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Neighbours Episode 0189 from 1986 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 0189
Australian airdate: 13/02/86
UK airdate: 24/07/87
UK Gold: 22/07/93
Writer: Kaye Bendle
Director: Andrew Friedman
Guests: Scott: Jason Donovan
Nikki: Charlene Fenn
Summary/Images by: Graham
- The nurse at the hospital asking Scott if he's thought any more about going home. Scott sighing that he can't talk to his dad over the 'phone.
- Douglas Blake telling Madge that he could take her diamonds to be valued. Madge suggesting that she just give Douglas the diamond she has with her adding that she trusts him not to run off with it.
- Scott calling Jim from the hospital. Jim looking immensely relieved to hear from him.
No. 26
Helen joins Jim in the kitchen, asking him if he knows where Scott's good shoes are. Jim is in the middle of cleaning those shoes! Paul comes in and asks what's going on.
JIM (happily): We've found Scott!
PAUL (exclaims): What?! Is he all right?
JIM: He sounded fine to *me*. Never thought I'd enjoy cleaning a pair of shoes so much!
PAUL: I'll give you some of *mine*, then!
Jim, however, explains that this is a one-off: the hospital wants some clean clothes for Scott to come home in. Paul asks in concern what Scott's doing in hospital.
JIM: I guess I'll find that out when I get there - but it can't be *too* serious, otherwise they wouldn't be saying to come and pick him up.
Paul asks which hospital it is. Helen replies that it's some little place in the back of nowhere. Paul tells Jim that he'll come with him. Jim starts to protest that he doesn't think that's a very good idea, but Paul retorts:
PAUL: Dad, Scott's my brother. I want to go with you.
JIM (sighs): All right - but we're going right now: it's going to take us an hour to get there.
With that, the two of them head out, just as Madge comes in through the back door. Helen tells her happily that they've found Scott and he's OK. Madge beams that she's so pleased! Helen adds:
HELEN: I'm going to hug that boy to pieces!
St. Agnes Memorial Hospital
Jim and Paul have arrived at the hospital. They find Scott's room and head inside. Scott is lying asleep and Jim goes and touches him gently on the face. Scott sits up, suddenly, looking slightly taken aback. He then murmurs:
SCOTT: Dad. Paul. Sorry - I'm still a bit jumpy.
Jim tells him to take it easy. Paul looks at his brother and says:
PAUL: What's your game, vanishing like that?! I was beginning to get scared to look in a paper in case I saw your ugly mush staring out at me!
SCOTT: So was *I*. I was just trying to get home. The school safari turned into a disaster. I thought the police might be looking for me, so I decided to leave. I hitched a lift, got clobbered and ended up in here.
JIM: Well I *have* warned you about doing crazy things like that.
SCOTT: I know. I guess I wasn't thinking too straight.
Jim then asks his son why he didn't telephone.
SCOTT: I thought home would be the *first* place the police would be looking for me.
JIM (sighs): Oh well - the main thing is you're all right. Let's get you home, eh?
Pacific Bank
Danny hangs up the 'phone and turns to Des and tells him that Scott is all right: Jim and Paul have gone to pick him up. Des exclaims that that's great news! He adds that he wonders what the story is.
DANNY: I don't know. I guess I'll find out later on.
DES: Yeah - no doubt you two will be getting up to your old tricks again!
DANNY (firmly): *I* certainly won't be getting up to any old tricks, Des. You're forgetting: I'm part of the workforce now. Scott's still at school.
DES (muses): How could I forget?!
DANNY: Scott's still of the opinion that life is for having fun-
The two of them are interrupted by Zoe rushing in and crying that she's in a real fix: there are all these people at the Coffee Shop and she can't cope on her own and there's no food prepared - so she shut up shop.
DES (gasps in horror): You did *what*?
ZOE: Well what else could I do? I can't cook like Daphne can.
DANNY: Zoe, I don't see what you're worried about. All you need to do is get some of the students from the Tech to do the cooking. The job market being the way--
