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Neighbours Episode 0206 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0206
Australian airdate: 10/03/86
UK airdate: 18/08/87
UK Gold: 16/08/93
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Andrew Friedman
Guests: Andrea Townsend: Regina Gaigalas
Bradley Townsend: Bradley Kilpatrick
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Daphne declaring that she and Shane should celebrate their engagement.
No. 24
Several of the neighbours are gathered at No. 24, enjoying glasses of champagne. Max asks Shane when he decided to pop the question. Shane replies that it was only yesterday. Danny chips in to ask if he can be best man! The hubbub in the room quietens down as Max says:
MAX: Hey, listen: Shane, Daphne, I want yous to know: anything you need, come to me, right?
SHANE (looking embarrassed): Calm down, dad!
MAX: No, no, I mean it! Gonna be a big bash. Better than anything *Des* could bung on.
SHANE (glancing at Daphne, warns): Dad...
Clive then proposes a toast to Shane and Daphne, and everyone raises their glasses and offers the happy couple their congratulations. Madge tells Shane that she wants him to know that she has his blessing - but he'll have to put his loose-living past behind him! Zoe suddenly starts blubbing:
ZOE: Oh, I just *love* weddings. I hope you'll both be really happy!
Madge tells Shane that she hopes he realises the responsibilities he's taking on. Danny tells his brother that he'll have to burn his little black book! Daphne says to Shane in surprise:
DAPHNE: Have you *got* one?
SHANE: Actually, I *have*, but I'll burn it; I don't need it anymore.
CLIVE (quickly): Don't burn it, mate; give it to *me*: I could *use* a bit of help!
The neighbours start chattering again and Shane takes the opportunity to pull his father to one side to say:
SHANE: Dad, is it all right if I go and 'phone mum?
MAX: Oh yeah, yeah - but don't keep her yakking: *I* want to talk to her.
Shane heads off. Max stands there, looking slightly worried - as does Daphne...
No. 28
Des is working under the kitchen sink, becoming increasingly frustrated at his inability to fix the dripping tap. He bangs his head suddenly and snaps:
DES: You rotten--!
A giggling voice suddenly laughs:
VOICE: What are you doing down the trap?
It's Lucy! Des turns to her and asks how long she's been standing there. Lucy grins:
LUCY: I missed you. Did you miss *me*?
DES ('innocently'): Why - have you been away?
LUCY: You *know* I've been visiting Julie - and I've been away for a long time and I've just come back--
DES (interrupting and laughing): Of *course* I missed you! Did you have a good time?
Des gives Lucy a hug as she enthuses that she went horse-riding and swimming and fishing. She then asks seriously:
LUCY: Is Daphne talking to you again?
DES: Ah yeah, but just to be polite. You know. Well, I suppose you don't know the full story. She's... um... I think she's going to marry Shane.
LUCY (exclaims): *Shane Ramsay*?! Why didn't anyone tell me? Are you gonna let her?
DES: Well I can't *stop* her; I don't have any claim on Daphne anymore.
LUCY (frowns): That's mean. He's supposed to be your *friend*.
DES: Yeah, well, I don't blame Shane *or* Daphne.
LUCY: Well *I am*. It's mean of them *both* to do that to you.
DES: Yeah, well, the best man won.
LUCY: Well *I'm* not talking to *either* of them.
With that, Lucy puts her hands on her hips, determinedly!
No. 24
Shane has finished talking to his mother on the 'phone, and Daphne tells him that she's so glad Maria was pleased. Shane smiles that of course she was. Max comments that Maria probably wishes she was there *with* them. He adds that *he* wishes she was there. Madge points out that he and Maria always used to *fight*, but Max retorts that it was only now and then; families ought to get together for special occasions. Shane chips in that Max is right. He then adds:
SHANE: And don't you worry about me not taking this seriously, Aunty Madge. There's only one girl in the world for me, and that's Daphne.
MAX (warns): All the same, I hope you were listening to your Aunt Madge. It's time you faced up to your responsibilities. I hope you're gonna work hard; make something of yourself.
SHANE (sighs): Dad...
MAX: All the same, there's a bloke not very far away, not much older than you, branch manager already.
SHANE (retorts wearily): I am *not* in competition with Des Clarke.
MAX: No, but the rate *he's* going he's going to be Federal Treasurer in no time, and I mean, how's Daphne going to feel if you're still driving a taxi?
Daphne points out that she made a choice between Des and Shane and she chose Shane. Shane mutters coolly:
