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Neighbours Episode 0192 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0192
Australian airdate: 18/02/86
UK airdate: 29/07/87
UK Gold: 27/07/93
Writer: Harold Lander
Director: Brendan Maher
Guests: Douglas Blake: James Condon
Barbara Young: Rona McLeod
David Young: Stewart Faichney
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Daphne finding Mike's sleeping bag in the kitchen at the Coffee Shop.
- Douglas handing Madge the money for the diamonds. Madge handing Douglas a bag supposedly containing the diamonds.
- Helen calling to Douglas in the park. Douglas looking horrified at seeing her there.
City Park
Douglas stares at Helen. She says:
HELEN: What a surprise.
DOUGLAS (nervously): Yes. Quite.
Douglas tries to walk off. Helen, however, slips her arm through his and says quickly:
HELEN: Don't rush away.
The two of them start walking arm-in-arm through the park. Douglas comments:
DOUGLAS: You're looking wonderful.
HELEN: I'm *feeling* wonderful - and I'm very pleased that you could meet that rich, divorced lady.
Douglas turns to Helen and demands:
DOUGLAS: What do you know about *that*?
HELEN: Everything - including one fascinating piece of information that even *you* don't know.
DOUGLAS (tersely): It was a business deal - fair to both sides
HELEN: Of course - what could be fairer? $50,000 for $100,000 worth of diamonds might seem just a little *bit* one-sided - but $50,000 for *fakes* seems generous in the *extreme*.
Douglas starts reaching into his pocket for the little bag that Madge gave him. As he does so, he gasps:
HELEN: They're very good. I assure you: they're genuine, 100% glass. You've been had, Douglas.
Douglas glares at Helen as she adds coldly:
HELEN: I've waited a long time for this moment. You deceived me emotionally *and* financially. I suggest you think twice before you cheat anybody else.
Douglas continues to stare at Helen. She then places her hand on his cheek and says sadly:
HELEN: There was a time when I would have trusted you with everything. Now I only pity you.
With that, Helen walks off, leaving Douglas looking broken.
No. 24
Max is sitting at the kitchen table, still poring over figures, when the front door opens and Madge bursts in, exclaiming happily:
MADGE: Max! We did it!
Max, however, snaps at her that she's lucky she didn't get her head bashed in. Madge sighs that Douglas isn't the mafia; he's just a cheap little confidence trickster who steals money from middle-aged women. She then hands Max the brown envelope and he asks in surprise what it is.
MADGE: Helen's fifty thousand.
MAX (looking astonished): You got the money back?
MADGE: Yes! Oo, it was so exhilarating!
Madge then takes back the envelope and says she'll put it in safe keeping until she sees Helen. Looking amazed, Max says:
MAX: Now wait a minute: do you mean to tell me yous two out-conned a con-man?!
MADGE: Brilliantly! He didn't know what hit him!
Looking suddenly delighted, Max exclaims:
MAX: Best news we had around here in ages!
MADGE: Thank you!
Max then corrects:
MAX: Well, second best.
MADGE (warily): Is there something I don't know?
MAX: How much of this house do you reckon you own, Madge?
MADGE: Fifty-one per cent. And you own the other forty-nine.
MAX: Which makes you the senior partner?
MADGE: I'm afraid so.
MAX: Well, you can stop worrying - Danny's worked it all out: we've got 50% each.
MADGE (sighs): Maths never *was* your best subject, Max
MAX: No, no, this is dinkum! Better get used to the idea, Madge: we're equal partners. Been a pretty good day all round, hasn't it, eh?!
Madge doesn't look impressed!
Coffee Shop
Mike is serving customers at the Coffee Shop. Daphne joins Zoe behind the bar and remarks that he looks happy. Zoe tells her:
ZOE: Because *you're* back. You're probably the big sister he never had! Couldn't turn a blind eye.
Daphne looks at her and sighs:
DAPHNE: Here goes...
She then heads to the kitchen, where Mike is now doing washing-up. She says gently:
DAPHNE: Mike... I know you've been sleeping here again.
MIKE (sighs): Zoe told you?
DAPHNE: I found your sleeping bag - *again*.
MIKE: I guess you want me to go, then, hey?
