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Music used in 2023:

A New Way Home by John Vella
All I Ever Wanted by Aquilo
Another Life (Full Mix) by Richard Pilkington
Begging You Please by Michael Gentile & Anthony Hall
Better Day by FELT
Big Blue by Johnny Lloyd & Clif Norrell
Burn So Bright by Atomica Music Featuring Colin Fraser
Cast That Devil Out by Abbe May
City Trap by Music Beyond
Coming Home by Cindy Ryan
Eskimo Kiss by The Kooks
Green Lights by Walden
Help Me On My Way by Ardyn
Heres To Christmas by Andy Powell
High by Stella One Eleven
I Havent Loved by Running Touch
I Love You by Earl
In Line by BMG Production Music UK
Lonely Vagabond by Alexis Taylor
Love Is by Leo Aram-Downs
Makes You Happy by Orlando Weeks
OMG by The Elwins
Safety by Kat Edwards
Save Me by CLYPSO
So Good (feat. Lexi Reed) by Bigger Story Music & Lexi Reed
Sunroof by Nicky Youre & Dazy
Temptation Got Me by Homegrown Tobi Bob Snoid & Felicitas
The Weekend Comes Around by Craig Hardy Carolyn Jordan And Alice Penrose
Tight Rope by Jack Savoretti
Truth Be Told by Kyle Lionhart
What You Want by Matthew Goodman & Matthew Bento
With You by Keli Holiday
With You by Ellogram
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2023 music

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