SHANE: I am not a flamin' taxi driver, dad, and even if I was, so what? It's a damn good living.
With that, he marches off to the kitchen. Danny, who's been talking to Maria on the 'phone, hangs up and follows him. Daphne tells Max and Madge that she and Shane are both taking the marriage seriously. She adds that she doesn't want Shane to be like Des: she's marrying him for what he is; she's not out to change him. Max nods reluctantly.
No. 28
Des is still trying to fix the kitchen tap, as Lucy watches. She tells him:
LUCY: You should get Mr. Ramsay to fix it, because, Des, as a handyman, you score a zero!
DES (rolling his Eyes): Thanks for the vote of confidence, Lucy!
There's suddenly a knock at the front door and Des goes to get it. Lucy follows him. He opens the door to find a woman standing there; it's the woman who picked up her son from the stables. She says to Des:
WOMAN: Hello, Des - it's been a long time.
Des stares at her and recalls:
DES: Anne... No. Annie?
WOMAN (corrects): Andrea.
DES: Andrea! This is incredible! It must be ten years!
ANDREA: Nearly eleven. I thought for a minute you weren't going to *remember* me!
DES: *Remember* you? How could I *forget* you? That, um, hallowe'en party...
ANDREA: *And* the next three months!
DES: Yeah, well, um, come in, Andrea. Andrea...?
ANDREA: Townsend.
DES: Townsend. Still?
ANDREA: Yeah, I'm still me! And you: you haven't changed at all!
Des steps inside and introduces Lucy, who asks:
LUCY: Can you fix a leaking tap? Des can't!
Des suggests to Lucy that she run along home. Bradley walks into the house at that moment and Lucy looks at him and asks Des who he is. Andrea says:
ANDREA: Oh Des: meet Bradley.
Bradley smiles at Des!
No. 28
A short time later, Des, Lucy and Andrea are sitting on the couch and Bradley is standing next to his mother as Des says to her:
DES: So, you saw my relatives in Perth?
ANDREA: Yeah, that's how I found out where you were - and how well you've done for yourself.
DES: I didn't know the news of my fame had spread so *far*! But I'm not the *only* one; *you've* had some changes in your life as well.
Des looks at Bradley and asks:
DES: What sort of things are you interested in, Bradley?
A smile crosses Lucy's face! Des just sits there looking discomfited! He then asks Andrea whether this is a holiday for her. Andrea nods that they might stay in town a while - and she was hoping they might spend some time with *him*. She adds quickly that she doesn't want to impose. Des just assures her:
DES: I can't get over *seeing* you after all this time. You're looking *great*!
ANDREA: It's really good to see you, too, Des.
DES: So where you staying?
ANDREA: Oh - I couldn't expect *you* to put us up.
DES: You haven't got anywhere? Well, you're more than welcome to stay *here*.
ANDREA (gushes): Oh how *sweet* of you, Des. Thank you.
DES: I've only got one spare room.
ANDREA: That's all right - we can make up some sort of spare bed for Bradley in *your* room.
Des raises his eyebrows in slight astonishment! Andrea goes on:
ANDREA: You'll enjoy staying here for a little while, won't you, Bradley?
BRADLEY (grumpily): Not unless that tap stops dripping.
Des starts to explain that he was going to fix it when they arrived. He adds that he might just turn it off at the mains and take the tap right off. Andrea suggests that Bradley can help him. Bradley just frowns at Des, though! Lucy leaps up and announces that she's coming too. As the three of them head outside, Andrea remains on the couch, looking pleased with herself...
No. 24
Madge serves mid-morning soft drinks for everyone. Shane tells Max that he doesn't want him getting excited, because he's got to consider his health. Max, however, assures Shane that he'll take it easy because *Madge* is going to do all the work! Clive chips in that, before the wedding, there has to be an engagement party! He suggests they have it on a yacht or a double-decker bus. Max, however, says:
MAX: Clive... if I were you, sunshine, I'd keep well out of it. I mean, after all, it was you and your daft ideas spoiled Daphne's *other* wedding.
Madge asks Shane and Daphne what sort of party they'd like. Daphne says she'd like something unusual; something different. Zoe suggests they have a costume party and all come dressed as famous lovers from history: Romeo and Juliet, Bonnie and Clyde... Max suggests gruffly:
MAX: Punch and Judy!
Daphne smiles that she thinks it's a *great* idea! Shane doesn't look so convinced, though! Daphne declares:
DAPHNE: It's all settled, then: we all have to come dressed as a famous lover.
MADGE (to Max): You're going to have a big decision to make, aren't you, Max. Who are you coming as: Don Juan or Casanova?!
Max sits there looking annoyed!
