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Neighbours Episode 6693 from 2013 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
<<6692 - 6694>>
Episode title: 6693
Australian airdate: 24/07/13
UK airdate: 21/08/13
Writer: Sandy Webster
Director: Peter Sharp
Guests: Hudson Walsh: Remy Hii
Robbo Slade: Aaron Jakubenko
Summary/Images by: Liam/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Mason continues to puzzle over Kate's mystery illness, so Kyle tells him to ask her about it
- Robbo continues to pursue Amber, and Matt warns him he's watching him
- Despite Hudson's attempt at reconciliation, Josh thinks he should be banned from swimming
- Hudson's surprise dinner for Chris doesn't go down quite as well as expected
No 32
Imogen comes round to ask Mason if she can have their car after school, but Mason says he's taking Kate out for a beach picnic, so she can't. Imogen makes a grab for the keys, but Mason says if she lets him take it tonight, it's all hers next week. Imogen reluctantly agrees, and tells him to fill up the tank when he's done - adding that she isn't convinced a beach picnic will help things with Kate. Mason replies that he has to to try something.
Harold's Store
Chris gets a text from Kyle, asking if Hudson found the spare keys - and Chris feels bad for having overreacted to the surprise dinner. Seeing Chris looking despondent, Brad comes over and asks him what's up; he says he freaked out that someone tried to do something nice for him, and doesn't know how to make it up to them. Brad helpfully suggests he grovel, before leaving.
Hudson comes in, having had a text from Chris. Chris apologises for flipping out and saying what he did about Hudson's drug- taking. Hudson says he understands, and admits he was full- on, but says he's keen to 'fast- track' things with Chris. Hudson interprets Chris's reaction as indicating that he still wants Hudson to back off. Chris adds that he still wants to see Hudson, but Hudson finishes his sentence - saying it's just as mates. Hudson's about to leave, but Chris proposes that they go for a drink later "with a mate". Hudson just smiles and walks out, and Chris smiles too. Josh has been watching the exchange with disapproval, and walks out.
Lassiter's Complex
Robbo encounters Chris, and tries to talk to him about Amber. Chris has nothing to say to Robbo, however, other than telling him to stay away from her. Robbo says he's turning his life around and wants Amber to know it - he's even been for a job interview. Chris tells him it has nothing to do with Amber, however, and that he's not part of her future.
ROBBO: No matter what they say to keep us apart, we are meant to be together. And I need you to tell her that for me.
CHRIS: All I'm going to tell her is what a manipulative creep you are.
ROBBO: Think what you want; I know what I feel.
Robbo walks off, and Chris calls Amber straight away.
Police Station
Robbo arrives at the station for a parole meeting, and immediately begins taunting Matt about his demotion. Robbo says Matt doesn't have a chance of building a successful case against him for the robbery, as Mason's father is the reporting officer and there's only one eyewitness. Matt simply gets Robbo to sign the parole papers, after which Robbo begins taunting him about Amber, saying she's a beautiful girl - she sees the best in people and can't help it. Robbo leaves, and Matt looks worried.
Erinsborough High (outside)
Imogen moans to Amber about Mason hogging their car - then asks why Amber's so quiet. Amber explains that Chris told her he ran into Robbo, and that Robbo wanted him to put in a good word with Amber. Amber admits she thinks it was sweet and that Robbo is hot, but Imogen reminds her he's also fairly scary. Amber says she isn't going to run back to him just because he clicks his fingers, as everyone seems to think - Robbo used her and hurt her family, and there's nothing he can say to make it better. Matt turns up at the school and waves to Amber.
AMBER: Well that's embarrassing.
Imogen leaves them to it, and Matt tells Amber he's here to walk her home.
AMBER: You haven't walked me home since I was in Year Five.
MATT: It's been too long, right?
She smiles and they walk off together.
Lassiter's Lake
With the increasingly prominent Robbo still perceived as a fairly cardboard- cutout- crim kind of a character, Matt takes Amber to the Bench of Exposition, to provide some timely detail of his backstory. A person's past can say a lot about them, he explains; and people usually either take an opposite path to their parents', or repeat the same behavioural patterns.
We learn that Robbo has told Amber that his dad died of cancer years ago, but Matt informs her that Slade Sr is actually very much alive - and that he's 'a volatile, dangerous man - charming, but also manipulative and prone to violence'. Robbo, Matt says, is turning out the same way. He adds that the last time he was called to the Slades' house, Robbo's mother had to be taken to hospital. Amber says she gets what he's saying, and Matt tells her he trusts her judgement and knows she'll do the right thing.
Harold's Store
Robbo has come in to buy a baguette (!) but Lauren is quick to snatch it off him and point him towards the door.
ROBBO: My money's no different to anyone else's, right?
LAUREN: How you got that money would be my problem.
Lauren tells Robbo that no- one wants him here, or has any time or respect for him. Lauren asks if Robbo's mother only paid his bail to get him out of her life, but Robbo tells Lauren she doesn't know anything about her.
LAUREN: Don't come in here again, alright?
ROBBO: Yeah, and why would I do that?
Robbo leaves, just as Josh is coming in - and Robbo asks him menacingly if he's sent any texts lately. Lauren asks Josh what Robbo said to him, but Josh simply replies that he's a tool, and that he doesn't know why the Turners let Amber hang out with him. Lauren insists Amber knows better, and Josh says it's none of his business. Lauren says she's sorry things didn't work out with him and Amber, but confides she's worried about Robbo. Josh says he doesn't know anything for sure, and that Lauren should talk to Amber about it.
