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Neighbours Episode 7754 from 2018 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7754
Australian and UK airdate: 11/01/18
Writer: Holly Alexander
Director: Chris Langman
Guests: Louise McLeod: Maria Theodorakis
Petra Jabour: Frances McCarthy
Gabriel Smith: Kian Bafekrpour
- "Fickle Heart" by Sinead Burgess And Tom Jordan
Summary/Images by: Jeremai/Graham
- Paige gets out of the car and interrupts Mark negotiating with Louise; police appear from everywhere
- Louise is arrested
- Paige confronts Jack for calling the cops but Jack tells her she's the reason Gabe is missing in the first place
- Terese tells Pauls she's going to tell the police about his "small software issue"
- Leo asks Paul is there's some compromise Terese might accept
- Paul offers to donate one hundred thousand but Terese tells him to make it two
- Mark says Tom Bartuccio, whose number Toadie and Sonya found, would have worked with Louise; David says he was waiting for someone to take over his lease
- Mark enters the apartment and finds an empty playpen
Mark, Mishti and other police officers are searching the apartment. Mishti tells Mark to leave it to them but Mark says that hasn't worked very well so far. Jack and Paige burst in, hoping they have found Gabe, but he's not there. Mark says the baby milk, etc proves Louise cares about Gabe's welfare. There must be someone else working with Louise.
Penthouse suite
Paul tells Leo he's donating $200,000 to the new research wing at the hospital to get Terese off his back. Leo wants to know what secret was worth $200,000 and Paul confesses to changing the check- in times to give Gary an alibi.
The Flametree Retreat
Elly arrives as Amy gets off the phone from Steph, who is worried about Gabe. Amy hopes she can hold this place together to give her one less thing to worry about. She'd love to get more clients. Elly suggests trying to get some celebrity influence. She looks on Instagram and finds Petra Jabour who has half a million followers.
ELLY: She writes this cutting edge wellness blog. She lives in Melbourne and we've been chatting about yoga smart pants, so I have an in.
AMY: Yoga smart pa...? Never mind!
Police Station
Mishti tells Louise the longer she stalls, the sicker Gabe is going to get. She asks about her accomplice but Louise claims there's no- one else. Mishti tells her they've checked out Tom Bartuccio's apartment and Gabe isn't there. Louise is troubled as that's where she left him. Mishti leaves the room and tells Jack and Paige that Louise didn't have an accomplice... someone else has Gabe. Paige bursts into the room and screams at Louise; what has she done?
LOUISE: I was going to give him back, I promise. I'm not a monster.
PAIGE: Yes you are! Yes you are!
Harold's Café
Mark tells Toadie the number he found led them to where Gabe was being held; it's a start. Toadie tells Mark he's cleared his plate for Tyler's sentencing hearing. Mishti is having a break with Leo and wonders if she helped push Paige over the edge; they could have totally screwed up with the ambush. Leo assures her she wouldn't do anything to jeopardise Gabe's return but Mishti wishes they had more leads.
Number 24
Jack and Paige are sitting in silence and Mark is about to head back to look around the apartment building again when they hear crying outside. They find Gabe on the porch and are overwhelmed with relief.
Police Station
Mark tells Mishti he ran up and down the street but couldn't see anyone. Apparently Louise doesn't know who did brought Gabe back and Mishti is inclined to believe her. They may never find out who it was. Mishti tells Mark he did good work today. Louise is led out of the station.
The Flametree Retreat
Amy sees out some clients and somewhat desperately tells them to make sure they tell their friends. Elly appears and Amy tells her Gabe has been found. Elly has more good news; Petra said yes... but she only has time today! Amy starts to panic but Elly knows she can pull it off.
Penthouse suite
Mishti and Leo discuss Gabe's reappearance with Paul. Mishti says it will be one of those things that keeps niggling at her, like the glitch in the Lassiters booking system! Paul blames it on outdated software and says the system has been upgraded. He makes his exit to give them some space but Mishti looks suspicious.