No. 28
Des is still working on the leaking tap as Andrea sits on the kitchen counter and comments that she seems to have come at a bad moment; she doesn't want to interfere in his routines. Des, however, insists that he's really pleased to see her. He adds that now that they've got the mains off, he'll have the tap off in no time. With that, he lifts the tap bolt out and smiles delightedly.
Out in the garden, Bradley looks around, a sly expression on his face, and then bends down and turns the mains tap back on...
Inside, water starts gushing out through the dismantled tap mechanism and onto the floor! Des snaps angrily:
DES: How the hell did *that* happen? It was supposed to be turned off at the mains.
Bradley comes back inside and smiles:
BRADLEY: How's it going?
Des turns and glares at him. Bradley just stands there looking all innocent!
No. 24
Zoe suggests that they should organise the guest list. Madge, however, tells her that she's sure she and Max can organise the guest list themselves. Max comments that, more to the point, who *won't* they invite? Madge gives in and sighs that if they're making a guest list, Zoe should put her and Max's brother, Tom, down, for a start. Max snaps:
MAX: Our brother Tom? I haven't spoken to him for *years*; what makes you think I'd invite *him*?
MADGE: He's family. This is a family time.
MAX: In that case, I disown him!
SHANE: I *want* Tom to come, OK? He'll be coming to the wedding whatever happens.
Daphne suggests to Shane quickly that they go: they can always check the guest-list later. Shane tells Zoe that *she* can handle it. Clive stands up and heads off as well. Max then says:
MAX: Right, now, down to brass tacks. I'll tell you who's *not* coming: that bloomin' bank manager, Des Clarke.
DANNY: Daphne might *ask* him to come.
ZOE: *I* think he should be invited. I mean, after all, he missed out on *marrying* Daphne; he shouldn't miss out on the engagement party *too*.
DANNY: He'll turn up whether he was invited or not.
MAX (snaps): Oh what? Well he won't get through the door!
No. 28
Bradley is standing in front of the couch, with Lucy standing next to him. Des, wearing his dressing gown, says tersely:
DES: If that was meant to be funny, Bradley, it backfired.
LUCY (giggles): Sure did!
DES: That's enough, Lucy. [Turning back to Bradley] You've got to start taking consequences for your practical jokes. There's water all over the kitchen floor, all over my clothes - *and* your mum's.
ANDREA: I was only splashed a *bit*.
Des turns and glares at Andrea. Andrea gets the message and tells Bradley to say 'sorry' to Mr. Clarke. Bradley mutters:
BRADLEY: Sorry to Mr. Clarke.
DES (looking annoyed): Is that all you're going to say?
BRADLEY: Yep. I'm going out. Come on, Lucy.
With that, the two kids head off. When they've gone, Des turns to Andrea and demands to know if she always lets Bradley get off so lightly. Andrea laughs that he didn't mean any harm. Des, looking aghast, asks if Bradley gets up to these things *often*. Andrea just smiles that Des knows what boys are like - and she's sure he was the same at that age. Des retorts:
DES: I never tried to flood somebody's house. What *other* things does he get up to?
ANDREA (laughs): Just pranks - like gluing your shoes to the floor, that sort of thing! It's high spirits, Des.
DES (angrily): Andrea, you're his *mother*. You've got to show him a bit of discipline. A good kick up the backside and he wouldn't play those silly jokes.
ANDREA (meekly): Maybe you're right, Des - but it's not been easy for me, bringing up a child by myself. Don't be too hard on Bradley: he's been disadvantaged by not having a father help raise him.
DES (mutters): Yeah. I'll try and be more understanding...
No. 22
Clive, Shane and Daphne head into No. 22, Clive commenting as they do so that when things need organising, Zoe will be there! Daphne has a worried expression on her face, and Shane asks her what's up. She replies that she thinks she should go and talk to Des about her and Shane getting engaged. Clive warns her that Des knew it was on the cards and was feeling pretty low; it might not help him. Daphne, however, insists that she has to talk to him herself - she thinks she owes him *that*. With that, she heads out. When she's gone, Clive says to Shane:
CLIVE: You could've stopped her, mate. She can't expect you to put up with her running off to Des all the time.
SHANE (shrugs): If she's got something to resolve, it's better she does it now. Wish he didn't live in Ramsay Street, though...
CLIVE: He's not a threat: she chose *you*, not him - and he's had plenty of opportunity to win her back.
SHANE: Oh he doesn't bother me... but I wish he'd get another girlfriend!
