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Neighbours Episode 8097 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8097
Australian and UK airdate: 07/05/19
Writer: Emma J Steele
Director: Guy Strachan
Guests: Dr Dora Dietrich: Kirsty Hillhouse
Summary/Images by: Carly/Graham
- Bea telling Finn that Toadie's like a son to the Kennedys
- Toadie catching Finn loitering at the Community Centre office
- Bea making it clear to Finn that they're not friends
- Leo telling Elly that Paul's buying him out of the Backpackers
- Roxy declaring she's got the cash to go into business with Leo
- Dean tormenting Elly because he knows her baby secret
- Someone hitting Elly in the stomach & knocking her over at school
Erinsborough High
Elly writhes around on the floor, crying and in pain. Mark calls in to see her, alarmed to find her on the ground. Elly sobs that there's something wrong with the baby.
Erinsborough Hospital
David rushes over to Elly when Mark brings her in and gets a nurse to wheel her to a treatment room. Elly panics and tells David she really needs to see Dr Dietrich. Mark looks worried and David says they'll have the doctor paged.
Power Road
While Bea and Ned pack up her music gear, Toadie and Karl tell Shane and Susan what went down with Finn. Susan asks why Finn was at the office and Karl says that he wanted to help distribute leaflets.
TOADIE: That was his cover story! He was trying to break into my office.
SUSAN: He knows that you don't want his help, Toadie; maybe he was trying to do it anonymously?
BEA: Hey, listen, you know he actually might be telling the truth.
TOADIE: Okay, I told him to butt out the other day. If he was really on the straight and narrow he would have listened, right?
Bea goes back to her packing and Shane takes Toadie away to keep planning the launch. Karl and Susan look downtrodden - of course this had to happen right when things were getting back on track with Toadie. Karl then asks if Susan's seen Elly but Susan figures she's been held up with schoolwork.
Number 32 Backyard
Leo is on the phone with someone about the Back Lane Bar, which is up for sale. He's interested in purchasing it but the cost is way too high. Roxy is lounging in the pool and offers cash to help him out. Leo thanks her but doesn't want her as a business partner because her money sounds dodgy. Terese drops by to remind Roxy her shift at the hotel is starting soon and is less than amused when her niece emerges from the pool stark naked. Leo smirks and offers to get Roxy a towel.
Number 28
Ned's quite happy when Bea starts kissing him and taking off his shirt. He suggests they continue in her room, but a note on the counter has caught Bea's eye. She looks unsettled when she reads it and tells Ned it's about her mum. Bea then asks if they can take a raincheck on their hook up as the mood's kinda been killed. When Ned leaves we see that the note is really from Finn, and it says: Sorry for everything I've done. I'm going to stop causing problems. Goodbye. Finn. Bea looks conflicted.
Erinsborough Hospital
Aaron, Karl and Susan have joined Mark. Susan's confused when she hears that Elly was knocked over at school when all the lights went out. Mark says he's already called the police but wishes he had more to do - the wait to find out if the baby's okay is driving him crazy. Susan puts an arm around him to comfort him.
KARL: She's in good hands.
MARK: What if they can't help and she loses the baby? This can't be happening again.
Number 28/City
Susan tries to call Bea but she ignores it. Instead Bea dials Finn (who is in the city near the Docklands). Bea asks where he is, reminding him he can't just run off, but Finn says it'll be better if she doesn't know where he's going.
BEA: Is this about what I said to you? Because that's no reason to leave.
FINN: It's everything. I've seen what living there has done to you and Susan and Karl. Toadie hates them for taking me in.
BEA: He'll come around sooner or later.
FINN: No he won't. Everyone hates me. I can't change it.
BEA: Finn if you miss this hospital check- in the police will come and find you and you'll go to jail.
FINN: That's a risk I'm willing to take.
He hangs up on her. Bea is frustrated.
Erinsborough Hospital
Elly gets increasingly nervous as David tries to locate her baby's heartbeat. Dr Dietrich finally arrives to see her, much to Elly's relief. David offers to stay, but Elly makes eye contact with the doctor and silently begs her to take over. David leaves and Elly thanks Dr Dietrich, telling her she really doesn't want to lose the baby. Elly talks her through the incident and can't help asking if Dean went on camp. Dr Dietrich is surprised to learn that Elly knows Dean's her son. She says Dean left early that morning, asking why Elly wanted to know, but Elly plays it off as nothing. The nurses wheel in the ultrasound machine and Dr Dietrich says they'll check on the baby.
Ramsay Street
Leo is taking the trash out at #32 and isn't all that happy to see Terese approach. Terese says she's there to apologise for Roxy's behaviour, but also because she's curious about his next move after the Backpackers. Leo says he's got a few ideas.
TERESE: You have so much potential, Leo. I'd hate to see you waste it: or the money.
LEO: I'm quite capable of managing my own business decisions, thanks.
TERESE: Of course you are. I'm just saying that I think some of your decisions lately have been a little... unfocused. (Leo scoffs) Your father and I just want to see you make the most of things.
Leo sarcastically says that he thought he was motivated before, but now he has the 'support' of Terese and Paul it really changes everything. Terese replies that she's just trying to be helpful but Leo retorts that he can look after himself.
Terese is about to head home when she sees Bea out the front of #28 trying to call someone. Out of earshot of Terese, Bea leaves a voicemail for Finn asking him to ring her back, "I don't want you to do something stupid." Bea looks relieved when the phone rings but discovers that it's Karl. She answers and finally hears about Elly.
Erinsborough Hospital/City
