighbours Episode 0384 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0384
Australian airdate: 13/11/86
UK airdate: 25/04/88
UK Gold: 19/04/94
Writer: Ysabelle Dean
Summary/Images by: Karen (Katie)
Eileen gets her bag snatched by the biker. She shouts after the biker but loses her voice.
Mangel House
Jane is serving lunch to Shane in the living room she apologises that there is nothing stronger in the house than orange juice or coffee, her Nan doesn't allow it. Shane doesn't know how Mr Mangel puts up with it. Jane explains that he isn't home very much and when he is he spends most of his time in his study. Shane thinks Mrs Mangel should also respect Jane's rights. He had the same problems when his father was hassling him to be a diver. His father meant well but he did make things difficult. Nothing was ever good enough. Jane agrees she knows the feeling well.
Shane suggests that the next time it happens they will take off on the bike somewhere, just for a couple of hours. Jane is over the moon and thinks the last trip was fantastic. Shane smiles and says the bike is fun. Jane is very enthusiastic and replies that it is like growing wings and flying. Shane suggests that she gets her learner permit and that he will give her some lessons. Jane is speechless and loves the idea and finally says that will be terrific.
Clive's House
Clive is examining Eileen watched by Mrs Mangel. Mrs Mangel is telling Clive what a tragedy it is quite apart from being robbed and left speechless, that Eileen had been asked to sing at the Senior citizen concert and it would be such a shame for all those people to miss out. Clive smirks and tells Eileen that there is no permanent damage she has purely strained her vocal cords and advises her to go straight to the police.
Mrs Mangel starts ranting about how Erinsborough used to be such a quiet peaceful place and now it has been infiltrated with sharpies, bikies, and bobgies, that that they had even infested Ramsay Street. Clive is dismayed and says you can't mean Shane. Mrs Mangel continues, "You can have your opinion Dr Gibbons but when I think what he did to my granddaughter..." Clive defends Shane and replies that he didn't do anything. Mrs Mangel replies that may be all very well but tongues are wagging all the same. Clive suggests that if she drops it then everything would die down.
Clive tells Eileen that there is a chance that if she doesn't speak for 48 hours then she may be able to sing in the concert. But she mustn't say a word for all that time.
Coffee Shop
Des and Mike are in the kitchen cooking, Mike is saying that he is worried about his Physics exam. Des suggests that he borrows his lucky sixpence, but Mike thinks that if he passes the exam it won't be because of any lucky sixpence. Des goes to get the sixpence out of his pocket to discover he has a hole in his pocket and it is missing. Des rushes around the Coffee Shop knocking customers (there are actually more customers in the Coffee Shop!) out of the way looking for it.
Just then Mrs Mangel and Eileen come in and Mrs Mangel explains what has happened to Eileen. At first Des doesn't believe that she can't speak, until Mrs Mangel tells him he will have to wait a long time to hear from her what happened as she had lost the use of her vocal cords.
Mrs Mangel's House
Mrs Mangel returns to find Shane and Jane finishing off their lunch; she is not pleased to have Shane in the house. Mrs Mangel accuses Jane of not bargaining on her coming home that she told Jane that Shane was not to be in the house again. Shane goes to defend Jane but Mrs Mangel starts ranting about she knows what kind of person Shane is rushing around on his big noisy motorbike terrorising people. She continues that Jane has no shame and she asks Shane to leave and not come back. Shane says that he can take a hint and leaves.
Mrs Mangel continues to rant; she doesn't know how Jane could entertain a hooligan like that in her house. Jane asks when she will realise that nothing happened between Shane and her. Mrs Mangel will not be persuaded and replies that Jane has given her no option from now on she is confined to her bedroom. Jane points out that she still has exams to go to. Mrs Mangel tells her that she will find a responsible person to escort her to and from school and that will be the only time she will be allowed to leave the house; she intends to put a stop to her rebellious behaviour.
Jane argues that once the exams are over she will be looking for a job. Mrs Mangel forcefully tells Jane that she may change her mind about letting her take a year off study, although how she is going to trust those university students she just doesn't know. She is at her wit's end what to do about Jane. That Jane disobeys her constantly. Jane finally hits back and tells Mrs Mangel that she only acts the way she does because she can't even breathe without her permission. If she stops her from seeing any of her friends including Shane she will move out.
Clarke House
Eileen is far from happy sitting on the couch, Des tells her that she must lie down and relax. He and Daphne don't want her off her feet any longer than she has to be. Lucy bounces in and says that Mrs Mangel had told them that Mrs Clark has been viciously attacked by a bikie hooligan. Des replies that Mrs Mangel was exaggerating. Lucy continues she lost her voice once; the doctor said it was laryngitis. Des asks is that why she is off school? Lucy says no that Nan came home early and that Dad said she could have a day off school and see her. Eileen suddenly jumps up and frantically starts writing on a pad. Des is surprised but Lucy says that Nan said she missed us so she came back early. Lucy says she should go and Des hurries her to the door before Eileen can finish writing her note.
When Des comes back Eileen points frantically at the note book but Des tells her firmly that she is not going over to Helen's that it is none of their business why she cut her trip short and besides she is probably tired from the trip. He gives her a pile of magazines and shouts at her to stay!
Robinson House
Helen is telling Jim she is sorry to hear that Ruth has left; Jim shrugs and says it was for the best his feelings weren't strong enough. Lucy then comes bouncing in and tells them about Eileen and that she can't say a word. Helen thinks she should go and see her but she doesn't feel up to it. Jim laughs and says if losing her voice is the worse of it she can't have much to complain about. Helen giggles and says that it won't be easy for her not telling Des and Daphne how to run their lives. Lucy tells them that she has a note pad and writes down notes.
