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Song Lyrics:

And if I could I surely would today, and if I knew all the words to say then I would whisk you away to my world.
But you might say it's just the luck of the draw, you might say that you've done this before, you might feel that you're 10 foot tall somedays.
But all I ever wanted to be will remain right here with you, and me, and the times we've had, and the times we're yet to see.
You, and me, and the things we've done, and I'm sure it's meant to be. Do you agree?
You fought it well and you fought it all the way, and what you learn in school you learn you could lose in a day.
But many stand for you, and they will stand today.
Do you agree?
Do you agree?
Do you agree?

Ten Ft Tall
Pete Murray
(Commercial track)

Album: Feeler
Release date: 2004

This song has appeared in the following episodes:
Episode 4636 from 2005
Episode 4676 from 2005
Episode 4725 from 2005
Episode 4739 from 2005
Episode 4879 from 2006
Episode 4998 from 2006
Episode 5028 from 2006
Episode 5075 from 2006 (Max Hoyland's disappearance.)
Episode 5114 from 2006
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