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Neighbours Episode 0195 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0195
Australian airdate: 21/02/86
UK airdate: 03/08/87
UK Gold: 30/07/93
Writer: Roger Moulton
Director: Brendan Maher
Guests: Rosemary Daniels: Joy Chambers
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Rosemary looking incredulous after Paul tells her that he was used by the guy she was seeing (Brian) because Brian wanted to get rid of her.
No. 26
Rosemary tells Paul:
ROSEMARY: Paul, you're wrong - completely wrong.
PAUL (retorts): Oh? That's the reason I had to *leave*.
ROSEMARY: It's not. You weren't suited to that job - be honest. I didn't need to make up excuses to fire you; and you haven't changed: you still won't take responsibility for your own failures.
PAUL (mutters): Yeah, well it wasn't just *me*. The whole place was going downhill, wasn't it?
ROSEMARY: *Yes*, thanks to Brian: he was hardly more competent than *you* were. I could've *saved* that business if he'd given me free rein with it. Look what I've achieved since we've broken up - and *he's* achieved *nothing*.
PAUL (snaps): That doesn't change *anything*. I mean - he still got rid of *me* to cause a rift with *you*.
ROSEMARY (retorts): I pity you if you believe that.
Rosemary then tells Helen that she's going to her hotel. Helen turns to Paul and mutters that she's got a few things to say to him. She gives Rosemary a hug and wishes her goodnight, and Rosemary heads off. Helen then turns back to Paul, who starts to say:
PAUL: Gran, before you say anything--
HELEN (angrily): How *dare* you speak to Rosemary like that? You behaved like a malicious child.
PAUL: Oh come on, she's only your *adopted* child.
HELEN (coolly): *Yes*, she's adopted - *I* adopted her - but I love her. Now, this is my house as much as it's yours, and you'll respect that. I will not have you drive my daughter away.
With that, Helen storms off, leaving Paul looking thoughtful.
Ramsay Street
The next morning, Danny, Paul and Nikki are kicking a football around in the street. Max comes down the path of No. 22 and jogs over to where Jim is doing some gardening. He tells Jim that he thought he might pop down the TAB this morning and then set the telly up by the pool this arvo. Jim smiles that that sounds great. Max heads off just as Madge walks along and joins Jim and Helen, who's pushing a wheelbarrow over to where Jim is working. Madge asks Helen how it went last night.
HELEN: Well apart from the behaviour of my eldest grandson...
MADGE: Feel like a cup of tea and a chat?
Helen smiles that she'll be there as soon as the kettle's boiled!
No. 26
Scott, Nikki, Danny and Paul head inside and sit down. Paul says to Nikki:
PAUL: Listen - how did you go with Lord Fauntleroy last night?
SCOTT (smiles): You mean Billy Hughes?! He had to leave after dinner!
DANNY (laughs): Yeah - we weren't quite of his class!
Nikki mutters that William probably won't want to *see* her again after the way he was treated. Paul, putting on a posh voice, teases:
PAUL: Listen - if you want a new boyfriend, you could always look him up in the 'Who's Who', couldn't you?!
NIKKI (sighs): I'll probably end up marrying the boy next door.
Danny says he thinks William has had it too easy: *he* looks up to people who have *earned* their money - like Rosemary. Jim joins them and remarks that Rosemary has been very successful since she's been overseas.
PAUL (mutters): Yeah, and look where it's got her: she's pushy... aggressive...
JIM: She *had* to be like that to be successful in business.
SCOTT: She's got drive, that's all. Isn't that what you tried to teach Paul and me, dad?
At that moment, Rosemary comes in through the open front door and says hello to everyone. She asks where Helen is, and Jim tells her that she's next door, visiting Madge. Danny offers to take Rosemary over there and the two of them head off. When they've gone, Jim says coolly to Paul, Nikki and Scott:
JIM: Now listen, you guys: you've got to stop all this talk about Rosemary. She could easily have overheard us.
PAUL (tersely): Dad, you feel the same way about her as *I* do. Surely we can express our feelings in our own house?
JIM (warns): For your grandmother's sake, just keep the peace.
NIKKI: She won't be staying long, will she? I mean, it *is* only a quick visit?
JIM: As far as I know she won't be staying long - so you, especially, Paul, watch what you say.
PAUL (sighs): OK, OK, I won't say anything. Mind you, she never holds back from speaking *her* own mind, so I don't see why *I* should.