DAPHNE (tersely): Well what else *can* I do? I've warned you about the Health Department: you know the trouble I can get into.
Daphne pauses before then asking softly:
DAPHNE: How's your mother?
DAPHNE: She doesn't have to take that treatment, you know? There are places she can go.
MIKE: Bringing the authorities in would be a blow to her pride. She just couldn't take it.
DAPHNE: Well I'm sorry to add to your problems but you can't go on sleeping here.
MIKE: I'll work extra to pay-
DAPHNE (snaps): It's not the money.
MIKE (meekly): I thought you'd understand; I thought you'd want to *help*. Forget it.
With that, Mike heads back out to the shop. Daphne slams the kitchen counter in annoyance.
No. 26
Jim pops open a bottle of champagne as he tells Helen he's astonished; he had no idea! The front door opens and Madge and Max come in. Madge hands Helen the envelope of money, which she takes gratefully. As Jim hands round glasses of champagne, he tells Madge and Helen that he could kill the pair of them for doing that on their own - but as it is, he thinks they're both brilliant!. Helen then holds out the envelope and says:
HELEN: Jim, here's the money I borrowed from you. I'm sorry it caused you so much hardship.
JIM: Well look, being short of cash was the best thing that ever happened to me - it got me off my backside and made me invent that jack. I think, you know, *you* could have the money.
HELEN (presses): I want *you* to take it.
Jim, however, insists:
JIM: There must be a *thousand* things you could do with it yourself.
Max grabs the envelope and says *he* could spend it! Jim grabs it back and, holding it out to Helen, says sincerely:
JIM: Please.
HELEN (taking the envelope): Well... I suppose I can find a few things to do with it!
JIM: I think this calls for a toast. What'll it be?
HELEN: Um... let's bury the past and drink to a bright future!
Coffee Shop
Mike slams a cleaver into a lettuce on the shop counter as he comments to Zoe bitterly that he thought Daphne was a *friend*. Zoe insists that she *is*. At that moment, the shop door opens and Daphne comes in with a woman. Mike, looking worried, says to the woman:
MIKE: I'm busy, mum.
MRS. YOUNG: Mike, I've been worried about you.
MIKE: Me too.
MRS. YOUNG: Come home with me?
MIKE: I've got two hours to go, yet.
MRS. YOUNG: Mike! Your father's been under a lot of strain at work.
MIKE: *Other* men can't cope with their jobs; it doesn't mean they have to take it out on their families.
With that, Mike marches into the kitchen, where Daphne and Zoe are waiting. Daphne looks at him and heads out to talk to Mrs. Young. She asks if there's any way *she* can help. Mrs. Young sighs that she doesn't know where Mike *goes* nights. Daphne tells her:
DAPHNE: He's been sleeping *here*.
MRS. YOUNG (exclaims): You *let* him?
DAPHNE: No! I've told him it's got to stop, but he's been turning up covered in bruises.
MRS. YOUNG (mutters): That's none of your business.
DAPHNE: He says his father knocks him around.
MRS. YOUNG: You're only hearing *one* side of it; Mike's not perfect, you know. If you really want to help, send him home.
With that, Mrs. Young walks out. Daphne returns to the kitchen, where Mike tells her:
MIKE: I'm sorry, Daph - you shouldn't have to cop that.
No. 26
Jim is pouring more champagne as Madge smiles that it was fun, but she was certainly nervous! Helen says she's glad she can put the whole wretched business behind her. Max smiles that she ought to take a holiday. Helen, however, explains that she can't for the next couple of weeks, as Rosemary's going to be there. Jim comments that he's looking forward to seeing her. Helen says she's proud of Rosemary: she's made a wonderful career for herself. Jim remarks:
JIM: It seems a pity she never married - but that's what she wanted: she always reckoned there was more to a woman's life than a home and a family.
MAX: Yeah, that would be right: another ratbag in Ramsay Street!
HELEN: Definitely not!
Max just raises his glass and muses:
MAX: Yeah, well, here's to Rosemary: God bless her and all who sail with her...
Coffee Shop
Zoe is working behind the counter and Mike is sitting at one of the tables. Daphne sits down with him and says gently:
