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Neighbours Episode 0190 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0190
Australian airdate: 14/02/86
UK airdate: 27/07/87
UK Gold: 23/07/93
Writer: Sally Webb
Director: Andrew Friedman
Guests: Douglas Blake: James Condon
Beth Travers: Virginia Hey
Burt Rawlings: Neil Thompson
Summary/Images by: Graham
- Jim and Paul visiting Scott at the hospital.
- Madge calling Helen in concern to tell her that Douglas hasn't shown up yet with her $10,000 diamond.
- Nikki asking Scott how he came to be accused of rape.
- Madge calling Helen to tell her that Douglas has is at the hotel reception and she's going down now to meet him.
Madge is sitting at a table with Douglas in the hotel restaurant. A waiter serves them with tea and Madge thanks him. Douglas then reaches into his inside jacket pocket, takes out a small case and says:
DOUGLAS: Your diamond, I believe.
MADGE (grimly): I do hope so.
DOUGLAS (looking surprised): What do you mean, 'you hope so'? Don't you trust me?
MADGE (pointedly): Well, I hardly *know* you - and you were supposed to be back here a good two hours ago. What did you *expect* me to think?
DOUGLAS: It does take time to have a proper valuation done. I suppose I should've been more specific, but I assumed you'd appreciate that.
MADGE: I'm sorry, but you must understand my concern.
DOUGLAS (murmurs): I suppose I must.
MADGE (more calmly): Forgive me, Douglas, I do trust you - and I'm very grateful for everything that you've done.
DOUGLAS (smiles): Apologies accepted.
MADGE: Thank you.
DOUGLAS: Now, would you like to hear the verdict? Apparently, your ex-husband really does know his gems. It's of a particularly fine quality.
MADGE (muses): Yes... he always *did* have a good eye for inanimate objects... Just how fine *is* it?
DOUGLAS: My friend feels he could sell it - easily - for $5,000.
MADGE (opening her eyes wide): Five thousand? Well... that *is* a surprise...
Madge smiles at Douglas, knowingly.
No. 24
Max is preparing breakfast in the kitchen when Shane emerges from his bedroom and groans that it feels like every muscle in his body is aching. Max asks him gleefully what he and the boss-lady got up to last night! Shane just retorts that Max has a filthy mind! He then goes on curtly:
SHANE: It may have escaped your notice, but for the last few months I've been sitting on my backside in a limo.
MAX: Yeah - soft, that's what you are! You know - I reckon I'm fitter than the lot of yous!
Changing the subject, Max then asks Shane how the big date went last night.
SHANE (shrugs): So so.
He adds that Beth happens to be a very nice lady, but not his type; and he only took her out anyway because he knew it would get up Clive's back! Max, looking worried, says to Shane that he's all for giving Clive a hard time, but is that really the way to go about it? At that moment, Clive comes in through the back door and asks Shane cheerfully if he's ready, or if he's too tired to work after his big night out.
MAX (grinning at Clive): Looks like you certainly missed the boat there, eh?!
SHANE (warns): Cut it out, dad.
Clive tells Shane that he'll wait for him in the car. He heads out again, leaving Max to muse to Shane:
MAX: The man's a bigger fool than I *thought* he was! You mean he's actually going to *wait* for you?
SHANE: What's so strange about that?
MAX: Well look - if he wants to crack-on to the boss, shouldn't he be trying to get her on her own, shouldn't he, eh?
With that, Shane leaps up from his chair and says:
SHANE: Good point. See you later!
As Shane heads out, Max murmurs:
MAX: Thought you said she wasn't your type?!
No. 26/Madge's hotel room
The 'phone rings and Helen dashes to answer it in the kitchen. Madge comes on and Helen says quickly that she's been frantic. She asks how things went.
MADGE: Just as you said it would. He was deliberately late, just to see how far he could push me.
HELEN: And was he terribly offended when he implied you didn't trust him?
MADGE (gloats): Oh, terribly! But he graciously accepted my abject apologies; not until after I'd crawled a bit, mind you.
