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Neighbours Episode 0191 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0191
Australian airdate: 17/02/86
UK airdate: 28/07/87
UK Gold: 26/07/93
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Brendan Maher
Guests: Douglas Blake: James Condon
Burt Rawlings: Neil Thompson
Receptionist: Sandy Stayfer
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Beth Travers turning up at the Ramsays' and asking to see Shane. Max looking impressed!
- Madge telling Helen that Douglas doesn't suspect anything. Helen warning Madge not to let her guard down.
- Rawlings demanding $500 from Douglas Blake to hold off from telling Helen for 24 hours where Douglas is.
No. 26/Hotel
Helen is sitting reading a magazine, looking impatient, when the 'phone rings. She goes and answers it. Rawlings comes on and says:
RAWLINGS: Burt Rawlings, Mrs. Daniels. He took the bait. I gave him 24 hours; *that* should hurry him up.
HELEN (delightedly): Excellent, Mr. Rawlings - you've done well! We can expect to hear from our Mr. Blake very soon, then?
RAWLINGS: If he's the sort of con *I'm* used to, he'll make his move quick-smart; nothing scares them more than a little heat.
HELEN: I hope you're profited from the exchange?
RAWLINGS: Five hundred!
HELEN: Well you deserve every penny! Thank you again and goodbye.
Helen hangs up hurriedly as Paul arrives home. She asks him how his day was and he replies that he had some good sales. Helen then tells him that Zoe called. Paul asks what she wanted.
HELEN: Well, it's always a little hard to know with Zoe! I think she wanted you to go out with her.
PAUL: What - *tonight*?
Paul, however, says he can't: he brought home a stack of paperwork that needs to be done by tomorrow. He adds that he'll go and see her later. Changing the subject, Helen says:
HELEN: I had a letter from America today.
PAUL: Oh yeah? Anyone I know?
HELEN: Rosemary. She's arriving sometime this week.
PAUL: For how long?
HELEN: Not all that long - so the least you can do is be pleasant to her; she *is* your aunt.
PAUL (coolly): She also sacked me from that insurance job, remember?
HELEN (retorts): From all accounts, Paul, she had every right.
PAUL (mutters): She only did it to show her boyfriend what a tough operator she was.
HELEN: *I* thought it was because you spent too much time acting the fool with the typists...
PAUL: Yeah, well, that's the excuse *she* used. The problem with Rosemary is she wouldn't know a good time if she fell over it.
HELEN: It sounds as if your nose is still out of joint.
PAUL (coldly): Gran, Rosemary is a pushy and aggressive woman who uses people. She always has to come out on top. Now, I don't like her and I don't like her type - and if it comes to the point, I'll say it to her face.
HELEN (curtly): You'll do no such thing. As long as she's here-
PAUL: As long as she's here, gran, I'll be around as little as possible. Why don't you just face the fact that Rosemary's nothing but an out-and-out bitch-
HELEN: Paul!
PAUL: Well she *is*.
With that, Paul storms off.
No. 24
Clive is standing with Shane in the kitchen exclaiming that it's great that Beth Travers has agreed to take them back. Shane tells him that there's a price: he had to agree to go out with her again. Clive insists that *he* was the one Beth was interested in first, not Shane. Shane, however, retorts that he only muscled in because Clive was playing Lord Muck and *he* was doing all the work. He adds that they're supposed to be a *partnership*. Danny joins them and says:
DANNY: That's where you made your first mistake: the Conrad system: fool's utopia. Capitalism's the only way to go.
Shane mutters at Danny to keep his opinions to himself. He then adds:
SHANE: I thought it would have been perfectly obvious to you, Danny, with your penetrating political insight: there's no such thing as a free lunch, all right; I agree to go out with Beth: what am I expected to do in return, eh?
DANNY (shrugs): Kiss her goodnight?!
No. 26
Daphne sits down with Helen at the kitchen counter and smiles:
DAPHNE: It was wonderful! Fresh air... no crowds... I *love* the mountains. I just wish I could get up there more often.
HELEN: There's no one stopping you.
DAPHNE: Not anymore...
Daphne then asks Helen if she's got the place to herself. Helen explains that Paul's around somewhere, but they're not talking: they've had a bit of an argument. She goes on:
HELEN: I have an adopted daughter who's coming home to Australia for a while. Her name's Rosemary. Unfortunately, she and Paul don't get on - or should I say: Paul doesn't get on with Rosemary, put it that way.
DAPHNE (muses): Paul seems to be having that problem with a *lot* of people lately. What happened?
HELEN: Well... a couple of years ago, she gave him a part-time job and there were a few problems, and it fell to her to sack him.
DAPHNE: And Paul's pride still hasn't recovered?
HELEN: That's about it. Still, it's *his* problem; we have enough worries without worrying about other people's.
DAPHNE (looking surprised): I didn't think *you* had any problems.
HELEN: Well, not so much a problem...
Daphne stares at Helen, who smiles:
HELEN: I have to tell somebody or I'll go crazy! Do you remember Douglas Blake?
DAPHNE (looking worried): Don't tell me he's back?
HELEN: He's back, but hopefully not for long. Whoever said 'revenge is sweet' certainly knew what they were talking about...
Max is at the hotel! He walks up to the reception desk, puts down a set of keys and tells the receptionist:
MAX: There you go. Plays up again, give us a call, won't you?
Max then turns to leave - but as he does so, he spots Douglas sitting in the reception area, reading a newspaper. Turning back to the receptionist, Max says urgently:
MAX: That bloke over there, reading the paper: he staying here?
The receptionist looks across the reception area, but Douglas has gone. She tells Max in surprise:
RECEPTIONIST: There's* no one* reading a paper.
Max turns and looks in astonishment at the now-empty chair.
No. 26
A while later, Max is standing in the lounge room of No. 26 with Helen and Daphne, ranting:
MAX: I mean, there he was, large as life, reading the paper. Wouldn't think he had a care in the world.
MAX: That Blake bloke. You know - took Helen's money.
DAPHNE (mouths): Oh.
MAX (to Helen): I tried to catch him for you; he was too quick off the mark, but.
Helen just turns away, causing Max to ask in surprise if she isn't pleased. Daphne decides to head off, leaving Max to demand from Helen what's going on. Helen tells him to sit down. She then explains:
HELEN: Douglas was supposed to be meeting Madge at the Regal this afternoon.
MAX (looking surprised): Madge? What for?
HELEN: Because, between the two of us, we've worked out a way to beat the man at his own game.
MAX (looking astonished): What?
HELEN: He swindled me out of $50,000 and we're going to do the same to him.
MAX (aghast): Are you *crazy*? Yous could both end up in more strife than Flash Gordon!
HELEN: I doubt it - though all our efforts could be a waste of time, now: he's not going to turn up with *you* hanging around.
MAX (mutters): I reckon I've done Madge a favour.
HELEN (demands): What on earth makes you think *that*?
MAX (snaps): Listen, I don't like the idea of you putting my sister in danger; you and your dirty work.
HELEN (retorts): Madge knew exactly what she was letting herself in for, Max. She didn't object in the slightest.
MAX: She wants her stupid head read.
HELEN: Look, it was the only way I had to get even with Douglas. You don't think he should get off scot free for what he did, do you?
MAX: Well, no, no, of course not.
HELEN: Then stop making such a fuss and pray to goodness that the man's as greedy as I think he is.
Max sits there, looking worried.
No. 28
Daphne sits down at the dining table, a set of books in front of her, and exclaims:
DAPHNE: I don't believe it! You've been through three cooks... you took money from the till to pay for champagne-
Zoe, who's standing behind the kitchen counter, insists:
ZOE: It was a bargain!
DAPHNE: It wasn't yours to take in the first place.
ZOE: Well, I paid it back.
DAPHNE: Only after you borrowed it from *Des*.
Standing up, Daphne goes on:
DAPHNE: This place is a mess. I hope the *Coffee Shop's* a bit more tidy.
ZOE: Course it is.
Walking round behind the counter, Daphne picks up a pizza box and a Kentucky Fried Chicken carton and remarks that it doesn't seem like Des is interested in proper food these days. Zoe retorts that he hasn't been interested in much at *all*, lately; he hasn't been that happy.
DAPHNE (mutters): He's only got himself to blame.
Daphne then finds a pair of tights over the back of an armchair, and she demands:
DAPHNE: Who do *these* belong to?
ZOE: Oh, they're mine.
DAPHNE (looking partially relieved): Oh.
ZOE: If you think Des is seeing other women, he isn't.
DAPHNE (shrugs): He can see who he likes; it's none of *my* business.
Zoe takes the tights. Daphne sits down in the armchair and leans back wearily.
