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Neighbours Episode 0204 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0204
Australian airdate: 05/03/86
UK airdate: 13/08/87
UK Gold: 11/08/93
Writer: David Phillips
Director: Max Varnel
Guests: Sue Wright: Gael Ballantyne
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Scott crossing out and throwing away his assignment in frustration.
Back garden of No. 26
Jim is watering the back garden when Zoe calls over the fence from No. 28. She's hanging out the washing and Jim remarks that Des has got her working for a living! Zoe, however, mutters that there's no need to rub it in. Jim apologises, saying he'd forgotten about the job with Paul. Zoe suggests brightly that maybe *Clive and Shane* need a new secretary. Jim, however, tells her:
JIM: Zoe, you don't have to limit yourself to Ramsay Street - Paul said your typing and shorthand surprised him.
ZOE (sighs): I know; it's just that... I *know* Paul. I get uptight with strangers. Applying for jobs makes me nervous. Even *thinking* about it makes me nervous!
JIM: If you're fishing for compliments, you can forget it! You know you're intelligent and attractive: you'll find something.
ZOE (smiles): Thanks!
No. 22
Daphne sits down with Shane at the table as he comments that the Robinsons are really laying the heavies on Scott. Daphne, however, points out that Danny didn't exactly help Scott by doing his homework for him. Shane calls across to where Clive is looking through the telephone directory:
SHANE: What do *you* reckon, Clive? You're the doctor!
CLIVE (tersely): *Was* the doctor.
SHANE (laughs): My old man's *still* trying to figure out why they chucked you out!
Daphne comments to Clive that there must be *some* reason why he's not practising. Clive retorts:
CLIVE: For the record, I wasn't *kicked* out, I *walked* out.
He then adds coolly:
CLIVE: Oh - for what it's worth, I've seen kids under less pressure than Scott suffer complete nervous breakdowns. Happy now?
Daniels Corporation
Paul is sitting behind his desk when Sue walks in. He comments to her tersely that the 'phone was ringing when he came in and it stopped just as he got to it. Sue tells him he should have an answering service. Paul, however, leaps up from his desk and snaps:
PAUL: I don't *need* one if my secretary comes to work on time.
SUE (shrugs): Not *my* fault the trains were late.
PAUL (splutters): It's a quarter past nine. By now you should have the mail done and be into that typing I asked you to do.
SUE (snaps): I don't have to put up with this, Mr. Robinson.
PAUL (aghast): What?
SUE (tersely): You don't want a *secretary*, you want a *slave* - and I think the Equal Opportunities Board and the Workers Harassment Tribunal will be very interested to hear that.
PAUL (gasps): What are you talking about? All I'm asking you to do is the job I'm paying you for.
SUE (sighs): If *that's* your attitude...
With that, Sue walks across to the door. Paul demands:
PAUL: Where do you think *you're* going?
SUE: Get someone *else* to put up with your petty male chauvinism - not that you'll find too many qualified secretaries prepared to do *that*.
No. 26
Helen pours mid-morning tea for Jim and Max at the kitchen table and asks if she should take Scott something. Jim tells her that he'll come out when he's hungry. Helen asks Max if he'd like more cake, but Max replies that he's got to watch the arteries. Jim comments that he supposes the booze is out as well, but Max tells him:
MAX: Oh no, no. No need to overdo it, Jim! Moderation, that's the go - as I was saying to Danny this morning.
HELEN (looking surprised): Danny wanted a *drink*?
MAX: No, no, it's all this business with Rosemary finding her real mum, you know?
Jim asks Max what he means, and Max explains about Danny wanting to find his real dad. Jim says:
JIM: And that upsets you?
MAX: Well sure. I mean, I brought him up. He might be a bit of a pain in the you-know-what at times, but he's still a Ramsay; at least, I've always *treated* him as a Ramsay. I'll *miss* the little tyke.
HELEN (smiling): You can handle it, Max. I'm sure Danny isn't going anywhere.