CLIVE (murmurs): Wish *I* had a girlfriend...!
Ramsay Street
Daphne walks across the street up and up the pathway of No. 28.
No. 28
Andrea is sitting watching TV when there's a knock on the door. She reluctantly gets up to answer it. When the door opens, Daphne looks surprised to see the stranger standing inside and she demands:
DAPHNE: Who are you?
ANDREA: I'm Andrea Townsend. I *live* here. Can I help you?
Des - wearing his dressing gown - appears behind Andrea and murmurs:
DES: Hi, Daph.
Daphne, however, just glares at his attire and snaps:
DAPHNE: Well - didn't take *you* long to make a new love-nest, *did* it? Sorry to disturb you.
No. 28
A few moments later, Des has let Daphne into the house and is introducing her and Andrea to each other. He explains to Andrea about Daphne:
DES: We were going to get married, um, except there was, um, um, gorillas and, um, chicken suits and I was sitting on this park bench and stuff. Well, it didn't work out!
He then goes on:
DES: Daph, I'd like you to meet Andrea. I met her in Perth about ten years ago.
ANDREA: Nearly eleven!
DES: Yeah, well, it was a long time ago!
ANDREA: It was a very brief relationship. His ma broke us up. You've met her, of course?
Daphne nods.
Lucy and Bradley emerge from the bedroom area and Daphne says 'Hi' to Lucy. Lucy introduces Bradley. Des then invites Daphne to sit down and he starts to explain why he's wearing his dressing gown and about Bradley almost drowning him while he was doing a plumbing job. Bradley starts fiddling with the record player and Des quickly pulls him away! Daphne says coolly:
DAPHNE: Now Andrea *lives* here, right?
ANDREA: Oh, don't you worry about Des: *I'll* look after him.
DAPHNE (mutters): I'm sure you *will*.
The front door opens suddenly and Zoe dashes in, crying at Daphne that Max has memorised a hit-list of everyone who's ever done him wrong! Bradley suddenly comes up behind Zoe and pinches her backside! Zoe turns and glares at him, snapping:
ZOE: Ouch! He *pinched* me.
ANDREA (warns): Bradley... that wasn't polite.
Des invites Zoe to sit down, and he then introduces her to Andrea and Bradley. Des tells Andrea that Zoe's in the main bedroom, so he'll have to put *her* up in the junk room. Looking surprised, Zoe says:
ZOE: Are you living here now, Andrea?
ANDREA: Well, Des offered, but he should've consulted you first, of course.
ZOE: No, no, it's Des's house - but I'm afraid the junk room's like it sounds: full of junk.
While the two women talk, Des smiles at Daphne. Daphne, though, gives him a frosty look in response. Des points out to her that he told her he could explain everything. Daphne, however, retorts:
DAPHNE: The comings and goings in this house are nothing to do with *me*, Des.
Andrea assures Des:
ANDREA: I promise: I won't get in your way.
No. 24
Shane returns home as Max emerges from his bedroom holding a small wooden case. He holds it out to Shane and tells him:
MAX: My medals from Vietnam: I want you to have them.
Shane stares at the half-dozen medals and exclaims in awe:
SHANE: Gee, dad, you must've been a brave soldier.
MAX: I did me due.
Madge joins them and mutters:
MADGE: Peeling potatoes half the war!
MAX (indignantly): I saw combat!
MADGE: Oh yes, you *saw* it, but did you take *part* in it?!
MAX: Well how do you think I won these medals?
MADGE: Just for going there, not for anything you *did*!
Madge heads back to the kitchen, leaving Shane to assure his father that the medals mean a great deal to him. He adds:
SHANE: They'll be something to remember you by when you're... [realising he's put his foot in it] when you've gone.
MAX: Yeah, well, that's why I'm giving them to you.
SHANE: I reckon you must've been real brave to go in there in the first place. What *I* can't figure out is why you're not brave enough to go to the doctor *now*.
MADGE (rejoining them): He doesn't want to know the truth.
MAX (snaps): Will you quit butting into this?
SHANE: Dad, calm down!
MAX: Picky as an old nanny goat today!
SHANE: Dad, calm down!
MAX: I *am* calm.
SHANE: Try not to get excited.
Max then tells Madge that he was sorry he was rude to her: he's got something for *her* as well. He then takes a small trophy out of his T-shirt pocket and hands it to Madge, who exclaims:
MADGE: Max! After all these years!
MAX: The Under-6 Championship Cup. I wanted you to have it.
MADGE: So your guilty conscience finally woke up, did it? Never mind - it's a lovely gift anyway.
Shane tells his father that he wants to thank him for being so happy about him and Daphne getting married. Max replies that she's marrying into a good family: the Ramsays.
No. 28
Bradley is sitting on the lounge room floor, cutting a picture of a woman out of a magazine. Zoe walks over to him and demands:
ZOE: Bradley, what do you think you're doing?
BRADLEY: Getting some pin-ups for the wall next to my bed!
ZOE: But that's my magazine. I haven't even *read* it yet.
Zoe then grabs the scissors, closes the magazine and warns Bradley to *ask* in future before he destroys something. She orders him to go and help his mother clean up the junk room. Bradley walks off just as Des emerges from the bedroom area. Zoe confronts him straight away:
ZOE: Des, what were you thinking of? I mean, I know you're entitled to have as many guests here as you like, but Bradley?
DES: Well he's, um, he's an intelligent boy.
ZOE: He's a *brat*. He humiliated me. I want him out, Des.
DES: I told Andrea he could *stay*.
ZOE: Then we have to put up with those little tricks of his? I can't.
DES: It's only for a short while.
ZOE: Yeah, I've heard *that* one before. You've got to *do* something, Des. I can't even bear to be in the same *room* with that little creep.
Des suddenly indicates the bedroom door with his finger. Zoe turns to find Bradley standing there, glaring at her...
No. 22
Daphne is doing some ironing as she sighs at Clive that she doesn't know why Des can't see how *false* that woman is. She adds that it's so unfeeling of him to ask her to live with him. Clive, looking surprised, asks:
CLIVE: Why do *you* care? You, of all people. You've just got engaged to *Shane*!
DAPHNE (retorts): That has nothing to do with it.
CLIVE: Surely Des has the right to live his own life?
DAPHNE: Yeah... He's living it at the speed of light at the moment. He could at least have tried to *mourn* at bit.
CLIVE: He's only *living* with her; *you're engaged*.
DAPHNE: She's such a little--; and that kid of hers is an outright monster.
Zoe comes in through the back door at that moment and mutters:
ZOE: He's worse than *that*. Bradley Townsend is the most obnoxious, barely-human person I've ever encountered! No wonder his father left.
DAPHNE: And his mother seems to think he's *adorable*!
ZOE: *Her*? She's a *snake*.
CLIVE: Aren't you both going overboard a bit? He must *like* them - or her - at least, or else he wouldn't have asked them to move in.
ZOE: I'm not exaggerating, Clive: Andrea really is the most-
DAPHNE (interrupting quickly): She's not very nice. And she's not for real.
ZOE: Insincere.
CLIVE: It seems to me there's a lot we don't know - and I wouldn't be surprised if there's more between Des and Andrea than we've been told.
Daphne and Zoe look at each other.
No. 28
Bradley is sitting on the couch. He opens a bottle of brandy and starts to pour himself a glass! Des, however, catches him and grabs the bottle and glass, snapping:
DES: I was *saving* that. How dare ya?
BRADLEY (retorts): I live here too, you know?
DES (sternly): Yeah, that's right - and if you want to keep *on* living here, there's a few house rules I want sorted out. Now, there'll be no more practical jokes played on anybody; there'll be no more destruction of other people's property; *and* there'll be no more drinking of alcohol by you. And you can start learning to have some manners; and doing a few chores around the place; but most of all, just change that dumb expression on your face.
BRADLEY (snaps): I don't *like* those rules. I don't have to do anything you tell me.
Des, looking annoyed, calls for Andrea. She emerges from the bedroom area and asks if everything's all right. Des tells her curtly:
DES: No, I'm sorry, it's not. I'm just going to have to take back that offer of you staying here. I've tried to talk him [he indicates Bradley] into acting like a decent human being, but he's just not interested.
Andrea listens, but then says in a low voice:
ANDREA: Des, you can't throw us out.
DES: Well I'm sorry - that's what I'm going to do.
ANDREA: You've neglected us for all these years.
DES (frowns): What?
ANDREA: Des, I've dropped enough hints. I thought you might see it for yourself. *Look* at Bradley. Doesn't he remind you of somebody?
Des glances at Bradley. Andrea snaps:
ANDREA: Des, look at him *properly*.
Des looks at Bradley, who puts his hands behind his ears and pushes them out! Des, realising what is being implied, looks back at Andrea and points a finger at his chest to indicate 'me?' Andrea nods at him. Des looks at Bradley again, who nods as well. Des stands there looking dumbstruck!
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Shane Ramsay, Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis, Clive Gibbons, Madge Mitchell, Danny Ramsay, Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0206
Shane Ramsay, Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis, Clive Gibbons, Madge Mitchell, Danny Ramsay, Max Ramsay

