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Neighbours Episode 5395 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5395
Australian airdate: 22/02/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Linda Stainton
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Mia Silvani: Petra Yared
Taylah Jordan: Danielle Horvat
Summary/Images by: Miriam/ShadowDan
Rebecca telling Rosie that Evelyn Wallace wants justice for her daughter.
Rachel throwing a book at Justin for teasing her about Angus.
Marco telling Mia that he and Marissa wanted children but he couldn't have them; Carmella doesn't know.
Rosie freaking out about being pregnant; she doesn't think she can do this.
Number 30
Rosie drinks tea on the sofa, and Frazer comes in. He tells her to stop beating herself up, and reminds her they have nine months to get used to this parenting thing.
Rosie tells Frazer he needs someone who can be a good mother to his child, who can give it a stable home life. Not someone who's gambling on the arrival of some mysterious maternal instinct she keeps hearing about. Rosie wonders where it leaves them - she doesn't think he can be with someone who isn't those things.
The conversation is scaring Frazer, and the idea of them having irreconcilable differences is scaring Rosie.
Lassiters Lake
Mia is taking a coffee to Marco, and she can't believe that neither he nor Marissa told anyone anything about not being able to have kids. Mia reminds him that he and Marissa were a happy couple, but Marco disagrees.
MARCO: I had to let her go. I couldn't hold her to our marriage knowing that I could never give her children.
He concedes, silently, that he was still in love with his wife when he left. Uh oh.
Number 30
Frazer tells Rosie that he has the same fears about being a father - he doesn't want to be cold and distant like his parents were to him. Rosie reminds him of the Tim Collins offer - he asked her to be a partner because she didn't have the burden of a family. Career opportunities don't present themselves like that if you have kids.
FRAZER: (passionately) Well, what's it gonna be, Rosie, because this child is on its way. So you tell me what I have to do to make things okay and I will do it. But don't tell me that you can't handle it.
Rosie runs off to the bathroom to throw up.
Lassiters Lake
Mia asks Marco if he still loves Marissa, and he replies that he loves Carmella. Uh oh again: he didn't answer the question. He tells his sister not to speculate about things - and she tells him in return to be honest with Carmella...his pride can't ruin this relationship, too.
He calls her on her relationship advice - when has she had a boyfriend who stuck around? Mia's hurt, and walks off.
The Law Office
Rebecca's on the phone to the fire and safety officer at the council. She needs information, and pretends to be Rosie in order to make her enquiries - which Rosie herself overhears as she walks in. Rebecca makes her excuses on the phone and puts it down.
BECCA: You should probably talk to the council, I think they're hiding something.
ROSIE: Remind me which actual case this pertains to?
BECCA: I'm trying to establish public liability for the dance party.
ROSIE: Even though we're not pursuing a class action?
BECCA: It's for my own peace of mind. Look, if the cowards responsible won't put their hands up, I'm gonna track them down.
ROSIE: Bravo. Just as long as it's in your own time. And you're not pretending you're me.
Rosie tells Becca to go get a file, but Rebecca goes on about the warehouse. There were kids trapped underneath the rubble for hours, and some didn't survive. And some suffered life threatening injuries.
BECCA: When you're a mother some day you'll understand.
(There's also an argument to be had that the kids wouldn't have been there had they not lied to their parents about where they were going, but hey...)
Seemingly seeing this as a way to access her maternal instinct, Rosie agrees to do it.
Erinsborough High School
Didge, Zeke and Ringo are teasing Rachel about being stuck behind for detention with Declan. Fitzy comes by and wonders if they'd all like to join Rachel in detention, but they politely decline. Fitzy tells Rachel that if things get too much for her at school, then she can always talk to him about it.
Declan arrives for detention, too, so Fitzy leads them to the one and only classroom and leaves them to stuff envelopes.
DECLAN: Fold or stuff?
RACH: Well, I've been doing such an excellent job of stuffing things up lately, why stop now?
Declan giggles.
These two are cute together!
Number 22
Paul, Becca, Oliver and Declan are cooking. Paul asks Dec to squeeze a lemon for him but Declan claims he has RSI after stuffing envelopes.
Rebecca pulls her son up on fighting at school, but he says he had to defend Rachel for what Justin was saying about her. Oliver retorts that that's what happens when you stick your neck out for a woman: you get it stomped on. Becca and Paul look up in surprise so Oliver glibly adds that it was just an observation.
Elle comes home, but isn't hungry; she's been grazing all day. Makes her sound like a donkey, but there you go.
Rebecca wants to tell everyone about her day - she managed to convince Rosie to take on a class action. And Elle's going to help her out, it might help her with her problems. Paul's not happy about it, and tells her to uninvolve Elle.
Number 26
Rosie and Rebecca are talking to the Parkers about the class action, explaining the legal fees will be recovered through damages and the company would work pro bono. They invite the family to a meeting at Charlie's.