Bea arrives just as Susan returns from the school. The police told her nothing's been stolen or damaged, but that the lights were turned off at the mains. Susan adds that there was nothing to indicate who the culprit was and that Elly must have interrupted them. Karl's concerned, though, that Elly might have been targeted. He asks Mark if he's heard anything more about Miranda Kelly's whereabouts, but Mark says she's still AWOL. Aaron says that it could have been Finn going after Elly. Bea doesn't tell them he's gone missing. David appears and tells them all that Dr Dietrich's found the baby's heartbeat. Mark sighs in relief and rushes off to see her.
Elly tells Mark she's still really worried there'll be complications with the baby. Mark tries to reassure her that everything's going to be okay.
MARK: You know how I know that? Because this little one has toughness in its DNA.
ELLY: If something happens... this is all my fault.
MARK: Don't think like that. You haven't done anything wrong.
ELLY: You don't understand, Mark. I've done everything wrong.
Mark thinks she's feeling guilty about almost drinking alcohol and reminds her that she's surrounded by people who care about her and want to help. He tells her to stop being so hard on herself but Elly says, "I don't deserve this."
Meanwhile in the city, Finn walks along a road somewhere.
Back in the hospital, Susan leaves a voicemail for Finn asking him to call when he can. She lets Karl, Bea and Aaron know she got Finn's message bank.
SUSAN: He's probably avoiding everyone after what happened with Toadie.
KARL: That's understandable given the way Toadie went off at him. Not that I blame him of course. (Off Susan's look) Finn was hanging around a locked door. It's not normal behaviour!
SUSAN: For all intents and purposes, he is a nineteen- year- old boy. They're not exactly known for making rational decisions.
BEA: He did say he was trying to help.
KARL: Yeah, and that's got a familiar ring to it doesn't it.
AARON: Wait, what do you mean?
KARL: Well he was trying to help when he came to Erinsborough to put the school on the map. Things just got worse from there.
SUSAN: You can't possibly compare these situations.
AARON: So you think that this could be the start of Finn slipping back into his old behaviour?
KARL: To be honest I don't know what I think. But I think we all know that he doesn't have the best instincts.
Bea absorbs this information. Mark finds everyone and lets them know that Elly's okay, just a bit anxious about getting further results.
Elly lies in the hospital bed crying and gently rubs her stomach, talking to the baby.
ELLY: Mark is going to be the best daddy in the world. It wasn't meant to be like this. You shouldn't have to suffer for all the things I've done wrong. Just get through this with me and I promise you I will spend a lifetime showing you what a great mum I can be.
Back in the waiting area, Mark asks Susan if she found Elly's phone at the school. The conversation is basically a way for Bea to realise she can use 'find my friend' to locate where Finn is, which she does.
Lassiters Hotel
Leo catches Roxy going through a guest's belongings but Roxy has no shame about it. She thinks it's funny and claims she's doing security checks. Leo wants to have a drink with Roxy after her shift so they can talk about going into business together. Roxy's surprised Leo's changed his tune but Leo thinks she could be a silent partner. Roxy laughs and says she doesn't do anything silently. Terese and Ned approach them after hearing that Roxy's been snooping through bags and Terese finally realises Roxy doesn't want the job. Terese lets her go and Roxy heads off with Leo to talk business.
Terese sighs at Ned over her niece's antics. Ned asks if he can leave early as well since he's not training Roxy because he wants to check on Bea. He thinks she was rattled after getting a letter from her mum. Terese admits she saw Bea on the street earlier and she did look stressed and gives Ned the all clear to go.
Erinsborough Hospital
Mark and Susan are waiting with Elly when Dr Dietrich arrives with the results. She tells Elly that she's suffered a minor placental abruption, "that's slight damage to the placenta's attachment to the uterus." It's happy news though when she adds that there's no sign of foetal distress. They'll keep Elly in for observation and then she'll need to rest up at home. Mark smiles at Elly and declares that everything turned out fine - she did nothing wrong and she deserves the baby. "You deserve everything."
Number 28
Ned knocks on the door and calls out for Bea, but Bea waits quietly inside and pretends she isn't home because she wants to head into the city and find Finn.
Erinsborough Hospital/City
Aaron can see that David looks worried and asks what's wrong. David tells him that Finn's ten minutes late for his appointment.
Bea finds Finn sitting on a bench by himself (at Ron Barassi Snr Park). He's not happy to see her there but Bea's angry he's just going to up and leave when everyone's stuck their necks out for him. She says he needs to come back with her so he can make it to his check- in.
FINN: I'd rather go to prison than go back to Erinsborough.
BEA: So you get to take off and leave everyone to deal with what you've done?
FINN: Everybody hates the Kennedys for taking me in. Nobody wants me around, Bea.
BEA: You know what? It has sucked how everyone's treating Karl, Susan and even me because we let you live in our home. I'm not going to let it be for nothing!
FINN: I can't handle it anymore.
BEA: You can't handle it? You put us all through hell; you don't get off scot- free. You said you'd face up to what you did.
FINN: And I have.
BEA: No you haven't! Facing up to it is seeing everyone you hurt every day and doing something about it.
FINN: I've tried, Bea.
BEA: No you haven't. Try harder. You could have gone to jail and you didn't. So if you run off now you're going to prove to everyone that you're no different to who you were.
They're at a standstill. Back at the hospital David's still wanting to wait around for Finn, but Aaron's had enough. He picks up the phone at reception and hands it to David to call the police.
<<8096 - 8098>>
Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8097
Elly Brennan