MAX: No, it's not *him* I'm talking about, Helen, it's *me*: *I'm* the one likely to pop off. I mean, the writing's on the wall; me days are numbered, you know?
JIM (looking surprised): Is that what the *doctor* told you?
MAX: Put it this way: he's made me face the hard facts. He's given me a chance to think about what time I've got left.
HELEN: Don't you think that's being a bit morbid?
MAX: A man's got to face realities, Helen. Gives you something to think about - like old friends, for instance.
Max then says he wants to ask a favour. Jim asks suspiciously what *sort* of favour. Max replies:
MAX: Like I say, I've been made to face the realities - so I've drawn up me last will and testament, Jim. You'd do me proud if you'd be executor of my estate.
No. 26
Sometime later, Shane knocks on the front door of No. 26 and Helen lets him in. He comments that Max said she wanted to see him, and he asks if there's something she wants done. Helen replies that there isn't, but Max told her that he's out of work again. Shane muses that Clive's schemes never seem to last for too long. Helen asks him if he's disappointed. Shane replies:
SHANE: It was great for when I wanted to keep fit, but not as a future. The chauffeuring job was *fantastic*; guess I'm just unlucky, though.
Helen then muses:
HELEN: Suppose you owned your own limousine?
SHANE: Suppose I won the lottery?!
HELEN (chuckles): That isn't very practical!
SHANE: No, I'm saving every cent I can. That's what it amounts to: cents. It'll be about ten years before I even get a deposit.
HELEN (sitting down on the couch): All right, I'll make you a business proposition: *I'll* buy the limousine and *you'll* do the driving. Fifty-fifty as far as the profits are concerned and you'll always have the option of buying me out if you're successful enough.
SHANE (looking astonished): Are you serious?
HELEN: Hm. It was fortunate that I was able to get all the money that Douglas Blake owed me, and it's just sitting there in the bank; and I'd rather invest it in people - *real* people - this time.
SHANE: But the cost - you're talking *thousands*.
HELEN: Yes, well, that's ten thousand for registration, and then there's the monthly lease payments...
SHANE (looking impressed): You *have* gone into it.
HELEN: ...plus on-road costs, setting up the company, wages... It *can* be done.
Shane hesitates before sighing:
SHANE: It's incredibly generous, but I can't accept charity.
Helen, though, insists:
HELEN: It's *not* charity! I'm counting on you to make profits for *both* of us.
SHANE: I'm grateful, Helen, I really am, but I can't accept it.
HELEN: I do have *another* reason. I had an offer to think about, recently: Rosemary wanted me to run the Australian end of her business. Like you, I said to myself: 'is she just being kind?'
SHANE: Why didn't you take it?
HELEN: Jim and the children. No regrets - but I'll never have that opportunity again; one never does, you know? That's why your decision is so important to me. I want someone to have the kind of chance that *I* had.
Shane hesitates again. He then sits down next to Helen and sighs:
SHANE: Suppose I blow it?
HELEN: I think you're a good risk!
Shane pauses before then saying.
SHANE: I won't let you down.
Helen gives him a grateful hug.
Coffee Shop
Clive is helping out in the Coffee Shop and he takes an order from Jim, who's sitting at one of the tables. As he goes and hands the order to Daphne, who's standing behind the counter, he tells her not to expect him to help her out *every* day. Daphne insists that it's only during the lunchtime rush. The door opens and Zoe comes in, and Daphne asks her if she had any luck job-hunting. Zoe replies - clearly being untruthful:
ZOE: Sure - looks like I'll be able to pick and choose!
She then orders a cup of coffee and walks over to Jim's table. He invites her to sit down and he asks her if he heard her giving Daphne good news. She admits, however:
ZOE: I went to five places and I got nowhere.
She then tells Jim that she thought a lot about what he said this morning and she's not giving up. Jim asks her why she thinks she freezes-up at interviews. Zoe shrugs:
