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Show music from 2020
Music used in 2020:

- Good Times by Mando Diao
A Cinematic Plea For An End by Montaigne
All Your Ghosts by St Woods
Another Dimension by Marc JB
Another Way by St South
Bell Notes by Eyreton Hall
Better by Andrea Rocha
Boy by Kakkmaddafakka
Broken Two by We Two Thieves
Carelessly by Caleb Hawley
Chula by Simply Red
Clean Up The Mess by Alice Wonder
Client Liaison by Queen
Complete Love by Rod Stewart
Curse by This Pale Fire
Design Desire by Abbe May
Diamond by Northeast Party House
Dont Let Go by Astræa
Dynamite Hearts by Beds And Beats
Fever by Roosevelt
Fight With Me by Patrick James Feat Olympia
Fire by Bonnie Anderson
For The Record by Winston Surfshirt
Golden by Jesper Lindell
Grace by Lewis Capaldi
Hard Up by The Bamboos
Heater by KLP
Hetroflexible by Shane Jenek Ian Masterson And Sam J Garfield
Hold On To Me by Nora Neale
Honey Thats Not All by Anthony D'Amato
I Believe You Liar by Washington
Its For Me by Mama Kin
Love Me The Same by Dan Caplen
Lullaby by Brie Angellina
Make It To The Top by Stephanie Standerwick And Davor Vulama
Make Me Stronger by Patrick James
My Fairytale by Leek Soup And Rasputin O'Shaughnessy And Territory Five And Jake Buffalo
My Nights Were Made For Loving You by Melody Federer
Neighbourhood by Kakkmaddafakka
Neon by Kingdom 2
Only You by Jack Savoretti
Outlier Album Interlude by Patrick James
Pain On Pain by Feeder
Pick Up The Pieces by Josh Auer
Pretend by Mscmkrs Feat Carolena
Raygun by Hockey Dad
Rush by Lewis Capaldi Feat Jessie Reyez
Sail by Miss Montreal
Say What You Want by Bonnie Anderson
Strange Days by Ian Moore
Strange Dreams by Nic Cester
Suddenly Strangers by Lauren Aquilina
Swear I Lost Myself by KLP
Swept To The Sky by Jack Peñate
The Birth by Aurélien Montero
The Mountain by Ed Prosek
The Power Of Love by Gabrielle Aplin
The Promise by Girls Aloud
This Way by Sophie Ray
Under A Spell by Homegrown Feat Jaco Prince
We Wish You A Merry Christmas by Selectracks
What You Mean To Me by Montaigne
When I Was In Your Heart by David Gray
When Im Around You by Running Touch
Who Are You? by Toby Farrugia Featuring Karin Duff
Wolverines by George Hadfield
You And I (Nobody In The World) by John Legend
You And Me And Santa Claus by Bob Baker And Bill Connor
You There by Aquilo
You, Me And Mistletoe by Tim Garland Feat Stefan Booth
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2020 music

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