DES (sighs): Danny, if you don't shut up, *you'll* be out of a job! Zoe, you must be able to cook *something*?
ZOE: I make a nice tuna casserole-
Des interrupts and explains that he was thinking more in the line of what they have at the Coffee Shop.
ZOE (shrugs): Well I don't know. I used to be all right with soya burgers and alfalfa salads when I was a vegetarian--
DES: Great! Great! Now, you go back to the Coffee Shop and take everything off the menu except, what, hamburgers... salads... and sandwiches; come on: you can cook sandwiches!
ZOE (indignantly): Of course I can - I'm not a *complete* klutz!
DES: Zoe, you're supposed to be *helping* Daphne, not sending her bankrupt. Now don't ever shut-up shop again.
With that, Zoe heads off reluctantly. When she's gone, Danny muses:
DANNY: She's certainly not another Daphne!
DES: No...
DANNY: Daphne's a good cook... good worker... *and* good looking.
Des stares at him and mutters:
DES: Just can it, Danny, will you?
No. 26
Helen is talking on the 'phone telling Jim that she can't wait to see Scott. Nikki comes in through the front door as Helen hangs up. Nikki says quickly:
NIKKI: Scott's OK?
HELEN: He's fine!
As the two of them head through to the kitchen, Helen explains that Paul and Jim are bringing Scott home via the police station: the Sergeant wants to question him about the murdered boy. Nikki asks what *happened* to Scott. Helen explains that he was hitchhiking home, some thugs picked him up and mugged him. She then adds:
HELEN: Now, Nikki, I want you to promise me that *you* won't go hitchhiking or wandering off somewhere all alone. This isn't a country town, you know.
NIKKI (indignantly): Aunty Helen, I'm not a child. Anyway, I don't go to the sorts of places where that happens.
HELEN (sternly): *No* place is a safe place. Hitchhiking is *out*.
Changing the subject, Helen tells Nikki that she has *another* surprise for her.
NIKKI (eagerly): What is it?
HELEN: I seem to remember a certain young lady wanting some friends over to visit...
NIKKI: You mean Jane and William can really come to dinner?
HELEN: How about next week?
NIKKI (throwing her arms around Helen): Oh Aunty Helen, that's great!
No. 24
Madge is in the kitchen, preparing dinner. Danny joins her and she tells him to remember to take the casserole out of the oven. Danny asks her if she's not staying for dinner. Madge retorts that no, she isn't: she just dashed in to make sure they had something decent to eat.
DANNY: So why are you rushing off to a hotel?
MADGE (curtly): That's none of your business.
DANNY: Why? You always want to know what *I'm* doing.
Danny then smiles:
DANNY: *I* know where you're going: you're going to a Tupperware party, and you're going to splash out and buy us a new lettuce drier!
MADGE (sounding exasperated): Oh Danny, really, you *are* the limit sometimes! I'll have you know that I'm going into town on very important business.
With that, Madge heads out, leaving Danny looking intrigued.
No. 26
A banner has been erected in the lounge room, saying 'WELCOME HOME SCOTT'. As Scott comes in through the front door with Paul and Jim, he tells Helen that she shouldn't have gone to so much trouble! Helen gives him a huge hug as she explains that Nikki made the sign. Scott thanks Nikki. Paul muses:
PAUL: I notice there was no ticker-tape parade for me when *I* came home.
Helen insists that they'd have had all the flags out for him, too, had they known *when* he was coming home. Paul smiles that he knows: he just doesn't want Scott getting a big head! Jim says he's sure there's not too much chance of *that*. He then turns to Scott and adds:
JIM: Although, on the other hand, you haven't really been *using* your head too well just lately.
SCOTT (mutedly): Yeah, I'm sorry, dad. I should've 'phoned - but I was just scared, I guess.
HELEN (declares): Well you're home - that's the main thing.
NIKKI: But how come that girl said you raped her and all that?
HELEN (warns): Nikki...
NIKKI: I mean, it's pretty dumb running away if you haven't even *done* anything.
SCOTT (retorts): I *didn't* run away.
NIKKI: Well how come she accused you?
