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Neighbours Episode 0193 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0193
Australian airdate: 19/02/86
UK airdate: 30/07/87
UK Gold: 28/07/93
Writer: David Phillips
Director: Brendan Maher
Guests: Barbara Young: Rona McLeod
David Young: Stewart Faichney
Beth Travers: Virginia Hey
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Des telling Daphne that it's time they started acting like adults. Daphne telling Des that things between them are over.
- Mike confronting his father. Mr. Young pushing his wife to the floor.
- Mike arriving at the Coffee Shop and telling Daphne that he thinks he's killed his father.
Coffee Shop/Young house
Daphne helps Mike to a table and says in an urgent tone:
DAPHNE: Now tell me what you did.
MIKE (sounding distressed): He was just *lying* there because of me; I...
DAPHNE: He's given you another hiding?
MIKE: He tried. I've never hit back before. He wasn't expecting... he.... he just lost his balance and cracked his head when he went down.
DAPHNE: What did *you* do?
MIKE: He was just lying there. I ran.
Daphne stands up and heads behind the counter. Mike asks her what she's doing.
DAPHNE: I'm calling your mother.
MIKE (looking afraid): No!
DAPHNE: You can't afford to behave like a scared kid. Whatever the situation is back there, you're going to have to handle it.
The 'phone rings at the Young house and Mrs. Young answers, crying:
Daphne comes on, however. Mr. Young joins his wife and demands of her:
MR. YOUNG: Is that him?
MRS. YOUNG: It's that girl from the Coffee Shop.
Daphne tells Mrs. Young that she has Mike with her, and she asks if his father's all right. Mr. Young just snaps loudly so that Daphne can hear:
MR. YOUNG: You tell him to come home - *now*.
At the Coffee Shop, Daphne tells Mike that his father's got a fair bit to say; he doesn't sound too badly hurt to *her*. She then says down the 'phone:
DAPHNE: Mrs. Young, I think Mike should stay at *my* place tonight.
MRS. YOUNG: No! He's to come home at once.
MR. YOUNG (demands loudly): Put him on the 'phone; I want to talk to him.
MRS. YOUNG (to Daphne): Look, you've got no right to keep Mike there. I'm sure the *police* would agree with me.
DAPHNE (tersely): Well that's up to you. I'm sure they'd be very interested in the bruises on Mike's face...
Mr. Young takes the 'phone from his wife and growls at Daphne:
MR. YOUNG: Listen to me: this concerns *my* family and has nothing to do with you. Put that boy in a taxi and send him back here.
Daphne, however, just retorts coolly:
DAPHNE: My address is 22 Ramsay Street, Erinsborough, Mr. Young. I'll expect you both in the morning and not before, or *I'll* be the one calling the police. Goodnight.
With that, Daphne hangs up and looks at Mike sympathetically.
No. 24
Danny arrives home to find Max still trying to work out his accounts. Danny sighs at his father that he's still stuck in the 19th century! He adds that his computer course has really opened up his eyes: if *they* had one, it would take care of all the details and leave Max time to think. Max, however, demands to know what he's supposed to do if there's a power blackout! Shane comes in through the back door at that moment, following his date with Beth Travers. Max turns to him and comments that he's home early. Shane mutters at him to lay off it. Danny, however, tells his brother:
DANNY: You can't blame us for being curious, Shane. Most guys would give their eye teeth to be raced off by a beautiful chick!
MAX: With money!
Shane, sitting down at the table, sighs:
SHANE: It's not *like* that. It's *weird*.
MAX: How do you mean 'weird'?
SHANE: She's strange... She was married at 17.
DANNY (exclaims): Seventeen? Strewth! Guy could ruin his career, tying himself up that young!
MAX (to Shane): I get the impression you're not exactly enthusiastic, son. That stupid partner of yours been in your ear, has he?
SHANE (murmurs): No, Clive's got nothing to do with it, dad.
MAX: Even so... not often I agree with you brother, but when I was your age, if a beautiful woman come chasing after me, fancy presents thrown in, I wouldn't say no!
Shane just rolls his eyes!
No. 22