David Tanaka, Mark Brennan, Elly Brennan, Nurse in Neighbours Episode 8097
David Tanaka, Mark Brennan, Elly Brennan, Nurse

Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Shane Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8097
Toadie Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy, Shane Rebecchi, Susan Kennedy

Roxy Willis in Neighbours Episode 8097
Roxy Willis

Terese Willis, Leo Tanaka, Roxy Willis in Neighbours Episode 8097
Terese Willis, Leo Tanaka, Roxy Willis

Bea Nilsson, Ned Willis in Neighbours Episode 8097
Bea Nilsson, Ned Willis

Karl Kennedy, Mark Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8097
Karl Kennedy, Mark Brennan, Aaron Brennan, Susan Kennedy

Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8097
Bea Nilsson

Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 8097
Finn Kelly

Dr Dora Dietrich, David Tanaka, Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8097
Dr Dora Dietrich, David Tanaka, Elly Brennan

Terese Willis, Leo Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8097
Terese Willis, Leo Tanaka

Aaron Brennan, Mark Brennan, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Bea Nilsson, David Tanaka in Neighbours Episode 8097
Aaron Brennan, Mark Brennan, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Bea Nilsson, David Tanaka

Mark Brennan, Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8097
Mark Brennan, Elly Brennan

Finn Kelly in Neighbours Episode 8097
Finn Kelly

Susan Kennedy, Aaron Brennan, Karl Kennedy, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8097
Susan Kennedy, Aaron Brennan, Karl Kennedy, Bea Nilsson

Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8097
Elly Brennan

 in Neighbours Episode 8097

Leo Tanaka, Roxy Willis in Neighbours Episode 8097
Leo Tanaka, Roxy Willis

Ned Willis, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 8097
Ned Willis, Terese Willis

Dr Dora Dietrich, Susan Kennedy, Mark Brennan, Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8097
Dr Dora Dietrich, Susan Kennedy, Mark Brennan, Elly Brennan

Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8097
Bea Nilsson

David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8097
David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

Finn Kelly, Bea Nilsson in Neighbours Episode 8097
Finn Kelly, Bea Nilsson

David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8097
David Tanaka, Aaron Brennan

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