Des Clarke, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0206
Des Clarke, Lucy Robinson

Des Clarke, Andrea Townsend in Neighbours Episode 0206
Des Clarke, Andrea Townsend

Des Clarke, Lucy Robinson, Andrea Townsend, Bradley Townsend in Neighbours Episode 0206
Des Clarke, Lucy Robinson, Andrea Townsend, Bradley Townsend

Shane Ramsay, Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0206
Shane Ramsay, Daphne Lawrence

Des Clarke, Lucy Robinson, Andrea Townsend in Neighbours Episode 0206
Des Clarke, Lucy Robinson, Andrea Townsend

Danny Ramsay, Max Ramsay, Zoe Davis, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0206
Danny Ramsay, Max Ramsay, Zoe Davis, Madge Mitchell

Bradley Townsend, Lucy Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0206
Bradley Townsend, Lucy Robinson

Clive Gibbons, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0206
Clive Gibbons, Shane Ramsay

Des Clarke, Andrea Townsend in Neighbours Episode 0206
Des Clarke, Andrea Townsend

Daphne Lawrence, Des Clarke, Bradley Townsend, Lucy Robinson, Andrea Townsend in Neighbours Episode 0206
Daphne Lawrence, Des Clarke, Bradley Townsend, Lucy Robinson, Andrea Townsend

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0206
Madge Mitchell

Des Clarke, Bradley Townsend, Andrea Townsend in Neighbours Episode 0206
Des Clarke, Bradley Townsend, Andrea Townsend

Bradley Townsend in Neighbours Episode 0206
Bradley Townsend

Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0206
Des Clarke

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