JIM (snaps): There's a very *good* reason: because I *said*.
No. 24
The front door opens at No. 24 and Danny comes in with Rosemary. He smiles at Helen and Madge:
DANNY: Look who I've brought!
Helen smiles at her daughter that she thought she'd still be sleeping! Madge beams at Rosemary that it's lovely to see her. Danny then asks Madge to put the jug on for a fresh pot of tea and, looking bemused, Madge nods:
MADGE: Oh. Of course!
Danny, Rosemary and Helen sit down and Helen tells Rosemary that she had a talk to Paul last night and there won't be a repetition of that little outburst. Danny asks what they're talking about. Helen explains hesitantly:
HELEN: Well, Rosemary had to dismiss him from a job once: he wasn't pulling his weight.
DANNY (shrugs): He can't complain then. [To Rosemary] I'm sure you did the right thing.
Madge rejoins them and serves Rosemary with her tea. She then suggests to Danny that he go back next door, as she, Helen and Rosemary are going to be reminiscing. Danny nods OK. He then turns to Rosemary and adds:
DANNY: I hope we get a chance to talk soon - I'd appreciate your advice on the stockmarket.
ROSEMARY (looking surprised): Why - do you have some money to invest?
DANNY: I've been saving. I don't have much yet, but they say it's the best way to make a quick killing.
Rosemary, however, warns:
ROSEMARY: Don't count on it, Danny. I mean, stockbrokers might do well, but new investors can easily get their fingers burnt.
DANNY: That's why I'd value *your* advice more than anyone.
ROSEMARY (smiles): Well, we'll talk soon!
Looking delighted, Danny heads out, leaving Madge to comment to Helen and Rosemary:
MADGE: He's growing up - not as quickly as he thinks he is, but at least he's taking life a bit more seriously.
Rosemary smiles that she can see that! She then asks Madge how Fred is. Madge tells her that, actually, she's single again: they've separated. Rosemary says she's sorry. Madge comments to Rosemary:
MADGE: And *you* haven't married?
ROSEMARY (looking slightly sad): No, I haven't found time.
MADGE: I *wouldn't* either, if I were you. You hang on to your independence.
HELEN: You can be independent *and* married, with the right man.
ROSEMARY (sighs): Yes, well, *my* trouble is that most men seemed scared to get close to me because I'm successful in their world of business. They see me as a threat.
MADGE: The price of success!
ROSEMARY (murmurs): Yes. I've been realising lately that it's time I made a few changes...
No. 26
Nikki, Danny, Scott and Jim are in the kitchen at No. 26 and Nikki is commenting that it's weird how self-made millionaires make a fortune. Jim, however, points out that if she's thinking about Rosemary, she had a lot of specialist training before she set up in business. Nikki insists that she's still got natural flair. Jim tells Danny that he should check with Rosemary about the business of getting properly trained. Danny nods that it's a good idea - and if she recommends a course, he'll do it. Nikki asks Danny suddenly if he can give her a hand. The two of them head into the lounge room, where Nikki says awkwardly:
NIKKI: Danny... I was wondering: would you like to go to the movies with me tonight?
DANNY (shrugs): If you like!
Danny then turns his head to the kitchen and calls:
DANNY: Scott, do you want to go to the movies tonight?
SCOTT: Yeah, OK!
Danny turns back and smiles at Nikki. Nikki just glares at him and marches off!
No. 24
As Madge clears away the tea things, Helen tells Rosemary that *she* could never keep up her daughter's pace: her private time and her space are important to her. Rosemary, however, comments that Helen doesn't seem to have much of *either*: how much time does she really get to paint?
HELEN: Five or six hours a week.
ROSEMARY (looking incredulous): Only five or six in a whole week? You probably spend three times that much cooking meals for a family who are quite capable of doing it for themselves.
MADGE: Not if they're like Max and the boys: they couldn't *begin* to fend for themselves!
ROSEMARY: But you haven't *always* lived here, Madge. They'd cope when they had to - but as long as you *are* here, they'll take advantage of you. Didn't you notice the way Danny practically ordered you to put the jug on to make a cup of tea? I mean, why couldn't he do it for himself? He *could*.
HELEN: I don't believe my family take advantage of *me*.