HELEN: And he told you the value of the stone? Now let me see... he would've said, um, four thousand?
MADGE: Five.
HELEN: *Five*? How generous of him! That's more than half its real value. Oh Madge, I'm so glad you got your diamond back.
MADGE: Oh Helen, I could've cried with relief when I saw it.
Madge pauses before then asking what they do now.
HELEN (smiles): We continue to drive the knife in slowly but surely...
Madge is sitting with Douglas at a table in the hotel restaurant. Looking upset, she thanks him for helping her out at reception. She adds:
MADGE: I can't begin to tell you how foolish I feel about all of this. You see, I've always had money; not being able to settle a debt, it's foreign to me.
DOUGLAS: Well there's no need to feel foolish; you haven't appeared so - to *anyone*.
MADGE (sadly): If only that were so...
DOUGLAS: It *is* so.
MADGE: I seem to be constantly embarrassing myself somehow or other.
DOUGLAS: Why can't you see that you're an attractive, intelligent, thoroughly delightful human being?
MADGE: Probably because I feel like an impoverished, middle-aged divorcee.
DOUGLAS (smiles): Then you'll have to learn to see yourself differently.
MADGE: I'll try - just for you.
Douglas pauses before then saying:
DOUGLAS: Madge, if you really *are* in such dire financial straits, why on earth don't you, um, sell your diamonds?
MADGE: Well, because, strictly speaking, they belong to Donald. You see, he gave them to me on the understanding that they couldn't be sold without his co-operation.
DOUGLAS: Why would he have to know?
MADGE: Because he knows just about every gem merchant in the country. He's made it clear to them that they risk losing his custom if they buy from me or from any agent of mine.
DOUGLAS: Ah, I see. [Pauses] *I* may be able to help you out.
MADGE: I really think you've done enough for me already. I don't see how you could.
DOUGLAS: I could buy them myself. I do a little trading in gems from time to time.
MADGE: Not *all* of them, surely?
DOUGLAS: Why not? I'm almost certain I could raise the money within 24 hours.
MADGE: Oh no, Douglas, that would be too much of an imposition.
DOUGLAS: My dear lady... it would be a pleasure.
Beth Travers' back garden
Shane is whistling while he works. Clive looks at him in annoyance and mutters:
CLIVE: Pretty damn pleased with yourself, aren't you? I put myself out to take you into partnership and you've got to go do *this* to me.
Shane smiles at Clive that he's just a bad loser! He adds that he's really not that interested in Clive - *or* Beth. Clive suggests curtly that Shane go and tell *Beth* that - right now. Shane, however, grins:
SHANE: Well, well, well, look who's jealous!
CLIVE (snaps): Don't be ridiculous. I just don't think it's fair on Beth, that's all - she can hardly take her eyes off you.
SHANE (shrugs): I'll tell her.
CLIVE: When?
SHANE: In my own time, Clive!
No. 26
Madge has turned up, and as Helen invites her in, she says warily that she shouldn't have asked Madge to do this. Madge, however, insists:
MADGE: Oh Helen, I'm having a ball! I feel like Miss. Marple and Emma Peel all rolled into one!
The two of them sit down on the couch and Helen asks how this morning's meeting went.
MADGE: Just as you said it would. Do you know, he is so good at what he does, I almost found myself believing him.
HELEN (sadly): *I* believed every blasted word he *said*
MADGE: I'm not surprised, having met him. You'd almost have to be psychic to see through that act.
Helen then asks if Douglas is off seeing his accountant to arrange finance.
MADGE: Where else? We're getting very close, Helen.
HELEN (looking worried): Yes... but Douglas is nobody's fool. I'm afraid he might sense that we're setting him up.
MADGE: Never!
Helen smiles at Madge that perhaps she should try a career on the stage when this is all over! Madge says she might just do that! She then adds:
MADGE: You know, Helen, I'm awfully glad we're friends. I'd hate to have you as an enemy!
HELEN: Well, I think Douglas Blake is the first person to have had that privilege. I've been taken for a fool before - but never that; and 50,000-odd dollars...