The Flametree Retreat
Amy asks Sheila to pose as a happy customer.
SHEILA: So what treatment have I just had? I need to know so that I can build my character!
Gary talks about raw food bowls but Elly says Petra is all about what's popular tomorrow, not today. Amy is reading Petra's blog and says she's pretty harsh.
SHEILA: Well no wonder; rabbits eat more than she does. What that poor girl needs is a good lamb roast!
GARY: That's it... healthy, clean comfort food. I mean we all like comfort food but we know it's bad for us, but what if I could come up with a dish that's healthy and comforting?
AMY: Like What? Nothing healthy tastes good.
GARY: Well, I reckon I could re- work my lasagne a bit.
ELLY: But she's vegan!
GARY: I could re- work it a lot!
Erinsborough Hospital
Paige and Jack are waiting for the nurse to come back to show them how to give Gabe the steroids for his croup. Jack asks Paige if she's still mad at him for involving the police. Paige just thinks they would have found him sooner if he hadn't. Jack says their fighting doesn't help things. They need to learn to work together for Gabe's sake. They both apologise.
The Flametree Restaurant
Petra arrives and is clearly unimpressed.
AMY: It's early days.
PETRA: It shows!
AMY: But we're really proud of what we've pulled together and we know you've got high standards so that's why we wanted your review.
PETRA: I don't need your flattery!
Amy asks her to just give them a fair go.
Penthouse suite
Mishti and Leo are watching an episode of Neighbours from the late 1990s, or at least that's what the background music sounds like. Mishti is puzzled that a stranger has saved the day once again, like when Piper was lost in the bush. She feels like Paul is hiding something too and asks Leo if he's said anything to him. Leo defends Paul's story and tells Mishti she needs to learn how to switch off.
Erinsborough Hospital
Paige is planning to take Gabe to see the family for a week and suggests Jack come too. Jack offers to drive them up since Gabe can't fly while he's sick, and when Gabe is feeling better they can fly back. Paige can't stop thinking about how serious things could have been if they hadn't found Gabe in time but Jack tells her he's here, healthy and safe.
The Flametree Restaurant
Xanthe and Ben are putting on an act, ordering the peanut butter explosion from Gary. Petra tells Gary she's done with her food, despite barely touching it, and says it tastes like dirt. Amy jumps out from behind the bushes and has a go at Petra.
AMY: I know that you think you're some kind of big shot influencer or whatever you call it. I don't care. You obviously don't get what we're trying to do here.
PETRA: And what is that?
AMY: What is that? Welcoming people into a safe, non- judgmental space focussing on positive energy and healing; not tearing people down. No, no, no, we don't want your money. We do not want your money. Our customers are every day hard- working...
GARY: Australians.
AMY: And that's who we're there for. Not some lazy diva whose only claim to fame is - what? - posting a few stupid photos on the internet.
PETRA: And yet the internet can make or break you. You just made a huge mistake!
The Flametree Retreat
Back inside, Amy says Steph was right when she fired her. Petra's review appears online. She has posted a video of Amy's tirade. Xanthe tells the others to read the comments; they are all positive and supporting! The phone rings and Amy takes a booking. That was quick!
Penthouse suite
Mishti arrives to see Paul and asks him outright if he has anything to do with the booking system. Paul asks after Kirsha's hearing and tells Mishti about an endowment the council offers for families who need urgent medical assistance. He offers to talk to an old contact and to match every donation they make with his own money!
MISHTI: Are you saying you'll give us the money if I stop asking questions?
PAUL: No, that would be a bribe! Just let me know if you're interested, OK?
Unmissable Drama
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- Kirsha tries to sign that she remembers; Shane says he thinks she just called herself an idiot, and Yashvi laughs
- Kirsha tells Shane she doesn't want to be laughed at
- Dipi dances at the bar and a man says he hasn't seen her here before
- Mishti says Sheila might know if Paul was involved; Sheila asks why would he be?
- Paul tells Leo that if this gets out he could end up back in jail
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