Josh comes in to pick up takeaway, and meets Chris at the bar. Chris says he's just meeting a friend, but Josh immediately guesses it's Hudson he's meeting. Josh makes a sarcastic comment about Hudson, and Chris is defending his honour, when Hudson himself shows up. He says Josh has his sponsorship deal - what more does he want? Josh says Hudson only gave it up because he thought he'd get found out, and Chris snaps, asking if Josh has never made a mistake.
CHRIS: One day you're going to do something you're ashamed of, and I hope you show half as much strength in facing it as Hudson did.
Josh walks off with another snide comment in Hudson's direction. Hudson tells Chris he doesn't need him to defend him, and Chris says Robbo's put him in a bad mood. He invites Hudson to come over for dinner, and Hudson says it sounds good. They smile shyly at each other.
Harold's Store
Mason thanks Margie for his shopping, but is stopped by Imogen on the way out. Seeing the picnic supplies, she sarcastically says she's glad she made his date with Kate possible, by letting him have the car. She rifles through his bags, commenting on the lavish array of smoked salmon, strawberries and chocolates.
MASON: I can be romantic.
IMOGEN: You did pretty well hiding it from me.
Mason gets a text from Kate, saying she can't make the picnic after all - and he hands Imogen the keys, saying the car's all hers.
IMOGEN: We could take her out.
MASON: I've only got my Ps; you wouldn't be able to drive.
IMOGEN: Yes or no?
MASON: Okay, let's take her out.
Imogen says that afterwards, they can draw up a rota for who gets the car in future. Mason points out how bossy she is, and Imogen proves him right by shoving him out of the door, saying she'll meet him at the garage once she's got changed.
No 32
Lauren tries to engage Amber in a 'proper talk', but she's busy doing homework. At first Amber thinks Matt's been talking to Lauren about their chat regarding Robbo - but Lauren reveals it's actually Josh who's worried her, implying she may be seeing Robbo.
AMBER: Oh, are you guys besties now?
LAUREN: He cares, Amber.
AMBER: Josh cares about Josh. The world could stop turning and I could dye my hair green, and he wouldn't notice.
Lauren says she's not sure Josh is quite as cool as he makes out, and says she'll check if he's coming over for Bite Club, to give Amber another chance to talk to him. Amber realises Lauren's just trying to divert her from Robbo, and says Lauren needs to trust her; she's not going to go there with Robbo again. Lauren argues that she does trust her; she's just worried. Amber heads off to work.
No 26
Chris is having trouble with the hot water system, and has Kyle on the phone diagnosing the problem - but he has to cut it short when Hudson turns up for their dinner. Hudson sarcastically points out that Chris is recycling the salads Hudson left at his surprise attempt earlier. They talk swimming; Hudson says he's still looking for a coach, and Chris says he'll find someone - he respects him for getting back on his feet after what happened with Don.
HUDSON: You think I deserve a break. No- one else is lining up to hand that out; I don't know why you are.
CHRIS: You know, before the whole Don thing blew up, I thought I could see a future with you. Maybe I still can.
Chris moves in and kisses Hudson on the lips.
HUDSON: You know in my mind, I was the one who was going to have to initiate that.
CHRIS: Well, we can workshop that around the barbie.
Power Road
Mason comes out of Grease Monkeys, to find Robbo looking under the bonnet of his car. He rushes over to confront him. Robbo claims he's just having a look; he remarks that he's still waiting for his share from the robbery in Mount Isa, and yet Mason can afford a car. Robbo starts making mildly suggestive comments about Amber, and Mason says he has a new job - he can get Robbo his money - but he needs to leave Amber alone. Imogen shows up for their road trip, and Robbo tells Mason he's watching him, before walking off.
MASON: That's Robbo Slade.
IMOGEN: Seriously? Okay, he really is hot.
MASON: You want to go on this car ride, or not?
Imogen says Amber claims not to be interested in him, and the pair get into the car.
Harold's Store
Robbo comes in, to find Amber working her shift. Amber tells him Lauren wouldn't want him in here, and wants to know why he lied about his dad dying of cancer, given how long she spent feeling sorry for him.
AMBER: Why did you lie?
ROBBO: Because it was easier than admitting the truth. Telling people what he's like. When I was a kid, I used to think my dad was some sort of hero. And then he got on the booze, and he got bad.
AMBER: Did he hurt you?
ROBBO: Mum was the one he went after. But there was nothing I could do. You know - no way I could stop him. I begged her to get out of there, but there was always something that stopped her from walking. Anyway, look at your family. You're so lucky.
AMBER: Yeah, we're not perfect.
ROBBO: Mum reckons going to jail changed Dad. He went in a petty crim and he came out a different person. So that's why I'm so scared to go to jail. I don't want to end up like him. So yeah - I lied. That's because he is dead to me. I miss this; I miss talking to you.
AMBER: I have to get back to work.
Amber tells Robbo he shouldn't be in here, and he leaves.
A country road
Mason and Imogen have broken down in Hermione, and are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Mason is trying to fix the car, while Imogen tries to get a phone signal - to no avail. Mason asks her to try the engine for him, but it's not starting. However, as he reaches into the bonnet, he finds petrol leaking, and shouts to Imogen to stop trying the ignition. Remembering Robbo was at the garage looking under the bonnet, Mason concludes that Robbo must have sabotaged the car.
MASON: One spark from the engine - the whole car would have exploded.
Imogen looks horrified.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Mason and Imogen are still stuck; he thinks Robbo was trying to scare him into not testifying
- Mason confronts Robbo, accusing him of sabotaging the car
- Robbo is still stalking Toadie and Sonya
- Mason is feeling neglected by Kate, who in turn is leaning on Georgia for support
<<6692 - 6694>>
Imogen Willis, Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6693
Imogen Willis, Mason Turner

