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Neighbours Episode 5394 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5394
Australian airdate: 21/02/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Michael O'Rourke
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Mia Silvani- Petra Yared
Summary/Images by: Elin/ShadowDan
Frazer telling Ringo about Rosie being pregnant, and swears him to secrecy
Paul convincing Brad to release Elle of her duties at the paper
Elle having a panic attack
No. 22
Paul asks Elle whether she's feeling better and she assures him she's okay. He says he hopes she can understand now why he arranged to have her taken off duty.
ELLE: That job was the ony thing that was helping me and now you've made sure that's been taken away.
Paul corrects her. She's not been fired, Brad's just given her a chance to get her life back on track again.
ELLE: I love how everyone's so interested in my life. When do I get a say in it?
PAUL: I'm your father. I think it's only natural that I'd want to help.
ELLE: I think you've helped enough for one day!
Rebecca comes in and asks if maybe they can continue the discussion another time, but Paul says no. Elle reckons he just wants to justify himself, but says she won't listen. To get a chance to speak to Elle in private Rebecca suggests Paul take a walk around the block which he agrees to.
No. 30
Ringo tries to be of service to Rosie by asking her if he can get her a drink or something, but she's not interested. When he keeps trying to find new ways to help she works out that Frazer must have let his brother in on the baby secret. Ringo denies it though and makes some excuses for why he has to go. Frazer comes in and Rosie lets him know that she's aware of the fact that he told Ringo. Frazer says his brother guessed and tries to justify it by saying that Rosie told her sister about the news. Rosie says she didn't because they'd agreed not to tell anyone until the end of the first trimester. To make up for it Frazer's brought a present- 'What to expect the first year'. It's a book about what happens during babies' first year of life and Rosie's not very impressed. But she says she'll think about having a look through it if Frazer gets dinner ready.
No. 22
Rebecca brings Elle some tea and tries to convince her that Paul just wants the best for his daughter. Elle talks about the flashbacks and nightmares she's been having. Rebecca suggests seeing a professional, but Elle says no. That's not going to happen. Karl might be an alternative though since he helped Rebecca when she needed some advice about the Richard stuff.
Carmella tells Marco she reckons something more than being overworked is up with her sister. Marco wants to talk about the house business though. They talk about how great it would be for Chloe to live across the road from her little cousins, that is some time in the far future when Rosie is willing to give up her career that is. Harold and Lou come over and notices the brochure full of potential residencies that Marco's browsing through.
LOU: I just can't believe what people will pay to live in Ramsay St!
HAROLD: Why not?
LOU: Well, all I'm saying is that you could sell your place and retire in luxury for the rest of your days!
HAROLD: Well, I'd have to find a place to live, wouldn't I?
The gents leave and Mia comes in only to take a seat at Marco's table when Carmella leaves to pay for lunch. Mia can't believe Marco's seriously considering buying a house when only two weeks ago he couldn't get out of town fast enough. Has anything really changed since then? Marco tells her that he knows what he wants though- for Mia to not mention the name Marissa again. They stop talking just as Carmella returns and they pretend like nothing has happened.
Lassiter's Hotel
Mia and Oliver exchange some longing looks as they talk about some hotel guests before Mia presents her real reason for coming over- she wants to take Oliver out for a drink. He agrees, on the condition that she reveals her ulterior motive first. Mia asks if Oliver is aware that Marco and Carmella are planning to buy a house together. He says yes. He's heard about them bidding for the Timmins's house. Mia mentions Marissa and how she can't understand how people as in love as she and Marco were can fall out of love just like that. Maybe Marco's still hung up on her.
Oliver turns up and Carmella soon works out that he's been speaking to Mia. Carm says she's sick of Mia interfering with her and Marco's relationship. Oliver doesn't believe it's that serious, Mia's just a concerned sister, that's all. He brings up the theory that Marco's not telling the full story about the breakup with Marissa. There must have been something big to end a marriage. Carmella says she's not going to let go of the best thing that's ever happened to her just because Mia has a hunch that something's going on with Marco and Marissa. Oliver suggests Carmella at least talk to Marco about it so that she can find out the truth.
