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Show music from 2021
Music used in 2021:

All For You by Rosie Doonan
All I Ever Wanted by Aquilo
Almost Over by Aquilo
Average Joe by Oscar Scheller
Battle Royale by Does It Offend You Yeah?
Battlecry by Selectracks
Black Hole by Lyncs
Blinded by The Sun"
Blurry Love by Eva McBel
Brand New by Jazzfezy Featuring Lamar Pens
Campfire (Acoustic Version) by Satellite Stories
Cant Let You Go by Zest Music
Care (Full) by Matthew S Orr
Carry On by Amphibious Zoo Music
Dont It Make You Feel Good by Stefan Dennis
Eyes Were Young by Little Barrie
Getaway by Parachute
Give My Heart Back by BMG Selectracks Song Catalog
Give Up The Night by Deep East Music
Give You My Love Tonight by Pop Talk
Hard Up by The Bamboos
In Line by BMG Production Music UK
Little Love by Graham Candy
My Love by Tusks
New Roads by Altitude X Faber & Matthew Swinnerton
Push by KLP
Queen Of My Own Dreams by BMG Altitude Music
Running Out Of Time by Amaya Laucirica
Smile by Sheppard
Soak Up The Sunlight by Lush Spirit
Strategy by Alice Wonder
Talk About Us by Isla Noon
The Top by Eva McBel
There For You by Joe Taylor
Two Truths And A Lie by Eva McBel Feat St Woods
Underneath The Same Sky by Atomica Music
Walking On Sunshine by Katrina And The Waves
Wanted Tonight by Lucy Graves
Wish You Were Here by The Money War
Witchdoctor by Camo And Krooked
You And Me And Santa Claus by Bob Baker And Bill Connor
You There by Aquilo
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2021 music

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