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Neighbours Episode 7018 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7018
Australian airdate: 19/11/14
UK airdate: 03/12/14
Writer: Peter Mattessi
Director: Declan Eames
Guests: Rain Taylor: Airlie Dodds
Ezra Hanley: Steve Nation
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Sonya is tempted to drink as the stalker debacle exacerbates, but resists the urge
- Mark arranges a gesture of neighbourly support for Sonya, as the RSRs entrust her with their secrets
- Daniel and Amber agree to help Rain create New Eden
- Paul observes as Terese and Brad's marriage crumbles
- Terese tells Paul about the almost- affair she had with her former boss, Ezra
- Paul is quick to begin tracking down Ezra
The Waterhole
Terese is nursing a hangover while talking to Paul - she's embarrassed and apologetic about the way she rambled on to him last night, but Paul reassures her and says it was nice to listen. Terese is planning to work from her hotel room today, but Paul says he needs her up and about - he's decided he wants to launch a festival.
PAUL: I've invited some of Lassiter's best event management people from all over the country just to throw some ideas around.
Terese doesn't look thrilled at the prospect of spending all day networking.
Rain has dropped by to give Paul a copy of her development application for New Eden - explaining how instrumental Daniel and Amber have been in helping her put it together. Paul sarcastically remarks that he hopes Daniel's busy working on the new bar, but Rain tells him that he's been researching construction materials for the huts at New Eden!
RAIN: We'll either use mudbrick, which is easy, proven. Or a newer technique where you render hay bales.
PAUL: Do you see this face? I don't care.
Paul comments that Rain doesn't have much trouble getting people to do her bidding, but Rain retorts that she does - Daniel is the one who's great at inspiring people. Paul tells Rain he'll let her know when the application's been decided on.
As Rain leaves, Terese comes in and sees a man walk out of the lift. Paul watches with interest.
MAN: Terese!
TERESE: Ezra... What are you doing here?
EZRA: I'm here for the conference. We're starting at ten, aren't we?
Terese looks highly disconcerted, and Paul smiles.
Lassiter's Complex
Toadie and Mark meet up outside the Waterhole, while Rain plays her djembes on a nearby bench. Mark explains to Toadie that he's planning a high tea of cakes and sandwiches to cheer up Sonya (does this man never go to work?) Toadie thinks it's a good idea, and says that Sonya's doing better now she knows she has all the neighbours' support - despite the recent debacle with her stalker reporting her to the Department of Human Services (DHS). Rain continues drumming.
TOADIE: What is that noise?
MARK: Oh, don't ask.
TOADIE: Is she likely to stop?
MARK: Dunno, but she is a weird one, that one.
Harold's Store
Brad is telling Paige how glad he is that she and Josh are spending time with Doug. Paige remarks how amazing Doug is at carpentry, and suggests Brad should come along and learn a thing or two. Brad explains that he once did some business making surfboards back in the day, and was going to make a career of it.
PAIGE: What happened?
BRAD: Well, I met Terese, got married, and went into teaching. And that was that.
PAIGE: So why didn't you keep going with it?
BRAD: Because life just got in the way.
PAIGE: Well maybe life is ready to let you have another shot.
Paige adds that stressing 24/7 won't fix Brad's problems - he can focus on his family and also reserve some time for himself.
Mark comes in to collect a cupcake and macaroon order. When asked by Paige he explains it's for Sonya's high tea party, then spontaneously asks her to come along if she can get out of work. She says she'll see what she can do. While Mark looks at some gourmet cookies, Paige runs over to Brad and asks if he saw Mark flirting with her. Brad says it's not too late to follow her heart.
Ezra remarks that he and Terese are equals now she's been promoted. Terese says lots has changed.
EZRA: Except one thing. You. You still look amazing.
Terese is clearly flattered and flustered by his comment, and admits she's surprised to see him. She's even more surprised to learn that it was Paul who invited Ezra to the conference, late last night.
EZRA: And when you get a personal invitation from the owner, and Erinsborough's very own mayor - well, you hop to it.
Ezra goes to prepare his presentation for the conference, leaving Terese smiling to herself.
Lassiter's Complex
Sonya is thrilled with the lavish tea party that Mark and Toadie have prepared for her. We learn Nell has been left with Susan, because she tends to pick up on Sonya's stress. Mark gives her a cucumber sandwich to help her de-stress, and they all put on what we can only infer are supposed to be posh British accents as they indulge.
Rain is still playing her drums on the bench, so Sonya goes over to have a closer listen, while Mark and Toadie linger in the background. Toadie shouts over, making it clear he'd like Rain to stop drumming, but Sonya encourages him to come and join them for a chat. Rain remarks that she likes Sonya's 'energy', and Sonya sits down to have a go on a drum herself, while Mark and Toadie look bemused.
The Waterhole
Paul finds Terese working, and tries to hurry her into the conference, while also complaining about Rain's drumming, which can still be heard outside.
TERESE: You know what's weird? I hadn't thought about Ezra in months until last night. Yet today, here he is.
Paul plays ignorant, claiming he wasn't aware Terese and Ezra knew each other. Terese explains he's the ex-boss from Perth she told him about last night, and Paul acts like he didn't know - but says they're bound to bump into each other now and then, as they both work for Lassiter's.
TERESE: And he is an expert in festivals too.
Paul says that's why he's here, and is about to leave to tell Rain to stop drumming, when Terese asks him directly whether she mentioned Ezra by name last night. Paul is still playing ignorant, and asks if Terese has a problem with Ezra being here. She insists not, and Paul leaves.
Lassiter's Complex
Toadie is now dancing to Sonya and Rain's drumbeats, when Paul rushes over and tells them to stop playing. Rain pretends not to hear him, but eventually relents when Paul starts yelling. As Paul goes back inside, Mark re-emerges, and Sonya tells Rain the drumming session was very 'freeing'. Rain says she can join her any time.
Toadie and Sonya walk away, leaving Mark with Rain, who suggests he should join in too next time. He doesn't think he will, but thanks her for cheering up Sonya with the drumming.
MARK: She needed some TLC.