No. 22
Paul comes home and Rebecca lets him know that Karl's agreed to counsel Elle.
PAUL: Karl?
REBECCA: Well, she's refused to talk to anyone else.
PAUL: I suppose Karl's better than nothing.
REBECCA: Oh, don't be like that!
PAUL: I just don't think that he's the sort of doctor she needs right now, is he?
ELLE: And what sort of doctor is that?
PAUL: Darling, you probably need a specialist of some kind.
Paul wants to come along to the counselling session, but Elle says no. Rebecca will come along instead. Paul realises Elle's still not over him talking to Brad about her and admits he may have done the wrong thing, but Elle won't budge. Either she goes with Rebecca or she won't go to counselling at all.
No. 30
Rosie's reading the book about babies and tells Frazer about all the things that could go wrong with pregnancy. Even the tests they use to see if the baby's OK are potentially dangerous. Frazer says that all of that is just the worst case scenario, just because it could happen it doesn't mean that it will. Rosie points out that bad things happened with Carmella and Chloe. She says she can't do it (the pregnancy) and leaves the room.
No. 28
Elle and Rebecca turn up at no. 28 where Karl's home alone since the others are at the cinema. He's not fussed about missing the movie since it's an Adam Sandler one. Elle says she's not sure about talking to him and Karl assures he she doesn't have to talk- they could just have a cuppa or she could pet Audrey if that's all she wants to do!
KARL: I might not be the right person to talk to, you may need to see a specialist. I am after all just a humble A&E doctor!
Karl says what's in his favour though is that he's been through the exact same experience as Elle. He tells her about going after Libby into the trapped building. Elle says she hasn't even been able to think about what happened when she was trapped inside the collapsed building. Karl suggests she talks about whatever comes to mind and if it gets too hard she can stop wherever she likes. On one condition, that Elle feeds Audrey some dog candy so she doesn't get jealous. Everyone's all smiles as Audrey enjoys her little snack.
Riley's texting Elle when Steve sits down next to him. Steve wants to know what happened to 'Surfer Girl' (Heather) and if this means Riley's now got two girls on the go at once. Riley says he doesn't, both of them are just colleagues of his. He's just concerned about Elle, that's all. Steve points out that if he cares about her then and caring for each other isn't a bad basis for a relationship. Riley reckons it would just be too hard.
Marco has just finished his business meeting when Mia comes over to talk to him. He's hopeful about just scoring himself some new contracts and comments that he'll need it if he's going to be able to afford a house. Mia asks her brother if he really wants to get that deeply into debt. Marco works out that Mia's been talking to their father and she explains that their Dad wants Marco to come home. He's really missing his son. Carmella comes in and Mia gets ready to leave. Carm notices and asks Mia why she's always leaving whenever she shows up. Mia doesn't really have a good answer, but says that next time the drinks will be on her. Carmella fills Marco in on what Oliver said earlier about Mia's suspicions regarding the breakup to Marissa. She says she's not going to let Mia ruin their relationship. Marco looks worried.
No. 28
Elle is talking about what it felt like to be trapped in the collapsed building.
ELLE: I thought 'This is it. I'm going to die.' And I got to the point where I almost wanted to just to stop the pain. It was Riley that got me through it.
Rebecca is thankful for the fact that he was there. Karl agrees since at times like that (when you're stuck together somewhere and can't get out) you learn a lot about a person. Elle says that every time she sees Riley now it just reminds her of what it was like to be stuck inside that building.
ELLE: He saved my life and I can't even bear to look at him!
Every time she sees Riley now the fear and vulnerability she experienced inside the building comes back. Karl points out that at least Elle knew that Riley would stick by her for as long as it would take. Elle says that's a new experience for her.
ELLE: I guess you could say I've got abandonment issues. Dad wasn't around when we were growing up.
KARL: Yeah, we get a lot of strength knowing that people are there for us. It's like that with me and Susan. I mean, she's seen me at my most vulnerable. She's certainly seen me at my worst. She's never stopped loving me. It's an incredible feeling, really.
ELLE: That must be.
KARL: Haven't you ever felt that?
ELLE: I don't think I've ever let anyone get that close to me before.
No. 30
