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Neighbours Episode 7013 from 2014 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 7013
Australian airdate: 12/11/14
UK airdate: 26/11/14
Writer: Holly Lyons
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Doug Willis: Terence Donovan
- "Falling" by Ray Danes
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Chris worries about his health, but Nate says they'll be okay if they have each other's backs
- Karl purchases a hideous ceramic pig- shaped plant- pot holder, much to Susan's dismay
- Imogen's upset when Terese announces she's moving to the hotel to spend time apart from Brad
Lassiter's Park / Complex
Doug and Josh have just been enjoying a game of lawn bowls with some pensioners; Josh remarks that it was nice to spend time in a place where no- one knew him, after the coward punch incident with Chris. Doug reminds Josh that Chris has forgiven him.
DOUG: Maybe it's time you forgave yourself.
Josh thanks Doug for coming to Erinsborough to support him during the ordeal. Doug says it's been great to see Josh walk free, and to meet Paige. Josh asks why Doug said what he said when he arrived, about the idea that Brad and Lauren could have made a go of it. Doug tells Josh to ignore what he said, since Brad and Terese are happily married.
At that moment, dramatic irony intervenes, and Doug and Josh see Terese arriving outside Lassiter's with a suitcase. They walk over, and Terese explains she's staying at the hotel for a while, as she and Brad need some time apart.
DOUG: As in a separation?
TERESE: As in, we just need space.
Josh wants to know how long for, but Terese tells him she can't answer his questions at the moment - simply asking him to look after Brad. She tells Josh she loves him, then heads off inside.
No 22
Brad is talking to Josh, Imogen and Doug about his marital problems with Terese, saying they have some issues they need to work on. This has brewing a while, Brad says, but they wanted to wait until after Josh's hearing and Imogen's exams, so they could support them. He reassures the twins that he and Terese will always love them, whatever happens.
BRAD: This is not a break- up, okay? We are gonna do everything we can to fix this marriage.
Imogen is sceptical that living apart will solve their problems, but Brad says it will help, as Terese has been finding it difficult to be around with all the changes in their family. Imogen takes this to mean that Terese has left because of Paige, but Brad denies this. Josh and Imogen go out for a walk.
DOUG: If you ask me, this separation is a mistake. Pam and I have gone through rocky patches, and what I've learned is you don't walk out. You don't solve any problems by abandoning ship.
BRAD: No- one is abandoning anyone, Dad; this is not what this is about.
DOUG: She moved into a hotel. Turned her back on her family. What exactly does that say about her?
BRAD: She has done nothing but hold this family together for months, alright? And that's more than what I deserve after what I did.
DOUG: What exactly did you do?
No 28
Nate opens the door for Sonya, who is carrying Elvis, Karl's ceramic pig, into the house. Karl follows her in, explaining to an annoyed Susan that Sonya has been making some adjustments in the garden, and that they've brought Elvis inside because 'they're predicting rain'.
SUSAN: Are they predicting divorce?!
Sonya tries to escape, but Karl tries to pressure her into stating her opinion on the pig.
SONYA: It definitely draws the eye.
KARL: I knew that you'd like it.
SUSAN: Karl, she's being polite! She thinks it's hideous.
KARL: Oh, give it up, Susan, you're fighting a losing battle. Elvis is a landmark.
He argues that the pig will help people who are looking for their house to find it, but Susan isn't convinced this is an advantage! Sonya makes herself scarce so as not to get drawn in - and once she's gone, Karl challenges Susan to explain why she's really being so hostile. He suggests that she needs something else to control, now she's not counselling Nate anymore.
SUSAN: It's about the pig.
KARL: Yeah, well learn to live with it. Because the King is staying.
The Waterhole
Terese is having a work meeting with Paul, when he remarks that she's checked into the hotel, and wants to know why. She makes a lame work- related excuse. During the course of their conversation we learn that Paul is investing in Daniel's bar with his own private funds, but is trying to be a silent partner. Terese becomes unduly animated about this, and it's clear to Paul that something is bothering her, and asks why she really moved into the hotel. Terese admits she and Brad are on a temporary break, but insists she's paying for the suite herself. Paul suggests they take a break, and offers to buy her coffee as a friend.
Ramsay Street
In the Kennedys' front garden, Karl is taking selfies with Elvis the pig.
SUSAN: Seriously, Karl?!
After taunting her some more about how much everyone loves Elvis, Karl goes inside. Chris and Nate are throwing a ball about in the street to help Chris's reflexes in his right hand, and a stray shot almost hits Susan. To Chris's confusion, she invites him to take another shot!
