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Neighbours Episode 0194 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0194 (Rosemary Daniels' first appearance)
Australian airdate: 20/02/86
UK airdate: 31/07/87
UK Gold: 29/07/93
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Brendan Maher
Guests: Rosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
Beth Travers: Virginia Hey
William Hughes: John Chilton
Nadine: Michelle O'Grady
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Clive telling Beth Travers that Shane is getting married next week - to Daphne! Beth storming off.
Beth Travers' back garden
Shane stares at Beth as she runs past him, looking upset. Clive rejoins Shane and smiles:
CLIVE: All taken care of, mate. Problem solved!
SHANE: How? What did you say to her?
CLIVE: Don't worry about it! She won't hassle you anymore.
SHANE (presses): Clive... tell me what you said to her.
CLIVE: Easy: I said you were getting married next week.
SHANE (aghast): What?
CLIVE: Well you wanted her off your back, didn't you?
SHANE (retorts): Not *that* way. Everybody knows I'm not getting married.
CLIVE: *She* didn't. She took it without a murmur.
SHANE: Didn't she even want to know who I was getting married *to*?
CLIVE: I told her it was Daphne.
SHANE (gasps): Daphne? How could you *do* that?
CLIVE: You asked me to help, remember?
SHANE: I didn't think you'd do something as stupid as *that*. What happens if Daphne finds out?
CLIVE: Look, she doesn't need to know. Even if she *does* find out, I'd explain it. Don't worry - I'll fix it for you.
As Clive walks off, Shane mutters to himself:
SHANE: You already *have*...
A street
Nikki and Scott are walking towards Ramsay Street and Nikki asks Scott if he likes her new earrings. She adds that she got them for tonight. She then asks Scott if he's looking forward to their visitor.
SCOTT: Aunt Rosemary? Sure!
NIKKI (looking surprised): Rosemary? Is she back from America?
SCOTT: She'll be coming down any time now. Gran's really excited.
NIKKI: I've always loved Rosemary's clothes. I bet she'll have on the latest New York fashions.
As the two of the turn into Ramsay Street, Scott asks Nikki what visitor *she* meant. She explains:
NIKKI: William - Jane's brother: he's coming for dinner tonight.
SCOTT (smiles): Looks like we'll have a houseful: Danny's coming too.
Looking annoyed, Nikki exclaims:
NIKKI: Danny? Is he coming *tonight*?
SCOTT (grins): Yep! Looks like you've double-booked!
Beth Travers' house
Clive heads up the steps to Beth's house. Beth is standing by the garden doors and Clive tells her that he and Shane are going now. He asks if they can settle up for what they've done so far. Beth tells him that her chequebook's in the house. She then asks if Shane has gone. Clive tells her that he's waiting up at the van. Beth sighs:
BETH: Why didn't he tell me?
CLIVE: Pardon?
BETH: Why did he let me make such a fool of myself?
CLIVE (shrugs): He didn't want to hurt your feelings.
BETH: All he had to do was tell me he was engaged. Why didn't he say anything?
CLIVE: You know what some guys are like.
BETH: Is it going to be a church wedding?
CLIVE: Er... no. It'll just be a quiet wedding at home.
BETH: Are you going to be Best Man?
CLIVE (cheerily): Yep, that's me: Best Man! Anyway, I know Shane didn't mean to upset you.
BETH: Oh, it's *my* fault, really. He's a nice guy; I hope she looks after him.
CLIVE: She will, I'm sure. They're in love.
BETH: Do you know her well?
CLIVE: Daphne? Yeah, she's my housemate.
Looking surprised, Beth muses:
BETH: Oh - you didn't say.
With that, she heads inside to get her chequebook.
Pacific Bank
Des is standing behind the counter at the bank as Paul tells him to try and be on time tonight. Des, however, sighs that he doesn't think he'd be great company. Paul mutters at him to stop being such a misery: he can't go on pining for Daphne all his life - and it'll do him good to meet a new chick. He adds:
PAUL: Zoe reckons you're gonna like this girl, Nadine. And try and find something decent to wear!
