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Neighbours Episode 7776 from 2018 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7776
Australian and UK airdate: 12/02/18
Writer: Sarah Walker
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Stu Parker: Blair McDonough
Adrian Snyder: Michael Vice
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Graham
- Paul asking Susan to lead the fundraising committee.
- Karl thinking Paul is only getting involved because of pure selfishness.
- Paul justifying why he should get the naming rights.
- The Lassiters competition being rigged so Toadie wins.
- Terese declaring Toadie has won a 1990's fancy dress party.
- Toadie pointing out the party will be the day before Tyler's trial.
- Paul sweettalking Toadie into accepting the party.
- Tyler being blackmailed into doing a job.
- Terese asking Tyler to keep quiet about what happened to Clementine.
Number 24
Toadie is round to offer Tyler one last chance to cancel the party but he's happy for it to continue as planned after Toadie confirms that he is ready for the trial.
After Toadie leaves, Piper asks Tyler how he is doing, and he confirms good but needs to head to work. Piper is curious why he is heading to work this early but told Aaron not to go to the garage until after 11 and Tyler explains that he's got some stuff to do first.
The Waterhole
Susan is chairing a fundraising committee meeting and her suggestion of a raffle goes through unopposed.
Tyler takes a call from Ben and reassures the lad that everything is fine, he is handling it. Adrian arrives with the van but there is a change of plan – instead of simply changing the number plates, Tyler now has to make a false floor in it to hide Banks. Tyler isn't too pleased with the change of plan as it will take longer than envisioned and Aaron is likely to see what he is doing, but all Adrian says before leaving is that “he can handle it mate!”
The Shed
Aaron is working out intensely and doesn't hear his phone ringing (Tyler is calling him).
Number 28
“I'm going to party like its 1999,” Toadie declares as he is talking to Sonya on the phone, wishing that she were here to come to the party. Shane arrives wearing his planned costume (Ace Ventura) and Toadie is now unsure of his (Prince) costume but is unsure what else to go as. While they are talking, Toadie gets a text from Lance saying he can't manage the party.
The Shed
Aaron decides to drop the tyre for Aaron off at The Shed but is curious why it's not open. He opens the sliding door and discovers Aaron out cold on the floor. Immediately Tyler tries to rouse him, but Aaron isn't responding.
The Waterhole
Karl and Ben sit listening to the committee meeting having deliberately chosen a table nearby! His ears perk up when they start discussing the name of the wing and Paul explains that he plans on donating Helen's paintings to the wing too (he's trying to reacquire them all). Despite Susan trying to put off naming of the wing, Paul railroads it through and now wants to confirm David's role, but Susan interjects to suggest they are getting ahead of themselves. Karl can't keep quiet either and butts in. He suggests that someone experience should be involved ie himself, rather than someone for the long haul ie David! “Are you a member of this committee,” Paul asks and of course the answer is no, so Karl is informed that it doesn't concern him!
David acts extremely professional when he treats his next patient – Aaron! Well at least he does while looking through his admission chart then tries to back out of treating Aaron, but Tyler reaffirms that they trust him especially as he needs to go urgently and wants to leave his brother in safe hands, at least until Mark can arrive.
Somewhat reluctantly, David agrees to at least start treat him before finding another doctor to take over, and when he goes off to get the treatment started, Aaron comes around. The lad explains that he didn't drink any water while working out and receives a ticking off from his brother. Aaron also admits that he was worried about Tyler and that he misses David dreadfully. “Thanks for being here bro,” Aaron says, and Tyler is quick to reply that he “wouldn't be anywhere else.”
Adrian comes back to collect the van and discovers the job hasn't been done – he isn't very happy and begins smashing up the glasses (into a box) that were in the back of the van!
Number 28
Susan arrives home and apologises to Ben for Karl dragging him to The Waterhole and just as she is about to get up a head of steam about her husband, Ben stops her to say he doesn't want to be caught in- between them. She promises not to put in in that position again and he thankfully heads off before Susan goes to talk to Karl!
“What part of treading softly did you not understand?!” she begins with! Karl explains he had his right to put forward his view and Susan reminds him of the plan. The pair then argue over what Susan sees as Karl v Paul before agreeing a truce ahead of Toadie's party.