Carmella (holding Chloe) is talking to Rosie and offering any assistance she might need. She passes Chloe onto Rosie for a minute and after a few awkward seconds Rosie passes the baby on to Frazer and Marco as soon as they enter the room. Frazer gladly accepts and starts cuddling Chloe when Rosie storms out of the room. Carmella wants to know what's going on, but Frazer says nothing.
No. 22
A relaxed-looking Elle comes down for breakfast and admits that she is feeling much better after talking to Karl. Rebecca says she thinks Paul will be very pleased. Elle says she'd prefer to keep her Dad out of it though. It's just the way it has to be. Rebecca reluctantly agrees.
REBECCA: You know, he absolutely adores you.
ELLE: Yeah, in his own weird way. And on his terms.
Elle says Karl's given her a lot of things to think about and she can't deal with that stuff if Paul's hanging around all the time. Rebecca says she's not comfortable with keeping secrets from him though. Elle says she needs to know that Rebecca can be trusted.
Lassiter's Hotel
Marco finds Oliver to tell him off for speaking to Carmella about the Marissa thing. Why is Oliver Carmella's big protector all of a sudden? Oliver says someone has to be. Marco says protecting her is his job now. Oliver had his chance, but he blew it. Since Oliver is Chloe's Dad though they need to find some way of getting along.
OLIVER: Sure, you stop keeping secrets and we'll get along famously!
Marco tells Oliver to stop listening to Mia, but that won't happen. Oliver thinks she's right. Macro doesn't know what to say.
No. 22
Paul's curious as to whether 'Dr. Karl worked any more of his magic' on Elle, but all he finds out is that they had a bit of a breakthrough. Elle doesn't want to reveal anymore so makes up an excuse and leaves. When Paul tries to get Rebecca to tell, but instead she explains how Elle has made her promise not to say anything.
PAUL: Do you not think I have a right to know what's going on in my own daughter's life?
REBECCA: Look, I know this is going to be hard, but at least she's talking to one of us.
PAUL: Yeah, but she should be talking to me!
REBECCA: Well, you need to give her some more space.
Paul disagrees and wants to go after Elle to talk to her. Rebecca reminds him that this is the way Elle wants it to be and the more he tries to fight it the harder it will be to sort things out.
Outside the General Store
Harold and Lou are finishing off some coffees and Lou comments that Harry looks a bit tired. He says he is, but the business won't run itself. They don't really have much choice but to be 'slaves under the dollar'. Lou says it could be for Harold if he sold his house. Harold doesn't think he's ready for that just yet! Lou mentions the 'grey nomads' (retirees driving around Australia in campervans) as having the right idea about life. They can follow the seasons as they please and stay for however long they like wherever they want to.
Carmella is talking to Marco about Rosie and Frazer's strange behaviour the night before. She reckons her sister and brother-in-law are definitely hiding something. Marco believes that's their business though. Mia comes up and now it's Carmella's turn to leave. Marco tells his sister off for telling Oliver about her suspicions. Mia says it's just weird how neither Marco or Marissa will talk about the reason behind their breakup. Marco agrees to tell her as long as she swears she'll never tell anyone else. She agrees. He explains how he and Marissa had tests done to see if they would be able to have the children they so desperately wanted and the tests showed that it was Marco who had the problem. No one knows, not even Carmella. Now can Mia understand why he and Marissa split up?
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Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5394
Rosie Cammeniti

Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5394
Ringo Brown

Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5394
Elle Robinson, Rebecca Napier

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5394
Rebecca Napier

Mia Silvani, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5394
Mia Silvani, Oliver Barnes

Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5394
Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5394
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Rosie Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5394
Rosie Cammeniti, Frazer Yeats

Rebecca Napier, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5394
Rebecca Napier, Elle Robinson

Frazer Yeats, Marco Silvani, Rosie Cammeniti, Carmella Cammeniti, Chloe Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5394
Frazer Yeats, Marco Silvani, Rosie Cammeniti, Carmella Cammeniti, Chloe Cammeniti

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5394
Elle Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5394
Paul Robinson

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5394
Rebecca Napier

Marco Silvani, Mia Silvani in Neighbours Episode 5394
Marco Silvani, Mia Silvani

Marco Silvani in Neighbours Episode 5394
Marco Silvani

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