Shane and Clive come into the bank at that moment, Shane accusing Clive of making things a hundred times worse. Clive just shrugs that Beth swallowed it. Shane snaps that it's no joke getting married. Looking surprised, Paul calls across:
PAUL: Married? *Who's* getting married?
SHANE: Would you believe: me? To Daphne?!
No. 26
Jim is standing in the kitchen with Helen, holding some flowers he's picked from the garden. Helen asks him to find a vase for them. Nikki joins them and shows off the dress she's wearing. She asks Jim and Helen what they think, and adds that she wants to look sophisticated for William. Scott and Paul wander in at that moment and Scott asks:
SCOTT: What's *with* this William bloke?
PAUL (teases): Haven't you heard, mate? He wears gold-plated undies! You know, he's the next best thing to the Prince of Wales!
NIKKI (haughtily): For your information, William Hughes is just as good looking as the Prince of Wales - *and* he's getting just as good an education: his family can afford the *best* schools.
SCOTT: Is *that* why you like him: because he's a rich kid?
NIKKI (retorts): I like him because he's cultured and he knows how to behave like a gentleman - so that's why I want to look my best: to make a good impression.
Jim warns Nikki that appearances aren't everything. Helen, however, insists that there's nothing wrong in making an effort to look your best. Nikki comments:
NIKKI: I think we should *always* look our best: *Rosemary* does, and look where *she's* got.
PAUL (sourly): Oh yeah, good old Aunt Rosemary. [To Helen] You've certainly gone overboard about *her*, haven't you?
HELEN (retorts): She's my daughter and I haven't seen her for two years.
NIKKI: That's right, Paul: you ought to be looking *forward* to seeing her. *I* am.
PAUL: Yeah, well *I'm not*: she's an aggressive and pushy woman.
Helen mutters at Paul that she will not allow him to spoil her visit. Jim adds that this is a family reunion and *everyone* is to give Rosemary a warm welcome. Nikki adds:
NIKKI: And William, too: you mustn't be rude to *him*, Paul.
Paul just says:
PAUL: Well look, you can all stop worrying because I'm not going to be around for dinner; in fact, I'm not going to be round much at *all* while Rosemary's here.
HELEN: Good. If that's the way you feel, you can stay out as long as you like.
PAUL: Yeah, well I will, because I can't stand know-all women.
Scott sighs:
SCOTT: What have you got against her?
PAUL (angrily): She fired me, remember? That holiday job I had before uni: she got me the job and then just gave me the sack just to throw her weight around.
With everyone standing in the kitchen, no one notices a blonde-haired woman coming in through the open front door. She creeps inside and then stops and listens as Jim yells at Paul:
JIM: Paul, you will apologise to your grandmother.
PAUL: What for? For telling the truth?
JIM: For behaving like a spoiled child.
SCOTT: You're not being very fair, Paul.
PAUL (snaps at Scott): Whose side are you on?
JIM (shouts): Cut it out - I'll have no more arguing.
The blonde-haired woman appears in the doorway and says softly:
WOMAN: Please don't stop on *my* account. It's like old times.
Helen turns to her and exclaims:
HELEN: Rosemary!
ROSEMARY: I always said there's no place like home! Hi mum!
With that, Helen goes and gives Rosemary a loving hug.
Pacific Bank
Des is sitting at a desk and he calls Danny over to show him how to do something. Danny smiles:
DANNY: Are you sure you want to - after the shock? You should've seen the look on your face!
DES: Well it's hardly surprising!
Des then adds that it's none of his business *who* Daphne marries. Danny muses:
DANNY: They're sort of alike, aren't they?
DES: Who - Shane and Daphne?
DANNY: No - *Nikki* and Daphne.
DES: *Nikki*? She's nothing *like* Daphne.
DANNY: Not to look at - but they've both got a kind of class.
DES (staring into space): Yeah... Daphne's got class...
DANNY: And they're both intelligent. Nikki's got a great mind.
DES: What's all this about Nikki? You were stuck on *Marcie* last week!
