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Neighbours Episode 7755 from 2018 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
Episode title: 7755
Australian and UK airdate: 12/01/18
Writer: Matthew Bon
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: Snr Sgt Christina Lake: Kath Gordon
Brandon Danker: Nick Bracks
Sebastian Haeusler: Adam Rowland
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
- David advises the Rebecchis to learn sign language, as Kirsha's hearing is now unlikely to improve
- After Yashvi takes a lead with the sign language, Shane thanks her for being such a good sister
- Paul admits to Leo he made up the software glitch because Mishti was poking holes in Gary's alibi
- Mishti steals the hotel reception history data on a USB
- Mishti presses Paul on what caused the glitch in the booking system
- Paul attempts to bribe Mishti with an opportunity of money for Kirsha's healthcare
Mishti arrives in uniform, explaining to receptionist Brandon that she needs confirmation of the computer glitch on the booking system from the night of Hamish's death.
Brandon is surprised, as when he last saw Mishti (which was the time she distracted him with flirtation in order to steal the booking data in the first place) she was a personal trainer. Mishti ignores his questions about how long she's been a cop and keeps pressing him, hoping to prove there was never a glitch at all. But Brandon is more interested in flirting again!
BRANDON: You know, the last time you wanted my help, we had a lot more banter going on.
Leo arrives and pulls Mishti aside, asking whether her boss has sent her to check up on this, or if she's acting on her own. Mishti admits she's here of her own accord.
LEO: I thought we'd decided it wasn't worth it?
MISHTI: Yeah, well that was until I spoke to your dad, and he tried to bribe me.
Harold's Café
Elly excitedly shows Amy that the Flametree Retreat's Instagram has gained a thousand followers overnight, after Amy was filmed berating snobby blogger Petra. Amy reports that Steph has expressed her approval, and Elly suggests they go out tonight to celebrate. Amy admits she has nothing new to wear.
AMY: So, we always go out and I wear exactly the same thing, and you always give me this look!
ELLY: What look?
AMY: You know, the stink- eye look!
Amy says she can't afford to buy anything new; but Dipi, who has been earwigging from behind the counter, says she's just cleared out her wardrobe and has a load of gorgeous cast- offs from before she had kids that she can give to Amy. Amy is very keen, so Dipi promises to drop them over later. Amy and Elly get excited over their night out – and still seem keen for it to stay man- free.
ELLY: Fifty days into our celibacy pact, and we are going stronger than ever!
No 32
Shane, Yashvi and Kirsha are in the back garden, practising sign language – but Kirsha is struggling, and worries that she's never going to get it right. We learn that Shane is planning to take Kirsha to an event organised by Deaf Children Australia tomorrow, to practice her signing further and meet other kids in the same boat. Kirsha doesn't want to go, so Shane tries to reassure her it will be okay.
Paul's Penthouse
Jimmy and Leo are playing video games when Amy comes in. For some reason she's forcing Jimmy to visit Cousin Hilary, and unsurprisingly, Jimmy doesn't want to go. But Amy insists, telling Jimmy he can ride there on his new bike.
JIMMY: Mum, you're so austere sometimes!
Jimmy grudgingly exits, and Amy notices that Leo is acting distractedly, so asks him what's going on. He admits that Mishti is butting heads with Paul over ‘ethical differences' and that he's stuck in the middle. Reminding him of what happened when she got together with Nick Petrides, Amy says that, much as they love Paul, Leo would be best keeping him at arm's length from his relationships.
No 32
Kirsha is on the lawn playing with a kaleidoscope. Shane comes to join her.
KIRSHA: I like how you can see all the patterns of broken- up colours. Broken like me.
Shane uses a new voice recognition app he's downloaded on his phone to tell Kirsha that she isn't broken. He says the app isn't perfect but that it should help her at school until they can arrange an aide for her. In the meantime, she needs to keep practising her signing, which is why she should go to the event tomorrow. Kirsha's worried about being laughed at – even if she can't hear it.
SHANE: I need you to come. Just in case people laugh at me.
KIRSHA: Okay, I'll go. Then we can both look out for each other.
The Waterhole
Leo is confronting Paul over Mishti's accusation of bribery. Paul acts all outraged, but Leo tells him not to play dumb – so he admits that he's worried because Mishti has a copy of the original booking records. Paul's annoyed when it becomes clear Leo already knew that and hadn't told him – and asks Leo to help him put a stop to Mishti's questioning.
LEO: I can't do that.