DAPHNE: Your mum seemed pretty upset. Why don't you go home and talk it over with her?
MIKE (retorts): Keeping out of dad's way is better for everybody - including mum. You and the shop and Zoe... it's more like a home and a family than...
Daphne gives Mike a look. Mike insists:
MIKE: Me sleeping here's not hurting anybody - and if you send me away, I don't know *what's* going to happen.
DAPHNE (sighs): I hate doing it. You're welcome here any time - working or not - except at night. I'm sorry.
MIKE (mutters): I suppose this is it, then. I'll get out of your way.
With that, Mike picks up his schoolbag and heads out, leaving Daphne to sigh at Zoe:
DAPHNE: Oh, why me? Why do *I* always have to be the bad guy? Believe me, Zoe, there's only one safe rule and that's to stay out of other people's lives.
ZOE (looking at the shop door): Could be easier said than done...
Daphne looks round to see Des coming in, and she murmurs to herself:
DAPHNE: Just what I need...
Zoe heads into the kitchen. Des tells Daphne that he needs some food and she's the best cook for miles around.
DAPHNE (coolly): I can understand you wanting something *decent* to eat - I've *seen* the takeaway cartons in that rubbish tip you call a home.
DES (taking Daphne's hand): It's not the same without you there. I miss you - as a person, I mean.
DAPHNE: I miss you too.
DES: I keep thinking about the time you kissed me... I thought: 'she cares about me; she really cares about me... and she cares enough to want to marry me... and if so, whether she'd turn up when the time came'.
Daphne, looking suddenly annoyed, exclaims:
DAPHNE: What?!
She then storms into the kitchen, leaving Des looking annoyed at himself.
Young house
Mike arrives home, looking sheepish. Mrs. Young, who's doing some ironing, looks surprised to see him. He mutters:
MIKE: Just this once, it's not going to matter if I don't leave my shoes at the front door. Anyway, I might not be staying.
MRS YOUNG: You used to be *such* a good boy about keeping things looking nice - but I don't care: you're home, that's the main thing. I'll cook your favourite dinner.
MIKE (shrugs): Fine.
MRS YOUNG: I don't think you're being fair to us. I know it's been difficult, but I care about you - *and* your father cares.
MIKE (retorts): All *he* cares about is hiding the fact that he can't understand computers and he's scared to death of them.
MRS YOUNG: But he's in danger of losing his *job*.
MIKE: That's *his* problem.
MRS YOUNG: All I'm asking is that you be patient with him. It's a terrible thing for someone who's been a success all his life to suddenly realise that he's a failure.
MIKE: Sure mum - whatever you say.
Coffee Shop
Des is tucking in at a table at the Coffee Shop. He calls out to Daphne - who's in the kitchen - that the food is really wonderful. Daphne just pokes her head out through the hatch and retorts coldly:
DAPHNE: Well wait 'til you get to the cyanide.
In the kitchen, Zoe quickly closes the hatch door and tells Daphne not to be so hard on Des: he's nervous and saying all the wrong things. Daphne, however, snaps that he *always* says the wrong things. She heads back out into the shop, where Des tells her quickly that he has to admit she has a real flair for cooking. He then goes on:
DES: Look, I suppose you know the food was just an excuse?
DAPHNE (mutters): I'd have to be deaf, dumb, blind and stupid not to realise that.
DES (sighs): Look, I need to talk to you about the wedding. Can't you see that everybody makes mistakes?
DAPHNE: Yes I can. I was one of *your* mistakes, you were one of *mine*.
With that, she tells Des that if he'd like to see the waitress on his way out, she'll give him his bill. She then marches back into the kitchen.
No. 24
Max is sitting reading the newspaper at the kitchen table when Madge emerges from her bedroom and tells him:
MADGE: Danny's right: the house *is* half and half.
MAX: Good.
MADGE: Not that I'd have used it against you - me being the major shareholder.
MAX: Not half you wouldn't!
Changing the subject, Max then asks Madge if he can ask her something sort of personal. He continues:
MAX: You wouldn't be getting sweet on Jim Robinson, would you? I mean, I've got nothing against him - you could do a lot worse - but what about you and Fred?
