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Neighbours Episode 5393 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5393
Australian airdate: 20/02/08
UK airdate:
Writer: John Davies
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Heather Pryor - Georgina Andrews
Brad Jordan – Brendan O’Connor
Taylah Jordan – Danielle Horvat
Justin Hunter – Chris Toohey
Summary/Images by: Jamie/ShadowDan
- Rachel telling the teen gang that none of them cares about her.
- Heather being robbed
- An unhappy Rosie telling Frazer she's pregnant.
Number 30
Frazer is unsuccessfully trying to comfort Rosie about her pregnancy, telling her that having Thirsty Merc on high rotation whilst stuck on a desert island is a much worse situation to be stuck in. Clearly, they've just been making conversation while the stripes on Rosie's pregnancy test appear.
FRAZER: It's . . . Er . . . .
ROSIE: Positive! Just say it I'm pregnant.
FRAZER: No, it's...
ROSIE: Negative, then I'm off the hook.
It turns out that only one and a half stripes on her pregnancy test has appeared, therefore Rosie is half pregnant.
A random Carmella and Libby are having a chat about Libby's return to Erinsborough High. A confident but distracted Libby compares her return to 'like riding a bike'. She sees Fitzy and Ringo coming over a gives them a small wave. Carmella goes to put baby Chloe in her push chair while Daniel comes over and makes cute baby noises. The aforementioned baby noises warrant a quick chuckle from Libby and Carmella as Carm goes to walk away with Ringo. Fitzy takes over the vacant space left by Carmella and he begins to ask Libby about how she feels returning to teach at Erinsborough High. She admits she's worried about Rachel and whether she should just admit the family connection and be done with it. She's confused as to why Rachel even wants to return to school because as Fitzy puts it, if she's looking for fight, she's bound to find one.
Number 30
Frazer wants to go and get another pregnancy test for Rosie, or get a blood test to know for sure. A reluctant Rosie, is persuaded by Frazer who reminds her that they'll be bringing another life in the big world that they live in. Ringo and Daniel walk in while Rosie and Frazer panics to hide the pregnancy test. Daniel, sensing the tension, takes himself and Ringo into the kitchen. Frazer picks up the pregnancy test from under the pillow while Rosie explains that if she isn't pregnant she won't be too happy as she knows Frazer wants to have a child, it's just she isn't quite ready to be mother material. It looks like Rosie and Frazer had gotten to their 'negative' conclusion a little too fast as Frazer sees two stripes on the pregnancy test. They have a winner!
Number 28
Karl and Zeke are preparing some food while Rachel is reading a book on the couch. A nervous Susan walks over to her and assures her that she hasn't missed too much at school. After denying needing any help, a hurt Susan walks over to the kitchen. Zeke walks over to Rachel, telling her that she should try being a little less rude. Too right! Zeke makes a note of the title of the novel, 'The year of the living dangerous' and walks away.
Over in the kitchen, Karl is reassuring Susan that everything will get back to normal between her and Rachel - it just needs some more time. A smiling Libby walks out of one of the bedrooms.
LIBBY: Dad, Ben's checking out your vinyl collection I said that was okay.
KARL: What?!
LIBBY: In the covers! Relax, I gave him strict instructions.
KARL: Yeah, I might just check it out anyway.
Karl starts towards the bedroom while Libby tries to control her laughter.
LIBBY: Ah, that never gets old.
SUSAN: You're very naughty, Elizabeth.
Libby makes her way towards the couch for round two of checking to see if Rachel is ready to go back to school tomorrow. Rachel just wants everything to get back to normal but Libby is cautious that that won't happen straight away and advises that she'll probably have to tough it out for a while. 'Bring it on' insists an unconvincing Rachel.
Erinsborough High
Rachel is clearly having an awful day at school as two students have a quick gossip while bumping into her. She walks down the corridor as the students stare and gawk at her, Justin(e) being one example. Libby comes out of one of the rooms, nearly bumping into Fitzy. They make a quick chit chat before Libby realizes that a lonely Rachel isn't having a very good day. The teen gang, including Declan, Ringo, Bridget, Zeke and Taylah welcome her back They all go their separate ways while Libby asks Daniel out for a coffee. Bridget is quickly trying to rub off the graffiti saying 'Kinki' before Rachel notices. Bridget can't get it off so apologizes, telling Rachel that it's water proof and won't come off.
RACHEL: Yeah well I'm gossip proof so whoever wrote it can just get a life!
Justin(e) can't help put make a flying comment as he stops to admire Rachel's locker.
Number 30
Karl has just finished performing a quick blood test on Rosie as he confirms that he should have the result by the afternoon to avoid another sleepless night for them both. Dr Karl advises them to get at least eight hours sleep as if they're going to have a baby, sleep will be a thing of the past. As Karl leaves, Rosie retreats into her hands, claiming that she can't be having a baby.