Beth Travers' back garden
Beth wanders over to where Shane and Clive are working and suggests to Shane that he come and talk to her. Clive mutters to Shane:
CLIVE: While you're at it, you can tell her what you told *me* earlier.
Shane joins Beth at the garden table. She tells him that he *deserves* a break: he's been working twice as hard as his so-called partner. Shane grins that Clive's just not used to the work yet. He sits down and Beth goes on:
BETH: I really enjoyed our date the other night. When do you think we could go out again?
SHANE: You don't want to spend all your time with hired help, now, do you?
BETH: If I like a man, I like him; it doesn't matter what he does for a living. So, er, how about tonight?
SHANE (glancing across at Clive): Um, no, I can't.
BETH: Tomorrow?
SHANE: Beth, this is really quite awkward, but my going out with you is causing problems between me and Clive: he thinks it's unprofessional.
BETH (tersely): Well tell him it's got nothing to do with him.
SHANE (sighs): I can't do that.
BETH: All right, then, *I will*.
SHANE: Beth, I can't do it because I happen to agree with him.
BETH (coolly): I see.
SHANE: Beth, I think you're terrific, and I really enjoyed our date, but you can't go mixing business with pleasure.
BETH: Is that the *only* reason? I mean, you'd go out with me again if you weren't working for me, right?
SHANE: Yeah, course I would.
BETH: Well, that's simple.
Beth then calls across to Clive, who runs over to the table. She tells him:
BETH: What I wanted to say was: firstly, you should learn to mind your own damn business; and secondly - you're both fired.
Shane looks at Beth in shock.
No. 26
Helen and Madge are still talking, and Helen is telling Madge to wear her most gullible expression! Max comes in through the back door and joins them. Seeing Madge sitting there, he says coolly:
MAX: G'day - and where the dickens have *you* been, eh?
MADGE: Why? Did you miss me?
MAX (admits): Yeah. Yeah, I have, as a matter of fact.
MADGE (shrugs): Life's tough without a maid around the house!
Max, sitting down, muses that he actually quite enjoys having a semi-intelligent adult to talk to when he gets home! He then asks Madge when she'll be back. Madge retorts that she hopes it'll be very soon. Max adds that he gets the feeling Helen and Madge are up to something. Madge just replies quickly that she and Helen have been planning a surprise for a friend: she should have all the arrangements finalised in a day or so. Max asks who the friend is. Madge, however, retorts that it's time Max stopped sticking his nose into her business.
MAX (snaps): Well let's hope one of these days you'll wake up and realise I'm not five years old anymore and start treating me as a grown-up; someone you can trust. But oh no, that's too much to ask for, so suit yourself. I'll see you when I see you.
With that, Max storms out. Madge smiles at Helen and says she's sorry. Helen just shrugs:
HELEN: Max's moods are Max's moods; it wouldn't be the same without them!
No. 24
Shane and Clive head into No. 24, Clive demanding to know exactly what Shane *said* to Beth. Shane retorts that he just said what Clive wanted him to. He adds with a shrug that they lost the job; there'll be others.
CLIVE (incredulously): There'll be *others*? Thousands of lovely, lonely ladies queuing up for us to do their gardens?
SHANE: If she means that much to you, why don't you get over there and ask her out?
CLIVE: You're nuts! Why the hell would I want to go out with someone who's just given me the sack?
Max comes in through the back door and, seeing Shane and Clive there, smiles that he thought the two of them would be lying around the lady's pool, sipping champers.
SHANE (mutters): The lady just gave us the boot.
MAX: Oh yeah? Why?
SHANE: She didn't really have a reason.
CLIVE: *I'll* give you one: his initials are Shane Ramsay.
Looking suddenly brighter, Clive says that what they need is some action, and he asks Shane if he still has a list of the contacts from the last time he was contract gardening. Shane nods that he thinks so. Clive tells him to start searching. He then adds:
CLIVE: This is going to be big, Max. I can see me and Shane being millionaires before the decade's out!
MAX: What - with *you* in charge?!
Madge is sitting alone at a table in the hotel restaurant. Douglas approaches her suddenly and says:
DOUGLAS: I've kept you waiting! I am so sorry!
He kisses Madge's hand gently and then asks if she's ordered a drink.
MADGE: No. I thought I'd wait until you arrived, and then I'd know whether to order champagne, or something nice and expensive like water!
DOUGLAS: A lady as fair as yourself can only drink champagne in my company!
Douglas calls to a waiter and asks for champagne. He then sits down as Madge remarks:
MADGE: You seem to be in very good spirits! Do I take it that the news is good?
DOUGLAS: Not bad - but you'll have to remain destitute just a little while longer, I'm afraid.
MADGE (looking downcast): Oh dear.
DOUGLAS: Don't look so dismayed; it's just that in order to raise the money quickly, I've had to sell-off one or two of my antiques.
MADGE (looking shocked): Douglas! If I'd realised you had to sell off your belongings, I never would've asked you.
DOUGLAS (insists): You *didn't* ask me. I *offered*.
MADGE: That's as maybe--
DOUGLAS: Look, it was just a couple of things that have been gathering dust for ages. I should've got rid of them long ago.
MADGE: Are you sure?
DOUGLAS: I have a definite buyer and I'm meeting him this afternoon - so by five, I shall be able quite painlessly to give you $50,000 in exchange for those tiresome pieces of stone.
MADGE: Oh Douglas, I'm not entirely happy about this...
DOUGLAS: Oh, you worry too much! - and about all the wrong things!
The waiter brings the champagne as Douglas adds:
DOUGLAS: Now, when can I see all ten stones?
MADGE: Any time you like; I'll be delighted to be rid of them. There are so many tricksters in the world...
Douglas looks at her. Madge then goes on:
MADGE: Douglas, I haven't been entirely honest with you. I had the stones valued before I met you.
Madge takes a piece of paper out of her handbag and hands it to Douglas, who looks at it. He then raises his eyebrows and says:
DOUGLAS: He's offered *four* thousand each.
MADGE: Yes. A pittance. My husband *told* me he was trying to rob me. The nerve of some people! Just because I'm a woman, it doesn't mean I'm a complete imbecile when it comes to business. Oh, it's so nice to be dealing with a man I can trust.
Douglas just picks up his glass of champagne and says:
DOUGLAS: I am delighted to propose a toast to a lady who is shortly to become $50,000 richer.
MADGE (slyly): And may I return the toast? To a man who is about to become $50,000 *poorer*...
No. 24
Max is sitting watching TV when there's a knock on the front door. He goes and opens it and starts to snap:
MAX: Now look, I-
He breaks off, however, as he finds an attractive woman standing on the step. It's Beth Travers. He asks her what he can do for her, and she explains that she's probably looking for his son - Shane Ramsay? She adds that she's Beth Travers. Max, staring at her, remarks:
MAX: Oh? Oh, *you're* Beth Travers...!
No. 26/Madge's hotel room
The 'phone rings and Helen comes in from outside to answer it. Madge comes on and says:
MADGE: Oh, thank heavens! For a minute, I thought you weren't there!
HELEN (looking concerned): Madge, what's wrong?
MADGE: Nothing. It's just that I'm like a cat on hot bricks. He's gone off to get the money.
HELEN: Are you sure he doesn't suspect anything?
MADGE: No, not a thing. The false document from the jeweller's worked perfectly: he's convinced there are ten genuine stones.
HELEN (smiling in relief): You mustn't let your guard down, Madge. Not now.
MADGE: No, I won't - don't worry.
HELEN: Now remember: when he hands it to you, just leave the hotel without any fuss. Just leave, get into a cab and come straight here, right?
MADGE (nods): Right. He said he'd be back about five.
HELEN (looking excited): Good! Now stay calm - in a couple of hours it'll be all over.
MADGE: I'll see you about 5:30.
HELEN: Good luck!
With that, Helen hangs up, looking partly worried and partly happy.
