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Show music from 2022
Music used in 2022:

- High With You by Divinity Roxx & Nathan Bodiker
- In Line by BMG Production Music UK
- Steroids On Chrome (Full Mix) by Andreas Fabritius & Tai Jason
- White Whale by Everything Everything
- You Wont Stop Us by Little Barrie
Alberts Eyes by Sea Power
Ali D by Winston Surfshirt
All Good Things by Martha Bean & Adam Burns
Another Life (Full Mix) by Richard Pilkington
Another Set Of Issues by OK Go
As It Was by Harry Styles [UK Only]
Bad Girl by Hallie
Before You Go by Craig Hardy Carolyn Jordan And Alice Penrose
Better by Andrea Rocha
Boundary Road by All Our Exes Live In Texas
Break by Newton Faulkner
Cages by Meg Mac
Childhood Memories by British Sea Power
Clean Up The Mess by Alice Wonder
Coming Home by Cindy Ryan
Cuando Te Vi by Abe Stewart & Andrea Rocha
Daisies by Conchúr White
Dangerous (Full) by Liz Gavillet & Rachael Rose Wilmot & Maggy Lee Ziebart
Dedicated (Full) by Liz Gavillet & Rachael Rose Wilmot & Maggy Lee Ziebart
Dynamite Hearts by Beds And Beats
En Vie by Laurene & Louis
Especially For You by Kylie Minogue And Jason Donovan (UK Only)
Evergreen by Lyncs
Feel Good by Kwame
Feels Like Home by Only Little Clouds [Australia Only]
Getaway by Parachute
Green Green Grass by George Ezra [UK Only]
Half My Heart by Cortney Dixon
Hit The Floor by Feels Like
Hold My Heart by Kristofer Greczula
Home by Donavon Frankenreiter
Hurts 2B Human by P!nk Featuring Khalid
Hyper Galaxy by Terry Devine-King
I Am Here by Fresch
I Gave It All by Aquilo
I Lost A Bet by Aquilo
I Only Want To Be With You by Birdy
In The Dark by Annaca
In The Stars by Benson Boone [UK Only]
In This Together by Markus Hughes
It by Jeanne Added
Just For A Little While by Alexis Taylor
Le Mirage Tendre by Thierry Los Feat La Jojo
Lightswitch by CHAII
Like A River Runs by Bleachers Feat Sia
Like Mornings by Alice Wonder
Love Love Love (Let You Go) by Andy Grammer
Love Me The Same by Dan Caplen
Love Songs Aint For Us by Amy Shark Feat Keith Urban
Maybe Today by The Breakwaves
Mi Barrio by Andrea Rocha
My Love by Tusks
Neighbours Theme Song by Barry Crocker
Never Be by Meg Mac
Only Us by Annaca
Roll Up Your Sleeves by Meg Mac
Runaway by Sophia Kruithof
Silver Sun Bohemian by Racing Birds
Since You Kissed Me by Earl [Australia Only]
Siren by Cindy Ryan
Someone You Loved by Lewis Capaldi
Spread Your Wings by Atomica Music
Steel Heart by Valkyrie [Australia Only]
The Beautiful Dream by George Ezra
The Fault In Our Stars by Troye Sivan
Two Tickets To Paradise by Eddie Money
Wild Ones by You Me At Six
You Are The One by Safia
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2022 music

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