No. 26/Madge's hotel room
Max is sitting on the couch at No. 26, drinking tea, and he asks Helen tersely how much longer they're going to sit there. He adds that that bloke's dangerous; there's no telling *what* he'll do if he's cornered. The 'phone suddenly starts ringing and Helen dashes to get it. Madge comes on and says in concern:
MADGE: Helen, he hasn't turned up yet. He was supposed to be here an hour ago.
HELEN (sighs): Yes, well if anyone's to blame, it's your *brother*.
MADGE (looking surprised): How did *he* get involved?
HELEN: He was doing a plumbing job in the hotel and he blundered into Douglas in the foyer.
MADGE: Did Douglas recognise him?
HELEN: He did.
MADGE (sighs): When is he going to learn to stay out of things that don't concern him?
HELEN: Oh well, he was only trying to do the right thing. Still, the day isn't over yet, so sit tight and see if he calls you.
MADGE: But what if he doesn't? I mean, if he's been scared off, there's no telling what--
HELEN: Madge, Douglas is a conman; he's prepared to take risks - and for what we've offered, I'm sure he'll take another one.
MADGE: True...
HELEN: Give me a ring when he gets in touch - and we'll make arrangements to meet in town, all right?
MADGE: Yes, all right. Bye.
At No. 26, Helen hangs up and Max mutters:
MAX: All set up, is it?
HELEN: Fingers crossed.
MAX: Well I'll tell you something, Helen: whether you like it or not, neither you or Madge is meeting that Douglas Blake on your own. I'm coming with yous.
HELEN (sternly, raising her voice): Oh no you won't, Max Ramsay - you've caused *enough* trouble for one day. Madge and I are perfectly capable of looking after ourselves. You can just stay at home and mind your own business. Is that clear?
Max just stares at Helen, looking astonished!
No. 24
Shane and Clive are in the kitchen, talking about needing to buy a few more bags of woodchips, when Max marches in and chucks Shane a parcel, saying a courier just delivered it. He then heads to his room. Shane opens the parcel and removes a case containing an elegant watch. Danny joins them and lets out a whistle. He asks what the card says. Shane reads:
SHANE: 'To my favourite gardener. A small gift so you won't be late tonight. Beth.'
Looking suddenly annoyed, Shane throws the card down on the coffee table. Max rejoins them and grins at his son that it looks like Beth's taken quite a shine to him. Shane, however, retorts that he's sending it back - this whole thing's got out of hand. Clive says quickly:
CLIVE: When someone gives you a present, you don't slap them in the face.
DANNY: And you don't look a gift horse in the mouth, either. Keep it.
MAX (grins): A woman must be hard-up sending presents to a bloke who only shaves three times a week!
CLIVE: He *can't* send it back - he'll be cutting our throats if he does.
MAX: Well he better do *something* - he'll be sorry if he doesn't.
Shane just sits there, silently!
No. 28
Zoe is putting on a face pack when there's a knock on the front door. She goes and answers it. Paul is on the step and he asks if he can come in. Zoe, clearly embarrassed about her appearance, tells him quickly that she's wearing a face-mask - avocado. Looking distinctly underwhelmed, Paul just says he got her message. Zoe starts to enthuse:
ZOE: Oh right, tonight, yeah, I rang about tonight. I was wondering what you were doing, because there's this great show on and the cast party's on afterwards-
PAUL: No. I'm busy.
ZOE (ignoring the interruption): ...and we've been invited and it should be really good-
PAUL: I said I'm busy.
ZOE: Oh.
Paul explains that he's got paperwork to do, 'phone calls to make, that sort of thing. Zoe pleads:
ZOE: As a favour to *me*, then. I'm always trotting out with you to *your* business dinners. Please? You'll really enjoy yourself. It'll do you good.
PAUL (states): No strings.
ZOE (blankly): Sorry?
PAUL: Zoe, you're a nice girl, I enjoy your company, but we did have a deal.
ZOE: So?
PAUL: So, we go out occasionally, but there's no expectations, no sweat, no hassles.
ZOE (mutters): It's only a *musical*.
PAUL: That's not the point.
ZOE: Well what *is*? If you ask me, you're way ahead of yourself. I like you as a friend; I thought we could have a good time together.
PAUL: Yeah, well, maybe some other night, eh? It's just the way I'm feeling: you don't get involved, you don't get hurt.
ZOE (shrugs): If that's the way you want it.
PAUL: That's the way it has to be.
With that, Paul heads out, leaving Zoe to mutter to herself:
ZOE: Fine.
No. 24
Danny is sitting on the couch, listening to music. He's put on the watch that Beth sent Shane, and as Max sits down next to him, Danny says:
DANNY: Looks all right, doesn't it? If Shane doesn't want to wear it... and he doesn't want to give it back... well, go all right with the new suit, wouldn't it.
MAX (mutters): Always on the look-out for number one, aren't you?
Shane comes in through the front door and Danny says quickly:
DANNY: Shane, I've solved your problem for you: keep the watch. You'll insult her if you give it back.
Shane, sitting down, just shrugs that he hasn't decided *what* to do with it yet. He then demands it back from Danny, who reluctantly hands it over. Changing the subject, Shane comments that he hasn't seen Madge around for a while, and he asks where she's got to.
MAX: Don't ask!
SHANE: I wouldn't mind if she's gone for *good* - I'm *sick* of sharing with Danny; I'd like my own room back.
DANNY (suggests): You could always move in with your new girlfriend.
SHANE: *What* girlfriend?
DANNY: The one who keeps sending you presents!
Looking suddenly annoyed, Shane snaps:
SHANE: Look, if you're looking for a punch--
Max quickly breaks them up. He then says:
MAX: Anyway, we couldn't get rid of Madge if we *wanted* to.
SHANE: Why not?
MAX: She owns 51% of the house, that's why. I mean, she could ask *us* to leave!
No. 22
Daphne is sitting on the couch when Clive arrives home and, looking surprised to see her there, smiles that she should have let him know she was coming - he'd have been there to give her a big welcome! He adds that she looks great - the mountains must have done her good.
DAPHNE: Yeah, they did. Sorted out a lot of my problems, too.
There's suddenly a knock on the front door and Clive calls to the visitor to come in. The front door opens and Shane enters. Daphne, looking delighted to see him, beams:
DAPHNE: Hello stranger!
Shane goes and gives her a warm hug. Clive then asks Shane if he forgot something. Shane explains:
SHANE: I've decided to go to dinner with Beth.
CLIVE: Smart thinking - we stay in business!
DAPHNE: Who's Beth?
CLIVE: Shane's new girlfriend. Cute as a button - and what about the watch-
Shane ignores Clive, though, and asks Daphne what *she's* going to do tonight. Daphne replies that she was going to go down to the Coffee Shop. Shane offers her a lift and the two of them head out.
No. 24
Danny and Max are sitting at the kitchen table, poring over some figures. Danny remarks:
DANNY: I can't understand how you let your repayments fall so far behind, dad.
MAX: That's 'cos you never had to run a family, son. I mean: school fees, food, hire purchase... it was one thing after another.
DANNY: I guess I can understand it when you put it like that. Now, where's that list of payments you've already made on the house?
Max digs out a sheet of paper and hands it to Danny. He then says:
MAX: I tell you, son: the next few months is going to be sink or swim.
Danny, however, stares at the figures and says:
DANNY: Maybe not..
As he taps some figures into a calculator, he goes on:
DANNY: If we take away what you've paid on the house so far... from what you owe... plus interest... you're halfway there. By *my* calculations, you and Aunty Madge are *equal* partners. You mightn't be able to kick *her* out, but she can't kick *you* out either!
Max takes the calculator and stares at it!
Madge's hotel room/No. 26
Madge sits down in the armchair in her hotel room and dials a number on the 'phone. The 'phone rings at No. 26 and Helen answers it.
HELEN: Madge?
MADGE: Douglas called. We've arranged to meet in City Park at a quarter to six.
HELEN: That's fantastic!
Coffee Shop
Shane is hard at work doing washing-up in the kitchen, and as Daphne comes in she apologises for roping him in. She goes to get him another tea-towel, but suddenly lets out a cry of:
DAPHNE: What the--? Not *again*...
Daphne has picked up a sleeping bag. As Zoe comes in and comments on how busy it is out in the shop, Daphne holds out the sleeping bag and Zoe sighs:
ZOE: It belongs to Mike - but I told him he couldn't stay here anymore.
DAPHNE: But what's he doing sleeping here in the first place? It's a coffee shop, not a boarding house. I've asked him once; he *promised* me.
ZOE: I know, but the poor kid was stuck for somewhere to go.
SHANE: What's wrong with *his* house?
ZOE: It's difficult. His father isn't exactly all that happy to see him.
SHANE: He hits the booze, does he?