No. 24
Max hands Beth a cup of tea and tells her that Shane shouldn't be long: the shop's only five minutes away. They start to talk about Beth's divorce, but are interrupted by Shane arriving home. As he comes in, he stops in his tracks as he sees Beth sitting there. He says coolly:
SHANE: Hello.
BETH: Hello. I've come to offer you your job back.
SHANE (curtly): You only *sacked* us a couple of hours ago.
BETH: Oh, I know. I acted on impulse. Look, I don't want Clive back - just his partner.
SHANE: Thanks, Beth, but no thanks. Clive and I are a team.
With that, Shane heads through to the kitchen. Beth calls after him not to be so silly. Shane calls back that it may sound silly to *her*, but he and Clive had an agreement. Max joins Shane in the kitchen and says tersely:
MAX: Don't be a drongo, son. The lady's offering your job back. The gorilla doesn't want it anyway.
SHANE: How would *you* know?
Returning to the lounge room, Shane tells Beth:
SHANE: We're a partnership, and a deal's a deal. *You'd* understand that, wouldn't you?
BETH: So it's all or nothing, huh?
SHANE: 'Fraid so.
Beth, standing up, comments:
BETH: You drive a hard bargain, Shane - but OK: I'll take you *both* back.
Shane, looking astonished, says quickly:
SHANE: Are you sure about that? I mean, you're not going to get home and suddenly change your mind, are you?
BETH: I'll put it in writing, if you like.
SHANE: Starting tomorrow?
BETH: First thing - and to celebrate: how about I take you out to dinner?
Shane turns to look at Max. Beth teases:
BETH: Oh Shane... you're not going to tell me that Clive has to come too, are you?!
Douglas picks up a newspaper in the hotel reception area. As he goes to walk out, he passes a man who's standing reading a newspaper of his own. The man stops him and says:
MAN: Mr. Blake. Mr. Douglas Blake?
DOUGLAS (looking irritated): You must be mistaken.
MAN: It *is* Mr. Douglas Blake. Or is it Mr. Burton? Or - Mr. Manning?!
DOUGLAS (curtly): I don't know you. Excuse me - I'm in a hurry.
MAN: Oh I've got an appointment myself, too - with a Mrs. Helen Daniels?
DOUGLAS (glaring at the man): What do you want?
The man is Rawlings, the detective Helen hired. He tells Douglas:
RAWLINGS: Mrs. Daniels appears very keen to track you down: some outstanding business matter?
DOUGLAS (coldly): You leave, or I'll have you *thrown* out.
RAWLINGS: I *could* tell her about your exact whereabouts. On the other hand, it could take a little while for it to reach her - say, 24 hours? $500 should cover it.
DOUGLAS (mutters): Ridiculous.
Rawlings goes to walk off, shrugging:
RAWLINGS: Please yourself.
Douglas, however, stops him and says quietly and reluctantly:
DOUGLAS: Wait here. I'll get your money.
With that, Douglas walks away, leaving Rawlings standing with a smile on his face...
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Madge Mitchell, Douglas Blake in Neighbours Episode 0190
Madge Mitchell, Douglas Blake

Shane Ramsay, Clive Gibbons, Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0190
Shane Ramsay, Clive Gibbons, Max Ramsay

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0190
Helen Daniels

Douglas Blake in Neighbours Episode 0190
Douglas Blake

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0190
Madge Mitchell

Shane Ramsay, Beth Travers in Neighbours Episode 0190
Shane Ramsay, Beth Travers

Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0190
Max Ramsay

Clive Gibbons, Shane Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0190
Clive Gibbons, Shane Ramsay

Madge Mitchell, Douglas Blake in Neighbours Episode 0190
Madge Mitchell, Douglas Blake

Beth Travers in Neighbours Episode 0190
Beth Travers

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0190
Madge Mitchell

Max Ramsay, Beth Travers in Neighbours Episode 0190
Max Ramsay, Beth Travers

Shane Ramsay, Max Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0190
Shane Ramsay, Max Ramsay

Douglas Blake, Burt Rawlings in Neighbours Episode 0190
Douglas Blake, Burt Rawlings

Burt Rawlings in Neighbours Episode 0190
Burt Rawlings

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