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Neighbours Episode 0366 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0366
Australian airdate: 20/10/86
UK airdate: 01/04/88
UK Gold: 28/03/94
Summary/Images by: Sayaka
Paul is about to tell Uncle Ted that Clive has lied to him.
The Office
SUSAN: What did you have in mind, Paul? Were you going to tell Clive's uncle about the time Clive saved Lucy's life?
UNCLE TED: Who's Lucy?
SUSAN: Paul's little sister. Lucy needed an emergency tracheotomy. Clive had to perform it on the Robinsons' kitchen table. (Pointedly, to Paul) Lucy would have DIED otherwise!
Susan has managed to put the guilts on Paul enough to make him back down - he tells Uncle Ted that it was the tracheotomy that he was going to tell him about. Uncle Ted says he should be very grateful to Clive - time is of the essence with tracheotomys!
When Uncle Ted has gone, Susan tells Paul to blast her now and get it over with! But Paul says he's quite impressed with her snow job! He thinks Susan is a lady of hidden talents and Clive should count his blessings!
Scott is studying while Jim is sorting through his mail. Scott tells Jim that he's fed up of Warren and his drinking in the morning. Also he's not impressed at Charlene drinking either. Jim says he'll have a word with them - he's supposed to be keeping an eye on Charlene for Madge anyway. Jim finally agrees to leave things to Shane though.
Jim says that a letter has arrived for Paul. Scott recognises it as being from Terri. He thinks Jim should throw it straight in the bin, but Jim says that it's Paul's decision what he does with the letter.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Clive introduces Ruth to Uncle Ted. Uncle Ted tells Clive how proud he is of him about Lucy's tracheotomy.
Ruth calls to Jim and Uncle Ted asks if Jim is her husband. He's pleased to hear that Ruth is unattached!
The Office
Paul is dictating a letter to Susan when Jim comes in. Jim gives Paul the letter from Terri in private. Paul says that as far as he's concerned, Terri is dead. Jim says he has some sympathy for her since she must be having a miserable time in prison.
PAUL: Dad, she tried to kill me!
JIM: She panicked! She was terrified you were going to ring the police, and despite everything I think she really loved you.
Jim hands Paul the leter. He opens it and reads it.
He only gets as far as, "My darling Paul" before he rips the letter up and throws it in the bin. He says he doesn't want to give Terri a chance - why should he?
PAUL: I don't care about her, Dad. And I don't give a damn about anything she's got to say.
Jim thinks that Paul might have shown a little more compassion for Terri, but he supports his decision.
Later at the Office
Paul is distracted and jumpy while dictating a letter to Susan. He invites Susan to lunch, but she has brought her own sandwiches to eat.
When Paul has gone off to lunch, Susan finds Terri's letter on the floor by the bin.
Clive comes in and thanks Susan for saving the situation with Uncle Ted and Paul. Susan says that he'd better think of a way to get Uncle Ted to leave soon - someone is bound to slip up sooner or later.
Ruth introduces Uncle Ted to Jim - they are getting on very well. Jim starts telling Uncle Ted about the "Gift of the Gab" much to Ruth's horror who quickly adds that Clive doesn't have time for that sort of thing now that he has a wife and a child!
Uncle Ted says that he's looking forward to travelling a bit during his retirement. He says that he and Ruth could meet up in London some time!
The Office
Susan is reading the pieces of Terri's letter and quickly hides it when Paul comes in.
When he's gone into the inner office, she continues to read.
Ruth has made tea and cakes for Jim. Jim says that he likes having Ruth around. He thinks Uncle Ted has taken a shine to her(!) Ruth asks if Jim would be upset if Uncle Ted asked her out. Jim says that he doesn't own Ruth, and he can't honestly call the feelings he has for Ruth love - not yet, anyway. Ruth looks disappointed.
Uncle Ted has been running up Clive's phonebill! Clive comes in and says that he's free for the rest of the day. Uncle Ted says that he's hoping to ask Ruth out while he's in Erinsborough, but Clive says that Ruth and Jim have an "understanding" and Uncle Ted shouldn't stir up trouble as he's only staying for a short time. Uncle Ted says that he could always extend his stay(!) He gets up to call Ruth.
The Office
Susan confesses to Paul that she's read Terri's letter. She says she cares about Paul and wants to know when things go wrong with him - he should talk to her. Paul admits that Terri was his wife and starts to tell Susan about her.
PAUL: I loved Terri. More than anything. She was my whole life at the time.
SUSAN: What went wrong?
PAUL: Everything. I suppose I never should have married her. It was a very one-sided relationship.
Paul says that he knew Terri was marrying him on the rebound, but he convinced himself that Terri cared about him as much as he cared for her.
SUSAN: Why's she in jail?
PAUL: She killed a man. And then she tried to kill me.
Paul says that he knows Terri - she's in this world to see what she can get out of it. Since she's just received the divorce papers, Paul thinks she's writing to try to get a good deal. Susan reacts in surprise that Paul hasn't read the letter. She thinks he should. She says that Terri sounds desperate and thinks that Paul should read the letter. Paul tells Susan to mind her own business.
Garden of the Robinsons
Jim is raking leaves when Scott comes out - he tells Jim that he's nervous about his exams. They talk about Terri's letter and Scott says that he doesn't blame Paul for tearing the letter up. Jim says that Terri is still only young and facing fifteen years behind bars. Jim is thinking of going to see Terri.
Uncle Ted has gone out to have tea with Ruth. Clive tells Susan that Uncle Ted has extended his visit even further, but he'll think of something.
Outside the Coffee Shop
Ruth and Uncle Ted are talking about their children and how lonely it is when they leave home. Uncle Ted is wistful that he neglected his two wives in favour of his work. He wishes that he'd paid them more attention.
Outside Lassiters
Paul bumps into Susan and apologises for shouting at her about the letter. Susan says she shouldn't have read the letter. Susan says she meant it when she said she cared about Paul. They both say that they didn't want to get involved with someone again but they definitely have feelings for each other. Paul invites her into the office to talk. Susan says that they must start trusting each other if they're to have a future together. They kiss at the office door. Uncle Ted catches sight of this and looks quite horror-struck!
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Paul Robinson, Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0366
Paul Robinson, Susan Cole

Paul Robinson, Susan Cole, Ted Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0366
Paul Robinson, Susan Cole, Ted Gibbons

Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0366
Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson

Clive Gibbons, Ruth Wilson, Ted Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0366
Clive Gibbons, Ruth Wilson, Ted Gibbons

Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0366
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson

Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0366
Susan Cole

Ted Gibbons, Ruth Wilson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0366
Ted Gibbons, Ruth Wilson, Jim Robinson

Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0366
Susan Cole

Clive Gibbons, Ted Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0366
Clive Gibbons, Ted Gibbons

Paul Robinson, Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0366
Paul Robinson, Susan Cole

Paul Robinson, Susan Cole in Neighbours Episode 0366
Paul Robinson, Susan Cole

Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0366
Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson

Ruth Wilson, Ted Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0366
Ruth Wilson, Ted Gibbons

Susan Cole, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0366
Susan Cole, Paul Robinson

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