Clive is looking at Mike's facial injuries and commenting to him and Daphne that there are some bad contusions and some swelling, but no fractures. He adds quickly that he's not an expert; if they go to the police, they'll take Mike straight to a doctor. Mike cries quickly that he doesn't want the police involved. Clive tells Mike that it might help if they knew why this was happening. Mike hesitates before murmuring:
MIKE: Dad doesn't drink or anything; he just blows his stack. I went back to try and make it work 'cos mum asked me to, but it was just like before. He starts on *her*, but he's watching *me*: as soon as I say anything, I'm next.
CLIVE: It's not all one way, Mike: if things at home can't be fixed, I know a place that's been helping kids like you for quite some time.
MIKE (murmurs): Maybe; I don't know if I could leave mum there with him.
CLIVE: Get some ice on that face: it'll take the swelling down.
With that, Mike heads off to the kitchen, leaving Daphne to remark to Clive:
DAPHNE: You know a lot about bruises...
No. 28
Des is trying to find a record to put on, but Zoe emerges from her bedroom, grabs the one he's holding and says:
ZOE: If you're going to play 'Moon River' all night, I'm wearing ear-plugs!
Des mutters that he has work to do. He then demands of Zoe to know what she's going to do about the job at the Coffee Shop.
ZOE: I don't *have* a job at the Coffee Shop - I was only filling in while Daphne was away.
DES: That's my *point*: now how are you going to be able to pay your way? I'm not going to be able to subsidise you.
ZOE (smiles): Des, Des, Des, it's always money that breaks up good friendships! No wonder they call it the root of all evil.
DES (points out): You haven't answered my question.
ZOE: It won't be long before she realises she can't do without me, and there you go!
DES: Have you seen your past record lately?!
ZOE: Don't worry about *me*; worry about *you*! You keep up this broken-hearted bit much longer, you'll get chronic indigestion! I read that!
DES: Well what am I supposed to do? She won't even *talk* to me.
ZOE: Be forceful! Kick the door in and *make* her talk to you! Are they still up next door?
DES: Yeah, I saw the lights on.
ZOE (teases): Checked it out, did we?!
Des, however, sighs:
DES: Look, um, I'm just gonna have to live with the way I feel.
With that, Des takes back the record. Zoe muses:
ZOE: I'll get my earplugs!
No. 24
It's the middle of the night and the 'phone is ringing. Max gets up to answer it and snaps:
MAX: Ramsay.
A female voice comes on and says:
VOICE: I know it's late, darling, but I just had to talk to you.
MAX: Listen, I hate to say this, love, but I think you want Danny or Shane.
VOICE: Oh, er, Shane, please.
The caller is Beth Travers. Max yells to his son, who emerges from his room looking sleepy. Max hands him the handset - but then stands there listening as Shane says to Beth:
SHANE: Hello?
BETH: Shane, I just wanted to tell you how wonderful tonight was. The house has felt so empty since you left...
SHANE (disinterestedly): Yeah, yeah, look, it was a great dinner.
BETH (fondly): Only because *you* were there. It's a pity I won't be able to see you 'til the morning; I guess I'll just have to *dream* about you...
SHANE (dismissively): Yeah, well I'm looking forward to it too. Look, I've got to get some sleep now.
BETH: You do that. I'll see you tomorrow.
SHANE: Sure. Goodnight, then.
With that, the two of them hang up. Max bursts out laughing:
MAX: You must have something special, boy. I mean, I could practically see the *steam* coming out of the 'phone!
SHANE (sounding annoyed): It's just not natural, dad. I mean, she rings me up, she asks me out, she buys me presents... How am *I* supposed to feel?
MAX: Maybe she's one of these liberated sheilas? You know - likes to feel she's making the running. Or maybe you just got a natural talent for driving the birds wild? Like father, like son, eh?!
No. 22
Mike joins Daphne and Clive in the lounge room the next morning as Daphne talks about her plans for expanding the business the Coffee Shop does. He goes and looks out the front window to see if there's anyone in the street. He then turns to Daphne and Clive and says:
MIKE: They're here.
There's a knock on the front door and Clive opens it. Mr. and Mrs. Young come in and Mr. Young introduces himself. He then tells Daphne:
MR. YOUNG: I was a bit abrupt last night, Miss. Lawrence, the boy running off like that for no reason. I'm sure you've just been trying to do the right thing. I'm just sorry Mike's caused you so much bother.
DAPHNE: He had no reason to leave home?
MR. YOUNG: A harmless scuffle. One of those rough-and-tumble things you have with your boy now and then. Mike got a bit upset when I slipped. I don't know what he's told you.
CLIVE (coolly): *He* tells a *different* story. One thing can't be argued, though: this little 'scuffle', as you called it, left him in a pretty battered condition. There are older bruises too - a lot of them.
MR. YOUNG (snaps): I don't know what right you think you've got to butt-in to this. My wife will support what I've said.
MIKE (mutters): She won't.
DAPHNE: Well, Mrs. Young?
MRS. YOUNG (retorts): Families should solve their *own* problems. [To Mike] You shouldn't have gone to other people.
CLIVE: No one can force you to go home, Mike: as I told you, there *are* alternatives.
MR. YOUNG (furiously): *What* alternatives?
MRS. YOUNG: *Course* he's coming home with us.
MIKE: Believe me, mum, we can go somewhere else.
MRS. YOUNG: Don't talk nonsense.
MIKE (quietly): Look, you know I was only working for Daphne so we could get enough money so we could move out.
MRS. YOUNG: Don't tell lies. Your place is with your father.
MIKE (declares): I'm not going home. I've got no reason to, now.
No. 24
Max and Danny are getting breakfast in the kitchen, and Danny is trying again to persuade Max of the benefits of computers! Max heads out through the back door as Shane emerges from his bedroom and mutters at Danny:
SHANE: G'day.
DANNY (muses): *Another* cheery soul!
Shane, however, retorts that he's not in the mood. Danny realises:
DANNY: Last night, right?
SHANE (sighs, seriously): I just wish there was someone I could *talk* to about it.
DANNY (offers): What would you like to talk about?
SHANE (retorts): No, I'm serious, you clown - even though everybody *else* thinks it's a joke. What I'd really like to do is talk to *dad* about it.
DANNY: Why don't you?
SHANE: He just doesn't seem to want to know, you know? He's just... dad.
DANNY: You're being a bit hard on him, aren't you? I know he can be a grouch.
SHANE: Yeah... I just let him down.
DANNY: When?
SHANE: When it mattered.
Shane hesitates before then going on:
SHANE: See, *you've* never really understood what the car accident *meant*, have you? I was going to be a champion; I was going to win a gold medal for my country. Sure, *I* lost a lot, but I'm young; I've got a future. It meant a whole lot *more* to dad.
DANNY: Yeah, but he doesn't *blame* you for that.
SHANE: Oh, I know, I know, but somehow he never really got over it. I remember the look in his eyes when he came to the hospital. I took away his hope.
DANNY: Well you know what I reckon? I think you're being too hard on yourself. He hardly *mentions* it.
SHANE (sighs): I wish he *would*...
Danny smiles and says he'll try and get off work early this arvo and they'll give the footy a bit of a nudge.
Ramsay Street
Max is loading up his van as Shane heads down the driveway. The two of them turn and look at Des, who's standing in the street, staring at Clive's house. Max calls over and teases:
MAX: Why don't you get yourself a guitar; serenade her? Might do the trick!
Des just ignores him and starts walking back to No. 28. Shane follows him and says:
SHANE: Listen, mate: for what it's worth, you've gotta try and get her out of your system.
He then heads off to grab Clive. Max joins Des and tells him that a bloke who lets a woman kick him in the teeth is a fool; and an even bigger fool is the one who comes back for more. Des just ignores him again.
No. 22
Clive is sitting with Mike at the kitchen table, telling him:
CLIVE: I'll take you to talk to this friend of mine who runs the place. No strings, no obligations.
MIKE (shrugs): No harm in having a look.
Shane comes in through the back door and, grabbing Clive's arm, smiles that they've got work to do. Clive, however, says:
CLIVE: I've got to get quotes today, remember? Now, I'll drop you off at Beth's and then I'll see to Mike and the quotes.
SHANE: Oh, sure, sure. Well just get back as soon as you can, OK?
CLIVE (looking surprised): Beth shouldn't make you nervous; you had dinner with her last night, didn't you?