SUSAN: Well I'm just saying that if you did happen to accidentally smash Elvis with something, I wouldn't hold it against you.
Chris and Nate laugh.
No 22
Doug asks Brad whether Terese is more upset about the revelation about Paige's parentage, or what happened in Adelaide with Lauren. Brad says it's both, and that Terese thinks the events have exposed cracks in their marriage. Doug replies that he knows how it feels for trust to break down in a marriage, recalling the effect that his dalliance with Jill Weir had on his marriage to Pam.
DOUG: Be honest with yourself. When you see Lauren, do you feel a hankering to be with her?
BRAD: ....
DOUG: It's a fair question. You share a child together. And judging by what happened in Adelaide, the attraction hasn't faded.
BRAD: Lauren and I are parents to Paige. That is all... I can't imagine living without Terese. I don't want to lose her, Dad.
Doug says he'll just have to give her some space. Paige comes in, hoping to spend some time with Doug before he leaves today. But she sees the pair of them looking upset, and asks what's going on.
Ramsay Street
Matt and Lauren are all loved up, flirting with one another as they prepare to go on a bike- ride. They kiss, but then Lauren sees Brad putting the bin out, and goes over to talk to him while Matt watches from a distance. Lauren says Paige told her about Terese moving out; Brad insists it's temporary, but Lauren tells him to let him know if he needs anything. She also admits that Paige thinks Terese moving out is her fault; but Brad insists that's not the case. Lauren says she'll take care of Paige - and Brad says that, while Paige's arrival has stirred things up, he wouldn't have it any other way.
LAUREN: Me neither. Look, it was hard for Matt and I at first, but we're still standing. I know you and Terese will survive this.
Brad watches, perhaps with regret, as Lauren returns to Matt.
The Waterhole
Terese is confiding in Paul, saying she's been blaming all her marital difficulties on Lauren, when in fact she now thinks her problems with Brad may be bigger.
TERESE: I have been the other woman. That's how Brad and I met.
PAUL: That's right, he was with Beth.
TERESE: They'd been married just a little over a year, and then we had the affair and I fell pregnant with the twins [...] Our marriage began with infidelity. When you've got that foundation, you feel vulnerable.
Paul says Terese did the right thing by moving out, to give herself some time to think. Paul says he would offer her some time off work, but correctly surmises that it's serving as a distraction for her. Terese thanks Paul for listening; he remarks that she's been there for him in the past, so he's just returning the favour.
Lassiter's Lake
Imogen is angsting to Josh about their parents' separation. Josh is blaming his criminal charges for the fractures in their marriage, but Imogen says it started long before that. Paige appears, and asks how the pair of them are doing. She starts telling a tale of how her adoptive parents divorced, but Imogen cuts her dead.
IMOGEN: No- one mentioned divorce!
PAIGE: What I was going to say was, this is nothing like that. My parents hated one another. Trust me, you guys are nowhere near crisis point.
But it seems Paige can't win whatever she says - Imogen is determined to disagree with her. Paige suggests the time apart may do Brad and Terese's marriage good.
IMOGEN: Okay, this is gonna sound harsh - but the only person my mum needs time apart from is you. Their marriage was fine until you arrived. And I know you didn't do it on purpose, but you being here has changed things.
Imogen stomps off, and Josh tells Paige not to listen to her - she's just under a lot of pressure. However, Paige agrees with Imogen; the strife between Brad and Terese is her fault.
The Waterhole
Imogen comes in and talks to Terese, who is working. Imogen says the currently situation reminds her of the time Brad 'went to Darwin'. Terese says she's been thinking of that time too, which is why she needs to get to the bottom of her issues with Brad. Imogen suggests that if Paige's presence is bothering Terese, the family should move to another home.
TERESE: You can't blame Paige for any of this. And moving house, that's just geography. It's not gonna solve anything. Our issues go far deeper than that.
Terese explains that she's struggling to psych herself up to be cheerful at home, and that it's exhausting - she's been pretending for too long, and she and Brad need some honesty. Imogen doesn't like the thought of Terese being at the hotel alone. Her mum insists she'll be fine - and even rebuffs Imogen's request to join her for dinner, saying she needs time out. She suggests Imogen go home and say goodbye to Doug, as he's leaving later.
TERESE: This won't be forever, I promise.
Terese hugs Imogen, but she doesn't look very reassured.
Ramsay Street
Karl comes out of the garage to find that his precious ceramic pig has been replaced on the lawn by a cardboard box - with a note attached to it, saying 'Elvis has left the building'. Having accidentally tipped his watering can all over his shoes, he rushes off furiously.