MADGE (mutters): Guess.
MAX: Your marriage gone bung as well?
MADGE (sighs): We've separated.
MAX (chuckles): Haha! God, it's an epidemic!
Max then adds more seriously:
MAX: I thought you and Fred had the perfect marriage?
MADGE: I should've seen it coming. Ha, I suppose *everyone* says that, don't they - but I didn't. He met up with a younger woman and one day off they went.
MAX (murmurs): The Ramsays don't have much of a record in the marriage stakes, do they?
MADGE: No. Tom's the only one of us still married.
MAX: Yeah, he'll be right. Still, I'd've said the same about you and Fred.
MADGE: Anyway, now you know why I'm here: I haven't got anywhere else to *go*. So, you're stuck with me.
MAX: Yeah, well, what are family for, eh?
Coffee Shop
Zoe and Daphne are playing cards at one of the tables in an empty shop when the door opens and Scott comes in. He looks around and asks:
SCOTT: What happened to the customers? Did Zoe frighten them off?!
Zoe just retorts that Daphne's had a pretty rough time today. Scott remarks that she's had a rough time all *round*: he's been hearing about the wedding and it sounds like it was a real mess.
DAPHNE (muses): Good one, Scott - I can always count on *you* to cheer me up!
Changing the subject, Scott says:
SCOTT: So when do I start?
ZOE: You mean back *here*?
DAPHNE: There's nothing doing, I'm afraid - we've got *Mike*.
SCOTT: He's filling in for me. He'll understand.
DAPHNE (glancing at Zoe): Not right at the moment he won't - he's got some real problems.
SCOTT: His old man?
DAPHNE (nods): That's why he likes working here: it gets him out of the house.
ZOE: And he's saving money so he and his mother can move out some day.
SCOTT (murmurs): I can't take a job from *him*, then, can I?
DAPHNE: I'm sorry. I feel bad enough as it is, without doing that to him as well.
Scott stands there, looking disappointed but accepting of the situation.
Young house
Mike is sitting on the couch, doing his homework, when the front door bangs and his father comes in. He throws down his briefcase and yells:
MR. YOUNG: Idiots.
MIKE: Bad day, was it, dad?
MR. YOUNG: Of *course* it was a bad day.
Mrs. Young takes her husband's jacket as he rants that it's this wonderful new system at work: they're spending all their time in meetings instead of getting on with work. Mike comments that *most* new systems have problems.
MR. YOUNG (demands angrily): What would *you* know about it?
MIKE (meekly): Not much.
MR. YOUNG: And who said you could come back here? You'll come back when I say so.
MRS. YOUNG: Oh David... he's sorry he upset you.
Mrs. Young gives Mike a look, which prompts him to say:
MIKE: I'm sorry, dad.
Mr. Young asks Mike tersely where he's been.
MRS. YOUNG: The girl at the Coffee Shop-
MR. YOUNG (angrily): *What* girl at the Coffee Shop? What girl? What's *she* got to do with it?
MRS. YOUNG: She was only trying to help.
MR. YOUNG (glaring at Mike): Who *is* this girl? What have you been telling her?
Mike is staring down at the floor, but Mr. Young slams his hand on the coffee table and orders:
MR. YOUNG: Look at me when I'm talking to you.
MIKE (cries): I had to tell *somebody*.
MR. YOUNG (snaps): You had to? Why? Who is she?
MIKE (standing up): She's just a friend.
MR. YOUNG (yells): A friend who pokes her nose into other people's affairs.
Mrs. Young interjects quickly and asks Mike if he could set the table, and she suggests to her husband that he wash before tea. Mike and Mr. Young glare at each other for several seconds before Mr. Young then walks off.
No. 24
There's a knock on the front door at No. 24 and Max opens it to find Jim standing on the step. As Madge joins him by the door, he smiles:
MAX: Well, well, well, look who's here, eh?!
Madge smiles at Jim and asks him if Helen's come down to earth yet. Jim replies:
JIM: Sort of. We're fighting over Rosemary now - and she hasn't *arrived* yet.
MAX: She's trouble, that one - not like Madge here: you know, I've known her all me life and never a cross word!
The three of them go and sit down as Max continues that Madge and Jim have a lot in common. Jim tries to explain that he came over to borrow some tap washers, as Scott used all theirs on making a pinball machine. Max, however, just leaves Jim and Madge sitting alone!
