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Neighbours Episode 8095 from 2019 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 8095
Australian and UK airdate: 03/05/19
Writer: Wendy Hanna
Director: Guy Strachan
Guests: Dean Mahoney: Henry Strand
- "Wasted On You" by Indiana
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- Karl's sister Jemima leaves town, handing him a giftwrapped box as she goes
- The gift turns out to be a model of a tram, a reference to the song that made her her fortune
- Paul pays Chloe to stop dating Kyle
- But Chloe wants to have her cake and eat it; she tells Kyle she wants to keep seeing him but secretly
- Elly cuts Sonya's name off Caitlin's ultrasound photo, and passes it off to Mark as her child
- Dr Dietrich warns Elly that she won't be able to hide the truth from Mark forever
- Elly's troublesome pupil Dean turns out to be the doctor's son, and reads Elly's file
- Dean tries to blackmail Elly into giving him good grades in exchange for keeping her secret
Erinsborough High School
Elly closes the classroom door, so she and Dean can speak without being overheard.
ELLY: You don't know what you're talking about.
DEAN: I know what I read - that the patient requested her husband, Mark, not be given any details. I'm sure he'd hate to find that out.
ELLY: ...
DEAN: I'm not asking for much. No more detention, bump up my grades a bit...
ELLY: What you're doing is highly illegal. Not only have you admitted to accessing medical files, but you're now threatening a teacher.
DEAN: Yep!
ELLY: You'll probably be suspended, and then expelled. And as for your mother, she'll be reported to the medical board. Her career will be over because of you. You cool with that?
DEAN: My dad's a doctor, too. Reckon we'll be fine.
ELLY: Well, I reckon you wouldn't do that to your mother.
DEAN: ... It's your call. What do you want to do?
Lassiter's Complex
Karl and Susan get out of the car, chatting about Elly's first day back at school; Karl's sure it will have been a good one! Susan tells Karl that there's no update on the razor- blade- apricots culprit, or Miranda Kelly's whereabouts.
Karl has had an email from Jemima, his half- sister, telling him she's got him a present. There's a link to a video, and he shows Susan; it's of a vintage tram in a yard, which Karl interprets as 'just a happy memory of when she used to ride the 82 with my dad'.
SUSAN: She wouldn't be thinking of getting you an actual tram, would she?
KARL: Can you imagine?
SUSAN: Yes. Yes, I can.
KARL: Darling - my very own real W- class tram? It'd be amazing!
But Susan is already walking away, distinctly unimpressed.
Power Road
Paul and Kyle are walking down past Grease Monkeys and the bric- a- brac shop, which are now boarded up with 'for lease' signs. Paul is explaining to Kyle that the Robinson Pines house lots backing onto Power Road are just not selling fast enough for The Investors™.
KYLE: It's not surprising. Feels a bit industrial.
PAUL: Oh, the whole place is an eyesore. I mean, even with the money that I was forced to spend fixing these places up.
KYLE: Any bites on potential tenants yet?
PAUL: No; and unless house prices pick up, I can't imagine there'll ever be any.
Paul suggests they call Amy in as a consultant, to help work out what to do about the Power Road problem. But Kyle immediately guesses that Paul's finding excuses to drag Amy back in so as to facilitate Kyle coming between her and Gary.
KYLE: All I need is a couple of days to figure out what I can do to pick up the vibe around here.
PAUL: Kyle, I don't want to waste time. The clock's ticking.
KYLE: (...) Trust me, Paul - I'll be bursting with ideas to get this place pumping!
Lassiter's Complex
Kyle is moaning to Chloe about Power Road, saying it's like a 'black hole' and a 'ghost town', but that he has to come up with a solution. Chloe promises to have a think about it; they can come up with a fresh pitch together. He goes in for a kiss but Chloe's unresponsive in such a public place; instead, she drags him around the side of Harold's for more privacy.
Kyle goes in for the pash a second time, but Chloe sees Paul walking past, and slaps Kyle in response!
CHLOE: This is your last warning, Kyle - I am not interested in being with you, ever! Now get out of my sight!
Paul watches with satisfaction, and then keeps on walking! Chloe then apologises to Kyle, saying she had to act fast when she saw Paul.
KYLE: Didn't realise you liked playing it rough. Got to say, I'm not completely against it!
CHLOE: Only if I get to be the boss - got it?
KYLE: Yes, ma'am - but we'll need a safe word.
Chloe winks at Kyle, then goes on her way! He looks pleased with himself as he rubs his face...!
The Waterhole
Karl is on the phone, thanking Jemima profusely for his gift - turns out she has bought him a tram after all! Susan looks on in horror, and after Karl's hung up...
SUSAN: Absolutely not.
KARL: Huh?
SUSAN: There is no way that Jemima is giving you an actual tram.
KARL: Why not? It's being delivered tomorrow. The wheels are in motion, if you'll pardon the pun!
SUSAN: Where do you think you're gonna put it? On the roof?
KARL: ... Yeah, I hadn't thought of that.
SUSAN: Oh, Karl! Honestly, sometimes...
KARL: Did you hear how excited she was? Apparently this is the very same 82 tram she used to ride with my father. I can't believe she found it.
SUSAN: Neither can I (!)
KARL: Darling, can't you be the least bit excited about owning an iconic piece of Melbourne's cultural history? Especially one so closely connected with my father.
SUSAN: It's not that I don't understand the attraction, Karl. But it's a *whole tram*.
KARL: Yes - no, you're right. We need to get home, measure up the back yard.
SUSAN: What?
KARL: Well, if we shift the greenhouse... We can knock out the back wall of Billy's old room!
