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Neighbours Episode 8096 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
Episode title: 8096
Australian and UK airdate: 06/05/19
Writer: Sam Meikle
Director: Scott Major
Guests: Keyboardist: Adam Rigley
- "Brighter Lights" by Patrick James
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Toadie (and his kids) refusing to visit #28 while Finn is living there.
- Finn wanting to volunteer for Sonya's foundation and Toadie turning him down.
- Finn leaving a $50,000 cheque for the foundation.
- Karl hearing about a present Jemima has sent him… a Melbourne tram!
- Karl gifting the tram to the Erinsborough community.
- Elly being blackmailed by a student.
- Dipi wondering what Elly is up to with a bottle of alcohol.
Dipi is rightly curious to know about the bottle of alcohol Elly has stashed in her bag, given she shouldn't be drinking as she is pregnant. Elly lies and says its hers as she “was tempted” because everything is getting on top of her but doesn't want to talk to Mark either as she doesn't think it's that important. Just at that, Mark arrives to walk his wife home and she quickly hides the bottle better in her bag and tells Dipi she'll speak to her later, before walking away with Mark.
Harold's Cafe
Finn sits with a smirk on his face as Toadie, Shane and Sheila discuss where they think the $50k came from. Toadie begs for them to keep the source quiet before they start discussing how they can keep the money rolling in. Their chat is interrupted when Kirsha appears asking if they've seen what is going on in Power Road?
Power Road
Karl is very happy that everyone (including the press) is coming to see the tram being installed and is thinking hard what it could be turned into, to keep everyone visiting. Toadie is somewhat bitter the press have turned up for this but have been ignoring the foundation. When the K's mention that they can't wait to go to the fundraiser launch, they are basically told to stay away!
Number 28
Finn enthusiastically tells Bea what Toadie is planning on doing with his donation but is curious to know how he got on with the K's prior to his arrival. Bea describes Toadie as being “another son to them” after raising him when his parents couldn't cope but the chat is quickly curtailed as Susan arrives home.
After Bea retreats to her room to prepare for tomorrow, Susan and Finn get chatting about what he plans to do for the future. Finn replies that he's interested in going back to Uni to finish off the second half of his course (since he can't remember it) and while acknowledging he won't be allowed to teach in a school, is sure he can use his qualification to good use somehow. Susan volunteers to help him do some research tomorrow and he picks up that she should be at Toadie's fundraiser.
SUSAN: I'm sure he doesn't need us there.
FINN: It's not because he doesn't want you there, is it?
Finn explains that he's been chatting to Bea and that “you're normally like family.” With tears in her eyes, Susan replies that Toadie just needs time but will come around.
Number 30
Elly is around to try and explain herself to Dipi over the alcohol, telling her friend that it gave her “a real wake up call.” Dipi is pleased to hear that since being pregnant isn't easy and advises her to “find another way to destress” which she agrees to before apologising for making Dipi worried. Elly asks if they can keep it quiet, but that freaks Dipi out, so she re- clarifies by saying she meant that they didn't need to worry anyone else. “As long as you've got support,” along with telling Mark too are Dipi's terms, something Elly wasn't planning on doing. To make sure she does tell him, Dipi is insistent on accompanying Elly home!
Number 24
Mark seems shocked at hearing Elly's drinking confession but is glad that she told him. Dipi leaves now she's heard Elly tell Mark, and now he feels guilty that he wasn't on top of it and wishes she'd told him so he could have helped. “This isn't your fault,” she tries to tell him, but he reminds her that they are in it together and reassures her that he's with her every step of the way, so whatever is going on, he wants her to tell him.
Number 30 (next day)
Toadie is trying to reassure Mark of the positiveness of Elly confiding him in before things got out of control. He thinks it's another reason why they need this foundation and suggests that it could fund a group for expectant mums. Mark is right behind Toadie's suggestion although they of course need the money coming in to fund things like that.
Lassiters Complex
The complex is rather devoid of people, which is making Toadie feel rather down given how much money he needs to raise. Shane tries to reassure him folk will come once Bea starts singing, but Toadie is calling the event off and tells Bea to pack up.
Number 24
Elly gets a text from Dean demanding to know where his booze is! Thankfully it arrives before Mark returns and after handing her a wristband (they're selling them to raise money for the foundation) tells her of the things that the foundation is planning on doing including a support group for pregnant women. Elly thinks the group sounds good and Mark reassures her that he will be right by her side for whatever she needs.