Brad Willis, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6693
Brad Willis, Chris Pappas

Chris Pappas, Hudson Walsh in Neighbours Episode 6693
Chris Pappas, Hudson Walsh

Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6693
Josh Willis

Chris Pappas, Robbo Slade in Neighbours Episode 6693
Chris Pappas, Robbo Slade

Robbo Slade, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6693
Robbo Slade, Matt Turner

Amber Turner, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6693
Amber Turner, Imogen Willis

Amber Turner, Matt Turner in Neighbours Episode 6693
Amber Turner, Matt Turner

Lauren Turner, Robbo Slade in Neighbours Episode 6693
Lauren Turner, Robbo Slade

Chris Pappas, Hudson Walsh, Josh Willis in Neighbours Episode 6693
Chris Pappas, Hudson Walsh, Josh Willis

Mason Turner, Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6693
Mason Turner, Imogen Willis

Amber Turner, Lauren Turner in Neighbours Episode 6693
Amber Turner, Lauren Turner

Chris Pappas, Hudson Walsh in Neighbours Episode 6693
Chris Pappas, Hudson Walsh

Chris Pappas, Hudson Walsh in Neighbours Episode 6693
Chris Pappas, Hudson Walsh

Mason Turner, Robbo Slade in Neighbours Episode 6693
Mason Turner, Robbo Slade

Amber Turner, Robbo Slade in Neighbours Episode 6693
Amber Turner, Robbo Slade

Imogen Willis, Mason Turner in Neighbours Episode 6693
Imogen Willis, Mason Turner

Imogen Willis in Neighbours Episode 6693
Imogen Willis

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