DANNY: Nikki's different; she's special. I'm having dinner with her tonight.
DES (looking surprised): You got a *date* with her? How did you manage *that*?!
DANNY: Well, it's actually dinner at the Robinsons' - but Nikki's going to be there.
DES: Well make the most of it: this is your big chance to impress her!
Danny then looks at his watch and asks if he could go early - he's got to get ready!
No. 24
Shane is sitting on the kitchen counter, telling Max about how Clive went and told Beth all about what sort of wedding it's going to be. Max snaps:
MAX: Typical. I mean, the idiot: that's just the sort of stupid thing he'd come up with.
He asks Shane what he's going to do. Shane explains that he tried to get Clive to go back and tell Beth it wasn't true, but he wouldn't, so he'll have to tell her himself. He adds that the trouble is that Beth will probably start making a play for him again.
MAX (grins): It's a hard life, son!
Max then remarks that *Daphne* won't be too thrilled.
SHANE: She'll be *furious* with me. That idiot, Clive, sometimes I could... arrgh! I don't know.
MAX: He's *your* partner.
SHANE: Yeah, well, not for much longer if he keeps pulling stunts like *that*.
No. 26
The Robinsons and Rosemary are sitting in the lounge room, and Jim serves Rosemary with a medium-wet Martini with ice. Rosemary raises her glass and proposes:
ROSEMARY: To life.
Jim then tells her that Lucy sends her love and asked him to make Rosemary promise not to go back to America until she's seen her. Scott asks:
SCOTT: How long are you actually going to *be* here, Aunt Rosemary?
ROSEMARY (laughs): Oh, Scott, if you promise not to call me 'Aunt' Rosemary again, I'll let you eat the olive out my glass!
There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Nikki dashes to get it. Danny is on the step and he smiles at Nikki that she looks great! Nikki doesn't look overly impressed to see him. Danny walks over to Rosemary and shakes her hand, telling her that it's good to see her, now that they're older! He sits down between her and Scott on the couch and Rosemary remarks to him:
ROSEMARY: You smell good!
DANNY (beams): It's aftershave!
Danny then continues:
DANNY: So, I gather you've taken New York by storm - I've read all about the Rosemary Daniels Corporation in the Business Digest.
ROSEMARY (looking surprised): You read the Business Digest?
DANNY: Mm. I'm a banker these days.
ROSEMARY: Well, um, maybe we can *do* some business later?
There's suddenly a knock on the open front door and a young guy walks in and apologises in a well-spoken voice for being tardy. Nikki welcomes him and introduces him - William Hughes - to everyone. Helen joins them and tells William that he's just in time for dinner. She asks everyone to come through.
No. 24
Shane is trying to call Beth, but there's no answer. He slams down the 'phone. He then mutters at Max, who's watching TV, that he'll go for a drive and call in there later. He asks if he can borrow the van. Max tells him that the keys are in his overalls, in the laundry. Shane heads out there. There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Max goes and answers it to find Beth standing on the step. Max stares at her and says:
MAX: Mrs. Travers. I mean Beth. Come in.
BETH: I can only stay a minute. I just wanted to give him this [she indicates a gift she's holding] and wish him all the best for his wedding.
The two of them sit down and Max says:
MAX: You can't do that.
BETH: Why not?
MAX: I mean, you shouldn't've.
BETH: It's the *least* I can do. We had a bit of a misunderstanding and..., well, I do *like* Shane, but... I just hope he and Daphne are going to be happy together. Will you give him this [the gift], please?
MAX (awkwardly): Listen, I don't know how to tell you this... There's not going to *be* no wedding.
BETH (looking surprised): It's *off*?
MAX: It was never *on*. I mean, Shane's not getting married - to Daphne or *anyone*. It was just a story.
At that moment, Shane emerges from the laundry. He stops in his tracks as he sees Beth sitting there.
No. 26