Rosie says that the kids might have to testify in court, so Steve puts his foot down - this stops now. But Miranda's have none of that...they don't yet know what the kids will be asked in court, plus...erm, what's the likelihood of compensation?!
STEVE: How can you even think about money now?
Maybe ever since you bid $100K more than Miranda was expecting you to on a house?
Steve and Miranda start to have a domestic, so Riley winds it up by telling the girls they'll think about it. As they leave:
BRIDGET: You asked us about taking part? Yeah, I'd really like to.
The Law Office
The girls arrive at the Law Office only to come in, turn the lights on and find Toadie at the reception desk, feet up.
Why was he sitting there in the dark? Isn't that rather odd?
REBECCA: What are you doing here?
TOADIE: Contrary to popular belief, I am still a partner in this law firm. And imagine my surprise when I discovered that we are taking on a class action!
Toadie reminds her that they had already discussed this, and he wants to stay in business, not pump up their CV. Rosie thinks they have a civic responsibility, but Toadie thinks they won't have the hours or money, certainly not until they settle - and IF they settle. Rosie says she'll service their bread and butter clients and Rebecca will work for nothing.
TOADIE: We can kiss goodbye our family life for the next two years.
Rosie looks rather delighted at that prospect.
ROSIE: Bring it on, I say.
Toadie's face says it all...he'll go with it.
Daniel is eating dinner, and Karl is chatting away to him about Rachel's detention and her behaviour. Susie is getting drinks at the bar. Karl takes his drink from Susan and goes straight back to his conversation with poor Fitzy.
Susan tells Karl that Daniel's on his own time now, but Daniel says that Rachel's okay and they're just giving her some space. This starts a little domestic.
KARL: Not too much, she needs boundaries.
SUSAN: Well, she knows she went too far, she's not a child.
KARL: Not childish? Throwing books?
SUSAN: She's been under a lot of pressure, something had to give.
KARL: Susan...
SUSAN: We just have to let her ride this out alone and as Daniel said, give her the space to do that.
Stuck between them at the table, Daniel is looking rather uncomfortable with the domestic going on over his meal.
KARL: She still needs guidance..
In another corner of the bar, Frazer drowns his sorrows, and Carmy and Marco come up to him, pushchair and all. Carmella tells Frazer she knows something's wrong - and she won't buy the 'Rosie's tired' excuse anymore. Frazer admits that it's something else...him. He can't get enough work.
So Marco and Carmella play the family thing and offer him work of deliveries and stacking. Frazer looks less than inspired. He tells Chloe to get her mother home. They leave, and Frazer skulks back to the bar again.
Number 26
Didge and Riley are in the kitchen chatting about the class action. She admits that she wants the court case so that they get compensation through a settlement, pay the mortgage, then mum and dad stop fighting.
Aw, Didge.
In the lounge, Steve can't believe that Miranda thinks compensation is the cure for their problems. He doesn't want the kids dragged through court; she doesn't want to never see them because they're working too hard to pay the mortgage off.
Didge comes in - she's going to Rachel's to talk about the class action. She leaves, and Steve think she's only doing this because she's on Miranda's side. Riley corrects his father - she's doing it to stop them fighting.
(Interesting Fact: the music on the TV in this scene is the incidental music used way back in 1998. Aw. Good times.)
Number 28
The teen gang sit on the sofa, and what a great teen gang they are - they all look like they get well in real life...maybe that's why they work so well as a group. Rach, Dec, Didge, Ringo, Taylah and Zeke are discussing compensation and what they might get! Karl brings a tray of drinks over to them, and Rachel says she would have done it, but Karl didn't mind.
They discuss the case, but Ringo is concerned that it's cashing in on Jessica's death. She's not here and she can't share the money with them. Taylah says that Jess would want it - for her mum's sake. And it's not about the money.
ZEKE: If we're going to do this right, we need to work out two things. Why this happened, and how we can stop it from happening again.
DIDGE: Yes, because then it wouldn't have been for nothing.
Rachel and Declan banter, cutely. They all decide to go to a bedroom and get some of this down on paper. Rachel wishes she'd been at the dance with them, but Bridget says she doesn't, not really! Declan takes the sandwiches with them. Not relevant, but I like the way he ate the props.
Karl approaches Susan in the kitchen. He says he thought she did the right thing leaving her alone after all - that was a very different Rachel talking just now.
SUSAN: (knowingly) Yeah.
KARL: You're very smart, you know.
SUSAN: (Well, der) Yeah.
They smirk at each other. Feel the Kennedy love.
Parents and kids are sitting round listening to Rosie and Rebecca. Rosie is using tough lawyer language, so Rebecca steps in with her layman's speak to explain who they will go after. Riley asks how long the case will take, and Rosie says it can be years. This does not please our comrades, and Karl questions Zeke on whether it's worth it; Zeke gives it his full backing.