ZOE: Scared of being judged. It's *different* when I'm talking to you.
JIM: You should use that next time you're going for a job. Personally, I think Paul was crazy for not hiring you.
ZOE (muses): I guess he got the girl he wanted...
Daniels Corporation
Paul is working through a multitude of papers on his desk when the door to the office opens and Shane comes in. Finding Paul alone, he remarks:
SHANE: I thought you had a secretary.
PAUL: She just didn't measure up, mate. Listen, I'm pretty busy.
SHANE: That's OK - I'm here on business anyway. You need a courier service.
PAUL: Yeah? When did *you* get wheels?
SHANE: I'm getting a new limousine - Helen's going to back me.
PAUL (looking surprised): Oh yeah? Must be your lucky day.
SHANE: It's an investment - and I'm going to make sure it pays off, too.
The 'phone starts ringing and Paul answers it. Rosemary comes on. She and Paul talk for a few seconds and Paul then stands up and tells Shane that he's in a bit of a bind: he needs Shane to take a parcel to McDougal, the accountants. Shane points out that he hasn't got the limousine *yet*. Paul takes out his car keys and tells him to use *his* car. He adds:
PAUL: I owe you one.
Shane, however, grins:
SHANE: You owe me twenty bucks! I'll write out an invoice when I get back. Nice to do business with you, Mr. Robinson!
With that, he heads off, leaving Paul smiling!
Coffee Shop
Jim pays for his lunch and heads off. Behind the counter, Clive stares at Daphne - who's been watching Zoe and Jim together - and laughs that he can hear her mind ticking over! Daphne tells him:
DAPHNE: I didn't know she knew the Robinsons that well.
CLIVE: Well?
DAPHNE: None of my business!
CLIVE: But if you don't find out you'll die of curiosity, right?! *I'll* handle the dishes!
With that, Clive heads to the kitchen and Daphne goes and sits down at the table with Zoe. She remarks:
DAPHNE: You and Jim had a lot to say.
ZOE (murmurs): Uh huh.
DAPHNE: I don't think he's got that much influence over Paul these days.
ZOE: Oh, I've changed my mind about Paul. I still like him, but he's too screwed up; so is Des.
DAPHNE (exclaims): You talked to Jim about *Des*?
ZOE (dreamily): No... mostly about *me*. *So* understanding... I can see what you've been having to cope with, Daph: wrong sort of guys... having to deal with all their hang-ups. Do you think it's fate?
DAPHNE: You've lost me!
ZOE: One day you see everything differently. You give the hunks a miss and really appreciate maturity.
DAPHNE: Like *Jim*, you mean?
ZOE: Hm...
Daniels Corporation
Jim is sitting on the edge of Paul's desk as Paul snaps that Sue's attitude was just all wrong. Jim grins:
JIM: She started work at nine o'clock and you fire her at 9:15? You certainly make up your mind in a hurry!
PAUL (curtly): I had plenty of reason to.
JIM: Then why did you hire her in the first place?
PAUL (mutters): Dad, did you come here to wish me luck or give me a lecture? You talk to me like you talk to *Scott*.
JIM (sighs): Fine. Have it your way. I'll go.
He stands up, but Paul says quickly:
PAUL: OK, it wouldn't hurt to listen to you.
Jim tells him:
JIM: I'm suggesting you see sense. You need a secretary, Zoe's qualified, give her the job.
PAUL: I'll make up my *own* mind about my staff, thanks.
JIM (retorts): You'd reject anything I said, wouldn't you? You've become that big-headed.
PAUL (coolly): You'd *love* to see me louse-up this job, wouldn't you? - then you'd be right and I'd be wrong; that would give you a *real* buzz.
JIM: I'd love to see you be a *success* - but you're gonna have to grow up first. I keep hoping!
Coffee Shop
Daphne is exclaiming to Zoe:
DAPHNE: Zoe, he's much *older* than you.
ZOE: Well *I* don't think it makes any difference - not when you're compatible.
DAPHNE: I'm just trying to stop you being hurt.
ZOE: Don't worry - he'll never know.
With that, Zoe gets up to leave. As she does so, Shane comes in with a bottle of champagne and a bunch of flowers for Daphne. He turns to Zoe, though, and tells her that Paul has just sacked his secretary: he's desperate. Zoe insists that Paul doesn't want her, but Shane repeats that he's desperate. Zoe says she'll cross her fingers and she walks out. Clive emerges from the kitchen and tells Shane that he thinks he's figured a way to resurrect the old gardening business. Shane, however, says:
SHANE: Count me out, Clive: I'm going into business for *myself*!
Daphne exclaims:
DAPHNE: What?!
Shane explains about Helen backing him with a limo and how she's going to take bookings at the Robinsons'. Daphne gasps that that's fantastic! Clive holds out his hand and smiles at Shane:
CLIVE: Congratulations! *My* business folds, *yours* begins. I think we'll do fine!
Shane glares at him and mouths in horror:
SHANE: *We*?!
Daniels Corporation
Paul is telling Jim that Zoe may be qualified, but emotionally she's a mess. Jim asks Paul what he means. Paul replies:
PAUL: It's obvious, isn't it? She's got the hots for me. In a situation like this, that's death, and you know it.
JIM (looking amused): Hanging tickets on yourself, aren't you?
PAUL: I'm just being realistic. Dad, I don't want to louse this up. Mind you, I don't think Rosemary would shed too many tears if I *did*.
Paul is sitting at the typewriter, and he begins to type, very slowly, as Jim remarks:
JIM: I've *talked* to Zoe. She didn't give me the impression that she was infatuated with you. Maybe the boot's on the other foot?
PAUL (dismissively): Oh come on!
JIM: Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much!
PAUL (sighs): Dad, Zoe is the *last* girl I'd get involved with.
At that moment the door opens and Zoe comes in, saying she heard Paul still needs a secretary. Jim makes a quick exit, commenting as he does so that she and Paul have business to discuss. When he's gone, Zoe remarks to Paul about Jim;
ZOE: Doing a bit of PR for me, was he?!
PAUL: And what made you jump to *that* conclusion?
ZOE (shrugs): You looked embarrassed when I walked in.
PAUL (coolly): Zoe, nobody makes my decisions for me.
ZOE: Good. I don't want any favours; all I want is a chance.
Paul looks at her.
Coffee Shop
Clive has his head poked through the hatch into the kitchen and is telling Shane and Daphne, who are washing and drying dishes, that they need vision. Shane, however, sighs at Clive that he'd really appreciate it if he just went home! Clive takes the hint and says he'll drop in and see how Mike's doing. Shane closes the hatch. Daphne laughs that underneath that waffle, Clive is a really nice guy. Changing the subject, Shane then says seriously:
SHANE: Helen's offer's really changed things for me, Daphne.
DAPHNE: Mm, *I* think it's *great*.
SHANE: No, I mean it's a real responsibility.
DAPHNE (warmly)): *I* can understand her taking a chance on you. *I* would.
SHANE: Would you?
Shane suddenly drops the dish he's drying and he bends down to pick it up. Daphne does likewise and their heads bump together. As they both crouch on the floor, Shane gently rubs the bump on Daphne's head with his thumb, telling her that he's sorry. Daphne smiles that it's all right. Shane, however, tells her:
SHANE: What I meant was: Daphne, will you marry me?
Daphne looks at Shane in astonishment.
Ramsay Street
Paul's car pulls up outside No. 26 and he and Zoe climb out. Jim is working in the garden and Zoe goes and smiles at him:
ZOE: Paul decided to take me on!
Paul chips in coolly that it's only for a two-week trial. Jim suggests to him that a *month's* trial would be fair. Paul just sighs that Jim wins: he doesn't want to argue anymore. Zoe then tells Jim:
ZOE: I know you talked him into it. Thanks.
With that, she gives him a kiss on the cheek. Jim insists:
JIM: No one talks Paul into *anything* these days.
Zoe, however, grins:
ZOE: Oh, I know different! Night!
Coffee Shop
Daphne and Shane emerge from the kitchen, Daphne asking Shane:
DAPHNE: Don't you think we're rushing things?
SHANE: It's how we feel and how we can make it work, isn't it?
DAPHNE: I mean, new job... marriage... all at once...
SHANE: The job makes the *difference*.
DAPHNE: I guess I'm trying to say I need *time*.
SHANE (mutters): Time enough to find a way out. You've done *that* before.