RAIN: She's not the only one... It's okay to be sad. You don't have to deny it. You can accept it. You can live with it.
Rain touches Mark's chest in a spooky fortune-teller sort of a way, when Paige shows up and sees them together. Paige looks unamused.
The Waterhole
Paul and Ezra are talking about ideas for the festival, but Paul is shamelessly trying to push Ezra closer to Terese - suggesting he should go and brainstorm ideas with her 'in her room'. It's Paul's way of letting slip that Terese is staying at the hotel, and not at home with Brad. Paul explains they're having marital issues, and Ezra wonders aloud why he's telling him.
PAUL: I thought you two were friends.
EZRA: We are, which is why I don't gossip about her.
Paul says he simply cares about Terese, just like Ezra does.
PAUL: I just want to see her happy. And it's quite clear to me that Brad is not the one to make that happen.
EZRA: Is that why you flew me over? To get between her and Brad?
PAUL: I flew you over because of your proven track-record with festivals.
But Ezra looks sceptical.
Men's Shed
Paige is whingeing to Brad about Rain.
PAIGE: And then she had her hand on his chest, in broad daylight, and didn't even care! I just wanted to rip her off him and throw her!
Brad says it's a good thing she came here instead, as it shows she's learning to control her temper. He tells her to take deep breaths, and shows her how to tap her hand as a means of relieving anger. Paige feels a bit better, but says she doesn't know what Mark wants. Brad suggests she should stop playing guessing games, and go and ask him.
BRAD: Coming from the guy who's hiding out in a shed from his wife?
The Waterhole
Terese is briefing Ezra and some corporate extras, who promptly disappear back off to Lassiter's Brisbane for more festival-organising fun, leaving Terese and Ezra alone. Terese apologises for acting 'a bit weird' earlier. She asks after Stacey, but Ezra corrects her, saying he was with Karen - but that they've broken up now.
TERESE: Right, so you're, err...
EZRA: I'm single. Again.
Terese looks uncomfortable. Ezra asks after Josh, having heard about the assault charges. He admits it's because he Internet-stalks her from time to time. He says he really misses their working together, referring to her as his 'work wife'. Terese smiles awkwardly, but admits she misses working together too.
Terese tells Ezra that he was the only one of the corporate suits that Paul invited personally to the conference. He's visibly unsurprised; and Terese suggests Paul might be 'messing with our heads'. Ezra says he doesn't mind if so; it's been nice to catch up with a friend.
Brad comes in, and is shocked and annoyed to see Ezra and Terese together. Not even returning Ezra's greeting, he demands to know what he's doing here. Terese explains about the conference, but Brad's still dissatisfied, and asks to speak to her outside. She refuses, telling him she's busy; and Brad asks if she'll be too busy to make Doug's farewell later. She says she'll try to make it.
BRAD: Oh, well don't put yourself out. I can see that you're busy. Well, are you?
Terese doesn't reply, and she and Ezra leave together, leaving Brad frustrated.
Harold's Store
Mark is telling Sonya about how Rain was right when she told him to learn to live with his grief. Sonya admits Rain helped her, too - the drumming session helped her forget everything else for a while. Paige comes in, and Mark asks why she never turned up for the high tea.
PAIGE: Because I don't know what you mean about anything anymore.
SONYA: ... I'm just gonna go wait outside.
PAIGE: When you invited me, I didn't know if you actually wanted me there.
MARK: What? Of course I wanted you there! I love having you around; we have fun together. You know that.
PAIGE: Stop, Mark! Just stop. Are you still keen?
MARK: What?
PAIGE: On me? Are you still keen on me? Because you're flirting with me, you're inviting me to things - and I think that maybe you are. And then I see you with that Rain chick and it's like you've completely moved on.
MARK: ...
PAIGE: I saw her hand on your chest. I was there; I did come, just like you asked.
MARK: It's not what it looked like.
PAIGE: Whatever it was, I just want to know if there's still hope for us. Because I'd really like there to be. Please just be honest.
MARK: Look, there's no easy way to say this. There isn't. I'm sorry, Paige.
PAIGE: So why are you flirting with me?
MARK: I didn't think I was. I was just being friendly.
PAIGE: Then stop. Please. Because it's really hurting me, okay?
MARK: ... Okay.
PAIGE: Thanks for being honest.
Mark looks baffled as Paige walks off.
No 22
Terese comes round for Doug's farewell, but he's out at the moment. So in the meantime, Brad starts quizzing Terese about whether she knew Ezra was coming. He asks her if that's why she moved out, so they could spend time together. Terese denies this strenuously, saying Ezra is just here for work, but Brad doesn't seem to believe her - and she remarks on what this says about the level of trust in their marriage.
TERESE: He's going back tomorrow. Listen to me when I say Ezra and I are nothing.
BRAD: Yes, but it used to be something. He was the person I could never be. The corporate type - driven. You know, he's the opposite of me.
TERESE: There was never any comparison.
Brad accuses Terese of having pushed him in his career to be more like Ezra, but she denies this. Paige turns up at that moment, ready to whinge on about her conversation with Mark - but immediately sees she's interrupted and offers to come back later. Terese says it's fine; she was leaving anyway - and tells Brad to give her love to Doug, before walking out.
A short while later, Brad is describing to Paige how sick he felt seeing Ezra. She advises him to tap his hand, like he showed her earlier. He feels better, but still upset that Ezra's in town. Paige insists Terese loves Brad, but just has stuff she needs to deal with.
PAIGE: Listen, you have a choice. You can either get up in her face, put pressure on her, make her angry - or you can give her a chance to remember how much she loves her husband.
Terese joins Ezra at a table in reception, and asks if he fancies a 'knock-off drink'. He smiles and says 'why not?'
Unmissable Drama
- Terese tells Brad she wasn't thinking straight - he asks her not to explain
- Another stalker- letter has appeared, and Mark and Georgia discuss the situation with Toadie
- Toadie says the only person with a motive has been 'hiding out in Melbourne the whole time'
- Nate's having more psychological problems, and looks to be exerting himself in the dark
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Paul Robinson, Terese Willis in Neighbours Episode 7018
Paul Robinson, Terese Willis

