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Neighbours Episode 6353 from 2012 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 6353
Australian airdate: 07/03/12
UK airdate: 04/04/12
Writer: Elizabeth Packett
Director: Laurence Wilson
Guests: Emilia Jovanovic: Freya Stafford
Jessica Girdwood: Glenda Linscott
Summary/Images by: Edward/Graham
Previously on Neighbours
- Rhys watches Susan interrupt Karl and Jessica on their lunch break.
- Aidan asks Rhys if he saw Jessica checking out Karl.
- Chris asks Michael when he's going to tell Tash about his and Emilia's relationship.
- Emilia asks Michael if it's too early on in their relationship to tell Tash.
- Tash nearly catches Michael and Emilia kissing.
- Michael and Emilia tell Tash about their relationship.
Number 32
Tash looks through some family photos in her room, including some from when she was a child. She sees the photo of her with her mum and Michael at the beach and the next photo shows Emilia in her mum's place. Tash picks up her mum's tiara from the beauty pageant, before picking up the sash from the pageant, obviously pondering the relationship between Michael and Emilia. She calls Michael, asking him to come home.
Lassiter's Lake
Karl and Jessica emerge from the bridge at Lassiters in a competition to see who can jog the fastest and Karl looks pleased with himself as he declares himself the winner. Karl says that Jessica owes him a large coffee as the winner but she replies that she could have easily won if it wasn't for the lack of room on the bridge. Lou witnesses the flirting between Karl and Jessica and becomes interested. He greets Karl who then introduces Lou to Jessica. Lou jokes that he hopes he won't need her services any time soon when Karl tells him that Jessica is a doctor. Karl explains that Jessica has got him to take part in a charity run to which she jokes that he is very competitive. Karl asks when he is going to get his coffee to which Jessica says that he will get it when they arrive back at the hospital. Karl isn't impressed by the idea, saying that he doesn't remember agreeing to it being a coffee at the hospital while Jessica quips that she doesn't remember either of them agreeing on where the coffee would be. Jessica continues her jog as Lou remarks to Karl that Jessica clearly fancies him. Karl doesn't see why Lou would say that but Lou says that Jessica seems to be smiling and laughing a lot and Karl isn't that funny. Karl says that he only wants friendship after everything with Susan and the pair part ways.
Number 32
Michael and Emilia knock on Tash's bedroom door. As they come in Emilia asks if Tash wants her to leave but Tash wants her to stay seeing as she is a part of it too. The couple ask what Tash is thinking and she says she feels stupid for not having picked up the signals earlier seeing as it was so obvious. Tash says that she wants the full story and asks when Michael and Emilia's relationship started. They say that it has been building for a few months to which Tash asks whether they were seeing each other behind Lucas' back. This question seems to make Michael and Emilia flustered and they say that it's difficult to explain when it started; they just have a connection. Tash asks if Lucas knows, which he doesn't, and then goes on to explain that she feels strange about it because Emilia is her mother's sister. Tash asks whether their relationship has anything to do with Helena; is her mother their connection? They remain adamant that their connection has nothing to do with Helena but they both look guilty.
Number 32
Tash is folding washing while Chris sits on her bad as she complains about Michael and Emilia; she can't believe they started to have feelings for each other while Emilia was still with Lucas. Tash says she thinks the whole thing is wrong on so many levels but Chris looks on the bright side, thinking it's better that they were upfront about it rather than Tash catching them together. Tash is still convinced that the whole thing is wrong but Chris asks if it really is that weird and thinks that it shouldn't be a problem seeing as Tash already knows and likes Emilia. Tash says that is the exact reason why it's wrong; her Dad and Emilia are the only family she's ever known and the fact that they are together now blurs the lines. Tash then wonders what will happen if Mike and Emilia do break up to which Chris replies that he hadn't thought of that. This is no surprise to Tash who remarks that Chris is the only person she knows whose parents are still together and happily married. Chris tells Tash that she should talk to Summer which is an idea she clearly disapproves of after Summer's cheating scandal which left Mike in hospital. Chris explains that Summer's probably got the most messed up family out of everyone they know so she might be able to help. Chris wrestles Tash to get her phone so he can ring Summer.
Harold's Store
Toadie approaches the counter and asks Summer if Harold's stocks seaweed powder but she suggests that he goes to a health food shop if they don't have it. Summer's phone starts to ring and Karl gets Toadie's attention before introducing him to Jessica. Karl and Jessica explain that they've just been for a jog which prompts Toadie to ask if either of them know where he could buy seaweed powder from. Karl asks if he's checked Harold's and then asks why he needs it anyway. In front of Jessica he doesn't admit his fertility issues, instead pretending he has a problem with his back. Karl suddenly realises he's put his foot in it but encourages Toadie by saying it's good that he's keeping on top of things. Toadie harasses Summer once again in search of his seafood powder and Jessica remarks on the fact that the whole of Ramsay Street seems to be on a health kick. Karl jokes that it's his influence and then insists on paying for their coffees before Jessica asks whether that's his way of making her feel bad for buying him a hospital coffee. Karl admits that is the case before admitting that he really enjoys training with her. As he's about to head off Jessica asks him if he'd like to go out for a real drink tonight. He looks shocked and makes an excuse.
Number 32
Chris knocks on Tash's bedroom door and is accompanied by Summer who has taken a break from work in order to see Tash. Tash is not as welcoming as she could be but Chris goes off to make sandwiches as the pair chat. Tash jokes that it's not her idea to talk to Summer; Chris is just happier when her and Summer are friends. Summer jokes that Chris' talents are wasted as a mechanic when he could be working for the UN. Summer apologises for the way she treated Tash's dad and says she wishes she'd told her the truth from the start so that Tash didn't blame herself for Michael's collapse. Summer goes on to say that if it makes it any better, karma has well and truly come round to bite her as she's lost her place at uni while all her friends are enjoying themselves there. She also misses the fact that Tash is so blunt and honest which prompts Tash to tell Summer that she still hasn't done anything about her dodgy fringe. Summer sits next to Tash on the bed and says she thinks it will help if Tash has someone who knows what she's going through. Tash says that Summer's dad hasn't hooked up with her aunt, but Summer brings up her aunt Izzy, saying she hooked up with Paul and Karl. Tash jokingly asks who this 'skank' is before Summer is about to defend Izzy, suddenly realising there is no point. Tash explains that she doesn't want to lose Emilia.
SUMMER: When my dad broke up with Steph I thought I'd never see her again, but she's still a huge part of my life. It doesn't matter what happens Emilia's not going anywhere.
TASH: How can you be so sure?
SUMMER: Because she's family and she loves you.