FRAZER: I've never met a more passionate and caring person in my life. You'll be mother of the year!
ROSIE: I make Britney Spears look like mother of the year. How's that for maternal?
Frazer goes to hug her while promising that she'll come round to the idea.
Erinsborough News
Brad is introducing Riley to Heather, the new senior reporter. The word 'senior' makes Riley comment about needing to be on his best behaviour. Brad catches Elle, sneaking in late. Heather and Elle introduce themselves, after which Elle claims that she was just doing some research, something that Heather believes, but a suspicious Riley doesn't. Heather is delighted when Riley offers to make her a cup of coffee, something that Elle doesn't seem to happy with. Elle goes to confront Riley in the kitchen, accusing him of sucking up to the new girl already. The talk quickly changes to Elle sarcastically thanking him for telling Paul about her panic attacks. Before Riley can properly defend himself, Heather interrupts and starts talking to Riley about surfing. Realizing they're both big surf fans, they decide to go surfing together during their lunch break. Sensing Elle's unease, Heather asks if the both of them had anything going on to which Elle insists that Riley is all hers.
Erinsborough High
Libby enters the classroom asking the students to take their seats before introducing herself as Ms. Kennedy as well as acknowledging that she is Rachel and Zeke's adoptive sister, something that Libby confirms to sound 'very Bold and the Beautiful'. Justin(e) decides to declare that it's not fair that Rachel should be the teachers pet again as she already has been in the past. This garners a few chuckles from the class as well as a rather scary glare from Libby! A confident Lib confirms him to be 'the local funny guy' before being yet again interrupted by Justin(e) asking for her opinions on students dating teachers.
LIBBY: If this continues Justin then I'll keep you back at the end of the day.
JUSTIN: Ooo, a first date. I just thought it ran in the family.
Libby manages to calm the class down as the bell goes off, after what seemed like a one minute lesson.
Ramsay Street
Heather is telling Riley about getting robbed as she slaps some sun screen on her legs. Heather declares Frazer to be her hero before forwarding her thanks towards Riley for taking her for a surf. He confesses that he has an ulterior motive, which is to see how well she can surf. Heather hands Riley the sunscreen and asks him to 'slip slop and slap' some onto her back. A nervous Riley does so as she asks him whether Elle is her girlfriend to which Riley hastily confirms she isn't, something that surprises Heather given the office tension she felt.
Elle is becoming more and more stressed as she searches for a file on her laptop. Paul, along with some drinks, advises her to forget about her deadline and get a massage instead. Elle insists that she needs to get more work done as Riley is off with the new senior reporter, Heather. Paul says that from now own, he's going to take a step back from trying to get Elle to calm down. A suspecting Elle says nothing and continues on her with work.
Number 30
Rosie is typing away on her laptop as Frazer comes in asking if there's any news, which there isn't. He can sense that she hasn't eaten so puts the shopping down and is about to make her a salad. Before Frazer can get going, Carmella rings. Rosie silently signals to Frazer to tell him to tell Carmella that she doesn't want to talk at the moment. After putting the phone down, Karl rings Rosie's mobile to let her know that the results were positive - she is pregnant. The news yields a hug of excitement from Frazer but Rosie seems less enthusiastic to celebrate. While Frazer makes plans for their future child, Rosie asks for them to keep it a secret until the 12 week mark, something which Frazer hastily agrees to. They both say 'I love you' to one another whilst hugging.
Erinsborough High
Rachel, Ringo and Didge are doing some sort of arty farty project when Justin(e) asks Libby if she'll be helping Rachel out with her homework. Libby warns him that if she hears one more word out of him, she'll send him to the principles office. A clearly very angry Rachel gets up and throws her book at him. Ringo manages to restrain Rachel from doing anything else while Justin(e) lunges at her before amusingly tripping over due to Declan's handy work and is then restrained by Daniel who comes storming in requiring some calm.
Erinsborough News
Paul comes limping into the office, almost bumping into Riley who is wondering what he's doing there. Paul makes it clear it's Brad he wants to talk to and so goes into his office, interrupting a meeting between him and Heather. An angry Paul, makes it clear to Brad that he needs to fix a certain problem, he wants Brad to fire Elle from the Erinsborough News as working there is just making he trauma from the roof collapse even worse. Brad reminds him that Elle is adult but Paul doesn't want to hear it. Brad accuses him of threatening him but the return of EvilPaul means that Brad is told that he hasn't even been 'begun to be threatened yet'. Paul does eventually threaten him by demanding that he fire Elle or he should get a good solicitor as it's his fault that Elle was even at the dance party.