PAUL: I have finally got my life back to where I want it to be. I've got my business back; I've got my family back. But if this gets out I could end up back in jail. That won't just ruin me; it will ruin you and David, and Amy, and Jimmy.
LEO: I've had to lie to Mishti once before, and I hated doing it. So I want to make myself clear. I'm not getting involved in this. I'm not that person anymore.
PAUL: Oh, come on. We both know that you're very comfortable living in the world of the morally grey.
LEO: Things are different now.
PAUL: Oh, really? So I won't have to get my hands dirty the next time one of your buddies like Mannix comes along?
LEO: Paul, I respect you. And I appreciate everything you've done for David and I over the last year (…) but I also respect my relationship with Mishti. So I'm not gonna stop her from doing her job. If you want this to go away, you're gonna have to find a solution that doesn't put me in the middle.
Paul's Penthouse
Dipi is with Amy and Elly, having brought round some of her old clothes as promised. Amy is trying them on and is delighted with the results. Elly can't understand why Dipi is throwing the clothes out, saying they'd still fit her. Dipi says she has nowhere to wear them – she's too old for painting the town red, and has her family to think about.
Amy and Elly aren't buying these excuses, and say that Dipi should come out with them tonight. Dipi says she needs to be at home to support Kirsha right now, but the girls try to convince her that Shane will manage for just one night. Dipi doesn't want Kirsha to think she's being abandoned, or for Yashvi to get up to trouble while Shane has his hands full with Kirsha.
AMY: You know what that is right there? That is mother- guilt. And I know it well, and I will not have it.
Elly and Amy insist Dipi come out with them. She finally agrees, and they all laugh.
The Waterhole
Mishti is now questioning Sheila about the booking ‘glitch' at Lassiter's, and whether Paul might have fabricated it to help Gary and Sheila with their alibis. This would be a serious case of perverting the course of justice, Mishti says. Sheila says that the only people who seriously messed up that night were her and Gary, and they've answered for it – before walking off while Mishti's still talking!
No 32
Shane, Kirsha and Yashvi are practising signing again, and Kirsha appears to be growing in confidence. Dipi emerges in a dress Amy and Elly encouraged her to wear tonight, looking very glamorous – but when Shane admits Kirsha had a bit of a freak- out earlier, Dipi immediately announces she's staying in.
Shane, however, says that Kirsha is fine now and that Dipi deserves a night out. Dipi reluctantly agrees to go, and kisses Shane before leaving.
Erinsborough Police Station
Senior Sergeant Lake informs Mishti she's received a complaint about her investigation of the hotel check- in times. Mishti begins telling Lake that she thinks the booking glitch was faked, but Lake tells her to stop investigating.
LAKE: After what happened to Mark Brennan, none of us need to be making waves. Just do the work you're assigned.
MISHTI: But there's potentially another crime here!
LAKE: Look, I know you're a good cop. But Gary Canning has already faced court on this matter, and Tyler Brennan has confessed to manslaughter. So let's just hand this over to the prosecution, and direct our strained and limited resources elsewhere, okay?
The sergeant assigns Mishti to a burglary case at Anson's Corner. Before she goes, Mishti asks who the complainant was. Lake says she can't tell her that.
Back Lane Bar
Amy, Elly and Dipi arrive. Dipi jokes that she feels a million years old, but the others reassure her she looks hot. Dipi is surprised when Elly and Amy slip rings onto their wedding fingers – they explain that this is to deter potential suitors from scuppering their celibacy pact! Dipi hears a song that she likes coming on, and starts to dance. A guy nearby looks to be taking an interest in her…
Paul's Penthouse
Mishti is confronting Paul over the complaint made about her, but Paul insists he had nothing to do with it. Mishti clearly doesn't believe him; she says she won't risk her job by disobeying Lake, but adds that she won't forget this. Leo comes in, and assures Mishti that Paul wouldn't have made the complaint. Mishti can't see who else would have, and marches towards the lift.
MISHTI: Is this how it's gonna be now you're living here? You taking your dad's side when it's completely obvious that he's in the wrong?
LEO: You've been so gung- ho about this! Maybe you need to reconsider that not all the dots are connected.
MISHTI: Maybe I need to reconsider some of the other things in my life too!
She closes the lift on a protesting Leo, and he returns to speak to Paul. Paul insists again that he didn't make the complaint against Mishti.
LEO: Yeah. Well, it's a pity you did everything else!
Back Lane Bar
Dipi is waiting to be served at the bar, and her admirer edges closer to her – while Elly and Amy watch jealously from a distance, struggling to maintain enthusiasm for their no- men pact and commenting on how much Dipi's been hit on tonight!