Rosie assures them she are determine to see it through and make sure justice is done. Frazer stands at the back, realising that this commitment she just made will preclude her from ever being a mother who's involved with her child.
Evelyn Wallace isn't there, which is odd.
Moments later Frazer is questioning Rosie why she's making more commitments instead of cutting back.
FRAZER: You might feel invincible but too much stress isn't good for the baby.
ROSIE: I'm sorry, who's having it? You or me?
Again, she's so anti it, yet not even considering not having it. I find it so strange to watch!
ROSIE: I'm the one that's getting my body turned inside out. *I'm* the one who's kissing my career goodbye.
FRAZER: Rosie, you're bringing a new life into the world. (pause) Is that...is that really how you feel??
Rosie glares at him before walking off.
Number 26
In the kitchen, Steve talks to the kids. He tells them if they want to get involved that's fine, but not if it's purely to fund the house payments. Didge said she thought the money might stop her parents from splitting up.
Sorry if this is just me, but what signs have there been that Steve and Miranda are in any way *whatsoever* splitting up??? They've been arguing mildly about the house, but that's it. They're hardly arguments on the scale that other couples have had!
Either way, Bridget really wants to do this. It's bigger than how scared they might be; it's about them as a group fighting and doing some good. For Jessica's sake, and the other kids who died, she needs to be a part of it.
Go Teen Gang 2008!
Mia approaches Oliver at a table and tells him she can't stay. He's concerned that Marco is still hiding something from Carmella, but Mia tells Oliver to leave it. If Marco says it's nothing then it's nothing.
OLIVER: If he's lying to Carmella...
MIA: He's not lying to her.
Mia admits that she was rather protective of her friend, and she shot her mouth off where she shouldn't have. There's nothing going on with Marco and Marissa. Oliver doesn't seem too convinced.
He also has an odd looking apple juice in a glass latte cup in front of him which looks quite revolting.
Carmella's Flat
Carmella and Chloe arrive home to find Marco assembling a mobile. Not successfully.
MARCO: I won't let it beat me. If the Romans can build an empire, I can build a mobile.
They kiss, but Marco looks uncomfortable. Carmy thinks he wanted to say something, but the phone rings and it's Mia. Marco signals he doesn't want to talk to her, so Carmy lies for him. She wants to know what's wrong, but Marco dismisses it and goes to get Chloe a bottle for her feed.
Number 26
Steve and Miranda are sitting and chatting about the house. Miranda concedes that trying to support both businesses is sending them broke. Steve admits that the vet has been slow to take off (maybe because he's never there) but Randa was talking about her business being a problem.
STEVE: You love your work.
RANDA: It's been fun, but when you do the sums, it's nothing more than an expensive sideline.
STEVE: Are you sure?
RANDA: It's got to be done, for the family.
Steve seems really touched.
The Law Office
Frazer comes to see Rosie, and she tells him she's busy.
FRAZER: I'm not here to fight. I have a proposition.
He proposes that after the child is born he will do everything possible to make sure her work isn't interrupted. But Rosie stops him because there's something more fundamentally wrong with the whole picture; she's a failure as a mother to be.
FRAZER: I'm not offering to be a stay at home dad. I'm offering to be a sole parent.
ROSIE: You wanna do this alone?
FRAZER: Believe me, I'd rather we stayed together as a family but if I can't do it with you, I will do it without you.
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Marco Silvani in Neighbours Episode 5395
Marco Silvani

Marco Silvani, Mia Silvani in Neighbours Episode 5395
Marco Silvani, Mia Silvani

Rosie Cammeniti, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5395
Rosie Cammeniti, Rebecca Napier

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5395
Rebecca Napier

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5395
Rosie Cammeniti

Rachel Kinski, Bridget Parker, Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown in Neighbours Episode 5395
Rachel Kinski, Bridget Parker, Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brown

Rachel Kinski, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5395
Rachel Kinski, Declan Napier

Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5395
Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5395
Susan Kennedy

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5395
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Riley Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5395
Riley Parker, Bridget Parker

Riley Parker, Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson, Frazer Yeats, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker, Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brow in Neighbours Episode 5395
Riley Parker, Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson, Frazer Yeats, Steve Parker, Bridget Parker, Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski, Ringo Brow

Oliver Barnes, Mia Silvani in Neighbours Episode 5395
Oliver Barnes, Mia Silvani

Mia Silvani, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5395
Mia Silvani, Oliver Barnes

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5395
Rosie Cammeniti

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