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Neighbours Episode 0205 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0205
Australian airdate: 07/03/86
UK airdate: 17/08/87
UK Gold: 13/08/93
Writer: Sally Webb
Director: Max Varnel
Guests: Andrea Townsend: Regina Gaigalas
Bradley Townsend: Bradley Kilpatrick
Summary/Images by: Graham
- An intruder entering No. 22, hiding in the pantry and watching Daphne.
No. 22
Daphne is lying asleep on the couch, the book she was reading still in her hands. A pair of feet creeps around the couch behind her and then reaches out and grabs the book. Daphne wakes up - to find Clive standing in front of her. Looking at the book, he smiles:
CLIVE: Oh yes - very intellectual!
Daphne gets up and heads to the kitchen area to make some toasted sandwiches for supper. She gets some ingredients out of the 'fridge. As she does so, Clive tells her that he's had a terrific idea - a licence to print money; but before he can reveal more, the 'phone rings and he goes to answer it. He listens and then sighs:
CLIVE: Hell.
He adds quickly:
CLIVE: Sorry, Father! When? ... No, I saw him this afternoon ... Well he seemed a *bit* unsettled, but that was to be expected ... OK, I'll see what I can do. Thanks, Father. Bye bye.
With that, Clive hangs up the 'phone and turns to Daphne. He tells her that that was Father Barry: Mike shot through. Daphne suggests that he must have gone for a walk or something, but Clive tells her that he's taken his gear, too. He suggests they get out and find him; supper will have to wait. Daphne goes to the pantry and opens the door - to find Mike standing in there, staring out at her. After she gets over her astonishment, she turns and says:
DAPHNE: Clive...
Mike just grins meekly and says:
MIKE: Hi guys!
No. 26
Nikki and Scott are sitting at the kitchen table, doing their homework. Nikki completes a Maths assignment, muttering that it's so painful. She asks Scott how *he's* going, but he retorts:
SCOTT: Don't ask.
Nikki says she feels as though she should be helping him. Scott smiles:
SCOTT: Go for it - it's all yours!
Nikki, however, tells him warily:
NIKKI: I would if I could, you know that; it's just that the marks are going towards...
SCOTT: ...our final assessment. I know, I know. I just can't for the life of me get into this stupid thing.
Nikki suggests to Scott that he should put it aside and go onto something else. Scott, however, tells her that he wants to finish it tonight - then it'll leave him Saturday and Sunday to get on with a few other things. Nikki, standing up, insists:
NIKKI: Just stick with it, Scott. You can do it.
SCOTT (mutters): Yeah, sure. Easy.
With that, Nikki heads off to bed.
No. 22
Mike is sitting on the couch. Clive sits down in the adjacent armchair and says tersely:
CLIVE: OK, you had hassles with the people you were staying with, but what on earth were you doing in the cupboard?
MIKE: I wanted to talk to *you* first; I didn't think Daphne would understand.
CLIVE: And you thought impersonating a broom was going to make it easier?! The thing you've got to understand is, there's only so much other people can do to help you.
MIKE (sighs): I *know*.
CLIVE: So you've got to start doing something to help your*self*.
MIKE (standing up, mutters): I didn't *ask* for their help; they *offered* it - but I don't think they meant it: they were just trying to make themselves feel good.
Daphne joins them and tells Mike to sit down. She then asks:
DAPHNE: What exactly went wrong? Father Barry told me the Burtons were *good* people.
MIKE (snaps): They treated me like a thief.
CLIVE: You don't think, maybe because you're feeling a bit lost, you were seeing things that weren't there?
MIKE (bitterly): Yeah, *lots* of things that weren't there. They had everything locked away. They wouldn't even give me a key to the house. I've never nicked anything in my life.
CLIVE: I suppose they're used to the sort of kids who *do* steal.
MIKE: Yeah, but they knew I wasn't like that.
DAPHNE: So maybe they just needed a few days to get used to the fact that they could trust you?
MIKE: I couldn't even *talk* to them. Every time I walked into a room, they just stopped whatever they were saying. I could never feel comfortable there. Living with *them* would be worse than being at *home*.
CLIVE: Fair enough. I suppose you know what's good for you. You can crash here for the night.
MIKE: Thanks.