Zoe replies that she doesn't think so; she thinks he just has to prove he's a big man. Daphne tells her curtly:
DAPHNE: You still shouldn't have let him stay *here*. If the Health Department ever find out, they'll close me down.
ZOE: Oh *I* didn't know that. Anyway, even if I did, I could hardly throw him into the street - I know what it's like having nowhere to go when you're in trouble with your parents. You should, too.
DAPHNE: Still doesn't solve the problem.
ZOE: Yeah, I know. What are you going to do?
DAPHNE: I'm going to have to talk to him. It's gone on long enough.
ZOE: You won't be *too* hard on him, will you?
DAPHNE: I'll try.
Daphne leaves Zoe to mutter that she never does *anything* right - she only came in to see if anyone wanted a free ticket to a musical!
City Park
Madge is sitting on a bench in the park. She looks at her watch and then stands up as she spots Douglas approaching, holding a large brown envelope. He hails:
MADGE (nervously): Hello. I was beginning to think you weren't coming.
DOUGLAS (looking at his watch): Two minutes late? I apologise.
MADGE: I'm sorry - it's just that I'm a bit on edge, I suppose.
DOUGLAS: Oh? Why's that?
MADGE: My husband called just before I left the hotel. Actually, we had a nice little chat - he was more pleasant than he's been in a long time.
DOUGLAS: That's *good*.
MADGE: Yes. It even seems that we might, er, you know... get back together again.
Douglas, looking suddenly agitated, guides Madge to the bench and the two of them sit down. He says in an urgent tone:
DOUGLAS: You still want to sell the diamonds, don't you?
MADGE: Oh yes, of course, but I--; I think so.
DOUGLAS (quickly): You *must*. Believe me: you'll be far better off with the cash. I mean, if it came to a court case which, God forbid... your husband needn't know about the money, but if you still had the diamonds, well, they could be considered part of a settlement, couldn't they?
MADGE (uncertainly): Yes, I suppose so.
Douglas then holds out the envelope and says:
DOUGLAS: There's your money.
Madge takes a quick look inside to satisfy herself that it's there. She then holds out a little red bag and replies:
MADGE: I suppose I'd better hand *these* over before I change my mind.
Douglas takes the bag and insists:
DOUGLAS: You're doing the right thing, believe me.
He peers inside the bag and adds:
DOUGLAS: I'd better get these to my jeweller friend before he locks up.
The two of them stand up and Douglas then says:
DOUGLAS: All the best, Madge. I hope everything works out with your husband.
MADGE: Thank you - and for all your help, too.
DOUGLAS: A pleasure, I assure you... Goodbye.
MADGE (slyly): Goodbye, Douglas...
With that, Douglas walks off, looking pleased with himself. As he strolls through the park, though, he suddenly hears a female voice behind him call:
VOICE: Douglas.
Douglas turns to find Helen standing there. A look of horror crosses his face. Helen walks up to him and smiles:
HELEN: Fancy seeing *you* here...
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Burt Rawlings in Neighbours Episode 0191
Burt Rawlings

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0191
Paul Robinson

Clive Gibbons, Danny Ramsay, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0191
Clive Gibbons, Danny Ramsay, Shane Ramsay

Daphne Lawrence, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0191
Daphne Lawrence, Helen Daniels

Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0191
Max Ramsay

Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0191
Max Ramsay

Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis in Neighbours Episode 0191
Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis

Danny Ramsay, Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0191
Danny Ramsay, Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Clive Gibbons

Paul Robinson, Zoe Davis in Neighbours Episode 0191
Paul Robinson, Zoe Davis

Danny Ramsay, Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0191
Danny Ramsay, Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay

Daphne Lawrence, Clive Gibbons in Neighbours Episode 0191
Daphne Lawrence, Clive Gibbons

Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0191
Daphne Lawrence, Zoe Davis, Shane Ramsay

Douglas Blake, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0191
Douglas Blake, Madge Mitchell

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0191
Madge Mitchell

Helen Daniels, Douglas Blake in Neighbours Episode 0191
Helen Daniels, Douglas Blake

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