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Neighbours Episode 5392 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5392
Australian airdate: 19/02/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Katrina Foster
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Heather Pryor - Georgina Andrews
Brett Phillips - Chris Kemp
Summary/Images by: Carly/ShadowDan
- Rosie dismissing Evelyn Wallace's case
- Steph assuring Libby that she's happy to marry Toadie
- Rosie annoyed with Rebecca for trying to get Toadie onside
- Ned telling Steve that Miranda is going to hit the roof about the house
- Miranda hitting the roof about the house
Number 26
Steve's annoyed that Miranda always tries to control every decision he makes, but Miranda says she only does it because she knows she'll be the one cleaning up his mess in the aftermath. Bridget listens in concern from the hallway but Riley gently guides her away. Steve boldly tells Miranda that she needs to take a risk for once in her life, but Miranda just accuses him of sounding like a teenager.
STEVE: (bitter) Oh, I'm sorry.
MIRANDA: For what?
STEVE: For our life, our marriage; it must be such a disappointment to you.
The next morning, Riley reassures Didge that all families have tiffs and that it's nothing to worry about. He says he'll call later on to check on her before heading off to work. Didge joins her parents for brekkie, where they try and play happy families and pretend that everything's fine. But Didge can still sense the tension, which is exacerbated further when Steve accidentally spills some milk (with spilt milk's track record on this show, I would be tense too). Miranda starts to awkwardly mop up from her wheelchair, while Steve goes into the laundry for something and continues his klutz streak by hitting his head on the cupboard.
Ned strolls into the kitchen (as Didge walks out) just in time to hear Miranda muttering curses at Steve. She whinges to Ned that Steve's completely self-centred and wishes he would think about other people for a change. Turning the tables, Ned asks why Miranda can't do the same. The auction can't be reversed, and he doesn't think humiliating Steve is the way to go about fixing things.
Steph shows Libby a bridal magazine Toadie has bookmarked and all the weird and wonderful things he wants at their wedding - like a heart-shaped ice sculpture. Oh, and possibly some doves, tulle and an Ave Maria thrown in for good measure.
STEPH: My big fat Ramsay Street wedding!
Libby asks Steph if she's told Toad that she doesn't want all the bells and whistles, but Steph doesn't care what they do as long as Toad's happy. Steph cheekily points out some ugly matron of honour dresses that Lib can wear, and Lib acts all surprised that Steph's chosen her for the role, but seriously who else is there? They do the girly squeal and clap thing in excitement.
Elsewhere, Rosie and Frazer are having a coffee together but Rosie thinks her drink smells off. Frazer takes a whiff and thinks it's her nose that's off. Abandoning the coffee, she heads out for work.
FRAZER: Call me!
ROSIE: What about?
FRAZER: Nothing in particular, you might just wanna hear my lovely voice.
ROSIE: (smirks) I love you (she kisses him).
Rosie runs out and Frazer gets this cute look on his face like, 'Yep, still got it'.
Number 22
Elle discovers Rebecca looking up class actions on the computer and Rebecca explains Evelyn's plight, adding that it's so wrong to lose a child through someone else's carelessness. She feels compelled to do something about it. Elle reckons that Rebecca needs to find precedents to get Rosie and Toadie's attention, and after that they won't be able to resist playing heroes.
Paul finds them and is worried about Elle getting too involved, confessing to her that he rang Riley and he told him about her panic attack. Paul doesn't want Elle to go to work but Elle just scoffs, like, 'what are you going to do about it?'.
Rebecca's trying to show Toadie a precedent she's found, but Toadie is more interested in seeing the precedents that sent their law firms broke.
Steph walks in to return the bridal mag, but is too distracted to talk to Toadie about it because she's haggling with a supplier on her mobile who has stuffed up an order. Giving Toadie a quick kiss goodbye, Steph crosses paths with Rosie who is on her way in. Rosie sidesteps Rebecca and Toadie and escapes into her office to stare at a pregnancy test she's just bought. She quickly shoves it under a folder when Rebecca and Toadie walk in. Rebecca tries to bring up Evelyn's case again but Rosie is in no mood to listen.
ROSIE: Have you got a law degree you've kept hidden all this time?
ROSIE: Well until you get one maybe you could file these?
The file that she just hid the chemist bag under mind you. Way to be secretive, Rosie! Hurt, Rebecca leaves and Toadie calls Rosie out on her rudeness. Rosie says she's got a lot on her plate and Toadie says that he's got a wedding on his - what's her excuse? Unable to say, Rosie apologises for being unprofessional. Toadie exits and Rosie picks up the pregnancy test to fret over some more.