SCOTT: Because my so-called mates *scared* her. The dance was going really well. We went outside for a talk during the break and my mates thought they'd come up and hassle us. They thought it was *real* funny. Anyway, she got scared when her dad turned up and told him that we were attacking her. I mean, I know I should've stayed, but I just didn't want to be accused of something I hadn't done.
JIM: Well, if it's any comfort to you, the boys did the right thing in the end: they told me that you weren't involved.
SCOTT (bitterly): Yeah, well, they're no mates of *mine* anymore.
NIKKI: Well at least you've learned a lesson from it: that sort of thing can happen anywhere, you know?
SCOTT (coolly): Yes, Nicole...
No. 28
Des arrives home from work to find a plate of fish and chips on the kitchen counter. He goes and helps himself to a chip and doesn't even look at Zoe as she waltzes out from the bedroom wearing a new orange dress. She says:
ZOE: Well? What do you think?
DES: Great chips.
ZOE: Not the chips, dummy, my new dress!
Des turns to look at Zoe as she explains that she got it on approval to see if Paul thought it would be suitable for some of his business dinners. She then tells Des that she's got a surprise for him. Going over to a box on the floor, she lifts out a bottle and beams:
ZOE: Look - I saved you $25 on the deal. No more cheap champagne for *us*! The guy came into the Coffee Shop said it was the best!
DES (aghast): How can you save me $25 on something I don't *want*?
ZOE: But *everybody* wants champagne. Besides, I took the money out of the shop's takings, so if *you* don't want it, I don't know *what* I'll do.
DES (sighs): I suppose they didn't give it to you on approval?
ZOE: Of course not.
DES (mutters): OK, I'll pay for it.
With that, Zoe gives Des a kiss on the cheek and enthuses:
ZOE: Oh Des, you're a real trouper! I mean, there are always things to celebrate: new jobs and promotions and weddings...
Zoe is saved from putting her foot further into her mouth by Paul coming in. Zoe shows him the dress and he smiles that it's very nice. He asks her if she'd like to come to a dinner *tonight*. Zoe beams that she'd be delighted, and she asks if she should wear her new dress. Paul, however, tells her that he thinks it might be a little bit *too* snazzy.
ZOE (glumly): Fair enough - I didn't like the colour much anyway.
Paul tells Zoe that he'll pick her up at 7pm, and he heads off. Des - getting stuck into the fish and chips - then says to Zoe quietly:
DES: Listen, Paul's been pretty badly hurt by Terry. I just don't want to see anybody get hurt.
ZOE (insists): Don't worry, Des, it's purely business. This is one girl who's got her feet firmly planted on the ground.
Madge is sitting alone at a table in the hotel restaurant. She looks at her watch and sighs heavily, an expression of worry on her face. She gets up and leaves the table.
No. 26
Scott is talking on the 'phone to Julie, having trouble getting away! Jim calls to him loudly that his dinner's getting cold! Helen takes the 'phone from Scott in order to rescue him!
Madge sits down in an armchair in her hotel room and dials a number on the room telephone. She just gets an engaged tone. She sighs nervously:
MADGE: Come on, Helen, get off the 'phone...
No. 26
Helen is still talking to Julie. At the kitchen table, Nikki is saying that the meal there is better than boarding school food! On the 'phone, Helen tells Julie that they're looking forward to seeing her soon.
Madge picks up the 'phone again and dials a number.
No. 26
As Helen sits down at the kitchen table, she tells everyone that she thinks Julie's going to have Lucy wearing a dress every day! The 'phone rings again and Nikki goes to get it. Madge comes on and asks in an urgent tone if she can speak to Helen. Nikki gets her.
HELEN: Hello Madge.
MADGE (sounding concerned): He hasn't shown up yet. Oh Helen, I'm getting really worried: that diamond's worth $10,000.
HELEN (glancing at the family and then replying in an upbeat tone): Oh, that's fine, Madge: you know what men are like!
MADGE: What if he's run off with it? It'd be pretty hard explaining it to the police.
HELEN: Oh, just don't worry about it; just sit back and take your time.
MADGE: Look, I know you can't talk, so just answer me 'yes' or 'no'. Do you think I should hang on?
HELEN (smiles): Yes, of course!