ROSEMARY: No, but they certainly take you for granted. Did you hear what Scott said last night after he'd finished cleaning the kitchen? "Your kitchen is spotless, gran." *Your kitchen*: in his mind, that's your space, the kitchen, mum.
MADGE: Yes, but what can we *do*? I mean, this place would be chaotic if I wasn't here running it.
ROSEMARY: Maybe, maybe not. At least you'd have some time and space of your own; a chance to find yourself - or do you find that prospect daunting, Madge?
HELEN (grins): Rosemary, you haven't changed: as blunt as ever!
ROSEMARY: I'm sorry - but you both seem afraid to make any changes. The world won't end, you know? I mean, wouldn't you both like to have more time to yourselves? Wouldn't you both like to experiment a little with your lives?
No. 24
Sometime later, Madge is sitting on the couch, reading, when Max comes in and asks if lunch is ready. Madge, however, tells him:
MADGE: I'm not *making* lunch today, Max.
MAX (looking puzzled): Why not? You're not putting me on another of your diets, are you?
MADGE: Max, you are not very sensitive to my needs. I should not have to point out that I deserve more out of life than cooking and cleaning for you and the boys
MAX (looking astounded): What brought *this* on, eh?
MADGE: Well, I will not be taken for granted. I intend to claim some time and space for myself. Rosemary Daniels--
MAX: Hold on; say no more! You've been talking to Rosemary Daniels! I get the picture!
MADGE: Well, she said--
MAX: No, no, no need to give me the speech: you're preaching to the converted! Liberty and equality for women? I'm all for it!
MADGE (looking surprised): What are you saying?
MAX: I agree with you: women *ought* to be liberated! You want time and space? Take all you want!
MADGE (looking suspicious): I don't know whether to take you seriously!
MAX: I *mean* it: straight after you make the lunch, the rest of the afternoon's your own. Personally, I'm going to settle down by the pool with the telly and watch the gee-gees. What are *you* going to do?
MADGE: Well, I'm not sure, but er--
MAX: You were just making a song and dance about how much you needed time and space. Well you've got the whole arvo, so what are you going to do?!
MADGE (shrugs): I don't know!
No. 26
Paul, Danny, Nikki, Scott and Jim are all lounging around on the floor and on the couch in the lounge room. Rosemary joins Helen in the kitchen as Helen works out what the seven of them are going to have for lunch. Rosemary, however, tells her mother to take the apron off: there are plenty of capable hands out there.
HELEN (sighs): Rosemary...
ROSEMARY: Is it so hard to make the change, mum?
Helen tells her:
HELEN: I can't make a dramatic change to my lifestyle and each member of the family just on an impulse; I have to *think* about it.
ROSEMARY: Fair enough: cautious but sensible. Well, to *help* you think about it, I'll show you something.
With that, Rosemary heads into the lounge room, turns off the music that's playing on the stereo and announces:
ROSEMARY: All right, everyone, we are going to make lunch today.
Hearing that, Danny makes a hasty retreat next door! Paul mutters that he's going to get some takeaway. As Rosemary guides Scott and Nikki into the kitchen, Scott says to Helen:
SCOTT: Are you all right, gran?
ROSEMARY: She's perfectly well. We're just going to give her a break from the kitchen.
Helen takes off her apron and smiles as she hands it to Rosemary!
No. 24
Max has finished putting away the shopping. Madge has made an omelette and Max asks her where *his* is. Madge, however, retorts:
MADGE: I didn't make *you* one.
MAX: Well why *not*? I put away the shopping - not to mention buying it in the first place.
MADGE: The only reason you were keen to do that was so that you could place your bets down at the TAB.
MAX: Well why not? It's me hobby! I let you follow *your* pursuits, you should let me follow *mine* - right to the winning post, with a bit of luck!
Danny comes in at that moment and says:
DANNY: Hi! What's for lunch? Omelettes?
MAX (grimly): Make your *own* today.
DANNY (sighs): Not here too. Rosemary's got next door running like a communal canteen!
MAX: Tell you what, Danny: it's only reasonable us men should do our bit in the kitchen, so why don't you do ours today and I'll do it another day?
DANNY (quickly): No way! I mean - no thanks, dad, I'll go without - for now!
Madge, tucking in at the kitchen table, exclaims:
MADGE: Delicious - even if I say so myself!
MAX (mutters): All right - I'll make me *own* omelette.
Max goes to the 'fridge. He looks inside and then asks Madge:
MAX: Where's the eggs?