Number 26
Miranda wants to talk to Didge about the arguing that's been going on, but Didge can't believe the callous way in which her mum has been talking to her dad. Miranda says she doesn't enjoy being the 'bad cop' (how about taking a leaf out of Adam's book and becoming the 'disco dancing traffic control cop'?). Didge replies that her dad isn't like other dads, and that's a good thing. Forlorn, Miranda says that what's happening in her marriage now is just a sign of how completely different her and Steve are. Worried, Didge asks what she's going to do about it but Miranda says she doesn't know.
Random Street
Frazer is helping a pretty blonde passenger get her belongings out of the boot of his cab. He discovers that she's a new journo for the Erinsborough News, but their chat is cut short when a bloke rams blonde woman into the side of the cab and steals her handbag and lap top. Yelling at him, blonde woman defiantly gives chase with Frazer not far behind her.
Upset, Rosie is trying to call Frazer but gets his voicemail instead. She's about to tell him about the pregnancy test, but decides against it and just says she's having some work issues. "Hope you're having a better day than me."
Random Street
Frazer and blonde woman continue to chase the crook (who is credited as Brett, so lets call him that. I'm sure his mother would be proud).
Outside Charlie's
Steph and Valda stand in front of a massive stack of steel beer kegs that weren't supposed to be delivered. (Not knowing the bizarre geography of Erinsborough, I half expected Frazer to come hurtling by and Brett the crook to go flying into the kegs in a slapstick kind of way). Valda suggests that Steph keeps the kegs for the wedding.
STEPH: I don't think kegs would be a figure in Toadie's dream wedding.
VALDA: It'd be a figure in his dreams.
Steph says that the wedding has brought out a weird side in Toadie (I'll say, who knew the man would be into ice sculptures?), and asks Valda if he's said anything to her, but Valda feigns ignorance. Libby strolls by, giving an odd look towards the beer kegs, but Steph says "don't ask".
VALDA: Right, well why don't I give them a ring and bat my eyelids at them? Maybe then they'll agree to take them away and give us our money back.
(Valda walks off and Libby turns to Steph in amusement)
LIBBY: How do you bat your eyelids over the phone?
STEPH: (laughing) Again, don't ask.
Libby tells Steph that she's on her way to see Toadie - he rang her, but she's not sure what he wants to talk about. Steph looks worried.
Random Alley Way
Brett the crook is cornered and blonde woman screams at him to give her stuff back. He picks up a plank of Ned and swings it at her, so Frazer steps in front and tells him to calm down. Frazer eventually bargains Brett into dropping the plank and giving back the lap top, but he still gets away with blondie's handbag (on his magical invisible trampoline by the looks of things - that's one serious leap over the fence he pulls off). Blondie thanks Frazer for his troubles and introduces herself as Heather Pryor.
FRAZER: (shaking her hand and introducing himself) Welcome to Erinsborough!
HEATHER: So is everyone around here like you?
FRAZER: Not everyone, but why don't you stick around and find out for yourself.
Heather says she will and gives him a kiss on the cheek. Don't worry, he's already mentioned to her that he's married.
HEATHER: Thank you. The world needs more Frazers in it I reckon!
FRAZER: (smiling) Well I'm working on that.
(P.S. Random dog in the background? Shut your pie hole and stop barking!).
Unable to take her eyes off the pregnancy test, Rosie is probably wishing that Frazer wasn't trying so much...
Sitting with Lib in his office, Toadie asks if Steph has said much to her about the wedding. Libby tries to delicately say that his plans are a little full on.
TOADIE: (downhearted) She doesn't want to do it though, does she? Get married I mean.
LIBBY: She would do anything for you, Toadie.
TOADIE: That's not the answer.
Diplomatic, Libby says that Steph loves him and wants to marry him with all her heart. Toadie wants to know if Steph actually said that, and Lib laughs it off, telling him that the matron of honour wouldn't lie. Buying it for now, Toadie confesses that he's just a bit nervous and sees Lib out. Rosie follows not long after, moodily telling Rebecca and Toadie that she's going home. Toadie tells Rebecca he'll cover Rosie's appointments and trots of to make hand made place cards with glitter calligraphy and lace... OK, he doesn't, but with the ice sculpture fancying, who knows what's going on in that head of his.
Valda triumphantly tells Steph that her eyelid batting worked - the suppliers are coming to pick the kegs up that afternoon. Steph asks Valda if she could work her magic on Toadie. She wants to know what he was talking to Lib about, but doesn't want to look like she's prying.