SUSAN: Let's not ruin his night.
Lassiters Complex
Slowly the place is getting ready for Toadie's party.
Number 32
“Something else is looking great,” Shane remarks after spotting what his wife is wearing for the party (Spice Girl costume) as she comes to tell him (and Toadie) about how great Lassiters is looking. Dipi is the only one willing to talk to Angie when Yashvi brings the phone out – and in turn relays the news she, Big Kev and Stonie can't make the party.
Tyler returns to an empty garage and steps on some broken glass that was lying on the floor. Beside the glass he also discovers a card with a warning: Watch your step Garden Gnome Killer.
Number 24
Piper heads inside after cleaning the BBQ and doesn't see the unwelcome visitor – Adrian. He receives a text from Tyler explaining the family emergency and that he's at the garage now, but the text reply is “too late.”
Adrian then heads into the pool area and tips the box he smashed the glasses into and tips the broken glass into the water!
Karl is trying to talk Paul into having more discussions about the hospital wing, but decisions have been made and Paul ropes in the passing David to tell Karl what they are. “I want to be involved,” Karl pleads but David replies that is up to Paul (as major donor) but ultimately the Helen Daniels wing has been approved.
“I thought you weren't going to treat me,” Aaron begins when David enters his room, but he doesn't spend long in the room as the results indicate that Aaron is fit to go.
Meanwhile, out in the corridor Karl makes a call to someone to discuss his high interest fixed term deposit.
Number 24
Tyler is back from the garage in time for the BBQ and seems relived Ben confirmed nobody was hanging around.
“See, look I'm fine,” Piper says as she slowly walks into the pool and starts to swim unaware that it contains glass.
She also explains that Mark and Paige are delayed (Gabe fell asleep) and then is shocked to hear Aaron is in hospital although Tyler is quick to say he is fine and is off to pick him up. Before he leaves, he asks Ben to call if anyone comes looking for him.
Number 32
Toadie is still working on Tyler's case when Shane comes out to ask why he's not off getting ready and promptly shuts the laptop to facilitate Toadie getting a move on! Turns out Toadie isn't hurrying himself as he doesn't think many folk will be there given the call offs, but Shane points out that he will be there and plans on eating his entire body weight in calamari!
Number 24
Aaron is back from the hospital and sits (with Ben) dangling his feet in the pool before then diving into it. Thankfully he doesn't suffer any injury (from the glass) …but Ben does after joining Aaron in the pool and walked along the bottom of it. Tyler yells to get Ben out of the pool and between the brothers, they start to do that.
Number 32
Shane calls round to get Toadie and finds out he's not going fancy dressed. “You might want to rethink that,” he replies then reveals a surprise guest – former House of Trouser housemate, Stu Parker. Toadie is quick to hug his former housemate and hears more good news – Angie, Big Kev and Stonie are now coming. Stu then announces he's got the best group outfit too!
STU: We are going to party!
TOADIE: Bring it on!
Number 24
Piper has patched up Ben's injured foot as he doesn't want to alarm Karl. Aaron wants to know how broken glass ended up in their pool and Tyler suggests that it must have been him who dropped a glass in it. Thankfully Aaron buys the cover story and goes to help Ben home.
Alone, Tyler comes clean to Piper over how the glass got in the pool and adds in about Clementine being poisoned too. “Why didn't you tell me,” she demands and Tyler replies, “because there's more” and explains about Mark being the one to put Banks away. She's still not happy he hasn't said anything to her, but he explains that the timing hasn't been right.
TYLER: I didn't want to worry you, I thought I could handle it, but this, the glass in the pool.
PIPER: Tyler, we have to do something.
TYLER: No, no, no, we can't, or it will put everyone I love in danger.
Tonight on Neighbours
- Izzy walking up Ramsay Street.
- Susan already suspicious of her.
- Jack telling someone that he misses them.
- Toadie saying that Sindi turned up and passed on Andrea's phone number to him.
- Sheila talking to Raphael about Paul.
- Piper telling Tyler of her plan – they run!
- Someone being knocked down.
- Holly asking her mum when she's going to spill the beans and being told “not now.”
- Tyler making it across the building but can Piper make it???
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