MARK: There is nothing that we can't handle together.
The Waterhole
Sheila confronts Kyle with the whispers she's heard about him and Chloe, but he reassures his Gran that it's all good, Chloe simply wants their relationship kept quiet. “Isn't that a bit odd,” she remarks, and Kyle explains it's to save Aaron and David from freaking out and begs her to keep quiet!
Meanwhile, the K's are surprised to hear that Toadie's event has been cancelled after Shane gives them an update.
Lassiters Complex
“I really need to meet this Roxy chick,” Bea declares after Ned regales her with tales of what the lass has done. Ned isn't too amused that Finn seems to be hanging around and she leaves him sitting outside of Harold's to go over and talk to Finn.
Lassiters Lake
Bea gets straight to the point when she comes over to where Finn is sitting beside the lake – “I keep seeing you.” He explains that it's because he likes her songs and while she is happy with that, she isn't happy he is hanging around especially since he's been more than reminded that they aren't friends and she needs her boundaries. “What, I can't even come to one of your gigs?” he asks and while she doesn't exactly say no outright, he agrees to respect her rules.
Lassiters Complex
Karl comes over with a coffee for Toadie and suggests that since folk seem more interested in the tram, that is where he should launch the foundation at. “It's too late now,” Toadie replies but Karl doesn't think so.
KARL: I get it that you hate us taking Finn in, but that doesn't stop us caring for you or the foundation. We want the foundation to be a roaring success, just as much as you do. Mate, this isn't about us or you or Finn, this is about Sonya.
TOADIE: You don't have to tell me that.
KARL: Toad, we want to help because we loved Sonya as much as we love you. We can make it happen.
Toadie accepts the olive branch although rejects Karl's offer to sing!
Power Road
With the tram now fully installed, everyone has gathered in front of it to hear Toadie pre- launch The Sonya Rebecchi Foundation (the full launch will be next week.)
“Think I got the message across,” Toadie tells Susan as she and Karl come up to him as Bea starts singing in the background. “Proof's in the puddings,” Susan replies and gives him the news that the orange wristbands are sold out.
Road towards the Community Centre
Toadie thanks Karl for the suggestion of relocating the event as they make their way to his office to get more wristbands. “I hope this means we can get back to normal?” Karl tentatively asks and Toadie replies “well whatever normal is!”
Part of that ‘normal' is wanting Finn to be involved too but Toadie still can't see how they “can let that guy in.” “Generosity,” is Karl's reply along with the fact he needs help and they can give it. “Just try and keep an open mind,” Karl asks of him as they reach the community centre and go inside.
They get a shock when they do as they find Finn trying to enter the foundation office. He quickly says that since it didn't go so well at the complex, he was after some fliers to do a letterbox drop. Toadie doesn't believe him and demands he tells the truth “for once in your life.” Karl tries to act as peacemaker, which infuriates Toadie who doesn't want Finn anywhere near Sonya's name.
FINN: No- one needs to be afraid of me anymore.
That causes Toadie to grab Finn by his lapels and shove him against the closed door.
TOADIE: You nearly killed my daughter. You are toxic.
Power Road
Bea is singing away entertaining the gathered and Sheila is already working out how she can get on board with the foundation.
Number 28
Finn stands in the livingroom of #28 looking around at the photos of the Kennedy family while hearing in his head - what Toadie said to him, the frosty atmosphere between the Kennedy's and Toadie, Bea re- iterating that they aren't friends.
Elly is working alone in the only classroom when the power suddenly goes out. “Hello,” she says but nobody replies back, we only hear footsteps. Tentatively she makes her way out of room 11, asking if the person moving about is Dean but nobody replies.
ELLY: Dean, if this is your idea of a joke, it's not funny.
Elly now creeps along the corridor and someone comes out of Susan's office and punches her in the stomach, sending her flying to the floor in one direction while the perpetrator takes off in the opposite direction.
Coming up on Neighbours
- Kyle trying to attract Chloe's attention.
- Paul curious to know why Roxy is still around.
- Terese telling Roxy and Leo that “it isn't a game.”
- Leo reminding Terese he isn't answerable to her.
- Ned warning Finn.
- Aaron seeking answers from Karl.
- Bea trying to get hold of Finn.
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