TASH: I know, it's just...things are fine the way they are.
Summer says that there is no point in coming between Michael and Emilia and forcing them to be apart.
Number 30
Susan is house hunting with Sonya and seems to have found something suitable. She reads out the facilities before looking at the price and deciding that it's too expensive. Toadie comes in and asks how it's going before Susan exits the room. Sonya sees a green drink in Toadie's hand and asks if he's drinking a smoothie to which he replies that he is. Toadie explains that the drink is full of Zinc and vitamins so it's good for fertility. He tells her that he has to drink 3 glasses a day and it should help with his fertility issues. His efforts are clear to see when he explains that he had to go to two health food shops just to get the ingredients. Toadie pretends that his smoothie is delicious before answering the door to Lou who is visiting to thank Toadie for saving him from committing fraud. Sonya is about to set off, saying she's looking at some real estate with Susan but Lou asks the couple whether they knew anything about Karl's new 'friend' who he saw him with at the lake. Susan enters the living room just as Lou is telling Toadie and Sonya how close Karl and Jessica seemed. Toadie tells Lou that Karl and Jessica are training partners before Susan goes on to say that the lady's name is Jessica Girdwood and she's a doctor at the hospital. Lou is surprised as Susan appears out of nowhere but Susan seems at ease with the idea of Karl and Jessica as training partners. Sonya, Susan and Lou head off as Toadie sips his disgusting smoothie.
Number 28
The phone rings but the answer phone starts just as Karl is about to pick up. Jessica is on the line and explains that she's sorry for what happened earlier; not sorry that she asked Karl out because she would really like to do that but sorry if it made him feel uncomfortable. She goes on to say that she doesn't want their friendship to change as she enjoys Karl being her training partner. Karl looks deep in thought as he listens to the message.
Number 30
Sonya and Susan enter the living room and Susan thanks Sonya for accompanying her to look at properties. Sonya explains that it's her pleasure as it will hopefully give her some ideas for re- decorating. Sonya picks up a glass of Toadie's smoothie that he has left on the side and looks nauseous as she smells it. She explains to Susan that Toadie is on a health kick to improve his fertility but thinks it may be a step too far seeing as the smoothie seems so revolting! Susan and Sonya agree to try the smoothie to see if it is as bad as they suspect: it turns out the smoothie is revolting after all and the pair head to the kitchen to get some water.
Michael and Emilia are discussing Tash's reaction to their relationship. Michael says that he thinks they did the right thing telling Tash before Tash herself walks in the entrance at Charlie's. She stands at the entrance for a moment and just watches her dad and aunt having fun together. She isn't noticed but in the short time she watches their exchanges, it is clear how much they are in love with each other. She smiles to herself and heads over, asking what's for dinner. Michael and Emilia look pleased with Tash's acceptance of their relationship.
Michael, Tash and Emilia have just had dinner. Tash asks what to expect in regard to Emilia staying over. Michael doesn't want to talk about it, thinking it's far too early to be talking about such things but Emilia doesn't mind. Emilia says she won't stay over if Tash doesn't want her to but Tash says she's fine with it as long as Emilia brings her make- up kit and samples! Tash asks what they're having for dessert to which Michael asks how she knew they were having dessert. Tash says that she's got to milk the situation for all it's worth as he and Emilia have 'emotionally traumatised' her. She heads off to the bar to make the order and Michael apologises for her being such a handful and goes on to mention that she can't know anything else about their past: not only the fact that they used to be a couple, but also the fact that they were having sex when Helena died should remain in the past. Tash comes back and asks when Michael and Emilia are going to go public with their relationship. They admit that they're worried about Lucas' reaction.
Number 30
Sonya checks on Toadie as he is in the midst of work. She has his final health smoothie of the day ready for him which he says he'll drink later, obviously due to the horrendous taste which he has hidden from Sonya. She convinces him to drink it anyway and to his surprise it actually tastes a lot better than he expected! He asks what she's done to it and she replies that she has blended in honey and banana to make it more fit for human consumption. Toadie suddenly realises that Sonya knew he was lying when he said how tasty it was and she admits that she tried it earlier. Nevertheless she is touched by the lengths Toadie is going to so that he can increase his levels of fertility. Sonya asks whether he would mind if Emilia helped them out with some of her rituals and despite seeming quite uninterested in the whole thing he eventually agrees. Sonya is thrilled and sits on his lap to give him a big kiss.
Harold's Store
Karl enters the store to be confronted by both Susan and Summer on their laptops and he jokingly asks if there aren't any offices anymore. Susan tells him that it's night- time and the coffee on offer at the Erinsborough News office isn't as good as the coffee at Harold's. He then asks what the story is Susan is working on and she replies that she's actually looking at real estate. She's found a few good places but is still not sure yet but Karl is encouraging in her goal to find a new place to live. Meanwhile, Susan comments on how well Karl looks after the training he's been doing recently for the fun run. As Karl walks to the shelves in search of food, he looks uncomfortable by the exchange he and Susan just had, but puts down the product he just picked up and heads off somewhere in a rush.
Karl is waiting at a table and Jessica arrives before the pair greet each other. Karl thanks her for coming but she makes it clear the pleasure is all hers; she's glad he called as she was worried that she had ruined a beautiful friendship. Karl says that he did want to go out with Jessica but he was just a little surprised at first that she had asked him. As she offers to get the drinks, Karl reveals that he's already made a booking at a Kenyan restaurant he wanted to try and Jessica says 'thank you' in Swahili which takes him by surprise.
JESSICA: I did a safari there a few years ago. It's such a beautiful place, have you been?
KARL: No, no, I haven't, I'd love to go. Why don't you tell me all about it on the way in?
JESSICA: My pleasure.
Jessica's travels seem reminiscent of Karl and Susan's plans to go travelling which never eventuated after Susan ended up caring for cancer patient Jim Dolan for a long time. Karl's pain about the whole thing is obviously still there.
Harold's Store
Susan clicks off the real estate page on her laptop and looks up, appearing to be lonely.
Tomorrow on Neighbours
- Susan moves house. Toadie tells her how welcoming she was at no.28.
- Sophie plays football again hoping to wipe the smile of Claudia's face.
- Karl tells Jessica that he wants to keep their relationship secret.
- Aidan asks Karl how his date with Jessica went and Karl seems annoyed that he knows.
- Karl tells Toadie that he doesn't want Susan to think he's jumping straight into a new relationship.
- Karl asks Susan how she feels about them seeing new people.
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Natasha Williams in Neighbours Episode 6353
Natasha Williams