Young house
Standing in the lounge room, Mr. Young snaps at Mike - who's in the kitchen:
MR. YOUNG: You think it's clever, do you, telling some stranger all about us?
As Mike emerges from the kitchen, Mr. Young grabs his arm. Mike says:
MIKE: She's--
Mike tries to pull away.
MR. YOUNG: She's what? What were you going to say?
MIKE: Nothing. It doesn't matter.
MR. YOUNG: It matters to *me*. Well come on - I'm waiting.
Mrs. Young joins them and pleads:
MRS. YOUNG: Please, David, leave him alone.
Mr. Young turns to her, lashes out and pushes her down on to the floor. She drops the dish she's holding and it smashes. Mike growls at his father:
MIKE: I *warn* you...
MR. YOUNG (aghast): You *threatening* me?
Mrs. Young starts picking up the pieces of the broken bowl, but Mr. Young almost stamps on her hand as he orders:
MR. YOUNG: Leave that.
Mike, grabbing his father's shirt, snarls:
MIKE: Keep your dirty foot away from her.
Coffee Shop
Daphne is adding up some figures at one of the tables. Zoe heads off home as Des comes in. He tells Daphne curtly:
DES: Daphne, it's time we started acting like adults. Now, I made mistakes - I admit that - but you're not perfect either.
DES: Don't interrupt - I haven't finished.
Des starts talking again, but Daphne talks above him and insists:
DAPHNE: Des, you're wasting your time.
Des breaks off. Daphne then tells him gently:
DAPHNE: It's over.
Des looks at her in astonishment. After gawping for a couple of seconds, he turns and walks out of the shop.
No. 26
Scott is sitting at the kitchen table as Jim makes a cup of tea and comments that he doesn't understand how anybody could *do* that to their son. Scott sighs that it's frustrating not knowing how to help Mike. Jim suggests:
JIM: Just be his friend - that's all you *can* do.
Scott tells him that it makes him appreciate *his* family. He then adds:
SCOTT: Dad, I'm sorry I didn't call you straight away with the trouble on the school excursion.
JIM: I wish you *had*.
SCOTT: I just figured I had to clear up my *own* mess. I mean, I can't always go running to my father.
JIM (muses): I guess that means you're growing up!
Coffee Shop
Daphne is about to turn off the lights and go home when there's a rapid knocking on the Coffee Shop door. She sighs and opens it. Mike almost collapses as he comes in. Daphne cries:
DAPHNE: Mike, you look terrible. What's happened?
Mike has a black right eye. He pants heavily as he tells Daphne:
MIKE: It's dad: I think I've killed him.
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Helen Daniels, Douglas Blake in Neighbours Episode 0192
Helen Daniels, Douglas Blake

Madge Mitchell, Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0192
Madge Mitchell, Max Ramsay

Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis in Neighbours Episode 0192
Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis

Jim Robinson, Max Ramsay, Scott Robinson, Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0192
Jim Robinson, Max Ramsay, Scott Robinson, Madge Mitchell, Helen Daniels

Mike Young, Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis in Neighbours Episode 0192
Mike Young, Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0192
Helen Daniels

Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0192
Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis, Mike Young

Barbara Young in Neighbours Episode 0192
Barbara Young

Daphne Lawrence, Des Clarke in Neighbours Episode 0192
Daphne Lawrence, Des Clarke

Madge Mitchell, Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0192
Madge Mitchell, Max Ramsay

Scott Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0192
Scott Robinson

Mike Young, Barbara Young, David Young in Neighbours Episode 0192
Mike Young, Barbara Young, David Young

Madge Mitchell, Jim Robinson, Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0192
Madge Mitchell, Jim Robinson, Max Ramsay

David Young, Mike Young in Neighbours Episode 0192
David Young, Mike Young

Mike Young, Daphne Lawrence in Neighbours Episode 0192
Mike Young, Daphne Lawrence

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