CLIVE: But then what?
MIKE: I don't know. I'll think about it in the morning. All I want right now is a good night's sleep.
Daphne looks at Clive in concern.
No. 26
Scott has fallen asleep at the kitchen table, his books still in front of him. Jim arrives home and finds his son there. He puts a hand on his back and says gently:
JIM: Come on, Scott, time for bed.
Scott, however, stirs and murmurs that he can't; he can't afford to; he just needs to give his eyes a rest. Jim, though, tells him:
JIM: Listen. I know I've been giving you a hard time about not studying hard enough, but you're going to the other extreme. You have to learn to pace yourself.
SCOTT: That's what I've been *doing*.
JIM: Really?
SCOTT: Yeah, really. If I get this finished, I'm going to give myself tomorrow morning off. I've got to push myself, dad, otherwise I won't get through.
JIM: Scott, you're a bright student. You'll do well if you just *apply* yourself.
SCOTT: Yeah... I need to do well at Maths, though.
JIM: Yeah, well, you need to give your body and your mind a chance to rest. Now put this away 'til tomorrow - and that's an order. Bedtime. You're going to sleep-in tomorrow: it's Saturday.
Ramsay Street
The next morning, Jim is packing fishing gear into the back of his car when Zoe wanders over and smiles that she didn't know he was into the ancient art of angling; she thought he'd be into more *active* pastimes! Jim explains that he was up all night trying to figure out a way of getting Scott to relax: fishing came to him in a blinding flash at about 3am. Shane walks past them as Jim tells Zoe that Scott is worrying too much. Zoe nods that it's terrible the pressure they're under; there wasn't *nearly* that much competition when *she* was at school. Jim muses:
JIM: And that would have been, what, four years ago?
ZOE (smiling, shrugs): Well, maybe I wasn't the competitive type!
JIM: I don't think Scott is, either - but he wants to go to university, and the places are limited, so he hasn't got much choice, really.
ZOE: Guess so. Well, I'll have two flathead and one kilo of yabbies, thank you!
JIM: Come with us and catch them yourself!
ZOE (grins): It's a lovely thought, but us working women have things to do on the weekend: washing... cleaning... ironing! It's never ending!
JIM: Fair enough!
ZOE: But if you're going again...
JIM: ...I'll let you know!
With that, Zoe walks off. Jim watches her, a smile on his face.
No. 28
Des is sitting on the couch, reading the newspaper, when Shane walks in through the open front door and opens one of the bedroom doors. He doesn't notice Des sitting there, and is therefore startled when he says:
DES: What's your problem?
Shane quickly shuts the door and turns replies:
SHANE: No problem! Why would you think that?
DES: No one comes round at 7:30 on a Saturday morning for an idle chat!
SHANE: It's just that I've been lying awake for the last couple of hours, just thinking a few things over, you know?
DES: Geez, mate, *that* must've been an effort!
Shane chuckles sarcastically before then saying:
SHANE: We've been through quite a bit together, wouldn't you say, Des? And over the years, we haven't always seen eye-to-eye over everything, but, well, that's never stopped us being mates, has it?
Before Des can answer, Zoe comes in and offers the two men an egg flip. They both decline. Shane goes on:
SHANE: What I'm trying to get at is: even when you and Daphne decided that you were going to get married and that, well, that never stopped us being mates, did it?
Zoe looks on from the kitchen area, an intrigued frown on her face as Des replies uncertainly:
DES: No... That's why you started calling me every name you could think of - behind my back...
SHANE (laughs warily): So if we can survive something like *that*, then we can just about survive *anything*, wouldn't you say?
Des, looking worried, asks Shane what he's *done*. Shane hesitates before telling him:
SHANE: I've asked Daphne to marry me.
Des, looking suddenly furious, stands up and snaps:
DES: Terrific. Yeah, *thanks*, mate.
He then throws down the newspaper and storms off.
No. 22
Mike is sitting at the kitchen table as Clive talks on the 'phone. He hangs up and Mike asks what the Burtons said. Clive tells him that it sounded as though were expecting someone a few years younger. He adds that he thinks they're basically good people, but they're just out of their depth. Daphne serves up breakfast as Clive asks Mike what he sees his options as being. Mike replies:
MIKE: Well I can't really go home... and I don't want to leave school... so I was sort of wondering if it would be OK if I moved in *here* - just until I finish my HSC.
CLIVE: I see: 'Gibbons' Refuge for Waifs and Strays'.
MIKE: I've got a part-time job, so I could pay my way. I wouldn't be sponging off you or anything.
Clive looks at Daphne, who just shrugs. He then says:
CLIVE: Mike, I hope you realise that anyone who chooses to live here runs a very grave risk: not too many people leave with their sanity intact!
MIKE: Is that a yes?!
DAPHNE (laughs): It's as near to a straight an answer as you'll get out of *him*! [She indicates Clive] Yes, it's a yes!
MIKE: Thanks, Clive! Thanks a lot!
CLIVE: Couldn't have you sleeping in the gutters, could I?!
No. 26
Jim and Nikki are preparing food in the kitchen when Scott emerges from his bedroom, looking tired. He asks what all the food is in aid of and Jim tells him:
JIM: We're going fishing for the weekend.
SCOTT: *Who* is?
JIM: You, me, Nikki, and anybody else who feels like coming.
SCOTT: No way. Count me out. I've got work to do.
JIM: Not *this* weekend. You're going fishing.
Nikki adds that it's good to get away from the books: it clears the brain. Scott, however, mutters that *she* finished her Maths assignment *last night*. He then tells Jim:
SCOTT: I appreciate the thought, dad, but I can't afford the time.
JIM: And *I* say you *can*. It'll make a new man of you! Trust me, my boy! Trust me!
No. 22
Clive, Mike and Daphne are washing up the breakfast dishes when Zoe bursts in through the front door. Seeing Mike helping with the drying-up, she asks him what he's doing there. He explains:
MIKE: I've moved in!
ZOE: Terrific! I always say you can't have too many good-looking guys living in the street!
Zoe then turns to Daphne and adds:
ZOE: And *you're* a bit of a dark horse, aren't you!
DAPHNE (blankly): Am I?
ZOE: Well, these two [she indicates Clive and Mike] probably knew about it, but it certainly came as news to *me*.
DAPHNE: Zoe, what are you talking about?
ZOE: Getting engaged to Shane is what I'm talking about.
Clive and Mike, looking delighted, offer Daphne their congratulations. Daphne, however, says quickly:
DAPHNE: Wo-ho, just take five paces back, everyone. Shane's asked me to marry him, but I haven't decided whether I will or not.
ZOE: *Yet*.
CLIVE (to Mike): She's the most chaste girl on the block. Chased by this boy, chased by that one!
Daphne then asks Zoe how she knows. Zoe explains that Shane has just been over telling Des. Looking suddenly horrified, Daphne exclaims:
DAPHNE: Tell me that's a bad joke.
Sensing the growing atmosphere, Clive tells Mike that he'll take him on a fact-finding tour of the front garden! The two of them head out, leaving Daphne to snap at Zoe:
DAPHNE: Damn him. Why couldn't he have waited until he was sure?
ZOE: It's OK - really - Des seemed to take it pretty well.
DAPHNE (looking surprised): Did he?
ZOE: I guess he's managed to get you out of his system.
DAPHNE (sounding slightly disappointed): I guess he *has*.
ZOE: Thing is, have you managed to get him out of *yours*?
DAPHNE (coolly): Oh, that was easy. When a man doesn't turn up at the church on your wedding day, you lose interest pretty quickly.
Daphne sits down on the couch. Zoe sits down next to her and asks after a few seconds:
ZOE: Going to marry Shane, then?
DAPHNE (sighs): Oh, I don't know *what* I'm going to do.
Ramsay Street
Jim is packing the food into the back of his car. Nikki is standing with Clive and Mike, welcoming Mike to Ramsay Street. Scott is leaning against the car. Jim invites Clive and Mike to join them, but Clive replies that he can never stay still long enough - and he's got some market research should do. He adds that Mike should go, though. Mike insists that he'd better work. Nikki, however, explains that they decided a weekend away from study was just what they needed. Mike gives in. Jim tells him he's got five minutes to get ready, then they'll make a move.
No. 28
There's a knock on the front door. Des emerges from the bedroom area and opens it to find Clive standing on the step. Clive bursts in and says enthusiastically:
CLIVE: This is *the* idea, Des. It's going to be bigger than Michelangelo wallpaper! This is the one I really reckon is going to go. Now brace yourself.
The two of them go and sit on the couch and Clive then announces:
CLIVE: Bumper stickers. Right?
DES: Um... I think that's already been invented, mate.
CLIVE: Not like *this*! You see, this is a singles club, and what the bumper stickers say is: 'Hi, my name's Clive' - or whatever - 'and I'm available. 'Phone my number''. And all *I* do is screen people and put them in touch - for a small fee, of course!
DES (looking annoyed): What *is* this?
DES (snaps): Look, I know you've got a pretty warped sense of humour, Gibbons, but I'm not laughing. Now get out of here.
CLIVE (realisation dawning): Oh hell, sorry, mate, I wasn't thinking. I really didn't mean to have a go at you.
DES (mutters): Yeah, that's OK. Just leave, will you?
Des gets up and walks over to the kitchen area as Clive goes on:
CLIVE: Listen, I don't suppose you want to talk about it? It's just that sometimes it makes it easier.
DES: There's nothing to talk *about*. If Daphne's going to marry Shane, then good luck to both of them. If it wasn't for *me*, she'd've done it a long time ago.
CLIVE: From what I gather, nothing's been decided yet.
DES: Yeah, well, it's only a matter of time.
CLIVE: You could probably still fight for her - if that's what you *want*.
DES: Look, I haven't got much pride left, mate, but what I've got I'm going to hang onto.
Clive accepts this and turns to walk off. Des calls after him, though;
DES: Hey - do you want a coffee?
CLIVE: Yeah, that'd be good.
Des then asks him:
DES: Do you ever feel like you're going totally, stark-raving crazy?
CLIVE: It's the only way to be, mate! Didn't you know that?!
No. 22
Daphne is sorting out some small plants in a seed tray as she and Zoe kneel at the coffee table in the lounge room. Zoe is telling Daphne:
ZOE: You don't make sense. If you *love* the man, why don't you just hightail it over there and tell him so?
DAPHNE: I didn't say I was in love with him; I said I *loved* him.
ZOE: Same thing.
DAPHNE: No it's not!
ZOE: Well what about Shane?
DAPHNE: I love him too.
ZOE: More than Des?
DAPHNE: Oh, I don't know. Differently. I love them both, but differently.
ZOE: So what are you going to do? Marry either of them or neither of them or both of them?! *There's* a thought: the three of you could set up a cosy little commune together!
DAPHNE: You're not being much help, Zoe! [Pauses and shrugs] I still think it could've worked with Des.
ZOE: Well do you think it'll work with *Shane*?
DAPHNE: Well *yes*. That's what makes it all so damn difficult.
ZOE: It'd be two entirely different marriages: on one hand you've got stability and on the other excitement. I guess it's just a matter of working out which one of those things you want the most.
DAPHNE: Now you're making too much sense!
ZOE: You could flip a coin!
DAPHNE: Yeah... Stupid thing would land on its edge!
ZOE: You know what you've got to do, don't you?
DAPHNE (sighs): Yep: I've got to go and talk to Des.
ZOE: Right. So why don't you get over there?
With that, Zoe stands up, grabs Daphne's shoulders and pulls her to her feet, adding as she does so:
ZOE: Spruce yourself up and off you go!
A silver car pulls up outside some stables and a woman's voice calls:
WOMAN: Hello, darling!
A boy's voice calls back from where he's standing with a horse by one of the stables:
BOY: Where the hell have *you* been, mum?
The woman, climbing out of the car, retorts:
WOMAN: You know damn *well* where I've been.
She walks over to the boy and goes on:
WOMAN: Now, are you sure you want to come with me?
BOY: Of *course* I'm sure. But where will we *go*?
WOMAN: Hey, I'm not just a pretty face, you know! Get in the car.
As the two of them climb into the car, the woman tells the boy:
WOMAN: I have managed to locate Des Clarke.
BOY (eagerly): Where is he?
WOMAN: Not only is he a Bank Manager, he's still unmarried and living at No. 28, Ramsay Street.
BOY: What if he doesn't like me?
WOMAN: Well, we can't expect miracles(!)... so, what about it? There's a 'plane out of here in a couple of hours.
BOY: Sure! Let's go!
WOMAN: There's just one thing: you'll have to wear these.
With that, the woman reaches over into the back of the car and picks up a wig and a dress. The boy exclaims in horror:
BOY: Oh no. No way.
The woman, however, retorts curtly:
WOMAN: Now listen to me, Bradley: they'll be checking every 'plane out of here for a woman and a little boy.
BRADLEY (groans): You're making me a look a little dill, mum.
WOMAN: Oh darling, it's only while we're on the 'plane. Well? Make up your mind.