MADGE (sighs): All right, then. I'll 'phone you and let you know what happens.
HELEN: Right. Bye!
With that, Helen hangs up, looking worried. She rejoins the rest of the family as Danny comes in through the back door and smiles that he thought he'd come and see how the long-lost traveller is!
SCOTT: I'm fine, mate!
DANNY: About *time* you showed up!
SCOTT: I would've been home sooner, but the thought of seeing your ugly face turned me right off!
Nikki then asks Danny what he's been doing to his aunt, as she sounded upset on the 'phone just now. Danny shrugs that he hasn't done *anything*: she's gone out for the evening. Nikki explains that Madge was just talking to Helen on the 'phone. Helen says quickly that Madge wasn't upset; she just wanted to have a chat. She then changes the subject and invites Danny to join them for dessert.
DANNY (happily): Sure!
Madge is still sitting in the armchair in her room. She looks at her watch, sighs heavily and stands up.
No. 26
Danny smiles as he puts down his spoon and tells Helen that no matter how full he is, he always has room for some of her dessert! He then turns to Nikki and comments that she's looking very smart today.
NIKKI (tersely): You needn't think it was for *your* benefit; I thought we should all dress up a bit for Scott coming home.
HELEN: You're looking rather spiffy yourself, Danny!
DANNY: Well I do have a certain image to maintain - now that I'm working!
NIKKI: You're going *well* at the bank, then?
Paul interjects and says:
PAUL: Now, Danny, I wouldn't go getting any ideas about young Nikki - she's already found her Mr. Perfect, haven't you? [He looks at Nikki]. Mr. William Megabucks, isn't it? Can't compete with *that*!
With that, Paul heads out. Danny asks Nikki who William is.
NIKKI: He's Jane's brother: you met her the other day.
DANNY (recalls): Oh, the one who's always going O/S.
Over by the counter, Jim asks Helen if everything's all right.
HELEN (dismissively): Of course it is...
Madge is sitting alone again at a table in the hotel restaurant, sipping a cup of coffee. She looks frantically worried.
No. 26
Scott and Danny go and sit down in the lounge room, Scott commenting as they do so that Nikki's all right for a cousin: she didn't used to look that good when she wore *braces*!
DANNY: And *you* didn't used to go *walkabout*. Your folks have been worried sick about you, Scott.
SCOTT: Yeah, well, I had my reasons.
DANNY: Why didn't you go to the cops?
SCOTT: Listen, it's a long story. I wasn't thinking straight. It was pretty stupid of me, I suppose, but--
DANNY: And your mates weren't much good to you, by the sounds of it. If they'd owned up, you would've been OK.
SCOTT (retorts): Yeah, and *they'd* have copped it. Listen, dad's talked about this plenty.
Changing the subject, Scott then asks Danny what this is that he hears about Danny working at the bank.
DANNY: Yeah, I'm working at the local branch now.
SCOTT: Yeah? Quite a big fish in a small pond. Good on ya!
DANNY: I might even be Bank Manager pretty soon.
SCOTT: You're kidding!
DANNY (seriously): No, I've decided that hard work and dedication's the only way to get where I'm going.
SCOTT (laughs): Danny, you haven't done a hard day's work in your *life*! I mean, I leave you alone for five minutes and you're turning into some sort of young Liberal.
DANNY (frowns): Yeah... well, keep it down.
SCOTT: Well what's all this *for*? What are you trying to do: impress Nikki or something?
DANNY: Me?! Get serious!
SCOTT: Yeah, well Des is already a Bank Manager and look at him: *he* doesn't talk like a jerk.
DANNY (looking put-out): What are you talking about?
SCOTT: Listen, whatever you do, it's fine by me; I'm just happy to see your face again!
DANNY: Me too - and don't ever pull a stunt like that again, Scotty, or I'll-
SCOTT: Or you'll *what*, hey?
DANNY (laughs): You're getting pretty tough, aren't you?!
SCOTT: It takes a lot more than a hospital to keep *me* down, pal!
DANNY: Yeah?
SCOTT: Yeah!
DANNY: Well let's say you put up or shut up.
SCOTT: Fair enough.
With that, the two boys move toward the coffee table and engage in an arm wrestle - which Scott wins easily.
DANNY: Best of three?!
No. 28