Helen, the Robinsons and their guests are seated around the kitchen table and Rosemary smiles at Helen:
ROSEMARY: Delicious! You've no idea how much I miss your cooking, mum.
HELEN: Enough to keep you in Australia?
ROSEMARY: Maybe - or perhaps I'll smuggle *you* back to New York!
William then comments to Rosemary that he gathers she dabbles in business. Rosemary nods:
ROSEMARY: Mm, I dabble a bit.
WILLIAM: That's nice. I think it's *good* for women these days to have a hobby outside of home. What have you got: a share in a boutique or something?
ROSEMARY: Not exactly, William. The Rosemary Daniels Corporation does management consultancy and investment packaging. We have marketing and publicity subdivisions and mainly we deal in company purchase and takeover. Now by training, of course, I'm a business actuary - that's a statistician involved in risks and percentages and so on.
WILLIAM (looking rather gobsmacked, murmurs): I see.
Danny comments to Rosemary that she said she was there on business, and he asks if she minds saying what exactly that business *is*. Rosemary replies:
ROSEMARY: I plan to set up an Australian division, Danny. It depends on finding the right person for the job - and I can't stay away from New York for too long.
She looks at Helen apologetically. Danny asks Rosemary how she goes about starting something like that. Nikki mutters at him that she's sure Rosemary doesn't want to talk business all night. Helen, however, smiles that she will if you let her! She then adds:
HELEN: Rosemary's always had an ambitious temperament, William, whereas my other daughter, Anne, was more a home-maker, like me.
JIM (smiles fondly): Yeah... Anne was *not* interested in business. Home and family was all that interested Anne.
WILLIAM: Oh, *I* believe that should be enough for *any* woman. Personally, I see no need for women to have a career of *any* sort.
NIKKI (quickly): We should be free to choose, though. *I'm* planning to study *law*.
WILLIAM: Oh now *that's* a waste of taxpayers' money. I mean, you'll do a few years, then dump it all to get married and have babies.
SCOTT: Come on, William, not *all* women give up their careers to get married, you know. My other grandmother, Bess Robinson, she raised a family and was a famous journalist.
WILLIAM: That's different. I mean, women can handle a literary career or things in the arts; it's just *business* they should stay out of.
DANNY: Why? Rosemary's done better than most men, and good luck to her.
ROSEMARY: *Thank* you, Danny.
Helen suggests quickly that they clear the plates. Rosemary heads to the kitchen counter and Nikki follows her. Rosemary says to her quietly:
ROSEMARY: Please don't feel threatened - Danny *is* a bit young for *me*!
No. 24
Beth and Shane are sitting on the couch and Shane is appealing to Beth to let him explain. She insists, however, that he doesn't need to; she understands. She goes to stand up, but Shane grabs her arm. She cries:
BETH: Let me go!
SHANE: I feel bad too. I didn't want to hurt you.
BETH: You *lied* to me.
SHANE: I didn't. It was Clive who made up the whole story.
BETH: You let me go on believing it.
SHANE: That's because... I think I wanted to believe it myself.
BETH: Oh. So now you *are* in love with Daphne?
SHANE (murmurs): I've never really admitted it to myself before - 'til now. I said I was never going to get hitched.
BETH (in astonishment): You never told her how you feel?
SHANE: I took her out for a while, but it was casual, you know? Then she dumped me for Des Clarke - but they've split up now.
BETH (softly): I'm sorry I harassed you. I hope it works out.
Shane smiles and says gently:
SHANE: I'm the one who should be apologising to *you*. Really - you've been very understanding.
BETH: I know what it's like to lose someone you love.
With that, Beth goes to leave. Shane suddenly spots the present she brought, still resting on the couch. Beth tells him to keep it.
SHANE: I can't do that!
BETH (insists): Keep it. Maybe it'll bring you some luck, Shane. I hope you marry her.
She then kisses Shane on the lips and heads off.