Bradley just sits there. The woman cries in exasperation:
WOMAN: You flaming nuisance. After all the trouble that I have gone to, you now start whinging about wearing a *dress*.
Bradley hesitates before giving in. The woman puts the wig on him and smiles that he looks fantastic! She then warns him:
WOMAN: Now you just keep your big mouth shut and pretend that you're a little bit shy, and we'll both give Des Clarke the surprise of his life...
No. 28
Daphne heads into No. 28 through the back door. She wanders through the house, which appears to be empty. The bedroom door opens suddenly, though, and Des stops in his tracks as he sees who's standing there. Daphne smiles weakly and asks Des if he minds if she makes herself a cup of tea. Des smiles equally weakly and muses that he could have her up for breaking and entering! Daphne holds out a set of keys and tells him that she just thought he might want them back. Des takes them, reluctantly. He hesitates before then saying:
DES: I heard the news. Congratulations. Thought Shane would've asked me to be Best Man!
DAPHNE (tersely): I haven't committed myself to *marrying* Shane, Des.
DES: Well you might as well. I mean, it's been on the cards for a long time.
DAPHNE: Maybe it's not what I want? Maybe I'd like to get a few things straightened out with *you* first before I go rushing off to the altar with someone else?
DES (murmurs): I think we've got *everything* sorted out, Daph.
DAPHNE (gasps in disbelief): So that's it, is it? No yelling or arguing or chest-thumping or anything as undignified as that? Just 'congratulations, have a nice life'?
DES: I'm not the marrying kind. I'm scared of it; I don't want it.
DAPHNE: And that's why you didn't bother waiting?
DES (shaking his head, mouths): No.
DAPHNE (cries): I wish you'd waited. None of this would be happening if you had. Couldn't we just turn the clocks back a few weeks? Go back to where we were?
DES (murmurs): No, we can't.
DAPHNE (pleads): We could *try*.
DES (insists): *Shane's* the man you're after, Daph, not me.
Daphne looks at Des, sadly.
No. 22
Shane sits down next to Zoe on the couch as she tells him that she and Daphne have been friends for a long time; she thought it was her duty. Shane asks how long Daphne's been gone. Zoe replies that it's about half an hour. Shane says he's going over there - but before he can make a move, Daphne comes in through the front door. Shane says straight away:
SHANE: Zoe tells me you've been over visiting Des.
DAPHNE: Yeah, it seemed the decent thing to do.
Daphne then turns to Zoe and asks her if she's got any more of that champagne left. Looking surprised, Zoe nods:
ZOE: Sure.
Daphne goes on:
DAPHNE: Because I've just come up with this really great idea.
SHANE: What's *that*?
DAPHNE: I think Shane and I should celebrate our engagement.
With that, Daphne leans over and starts kissing Shane passionately. Zoe stands there, looking worried.
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Daphne Lawrence, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0205
Daphne Lawrence, Clive Gibbons

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0205
Mike Young

Nikki Dennison, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0205
Nikki Dennison, Scott Robinson

Mike Young, Clive Gibbons, Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0205
Mike Young, Clive Gibbons, Daphne Lawrence

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0205
Scott Robinson

Jim Robinson, Zoe Davis in Neighbours Episode 0205
Jim Robinson, Zoe Davis

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0205
Des Clarke

Nikki Dennison, Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0205
Nikki Dennison, Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson

Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0205
Daphne Lawrence

Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0205
Clive Gibbons

Zoe Davis, Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0205
Zoe Davis, Daphne Lawrence

Andrea Townsend, Bradley Townsend in Neighbours Episode 0205
Andrea Townsend, Bradley Townsend

Andrea Townsend, Bradley Townsend in Neighbours Episode 0205
Andrea Townsend, Bradley Townsend

Shane Ramsay, Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0205
Shane Ramsay, Daphne Lawrence

Zoe Davis in Neighbours Episode 0205
Zoe Davis

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