Rain Taylor, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7018
Rain Taylor, Paul Robinson

Ezra Hanley in Neighbours Episode 7018
Ezra Hanley

Toadie Rebecchi, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7018
Toadie Rebecchi, Mark Brennan

Paige Smith, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7018
Paige Smith, Brad Willis

Terese Willis, Ezra Hanley in Neighbours Episode 7018
Terese Willis, Ezra Hanley

Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7018
Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Mark Brennan

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7018
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Paul Robinson, Rain Taylor in Neighbours Episode 7018
Sonya Rebecchi, Toadie Rebecchi, Paul Robinson, Rain Taylor

Mark Brennan, Rain Taylor in Neighbours Episode 7018
Mark Brennan, Rain Taylor

Mark Brennan, Paige Smith, Rain Taylor in Neighbours Episode 7018
Mark Brennan, Paige Smith, Rain Taylor

Paul Robinson, Ezra Hanley in Neighbours Episode 7018
Paul Robinson, Ezra Hanley

Brad Willis, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7018
Brad Willis, Paige Smith

Terese Willis, Brad Willis, Ezra Hanley in Neighbours Episode 7018
Terese Willis, Brad Willis, Ezra Hanley

Paige Smith, Mark Brennan in Neighbours Episode 7018
Paige Smith, Mark Brennan

Terese Willis, Brad Willis in Neighbours Episode 7018
Terese Willis, Brad Willis

Brad Willis, Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7018
Brad Willis, Paige Smith

Ezra Hanley in Neighbours Episode 7018
Ezra Hanley

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7018
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

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