No. 26
Nikki, Danny and Scott are doing the washing and wiping up. Danny throws Scott a cup and tells him to catch! Nikki, however, warns him that if they break anything they'll be in trouble. Danny turns to William, who's standing watching, and remarks;
DANNY: Not like *your* place, eh, William?
WILLIAM (blankly): What do you mean?
DANNY: If you break a cup, just buy a whole new set.
WILLIAM (shrugs): I don't know; I've never *broken* a cup.
SCOTT (grins): Must be a top catch! Be all that cricket you play at your school!
WILLIAM: No, what I mean is that I don't do *any* of *this* at home. We've got a kitchen girl.
DANNY (murmurs): A kitchen girl? Whatever happened to women's lib?!
WILLIAM: Well, the kitchen's a *woman's domain*.
DANNY (retorts): Not anymore it isn't. Like Nikki said, we should *all* learn to do this.
With that, Danny hands William a tea towel and starts to give him his first lesson in drying-up! William just frowns at Nikki that he thinks he'll go home. Nikki cries:
NIKKI: Don't go because of *them*. They've got no manners.
No. 28
Paul and Zoe walk into the house, accompanied by another young woman. Des trails in behind them, carrying a couple of pizza boxes. Paul goes to put some music on. Des says he'll get some plates, but Zoe tells him they'll use fingers. Des then starts cleaning up the coffee table. Paul, however, sighs at him to get the bubbly he saw in the 'fridge before. The woman - Nadine - says she feels a bit awkward: she doesn't think Des wants them there. Paul just insists that he'll be all right. Zoe remarks:
ZOE: He *does* seem fairly depressed, Paul.
PAUL: So? It's up to us to cheer him up. Look, we'll have a drink, a bit of a dance and he'll be a barrel of laughs once we get in the party mood.
With that, Des returns with the champagne, a glum expression on his face!
No. 26
Scott, Nikki and Danny join Jim, Rosemary and Helen in the lounge room and Danny tells Rosemary that he'd love to hear more about her business. He then asks whether she'd have a spot for a bright, young executive in the local branch she's setting up! Rosemary smiles:
ROSEMARY: I'll tell you what, Danny: learning banking is the best training you could get. Now, you stick at that for a couple of years and maybe I *will* have a place for you one day.
NIKKI: How about a place for a bright young *lady*?
JIM: Oh, I don't know that Rosemary's work would suit *you*, Nikki.
HELEN (looking surprised): Why not?
NIKKI (coolly): Yes: why not?
JIM: Well, it's a competitive field; you need a sort of aggression to succeed.
ROSEMARY (smiles): Oh is *that* how you see me, Jim: aggressive?
NIKKI: Women *have* to be aggressive in business to overcome male prejudice.
ROSEMARY: Well said, Nikki - although I don't think Jim would agree with you: I think he thinks all women should be like my dear sister was: slaving in the kitchen with a baby on each arm.
JIM (coolly): No, I don't think that - but there *are* alternatives to your lifestyle, Rosemary: it wouldn't suit *every* woman.
Rosemary glances at Helen, who looks embarrassed.
No. 28
Des is telling the assembled guests in a depressed tone:
DES: The trouble is I still love her. People tell me to forget about her, but I can't. Do you know her, Nadine? Have you ever met Daphne?
Nadine shakes her head. Des continues:
DES: Zoe will tell you: she's the most beautiful girl.
PAUL (sighs): Des, mate...
DES (ignoring the interruption): I should've married her, but, um, I, well, I was... I was just so stupid. I let her... slip through my fingers. The most wonderful girl...
PAUL: Aren't you wallowing in it a bit, mate?
ZOE: Paul, don't be so heartless.
PAUL: Perhaps you'd like me to leave, then?
NADINE: I thought you were Des's *friend*. You're not *behaving* like one.
DES: Would you like to see a photo of her, Nadine? I've got a photo of Daphne I carry with me everywhere.
With that, Des stands up and takes out his wallet.
No. 26
Everyone is still seated in the lounge room and Rosemary is talking about how the Rosemary Daniels Corporation works. When she's finished talking, Nikki glances at her watch and remarks