MADGE: We haven't got any: I used the last two and you forgot to buy any more.
Max gives her a dark look!
No. 26
Everyone is eating at No. 26, but Nikki asks Scott if he washed the lettuce, as it's a bit gritty. Scott says he thinks the beef's a bit tough, and he asks Jim if he couldn't have cut thinner slices. Rosemary says quickly:
ROSEMARY: It's a *nice* lunch. *I'm* enjoying it.
HELEN (muses): I'm glad *someone* is!
Danny comes in through the back door and says sheepishly:
DANNY: Hi! Can I change my mind and share some lunch? Madge has gone on strike.
ROSEMARY (exasperatedly): Oh Danny, surely you can get your own lunch?!
DANNY: Well yes, Rosemary, but this communal work party stuff - it's no good; it makes more sense to have one person in charge of the kitchen.
JIM (to Rosemary): He *has* got a point: it wasn't very efficient, all of us in the kitchen at once, falling over each other.
Paul comes in and beams:
PAUL: Hi! How's the salad? Nice?
Scott stares at the bag Paul is holding and asks him in an envious tone if he's got Chinese. Paul smiles:
PAUL: Yes, mate. I've braised beef and black bean sauce, sweet and sour chicken with cashews, and fried rice. I'll let you know if there's any left!
No. 24
Sometime later, Danny and Max head out through the back door of No. 24, Danny saying in horror:
DANNY: That's it? No more home-cooked meals?
MAX: Keep your cool, son: things will be back to normal before you know it.
DANNY: When?
MAX: Well, soon as my sister realises she's at a loose end, she'll be back in the kitchen and glad to be there! In the meantime, just do as she says, OK?
DANNY (bitterly): It was *Rosemary* who *did* it.
MAX (snaps): *Course* it's Rosemary. Strewth, that woman's not happy unless she's starting a riot! You know what Rosemary Daniels needs, don't you: a husband!
Madge emerges through the back door and says angrily:
MADGE: I *heard* that. That is *typical* of you and your prehistoric attitudes.
Madge then tells Max to get her a chair!
No. 26
Rosemary is helping Jim with the last of the washing up, saying to him as she does so:
ROSEMARY: You don't agree with me, do you, Jim?
JIM (admits): Well, not altogether. I agree that women should be free to choose - but I don't think they should have new roles forced on them when they're perfectly happy with things the way they are.
The two of them walk through to the lounge room, where Helen is sitting reading, Rosemary saying:
ROSEMARY: But what if they could be happier? And how will they ever know if they don't experiment?
JIM: Perhaps we'd better just agree to differ?
Jim sits down, but Paul emerges from his room and comments to his father that he thought he was going over to Max's. Jim suggests to Paul that he come with him. Rosemary smiles:
ROSEMARY: Yes, do - go ahead; I mean, it's lovely weather; I don't know why you're not all raving about it; isn't it just a perfect day...?
Rosemary breaks off as she senses an atmosphere in the room. Helen tells her tersely:
HELEN: Well frankly, no, it isn't - and I can see by Jim's face that he's thinking exactly the same as I am. Oh it's not *your* fault, Rosemary - I'm not blaming *you* - but things have been the opposite of perfect ever since you arrived.
ROSEMARY: Oh mum...
HELEN: I was so looking forward to seeing you - I thought it would be a celebration; a happy visit. Instead, we've had nothing but arguments and tension.
ROSEMARY: Then it *is* my fault.
PAUL (coolly): Yep. I reckon you've got 'takeover' mentality: I mean, you just walk into a household and you want to take it over, don't you?
JIM (quickly): Paul, Paul, we're trying, I hope, to find a way of getting on together.
ROSEMARY: Look, I haven't meant to cause trouble - now, I mean that sincerely. I just got frustrated for mum when I came back and saw that she was slaving away for a family who could all look after themselves.
JIM: But aren't you exaggerating? I mean, you're not a slave, Helen; *none* of us think that.
HELEN: I know; besides which, I *enjoy* being head cook and bottle-washer! At the same time, there was something that Rosemary said that made me stop and think. Now, I hope my family acknowledge that I *can* have a life of my own?
JIM: Of course you can. We may take you for granted sometimes, I admit that - but you're as free as the rest of us to follow your own interests; I mean, look at your painting.
Helen smiles before saying:
HELEN: Can I make a suggestion? Can we put the last 24 hours behind us and pretend they never happened?
JIM: A fresh start?
HELEN: Mm. Paul?
PAUL (mutters): Yeah, why not?