Susan hits the roof, saying she can't even believe Karl is considering this. She demands to know what he plans to do with the tram! Karl says he could charge admission for people to come and see it, and turn it into a miniature museum.
SUSAN: No, no, no. Enough! Enough. You are gonna call Jemima right now, and graciously decline her very thoughtful but *very* large gift!
KARL: Can you give me till tomorrow morning?
SUSAN: Fine. But I mean it, Karl; you are *not having a tram*.
Karl looks sheepish, and we cut to an establishment shot of a tram shooting through Melbourne!
Lassiter's Complex
Mark and Elly are outside Harold's. She's distracted, and Mark asks if her first day back was really that bad. She makes an excuse about forgetting to take her vitamins. Dipi emerges with coffees for them, and congratulates Elly on her first day back at school. We learn Dipi is now head of the PTA, and she says that the parents are really glad to have Elly back.
As Dipi goes back inside, Susan turns up and starts whingeing to them about Karl. But they're interrupted by Dean, who turns up and greets Susan and Elly.
DEAN: Hope you don't mind me butting in. I thought I'd say hi to my favourite teacher!
ELLY: Oh, that's so sweet of you, Dean (!)
DEAN: And you must be Mr Brennan.
MARK: Yeah, that's - that's me.
DEAN: Heard about you and Mrs Brennan - that you're gonna be parents. Congrats.
MARK: Thanks!
DEAN: Didn't know you were a cop. You must've figured it out before Mrs B did, hey?
MARK: Not quite! I'm a policeman, not a doctor.
ELLY: Yeah, thank you for stopping by, Dean. I'll see you at school.
DEAN: Sure thing. Hope you like my assignment. I did everything you asked.
Dean wanders off, and Susan remarks at how he's changed his tune since yesterday, attributing it to Elly's good work. Mark is surprised that Elly told the schoolkids she was pregnant; she says she thought the Year 12s deserved to know she'd be going on maternity later in the year. Susan departs for school, and Mark remarks that it's still crazy hearing Elly called 'Mrs Brennan'.
Elly puts on a strained smile, which quickly fades as she sees Dean watching her from a distance.
Chloe is working on reception when Paul turns up. He says he's concerned that Kyle may be 'pushing his luck' with Chloe, after what he witnessed before.
PAUL: If Kyle is being aggressive or inappropriate towards you, then I need to put him straight on his behaviour.
CHLOE: No, I'm more than capable of keeping Kyle in line. He just needs a firm hand sometimes.
Chloe acknowledges, however, that Kyle does have a thing for her - and that he is very attractive!
CHLOE: Girl can't keep slappin' a guy like that away forever.
PAUL: Meaning?
CHLOE: Meaning, it's real difficult to keep my hands off him. Maybe too difficult, for the amount you're paying me.
PAUL: Are you trying to extort me?!
CHLOE: How much is keeping Kyle a single man worth to you? I want an extra 15%.
PAUL: You've got to be joking, haven't you?
CHLOE: You're right. Make it 20.
PAUL: Chloe, this is not up for negotiation.
Chloe points over to where Terese has appeared nearby, saying she could ask her to mediate a deal if Paul likes!
PAUL: Alright - 15%. Are you happy?
CHLOE: Pleasure doing business with you.
Erinsborough High School
Elly is handing her class their assignments back. She pointedly tells Yashvi that she expected more effort from some people - but Yashvi is annoyed to see that Dean has a better mark than her.
YASHVI: What? How did *you* get a B?
ELLY: Dean did a great job working on his papers.
DEAN: Only a C - suck it, Rebecchi.
Yashvi goes up to the front to moan to Elly about how Dean got a better mark than her, accusing Elly of suffering from 'baby brain'.
ELLY: Yashvi, what other students get is none of your business (...) You need to focus on your own grades. You've got more than enough to work on.
Yashvi returns to her seat. Dean is brazenly playing on his mobile, but Elly ignores him...
Lassiter's Complex
Terese and Paul are talking about Power Road, when Toadie turns up. He thanks Paul for his generous contribution to the Sonya Foundation. Paul is confused, as he hasn't made a contribution - but Toadie thinks he's just being modest.
TOADIE: Yeah, you want to stay anonymous - I get it. But, you know, your very generous donation will mean so much. Sonya would be chuffed.
Terese is surprised, as she wasn't aware Paul had made a donation. Toadie says it's even bigger than the one he made when Sonya was going through treatment. Paul doesn't deny it any further, but just says Sonya's foundation will achieve great things, but not to mention it again.
Karl turns up, and congratulates Toadie on Sonya's foundation. But things are still awkward between them because of Finn. Karl gives Toadie a $2,000 donation, and says he and Susan would like to help in any way they can.
TOADIE: Thank you so much, Karl. This will go a long way. Pass on my regards to Susan.
Toadie leaves.
PAUL: 'Pass on my regards.' Ouch.
TERESE: You okay?
KARL: Frankly, no. Toadie's keeping Susan and I at arm's length. It's a horrible feeling.
He explains Toadie's angry with them for letting Finn live with them. Terese says it's not surprising after Nell got hospitalised after taking the painkillers that Finn had swapped with Susan's vitamin pills.
KARL: I understand that Toadie needs to protect his children, but he's in a rough spot here. I mean, he's returned to so many memories of his loss. And Susan and I just want to be involved in supporting him - now more than ever.
Paul and Terese exchange a glance as Karl leaves.
Later, Karl is outside Harold's, talking to Dipi about the imminent arrival of his tram and seeking input on where he can put it and what he can do with it. Dipi is obviously eager to get away - and luckily for her, Karl spots Chloe...