Lucy then asks if Jim has got any airmail paper as she wants to write a letter to Bradley, not that he deserves it as he hasn't written to her for weeks. Lucy doesn't know what to write so asks Helen to help. Helen suggests that she tells him about the accident with the drain and how she lost her sight. Lucy thinks he wouldn't care and has probably forgotten all about her. Helen looks very sad and suggests that she could say how much you miss him and how much she enjoys getting letters from him. Lucy says "Yuk he hates that kind of stuff." Helen suggests that Lucy should be honest with him and tell him how he feels. Lucy wants to know what Helen would write. Helen says she would remind him of all the good times they had had and that she hadn't forgotten him.
Clive's House
Mike arrives at Clive's house for a heart to heart with Clive about Jane. Mike tells him about Jane's lunch with Shane. Clive thinks that not uncommon for anyone to invite friends around for a meal. Mike however feels that they are more than friends. Clive argues that Jane is just trying to get even and only does it when he is around. Jealousy makes you do strange things, just like him kissing Nicky in front of Jane. Mrs Mangel is giving her a hard time about the night she spent with Shane, so Jane is rebelling show to the whole world that she doesn't care a damn.
Mangel House
Shane pops in to see how Jane coped with Mrs Mangel; Jane tells him that she knows how to handle her she just threatened to move out. Shane wonders how she is going to manage moving out when she goes to Uni, but Jane explains that she going to take a year off and get a job. She wants to be a cheerleader if she is good enough, but all the other cheer leaders were very pretty and had great bodies. Shane encourages her to go for it saying that one day she will wake up to the fact that she has everything going for her.
Robinson House
In the kitchen Lucy is reading her letter to Bradley to Jim and asking him what he thought of it. Jim tells her that if he were Bradley he would write back straight away. As Helen comes in Lucy asks her if she would go for a walk with her to the post box to post the letter. Before she can answer Jim tells Lucy it is only at the end of the street and that she can go on her own. Helen encourages her to go on her own but tells her that if she sees any kittens down drains to come and tell them. After Lucy leaves she tells Jim how pleased she is that he is letting her have some freedom that there is such a thing as overprotected children.
The phone rings and it is Ruth from London asking after the family. Ruth tells her how much she misses them all. Jim asks her to keep in touch as Lucy is not the only one to miss her.
Clive's House
Mrs Mangel is telling Eileen all about her troubles with Jane while Eileen sits there in muted silence, uninterested, writing away on her note pad. But when Mrs Mangel starts gossiping about Helen's early arrival from home, Eileen perks up and nods her approval immediately. Mrs Mangel hopes that Helen's cutting short her trip due to some nasty American disease. Mrs Mangel thinks it is their Christian duty to find out, Eileen nods and readily agrees. Eileen quickly hands her, her notepad where she has written lots of questions to ask Helen, but Mrs Mangel says that it won't be necessary she knows exactly the questions to ask Helen and puts the note pad down on the table. Eileen forcefully picks up the note pad and follows Mrs Mangel over to the Robinsons.
Robinson House
Sitting in the kitchen, Jim and Helen are discussing his relationship with Ruth when there is a knock on the door. Eileen and Mrs Mangel come in and start firing questions at Helen about her early return. Eileen keeps prodding Mrs Mangel and pointing to her note pad. Helen answers all the questions politely and just says that her return was because she was homesick and finally to get rid of them says that she was just about to have a lie down as she is still trying to get over the jet lag.
Jim escorts Mrs Mangel and Eileen to the door, Eileen is still pointing to her note pad. Mrs Mangel tells her I know but it wasn't my fault! Once the door is closed Helen shakes her head and says "Honestly those two, nothing they like better than sniffing out gossip" Jim wants to know the real reason Helen returned early as there was obviously something which has upset her. Helen gets angry and replies that there is no mystery to why she cut her trip short and would he please stop cross-examining her.
Des's Bank
Shane is in the bank discussing a loan with Des. Des feels that there may be a problem with the loan because of Shane's employment record. Shane explains that he wants to make a go of the landscape business but he can't do that unless he can have the loan to buy the equipment he needs. Des says he will see what he can do at head office. Just then one of the bank tellers comes in and tells Des that there is a biker at the counter trying to take money out of Eileen's bank account. Des asks the teller to call the police while he tries to stall her.
Out at the counter Des tries to tell the girl that there is a problem with the computers. The girl gets nervous and tells him to forget it and runs off jumping onto her bike and speeding away. Shane on coming out of the office witnesses all this and tells Des he will get her. Outside Shane jumps on his bike and speeds off after her.
<<0383 - 0385>>
Shane Ramsay, Jane Harris in Neighbours Episode 0384
Shane Ramsay, Jane Harris

Nell Mangel, Clive Gibbons, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0384
Nell Mangel, Clive Gibbons, Eileen Clarke

Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0384
Eileen Clarke, Des Clarke, Nell Mangel

Des Clarke, Eileen Clarke, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0384
Des Clarke, Eileen Clarke, Lucy Robinson

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0384
Des Clarke

Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0384
Jim Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels

Nell Mangel, Eileen Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0384
Nell Mangel, Eileen Clarke

Eileen Clarke, Helen Daniels, Nell Mangel in Neighbours Episode 0384
Eileen Clarke, Helen Daniels, Nell Mangel

Shane Ramsay, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0384
Shane Ramsay, Des Clarke

Des Clarke, Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0384
Des Clarke, Kelly Morgan

Shane Ramsay, Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0384
Shane Ramsay, Kelly Morgan

Kelly Morgan in Neighbours Episode 0384
Kelly Morgan

<<0383 - 0385>>
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