NIKKI: Look at the time!
Rosemary smiles that she guesses she *is* feeling a bit of jetlag. Danny says goodnight and heads off next door, and Scott and Nikki head off to bed. Left alone with Rosemary and Helen, Jim says he's going to go to bed and read for a while. When he's gone, Helen stretches and Rosemary laughs:
ROSEMARY: I don't know how you handle it all!
HELEN: I didn't think a dinner party would faze *you* - not after *your* high-powered job!
Rosemary cuddles up with Helen on the couch and muses:
ROSEMARY: Well, work's work - but when I get home, I like to relax.
HELEN: Oh! No mad social whirl?
ROSEMARY: Not anymore. Not these days.
HELEN: How's your personal life?
ROSEMARY: Oh mum! Straight to the point!
HELEN: Well, this is the first chance I've had to ask you. Well? Is there a special man?
Rosemary stands up and goes to pour herself a drink. As she does so, she replies:
ROSEMARY: Actually, yes there is. A *very* special man.
HELEN (smiles): Good! Who is he? Where did you meet him?
ROSEMARY: Well, his name's Gerard Singer, and I met him--
HELEN: Not Gerard Singer the *artist*?
ROSEMARY: Yes. Do you know him?
HELEN: Well I do read the magazines! He had an exhibition recently.
ROSEMARY: Yes. Well, I've known him for over a year and we have a strong relationship, but I don't know how permanent it is.
HELEN: But you love him, though?
ROSEMARY: Yes. Yes - and he loves me; but, oh dear, I've messed up relationships before...
HELEN: Oh Rosemary, you're still not concerned about that affair with Brian, are you?
Neither of them notices Paul wandering in from the kitchen, a frown on his face, as Rosemary admits:
ROSEMARY: Yes, well I *do* still think about Brian, mum. I know it was for the best that we broke up, but, you know, it hurt, and I haven't forgiven Paul for the part *he* played in it.
Helen spots Paul suddenly and clears her throat loudly. It's too late, though. Paul snaps at Rosemary:
PAUL: Is that right?
PAUL (growls): You're deluding yourself, you know that? The whole office knew the *real* truth.
ROSEMARY (looking surprised): The *real* truth? What are you talking about?
PAUL (retorts): Brian was just having a fling with you. You became too serious so he wanted to get rid of you and he used *me*. *That's* the truth whether you like it or not.
Rosemary stands there looking incredulous.
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Shane Ramsay, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0194
Shane Ramsay, Clive Gibbons

Nikki Dennison, Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0194
Nikki Dennison, Scott Robinson

Clive Gibbons, Beth Travers in Neighbours Episode 0194
Clive Gibbons, Beth Travers

Nikki Dennison, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0194
Nikki Dennison, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels

Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0194
Rosemary Daniels

Des Clarke, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0194
Des Clarke, Danny Ramsay

Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0194
Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay

Danny Ramsay, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0194
Danny Ramsay, Rosemary Daniels

Beth Travers in Neighbours Episode 0194
Beth Travers

Helen Daniels, Rosemary Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0194
Helen Daniels, Rosemary Daniels

Beth Travers, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0194
Beth Travers, Shane Ramsay

William, Scott Robinson, Nikki Dennison, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0194
William, Scott Robinson, Nikki Dennison, Danny Ramsay

Des Clarke, Zoe Davis, Paul Robinson, Nadine in Neighbours Episode 0194
Des Clarke, Zoe Davis, Paul Robinson, Nadine

Rosemary Daniels, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0194
Rosemary Daniels, Helen Daniels

Rosemary Daniels, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0194
Rosemary Daniels, Paul Robinson

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