Des and Paul are sitting drinking champagne and Paul comments that it's not half-bad. Des muses that, knowing Zoe, it probably fell off the back of a truck! Zoe joins them at that moment, wearing a pink dress, and tells the guys that she'll be two minutes.
DES: Is that a Zoe two minutes or a real person's?!
PAUL: Ah, now, *there's* something: when *Daphne* said two minutes, she *meant* two minutes.
DES (sighs): Why does everybody keep telling me how much I've lost by not having Daphne? I mean, do they think that I don't know or something? Everybody walks around just holding Daphne up as an example.
PAUL: Well she *was*, mate.
DES: She's not *dead* yet. Everybody talks about her in the past tense, as if she doesn't exist anymore.
PAUL: She isn't for *you*, mate. Des, when are you going to face up to it and start playing the field? I mean, Shane's already shown that he's pretty determined where Daphne's concerned.
DES (shrugs): Well if Shane makes Daphne happy, that's OK by *me*.
Zoe rejoins them and asks if her dress is too disco-ey. She then asks for another minute and she dashes off again.
DES (muses): Oh well - at least we've got it down to *one* minute!
No. 26
Jim and Helen are doing the washing up. Nikki asks if she can use the 'phone. Helen tells her not to be long, as she's expecting a call. As Nikki walks off, Jim asks Helen what she and Madge are plotting.
HELEN: Nothing.
Jim looks like he doesn't believe her.
Madge is still sitting alone at the table in the restaurant. She looks at her watch again and sighs heavily. She then mutters to herself:
MADGE: Right, that's it.
With that, she picks up her handbag and marches off.
No. 26/Hotel
Nikki is talking to Jane on the 'phone, but Helen hovers next to her and tells her to get off. Nikki says to Jane that William should just wear a tie and jacket, and she then hangs up. Scott asks her immediately what all this tie-and-jacket business is. Nikki retorts that some people just believe in taking care of their appearance.
DANNY: That's right, Scott: one day you have to start thinking about the future. Life's a serious business: you have to assume responsibility for your actions.
SCOTT: What's all this got to do with clothes?
DANNY: Clothes maketh the man, Scott. Can you imagine? If I was to turn up for work at the bank looking like you do now, my credibility would be in tatters.
SCOTT (muses): It already *is*, mate...
In the kitchen, Jim is pottering around as Helen sits and sighs heavily, looking worried. The 'phone starts ringing suddenly and Helen goes grabs it. Madge comes on and says:
MADGE: Helen, we've done it! Douglas has just called from reception; I'm going down now. I'll let you know what happens. This is one fish that *didn't* get away!
Helen stands there, a broad smile of relief on her face.
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Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0189
Paul Robinson, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0189
Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Paul Robinson

Des Clarke, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0189
Des Clarke, Danny Ramsay

Nikki Dennison, Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0189
Nikki Dennison, Helen Daniels

Danny Ramsay, Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0189
Danny Ramsay, Madge Mitchell

 in Neighbours Episode 0189

Helen Daniels, Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson, Nikki Dennison, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0189
Helen Daniels, Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson, Nikki Dennison, Paul Robinson

Des Clarke, Zoe Davis in Neighbours Episode 0189
Des Clarke, Zoe Davis

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0189
Madge Mitchell

Nikki Dennison in Neighbours Episode 0189
Nikki Dennison

Scott Robinson, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0189
Scott Robinson, Danny Ramsay

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 0189
Paul Robinson

Madge Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 0189
Madge Mitchell

Scott Robinson, Nikki Dennison, Danny Ramsay in Neighbours Episode 0189
Scott Robinson, Nikki Dennison, Danny Ramsay

Helen Daniels in Neighbours Episode 0189
Helen Daniels

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