Karl Kennedy, Jessica Girwood, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 6353
Karl Kennedy, Jessica Girwood, Lou Carpenter

Michael Williams, Emilia Jovanovic in Neighbours Episode 6353
Michael Williams, Emilia Jovanovic

Natasha Williams, Chris Pappas in Neighbours Episode 6353
Natasha Williams, Chris Pappas

Summer Hoyland, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 6353
Summer Hoyland, Toadie Rebecchi

Karl Kennedy, Jessica Girwood in Neighbours Episode 6353
Karl Kennedy, Jessica Girwood

Natasha Williams, Summer Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 6353
Natasha Williams, Summer Hoyland

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6353
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell

Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6353
Lou Carpenter, Susan Kennedy

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6353
Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6353
Susan Kennedy, Sonya Mitchell

Natasha Williams, Michael Williams, Emilia Jovanovic in Neighbours Episode 6353
Natasha Williams, Michael Williams, Emilia Jovanovic

Michael Williams, Emilia Jovanovic in Neighbours Episode 6353
Michael Williams, Emilia Jovanovic

Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell in Neighbours Episode 6353
Toadie Rebecchi, Sonya Mitchell

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6353
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Jessica Girwood, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6353
Jessica Girwood, Karl Kennedy

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 6353
Susan Kennedy

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