With that, the two of them head out. Daphne sits down with Mike and says she'll call his school later and tell them he won't be in. She adds that they won't be told any details until they need to know. Mike smiles at her gratefully that she and Clive are great.
No. 28
Des is pacing the floor at No. 28, holding the newspaper. He suddenly throws it down on the couch, angrily, as Zoe emerges from her room and muses:
ZOE: No news is good news! Brekkie?!
She then comments that he normally gets his paper on the way to work, so how come he went down to the shop for it?
DES (snaps): I decided to exercise.
ZOE: Oh yeah? Ten times around No. 22, huh?!
Zoe then asks Des if he saw anybody they both knew while he was out!
DES (growls): You'd have to ask Shane Ramsay: he sees her any time he *likes* - and he *likes to* all right. Who gives a damn about *me*? No one, that's who.
Beth Travers' back garden
Shane is doing some digging. Clive is with him but about to head off, and Shane asks him when he'll be back. Clive, however, replies that he may not *be* back: there's other jobs to do, and then there's Mike. Shane mutters:
SHANE: I'm not going to *wear* this, Clive.
CLIVE: We haven't got our money yet, lover-boy. You made the running, kiddo, you handle it.
With that, Clive leaves - just as Beth walks over with a tray of drinks. Shane mutters at her that drinks are normally for *after* work, not before. Beth just replies:
BETH: There's plenty of time. I want to talk to you about last night.
SHANE (retorts): Well actually, there *isn't* plenty of time, Beth: we start a new job shortly.
BETH: You won't be coming back?
SHANE: We have to work.
BETH (nods): You won't be coming back.
With that, Beth turns away, coldly.
SHANE: Beth...
BETH: It's all right: Had to happen sooner or later.
Shane stands there, looking worried.
Coffee Shop
Zoe is following Daphne around as she sets out the menus on the table. Daphne is telling her about Mike and his mother wanting to get away from his father, but his mother not having the courage to get out herself.
ZOE: Is he going to be OK?
DAPHNE: Yeah, thanks to Clive. Now *that* I didn't expect.
ZOE: I suppose Mike won't be coming back, then?
DAPHNE: What's that got to do with--?
Daphne then realises what Zoe is implying and orders:
ZOE (pleads): Oh come on, Daph.
DAPHNE: Never!
ZOE: You can't run this place by yourself.
DAPHNE: I saw how you ran this place while I was away. By myself I've got a better chance. Now out!
ZOE: But I owe Des so much money.
DAPHNE: Well that's not *my* problem.
ZOE: I wouldn't have made a mess of things if you hadn't gone away. You needed me *then*, when Des ditched you.
DAPHNE (coolly): Don't worry - there won't be a second time.
ZOE (pointedly): No second chances for *anyone*, huh?
With that, Zoe turns to head out. Daphne hesitates momentarily before sighing:
DAPHNE: All right.
Zoe turns back to her and Daphne repeats slightly reluctantly:
DAPHNE: All right.
Looking ecstatic, Zoe runs across the shop, climbs up onto the counter and, kneeling on it, gives Daphne, standing on the other side of it a hug, exclaiming that she's wonderful!
Beth Travers' back garden
Shane sits down on the edge of the pool for a lunch break, but Beth walks over to him suddenly, holding a tray of food, and sits down next to him. He mutters:
SHANE: You didn't have to do that for me.
BETH: I *like* to do it for you, Shane.
SHANE: You hardly *know* me.
BETH: I know what I *need* to know. It's the eyes: I love your eyes.
Shane smiles, nervously. Beth goes on:
BETH: Last night was special. Did *you* feel that way?
SHANE: Yeah, it was OK. Sorry I wasn't much company. You should go out more often.
BETH: I don't care where I go; I care who I'm *with*.
SHANE: Well... nothing lasts forever, you know.
Beth starts running her hand down Shane's arm and says softly:
BETH: You tan so well - but you should be careful...
Shane pulls away and stands up. He then says warily:
SHANE: Look, Beth, I've got to finish this job. Don't you think it's time that we *both* face facts?
BETH: I *have* - but facts aren't enough, Shane; it's the *future* that matters for *us*.
Shane stands there, looking worried.
No. 22
Mike is sitting at the kitchen table at No. 22, eating some lunch that Daphne has prepared for him. She asks him if Clive 'phoned. Mike replies that it's all set: he's on his way. He then adds:
MIKE: I guess I'll need some time to see how things work out at this new place. They *will* keep my parents away, won't they?
DAPHNE: If that's what you want. Clive-
At that moment, there's a knock on the door and Daphne smiles:
DAPHNE: Speak of the devil! Probably forgotten his key again!
Daphne goes and opens the door - to find Mrs. Young on the step. She tells Daphne curtly that she wants to see Mike. Daphne retorts that that's up to *him*. She invites Mrs. Young in and she enters carrying a blue holdall. She then tells Daphne that she'd like to speak to her son alone. Mike, however, retorts that he wants Daphne to *stay*. Mrs. Young holds out the holdall to him and says:
MRS. YOUNG: I've brought you some clothes. You can't do without clothes.
MIKE (mutters): Thanks.
MRS. YOUNG: Your dad's sorry, you know? If you came home now, we could all make a fresh start.
MIKE: Oh come off it, mum - he's sorry until *next time*. He needs *help*.
MRS. YOUNG (cries): He's your *father*.
MIKE: And when he hurts us, it's like he's *hooked* on it.
MRS. YOUNG (sadly): I thought you were a *good* son.
MIKE: I love you, mum, but I can't stay there.
MRS. YOUNG: You leave *me* there, knowing how much I depend on you. If you desert me now, don't ever expect to come back.
With that, Mrs. Young marches out. Daphne goes and puts a comforting arm around an upset-looking Mike.
Beth Travers' back garden
Beth lies back on a sun lounger while, across the garden, Shane says tersely to Clive:
SHANE: You reckon you're the boss? Do something about that woman.
CLIVE: I'd love to, but she fancies *you*!
SHANE: She's practically blackmailing me to spend time with her. I feel like one of those secretaries who gets groped by the bosses all the time.
CLIVE: You could always scream rape.
SHANE: You get rid of her, or I quit.
CLIVE (realises): You mean it, don't you?
SHANE: Too right. I don't have to put up with it. Go on.
With that, Clive heads over to where Beth is sitting, staring into space. He says:
CLIVE: Afternoon. Nice day for it.
BETH (distantly): For what?
CLIVE: Hard work.
BETH (sighs): Shane works far too hard. He said he can't work here much longer.
CLIVE: Well we *are* in demand, you know!
BETH: Look, I've still got plenty to be done round here. You leave Shane here, I'll give you a bonus on top of your quote.
CLIVE (muses): We might be able to arrange something. After all, Shane needs all the cash he can get at the moment - for the happy event.
BETH (looking surprised): For *what*?
CLIVE: He's getting married next week - to a lovely girl: her name's Daphne Lawrence.
Looking shocked, Beth stands up and storms off.
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Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0193
Mike Young

Max Ramsay, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0193
Max Ramsay, Danny Ramsay

Daphne Lawrence, Mike Young, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0193
Daphne Lawrence, Mike Young, Clive Gibbons

Des Clarke, Zoe Davis in Neighbours Episode 0193
Des Clarke, Zoe Davis

Beth Travers in Neighbours Episode 0193
Beth Travers

Shane Ramsay, Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0193
Shane Ramsay, Max Ramsay

Mike Young, Barbara Young, David Young in Neighbours Episode 0193
Mike Young, Barbara Young, David Young

Danny Ramsay, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0193
Danny Ramsay, Shane Ramsay

Shane Ramsay, Des Clarke, Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0193
Shane Ramsay, Des Clarke, Max Ramsay

Daphne Lawrence, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0193
Daphne Lawrence, Mike Young

Shane Ramsay, Beth Travers in Neighbours Episode 0193
Shane Ramsay, Beth Travers

Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis in Neighbours Episode 0193
Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis

Barbara Young, Daphne Lawrence, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0193
Barbara Young, Daphne Lawrence, Mike Young

Shane Ramsay, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0193
Shane Ramsay, Clive Gibbons

Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0193
Clive Gibbons

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