Ramsay Street
Elle is rushing down her driveway and apologizing to Brad for being late, yet again. Before she can work out what he's trying to say the phone cuts out so Elle decides to start running.
Didge, Ringo and Zeke are laughing about Declan's 'ninja moves' on Justin(e) earlier on while Frazer excitedly rushes towards Ringo asking him to help him check some recipes in the taxi. Ringo reluctantly agrees to help him and follows him in the cab. It's clear that Frazer wants to tell him about Rosie's pregnancy but Ringo is going to have to guess as its 'top secret'. Ringo manages to guess that Rosie's pregnant and they both high five while Ringo congratulates him, although he seems a little confused as to why he has to keep it a secret.
Erinsborough High
Daniel is lecturing Rachel and Declan on importance of non-violence. Blah blah, you get the idea, in fact many of you reading this have probably heard it yourselves at least one time in your life, even if you haven't been involved in violence. What follows is quite a cute little conversation between non-lovers Declan and Rachel.
RACHEL: Where's he (Justine) doing his detention?
Declan smirks
DECLAN: Sick bay
RACHEL: Good, good. Not that I'm condoning violence in any way
DECLAN: No, no of course not apart from the fact that when it comes to . . .
TOGETHER: Justiiiiiine
They laugh.
RACHEL: Look, Declan I wanted to say that I'm sorry for what I said to you at Taylah's
DECLAN: That I'm a loser and pathetic for following Didge around?
RACHEL: Yeah, yes well that was harsh and I didn't mean it.
DECLAN: That's OK. You were going through the final phases of your (makes quote marks with fingers) princess phase.
RACHEL: Yeah well I think I'm over that 'phase' now.
DECLAN: Good. Coz you were a real pain.
They smile and laugh at each other.
Number 28
While Rachel and Declan are laughing in detention Libby is telling a surprised Susan about the days events including Rachel's book throwing and subsequent detention. Dr. Karl comes in, hearing enough of their conversation to ask what's going on so Susan and Libby explain. Libby leaves while Susan confides in Karl, admitting that she feels let down and a little bit hurt that Rachel didn't come to her to tell her about the detention.
Erinsborough News
Elle is pitching her next story to an uninterested Brad. Brad quickly changes the subject and lets her know that she longer has a job at Erinsborough News. A suspecting Elle knows that it's her father who's been down here to get Brad to fire her but Brad isn't giving away anything.
Rosie is trying to keep herself busy as Carmella comes into her office along with baby Chloe in her arms. Carmella asks why she's been avoiding her call but Rosie insists that she hasn't. Rosie, holding baby Chloe, smiles and tells Carmella that she's now fine. It seems that Rosie was a natural mother all along. Awww
Number 22
An angry Elle comes waltzing in and makes it perfectly clear to Paul that she knows it wasn't Brad's idea that she's been suspended indefinitely. Paul insists that he's just really worried about her but Elle doesn't want to hear it as the Cadetship has gone to Riley now, she hates Riley as well! Elle begins to breathe faster and faster as she clutches her stomach and attempts to sit down. Paul goes over to try and calm her but it's clear it's too late, flashes of the roof collapse return as her panic attack continues.
ELLE: Every time I see Riley I'm back there again.
PAUL: Shh, just relax. Breathe slowly.
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Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5393
Rosie Cammeniti

Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5393
Frazer Yeats

Chloe Cammeniti, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5393
Chloe Cammeniti, Carmella Cammeniti

Libby Kennedy, Chloe Cammeniti, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5393
Libby Kennedy, Chloe Cammeniti, Carmella Cammeniti

Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5393
Frazer Yeats

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5393
Rosie Cammeniti

Rachel Kinski, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5393
Rachel Kinski, Libby Kennedy

Elle Robinson, Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5393
Elle Robinson, Riley Parker

Heather Pryor in Neighbours Episode 5393
Heather Pryor

Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5393
Riley Parker

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5393
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5393
Paul Robinson

Brad Jordan in Neighbours Episode 5393
Brad Jordan

Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5393
Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5393
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

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