Paul has a coffee with Elle and is annoyed that she's still looking up class action stuff. He doesn't think it's healthy for her to keep replaying the accident in her head. But Elle tunes him out and returns to work.
Having nothing better to do than drink coffee all day, Paul is now sharing one with Rebecca. She thinks that it's good for Elle to get involved in the class action because it might actually help with her trauma. But Paul begs to differ and says that if Elle's not going to look after herself, then he's "damn well" going to do it for her. First stop - he's going to have a nice chat with her boss.
Toadie's asking Steph what she thinks about the wedding plans but Steph's distracted and is just going along with whatever he says, calling it "fine".
TOADIE: I hate fine!
He tells Steph that he spoke to Libby to get a better picture of what's going on because Steph isn't telling him anything.
STEPH: What else did she say?
TOADIE: Only that you didn't want to marry me and you were just doing it to humour me.
(Steph silently panics)
TOADIE: (unsure) Just kidding... I think?
Putting on a smile, Steph says that she just wants a simple wedding that's about who they are, and not what the bridal magazines tell them to be. This makes Toadie happy and he says that whatever she wants, he'll make happen. They hug, but Steph looks very doubtful.
Number 26
Steve hits his head on the laundry cupboard again - how about you look where you're going! It's not like the cupboard is exactly small or anything! Ned tells him that Janae just texted, congratulating them on the house, which was very good of her. Ned finds it ironic that Steve didn't want to include Janae in buying the house because he thought her and Ned were unstable, and now look what's happened between Steve and Miranda. Annoyed, Steve replies that he can cut Ned out of the mortgage if he wants, but Ned just scoffs and says that would really make Steve and Miranda's marriage more stable, wouldn't it? Why is Ned so wise tonight? It's unnerving...
Number 30/Number 26
Miranda has rang Rosie up to apologise for acting so rashly in contacting her about the house. She didn't want Rosie to think she was a madwoman.
MIRANDA: Sometimes it's better to face up to what's happened and find a way to deal with it.
Basically this scene is just a big honking neon sign flashing "YOU NEED TO DEAL WITH YOUR PROBLEMS ROSIE! LOTS OF LOVE, UNSUBTLE CROSSOVER SCENE xx".
Number 26
Banging his head on the cupboard again, just to prove he really is an uber-klutz, Steve's finally had enough. In the kitchen, Riley tells Didge that their parents have had worse fights before - he just always used to protect her from them. Didge can't help wondering why they got married in the first place if they had so little in common. Meanwhile, Steve has taken a hammer to the cupboard and is smashing the hell out of it. The kids freak out, but Miranda calmly tells Didge to get something out of the broom closet for her. It turns out to be a sledgehammer, and Miranda encourages Steve to use that instead. Laughing, Steve goes sledge-happy and Miranda actually cracks a smile.
Number 30
Frazer is relaying his heroic tale to Rosie.
FRAZER: So he's standing there wielding this giant bit of 4x2, I'm just about to unleash the fury that is the 'F-Bomb', and he just legs it!
ROSIE: (barely interested) Did she get her lap top back?
FRAZER: Hand delivered.
ROSIE: (dry) I'm sure she was grateful.
FRAZER: (proud) Oh, yeah!
ROSIE: (muttering) Batman strikes again, ay?
Knowing something's wrong, Frazer asks what's going on and Rosie replies in irritation that she's been trying to call him all day to tell him something.
FRAZER: Tell me what?
ROSIE: (sighing) I think I'm pregnant.
FRAZER: (stunned) You're kidding.
ROSIE: Well I don't know for sure but I think so.
FRAZER: (ecstatic) Oh darling, oh my God that's incredible news!
ROSIE: Yeah, I knew you would say that.
FRAZER: Of course, why wouldn't I?
ROSIE: Because it's the last thing in the world that I want.
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Steve Parker in Neighbours Episode 5392
Steve Parker

Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5392
Miranda Parker

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5392
Steph Scully

Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5392
Libby Kennedy, Steph Scully

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5392
Rebecca Napier

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5392
Elle Robinson

Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5392
Miranda Parker, Bridget Parker

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5392
Bridget Parker

Miranda Parker in Neighbours Episode 5392
Miranda Parker

Frazer Yeats, Heather Pryor in Neighbours Episode 5392
Frazer Yeats, Heather Pryor

Libby Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5392
Libby Kennedy, Toadie Rebecchi

Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5392
Frazer Yeats

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5392
Rosie Cammeniti

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