At the bar, the stranger introduces himself to Dipi as Sebastian, and she tells him her name. He starts with some small- talk and bad chat- up lines, but Dipi quickly shows him her wedding ring and makes it clear she's not on the market. Sebastian is quick to back off, but Dipi says that just because she's married, it doesn't mean he can't throw a few compliments her way!
SEBASTIAN: Your husband is a lucky man.
DIPI: Damn straight he is!
Sebastian says he wishes he could find someone as beautiful as her, before wishing her a good night and retreating to another corner of the room.
Harold's Café
Shane, Yashvi and Kirsha are having a family dinner, and Kirsha continues to grow in confidence with the sign language and the prospect of the Deaf Children Australia meeting tomorrow. They wonder how Dipi's night out is going. Shane says that however much fun she's having, there's no way she's having a better night than him.
Back Lane Bar
Elly, Amy and Dipi are enjoying another round of drinks. Elly remarks on all the attention Dipi's getting.
DIPI: Shane always makes me feel special. But that feeling of being carefree and desirable – I mean, that feels like lifetimes ago. It's good to know I've still got it!
Noticeably slurring her words, Dipi agrees with Amy's suggestion that she should come out with them more, admitting Amy was right about the mother- guilt.
DIPI: I have put a lot of myself aside for my family – and don't get me wrong, I love being a mother and I love being a wife. But I am a *woman*. And sometimes you've got to let yourself roar!
They all toast the sentiment.
The Waterhole
Mishti is drinking alone at the bar. Sheila apologises for running off mid- conversation earlier, but Mishti says she's been made aware she can be like a dog with a bone. Sheila admits that Dipi told her about Mishti's late fiancée Xander, saying that Mishti must know something about moving on.
SHEILA: And that's what I have to do with this whole Hamish business. I opened my heart to him like a complete fool, and no matter how hard I try now, I cannot get rid of the hurt and the anger. Is it wrong to be really glad that he's gone?
MISHTI: I think that's all perfectly normal.
SHEILA: And the most annoying thing is that I didn't get to give that lying scumbag a piece of my mind. I could've put it into my variety act, I suppose, but the language wouldn't have been suitable for a family audience (…) I just want to put it all behind me. And so that's why I wanted you to stop asking questions.
MISHTI: You're the one who spoke to my senior sergeant?
SHEILA: Yeah. And I'm sorry – I hope I didn't get you into any major trouble.
MISHTI: Actually, I think I've gone and done that all by myself…
Paul's Penthouse
Mishti returns, and tells Leo she knows Paul didn't make the complaint – she wants to apologise to Paul, but he's not there. She also apologises to Leo for her parting shot about reconsidering some of the other things in her life, and explains Lake has ordered her to leave the investigation into the check- in times alone, which is what she'll do.
LEO: Look, the last thing I wanted to do today was to have to pick sides. It won't happen again.
MISHTI: Something tells me your dad's not gonna make my job very easy, though.
LEO: Yeah, well, Paul likes to live life by his own rules. I'm starting to get the hang of it.
MISHTI: Maybe you can teach me, so I can handle myself next time he may or may not try to bribe me!
Leo says Paul would do anything to protect his family – and he doesn't see why that shouldn't include Mishti.
MISHTI: Do you think he'll ever accept the fact that his son's dating a cop?
LEO: Well, he'll have to. Because I love you.
MISHTI: I love you too. Gross – did we just do that?!
LEO: Well, you can't take it back now.
MISHTI: It's those dimples of yours. They make me talk crazy.
LEO: I don't mind a bit of crazy talk.
They kiss.
Lassiter's Complex
Kirsha is outside Harold's with Shane and Yashvi, looking through her kaleidoscope. Meanwhile, Shane thanks Yashvi for all her support today. Suddenly, Jimmy appears from nowhere on his bike, shouting out to Kirsha as he races towards her. Shane acts quickly, moving KIrsha out of the way, but is hit by Jimmy himself. Shane falls to the floor hard, and looks hurt...
Next week on Neighbours
- At the hospital, Dipi, Yashvi and Kirsha wait for news on Shane
- Piper tells Tyler that they need to have fun and do crazy things they've never done before
- Piper and Tyler climb on furniture in The Waterhole, telling Sheila it's a day of craziness!
- Ben looking pensive, before entering the police station
- Toadie tells Tyler he's been looking for him
- Ben and Xanthe kissing on a bed
- Terese walks in on something surprising
- ‘Unmissable drama'
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