CHLOE: Hi- diddly- ho, neighbourinos!
... and starts pestering her for ideas instead, while Dipi sneaks away.
CHLOE: You have a vintage tram?
Chloe looks like she has an idea...
Erinsborough High School
Dean is at the lockers, when Yashvi walks past and casually accuses him of cheating on his assignment - saying there's no way he could have got a B on his own.
DEAL: Don't feel bad, Rebecchi. Some people have to get Cs to make the rest of us look good.
YASHVI: Who'd you pay to do it for you?
DEAN: Considering you needed two goes at Year 12, it definitely wasn't you.
Dean pours a flask full of fruit squash over Yashvi's head! She shrieks.
YASHVI: You scumbag!
Yashvi shouts out to Elly, who has seen what's happened from her classroom, but doesn't seem to be reacting. Susan appears from behind them, demanding to know what's going on; and it's at this point that Elly emerges, and begins chastising Dean for drenching Yashvi.
ELLY: This is not a joke, Dean! We do not assault people!
DEAN: Assault?! I didn't touch her!
ELLY: I'd stop talking if I were you.
Elly tells Dean to get a mop and clean up the mess, then tells him he's earned another week of detention. Susan looks impressed at how Elly's tackled things, but Dean is looking angry...
Harold's Café
Toadie is telling Dipi about the $50,000 that he thinks Paul has donated to the Sonya Foundation. Dipi says that she's aware she and Shane volunteered to help with the project, but asks if Toadie would be able to cope without her. She explains that Kirsha is anxious about school camp next week after last year's debacle.
DIPI: So I thought it would be a good idea for her and I to go to Sydney, to visit Jay, just for a few weeks.
TOADIE: Oh, he'd love that.
Dipi says she'll happily go another time if Toadie needs help with Nell and Hugo; but he says Dipi should go and 'spoil that boy of yours' - they'll manage just fine.
Meanwhile, Kyle is scouring the internet for ideas to transform Power Road. But Chloe turns up, and tells him she's just heard about something which could help bring his 'ghost town' back from the dead...
Erinsborough High School
Elly is sitting in an empty classroom, looking traumatised. Susan comes in, and assures Elly she'll get her endurance back once she settles in - adding that she was impressed with how she dealt with Dean. Susan adds that Elly shouldn't be afraid to ask for help if she needs it.
SUSAN: Is there something else on your mind?
ELLY: Yeah, there is, actually. I think I might make more of an effort with Dean. Maybe help him find a more productive path.
SUSAN: Well, that would be great.
ELLY: Yeah. I think some one- on- one attention might be exactly what he needs.
Susan wishes her luck, and leaves.
The Waterhole
Karl and Kyle are chatting to Paul about the possibility of putting the vintage tram on Power Road.
PAUL: You think that a rusty, obsolete relic is gonna revitalise Power Road?
KARL: Paul, where's your vision? With a bit of TLC, it could be a funky diner, or a jazzy little wine bar. I can see it now - Karl's Off The Rails!
KYLE: Doc! ... With the right touch, a historic tram could become a local landmark. Encourage people back to the area.
Kyle proposes placing it on a narrow block next to the bus stop. He says the passing trade will help Paul lease out the retail units previously occupied by Grease Monkeys and bric- a- brac.
KARL: So I can call the delivery guys? Get them to drop it over?
Paul considers it carefully...
Erinsborough High School
Dean is waiting for Elly in the corridor at the end of the day.
ELLY: Go home, Dean.
DEAN: You owe me.
ELLY: I gave you a solid grade, and you didn't even bother handing anything in. We are done.
DEAN: No; we're just getting started. I've got outdoor ed camp tomorrow, and I need booze. The bottle shop won't sell me any, though.
ELLY: Might have something to do with the fact that you're underage.
DEAN: You're not, though.
ELLY: I'm not buying you alcohol, Dean. That's illegal.
DEAN: I won't tell anyone. Unless you want me to? I could swing by and see Constable Brennan on my way home.
Dean leaves his locker unlocked, so that Elly can stash booze for him there - before wandering off smugly. Elly looks worried.
Power Road
Karl has Susan blindfold as he leads her out of the car to see his special unveiling. (No, it's nothing to do with the Blue Box™.) Susan says she can hear construction noises.
SUSAN: I swear to you, if I find the back of the house missing...
But when Karl tells her she can remove the blindfold, she sees the vintage tram being installed on Power Road! Karl says he's gifting the tram to the local community...
KARL: ... sort of.
SUSAN: What do you mean, 'sort of'?
KARL: Well, we haven't finalised the deal. But this way, we get to keep our beloved 82, and the community gets a wonderful new landmark.
SUSAN: I suppose it's better than your Big Durian.
Erinsborough High School
Elly returns to the school after hours; she has a bottle of what looks like vodka in her bag, and approaches Dean's locker. However, she's interrupted by the approach of Dipi, who's here on PTA business - and soon spots the bottle, despite Elly's attempts to hide it.
DIPI: What are you doing?
ELLY: ...
Coming up on Neighbours
- Kyle is in the No 32 living room dressed in only a tool belt, much to Chloe's surprise
- Paul asks Roxy why she's really still here
- Terese asks Roxy if she's playing some sort of game; Leo smiles next to her
- Leo tells Paul and Terese he doesn't answer to them anymore
- Ned tells Finn he'll be watching him, and that if he makes even the slightest slip- up...
- Aaron asks Karl if he thinks Finn could be slipping back into his old behaviour
- Bea makes a phone call to Finn, asking where he is
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Dean Mahoney in Neighbours Episode 8095
Dean Mahoney

Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8095
Elly Brennan

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8095
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 8095
Paul Robinson, Kyle Canning

Kyle Canning, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8095
Kyle Canning, Chloe Brennan

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8095
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Mark Brennan, Susan Kennedy, Elly Brennan, Dean Mahoney in Neighbours Episode 8095
Mark Brennan, Susan Kennedy, Elly Brennan, Dean Mahoney

Paul Robinson, Chloe Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8095
Paul Robinson, Chloe Brennan

Yashvi Rebecchi, Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8095
Yashvi Rebecchi, Elly Brennan

Paul Robinson, Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8095
Paul Robinson, Toadie Rebecchi, Terese Willis, Karl Kennedy

Chloe Brennan, Dipi Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8095
Chloe Brennan, Dipi Rebecchi, Karl Kennedy

Yashvi Rebecchi, Dean Mahoney in Neighbours Episode 8095
Yashvi Rebecchi, Dean Mahoney

Dean Mahoney, Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8095
Dean Mahoney, Elly Brennan

Toadie Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8095
Toadie Rebecchi, Dipi Rebecchi

Chloe Brennan, Kyle Canning in Neighbours Episode 8095
Chloe Brennan, Kyle Canning

Elly Brennan, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8095
Elly Brennan, Susan Kennedy

Kyle Canning, Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 8095
Kyle Canning, Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson

Dean Mahoney in Neighbours Episode 8095
Dean Mahoney

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 8095
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

 in Neighbours Episode 8095

Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8095
Elly Brennan

Dipi Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 8095
Dipi Rebecchi

Elly Brennan in Neighbours Episode 8095
Elly Brennan

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