HELEN: Good - in that case, why don't you two [she indicates Jim and Paul] stay here and have a chat and a cup of coffee before you go next door? *I'll* make it!
JIM: Sounds good to me!
PAUL: It's OK, gran: as long as you don't *mind* making it. I mean, I wouldn't want to upset the rules of the new regime, would I..?
Rosemary and Jim both glare at Paul, who adds quickly:
PAUL: Only joking, only joking...
No. 24
Nikki is wearing her swimming costume. She's sitting next to Danny by the side of the pool as he enthuses that you have to *admire* Rosemary. Nikki is staring at him as he talks! When he's finished, she says:
NIKKI: Would you mind rubbing some sun-cream on my back?
DANNY: Sure.
As Danny starts rubbing in the cream, Nikki asks:
NIKKI: What movie will we see tonight?
DANNY: I don't know. We'll see what Scott thinks.
NIKKI (sighs): I wish you hadn't invited Scott - I thought it could just be you and me together.
DANNY: But it's Saturday night! You know, you really should listen to Rosemary when she talks: she's worth listening to.
Nikki turns away, looking fed up with Danny's constant talk about Rosemary!
Further round the side of pool, the portable TV is on. Max is sitting next to Madge, saying:
MAX: Would you look at that? Last week it was Marcia, this week it's Nikki.
MADGE (tersely): No, Nikki was *yesterday*. Anyway, it's perfectly natural for Danny to be interested in girls. You were yourself, once, many years ago.
MAX (insists): I'm not past it, you know: women still find me attractive.
Madge bursts out laughing! Max mutters:
MAX: The girl at the TAB give me a good look up and down this morning.
MADGE: You sure she wasn't looking from side to side to see how far you stretched!
No. 26
Rosemary is standing with Helen in the kitchen, her arm around her. She sighs:
ROSEMARY: Oh mum, I'm sorry I brought disharmony into the house - it was the *last* thing I wanted to do.
HELEN: It wasn't you, darling; it was Paul. I don't want to make excuses, but you should know he's still suffering; he's not over what happened to him.
ROSEMARY: His broken marriage?
HELEN: It's changed him. You know, Terry isn't unlike you in many ways. Paul finds it hard to trust a woman - *any* woman.
ROSEMARY: I understand and I'll make allowances - but do you mind if we talk about *you* for a moment?
HELEN (looking surprised): What *about* me?
ROSEMARY: Well, I'm going to ask you to *do* something for me.
HELEN: Ask away. You know I'll do anything for you if I can.
Rosemary hesitates before saying:
ROSEMARY: What if it means leaving this house? Leaving the Robinson family?
Helen stares at her.
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Rosemary Daniels, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0195
Rosemary Daniels, Paul Robinson

Max Ramsay, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0195
Max Ramsay, Jim Robinson

Paul Robinson, Nikki Dennison in Neighbours Episode 0195
Paul Robinson, Nikki Dennison

Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0195
Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson

Madge Mitchell, Rosemary Daniels, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0195
Madge Mitchell, Rosemary Daniels, Helen Daniels

Nikki Dennison, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0195
Nikki Dennison, Danny Ramsay

Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0195
Max Ramsay

Paul Robinson, Danny Ramsay, Nikki Dennison, Rosemary Daniels, Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0195
Paul Robinson, Danny Ramsay, Nikki Dennison, Rosemary Daniels, Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson

Max Ramsay, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0195
Max Ramsay, Madge Mitchell

Scott Robinson, Nikki Dennison, Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0195
Scott Robinson, Nikki Dennison, Paul Robinson, Jim Robinson, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels

Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0195
Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson

Max Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Danny Ramsay, Nikki Dennison in Neighbours Episode 0195
Max Ramsay, Madge Mitchell, Danny Ramsay, Nikki Dennison

Max Ramsay, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0195
Max Ramsay, Madge Mitchell

Rosemary Daniels, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0195
Rosemary Daniels, Helen Daniels

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0195
Helen Daniels

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