Harold's Store
Karl arrives and confronts Susan, demanding to know what she's done with Elvis. Chris and Nate are at a table, and watch mischievously. Susan denies responsibility, but doesn't hide her relief at the fact that someone has taken the pig! Karl threatens to start throwing Susan's stuff away unless Elvis is returned - including her first edition Jane Austens!
Bailey shows up, and tells Karl that his 'freaky pig statue' is in the courtyard outside, scaring away the customers! Karl rushes outside to retrieve it, while Chris and Nate giggle like schoolboys. Once Karl's gone, Susan asks Nate and Chris what they've done.
Lassiter's Complex
Karl finds Elvis the pig in the middle of the courtyard, with two notes stuck to it - one saying 'take me back to the farm - oink oink!' and the other saying 'Elvis on tour'. Chris and Nate sneak round the back of Harold's, laughing, while a load of extras laugh at the pig too, with spooky echo effects added to their laughter to enhance Karl's distress. He picks up Elvis protectively, and takes it home.
Chris and Nate continue to laugh about their prank, and Chris thanks Nate - 'breaking Karl Kennedy' has really cheered him up.
No 22
Dinner preparations are sombre at the Willis house. Josh sets five places at the table, then remembering Terese isn't here, takes one of the plates away. Doug comes in on the phone, then tells Brad, Imogen and Josh that Pam sends her love. He also reveals that he's extending his visit. Again drawing on his past difficulties with Pam, Doug tells the family that they need to focus on the positives of their situation - Imogen's graduation and Josh's escape from a jail sentence. But none of them are in much of a mood for celebrating.
IMOGEN: Are you and Mum getting a divorce?
BRAD: Absolutely not.
JOSH: Then when exactly is she coming back?
DOUG: Why don't we eat before it gets cold?
The family start to eat miserably.
The Waterhole
A musical montage begins. Terese examines her wedding ring pensively, before returning to her work.
No 22
The miserable dinner continues, but no- one is eating much. Imogen takes out her phone and goes to send a message to Terese.
The Waterhole
Terese receives the message, which reads: 'Join us for dessert? It doesn't feel right without you. X' Terese begins putting her work away, when Paul comes over with two glasses of wine. Terese admits she's going home to have dessert with the family, but Paul tells her it's a bad idea.
PAUL: If you want Brad to take this whole 'working things out' seriously, then you can't go running back. Hey - why don't you let me show you some of the perks that come with living at Lassiter's?
He offers her one of the glasses of wine, and Terese smiles.
Unmissable Drama
- Susan is concerned to learn that Paul is encouraging Terese to stay away from Brad
- Josh appears to walk out on his community service following a spat with his supervisor
- At the playground, Sonya and Mark rush to help a crying Nell
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Terese Willis, Doug Willis, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 7013
Terese Willis, Doug Willis, Josh Willis

Josh Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7013
Josh Willis, Imogen Willis

Brad Willis, Doug Willis in Neighbours Episode 7013
Brad Willis, Doug Willis

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Sonya Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 7013
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Sonya Rebecchi

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7013
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7013
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Nate Kinski, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 7013
Nate Kinski, Chris Pappas

Paige Smith in Neighbours Episode 7013
Paige Smith

Brad Willis, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 7013
Brad Willis, Matt Turner, Lauren Turner

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7013
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Paige Smith, Josh Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7013
Paige Smith, Josh Willis, Imogen Willis

Terese Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7013
Terese Willis, Imogen Willis

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 7013
Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Bailey Turner in Neighbours Episode 7013
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Bailey Turner

 in Neighbours Episode 7013

Chris Pappas, Nate Kinski in Neighbours Episode 7013
Chris Pappas, Nate Kinski

Josh Willis, Doug Willis, Brad Willis, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 7013
Josh Willis, Doug Willis, Brad Willis, Imogen Willis

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7013
Paul Robinson

Terese Willis, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 7013
Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

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