DAPHNE (retorts): I'm *not* running away; it's just I'm smart enough to know that getting married's the most important thing I'll ever do, and this time I want to be sure. Is that fair?
SHANE (admits): I guess that's fair. But don't blame me for being impatient - I can't help it if I find you irresistible!
With that, he kisses Daphne on the lips and heads off. Daphne stands there, looking thoughtful.
No. 26
Paul goes to the fridge and takes out a beer. Jim comes in through the front door and Paul says immediately:
PAUL: Satisfied?
JIM: Did you employ her because of what *I* said?
PAUL: No - but I suppose if I sack her in a month's time, you'll say I'm biased, won't you?
JIM: No... no... You may be pretty insufferable at the moment, but I think you'll give her a fair go - despite yourself.
With that, Jim walks off to get changed, leaving Paul shaking his head in bemusement.
No. 22
It's evening-time. Daphne is sitting on the couch at No. 22, trying to read, but she sighs heavily and puts down her book. She wanders over to the kitchen and stretches her arms above her head. She looks in the pantry and then the fridge, and takes out an apple. All of a sudden, she hears a cracking noise outside. She looks around in alarm. Hearing nothing further, though, she takes a bite out of the apple and goes and sits back down. She picks up her book again and starts reading. She doesn't notice as someone - whose feet and legs only are seen - creeping into the house through the back door. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing, though, and the intruder creeps quickly back out. Daphne stands up and goes to the 'phone. She answers it and Shane comes on, saying:
SHANE: Couldn't sleep?
DAPHNE: It's only nine o'clock!
SHANE: Sure. Well, how you are going to feel at three o'clock in the morning when you *still* can't sleep 'cos you haven't made a decision?!
DAPHNE: Are you going to ring me at 3am?
SHANE: Would you be mad if I did?
DAPHNE: Furious!
The intruder starts creeping in again, behind Daphne's back, as Shane says:
SHANE: To save any early-morning 'phone calls, how about you give me your decision right now?
DAPHNE (laughs): You're crazy!
SHANE: I'm in *love*. Maybe that's the same thing?!
The intruder goes and hides in the pantry and pulls the door across silently as Daphne says to Shane:
DAPHNE: When I make a decision, you'll be the first to know. Maybe I'll 'phone *you* at 3am?!
SHANE: I'm looking forward to it!
DAPHNE (laughs): Goodnight, you maniac!
With that, Daphne hangs up. She sighs heavily and goes and sits back down on the couch. She takes another bite of the apple, not realising that she's being watched closely...
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Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0204
Jim Robinson

Zoe Davis in Neighbours Episode 0204
Zoe Davis

Shane Ramsay, Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0204
Shane Ramsay, Daphne Lawrence

Paul Robinson, Sue Wright in Neighbours Episode 0204
Paul Robinson, Sue Wright

Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0204
Max Ramsay

Shane Ramsay, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0204
Shane Ramsay, Helen Daniels

Clive Gibbons, Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis in Neighbours Episode 0204
Clive Gibbons, Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis

Shane Ramsay, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0204
Shane Ramsay, Paul Robinson

Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis in Neighbours Episode 0204
Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis

Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0204
Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson

Shane Ramsay, Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0204
Shane Ramsay, Daphne Lawrence

Zoe Davis, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0204
Zoe Davis, Jim Robinson

Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0204
Daphne Lawrence

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0204
Mike Young

Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0204
Mike Young

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