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Neighbours Episode 5383 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5383
Australian airdate: 06/02/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Mia Silvani - Petra Yared
Josh Taylor - Liam Hemsworth
Cathy Martin - Berandette Schwerdt
Sally Upton - Sharon Fenech
Summary/Images by: Sophie/Elin
Rosie telling Carmella that Marco's going to WA and not coming back.
Elle seizing the Rachel/Angus story.
Angus giving Rachel his bracelet.
Susan failing to get through to Rachel.
Angus telling Rachel he never loved her.
Angus's Flat
Rachel is crying and doesn't believe that Angus doesn't love her but he continues to tell her that there is no "us" and there never was.
ANGUS: I don't love you Rachel, so just grow up.
She doesn't know what to say and leaves, leaving Angus looking almost as distraught as her.
Number 28
Libby tells Susan not to be too hard on herself, but she thinks she's handled the situation badly. Libby suggests talking to her once she's calmed down but Susan is dubious that she'll ever speak to her again. Karl comes out of Rachel's room, announcing that she's gone. Libby tries to defend her but Karl isn't having any of it. He and Susan dash out and Libby rings Daniel to get him to meet them.
Number 26
Steve finishes his call to Miranda and reports back to Riley and Ned that she's missing them and asked after Janae, at which point Mickey and Ben's ears pick up in the lounge. Ned says she and him are fine at the garage but not outside. Steve says not to rush things but Riley can't see how they'll sort things out if she's not there. He pushes it, encouraging them to talk it out, it doesn't matter if they fight if they're confronting their issues. Steve doesn't agree, sometimes it's better just to wait for things to calm down. In the next room, Mickey and Ben are busy formulating a plan to make Janae come home.
Number 32
Aw, sweet, Mickey's holding Ben up to knock on the door! Steph answers and Ben says Janae sent them. They're greeted by Valda and the boys tell her and Steph that Janae's asked them to come and collect her stuff because she's moving back in with them. They're surprised they hadn't heard but Mickey says she's only just decided and Ben agrees, if a little weakly, that it's fine with Ned. Valda and Steph smell a rat and Valda suggests there may be too much stuff for them.
MICKEY: That's ok, we brought our skateboards.
Mickey says that his dad's too busy to help so Valda goes to get them some cordial to build up their strength whilst Steph rings Janae.
Carmella's Flat
Oliver's practising baby bathing with a doll whilst Carmella, who is looking as skinny as ever and not like she's just had a baby at all, looks on bemused. She offers the backhanded compliment that he makes a much better father than he ever did boyfriend. Mia comes to the door, after some invoices, and is introduced to Oliver. Oliver tries to make small-talk whilst Carmella dashes off to retrieve the invoices but it's a bit awkward. He asks after Marco, knowing that Carmella misses him. Mia doesn't give a straight answer, telling Oliver he's not what she was expecting - she had him pegged as a "spineless pretty boy". Carmella can't find the invoices so Mia leaves, saying she'll come back later. Carmella asks Oliver what he said but he won't admit anything.
Western Australia
Marco is looking a right country bumpkin and is being praised by his employer for his hard work. She asks what he's doing so far from home. There seems to be room here for a joke about getting sick of pasta, but apparently she means Melbourne rather than bella Italia. He says that he's always loved WA - the sky there seems so much bigger. For someone who has only known him for five minutes she's got him sussed pretty well - she knowingly tells him it's easier to get lost there and that he can stay as long as he likes.
Angus's Flat
This time it's Karl, Susan AND Fitzy on hand to verbally accost the shamed teacher. They're looking for Rachel but he explains that she was here but he doesn't know where she is now. He says he told her he couldn't see her, he could write in a letter.
SUSAN: How was she?
ANGUS: How do you think?
He asks them to leave.
A Scrapyard Somewhere
Rachel, the epitome of teen angst, is wandering around looking angsty. She sits down and pulls off the bracelet Angus gave her and chucks it in the bushes. She sobs a bit then get up and grabs it again, smelling it as if it's all she has left of her great love affair.
Number 26
Karl and Susan come in and Didge tells them she hasn't heard anything from Rachel. Karl doubts if she's telling the truth which sparks a bit of a conflict with Steve, who thinks that Rachel is very much the guilty party, which is why they stopped Bridget seeing her. Susan asks if Bridget has any idea where Rachel is, but she doesn't. She promises to let them know if she hears anything. They thank them and leave to keep looking, this time with Steve's help. Just as they leave Bridget gets a call from Josh who she shuns in favour of helping find Rachel.
Number 32
Mickey and Ben are eating sandwiches and feeding them to the dogs. Mickey's surprised to see Janae and is annoyed that Steph called her - it was meant to be a surprise. Valda takes Ben away and Steph follows, leaving Janae to talk to Mickey. Mickey tells her she wants her to come back home, because if she doesn't, she and Ned won't be able to get married. He admits Ned doesn't know he's here so Janae suggests she walks him home so he doesn't worry. Mickey thinks this is a great idea, hoping she'll stay but Janae isn't so sure and won't commit to staying for a sleepover.
Number 26
Ned's ringing around asking after Mickey when Janae arrives with the two kids in tow. Janae explains where they were and sends them away to play. Janae tells Ned they were trying to help them by getting to Janae to move back in. Ned tells Janae that Mickey really misses her and she admits the feeling's reciprocated. Ned notices Mickey and Ben spying on them. Once discovered, Mickey suggests again that Janae stays for the sleepover. Ned says she can if she likes and Janae agrees - but just for the night, not to move back in. Mickey drags her away.
A Cafe
Accompanied by atmospheric music, Rachel sits down and checks her purse which has just a few coins in it. The waitress comes over but Rachel doesn't order anything. She retrieves the bracelet from her bag, puts it back on and cries.
The General Store
Karl and Susan are still frantically looking for Rachel but no one's found her. Bridget asks Declan who agrees to look. Elle asks Karl how long she's been missing, but he refuses to give her "any more fodder for her tabloid rubbish". Saint Paul suggests it's not a good idea to write the article - from the look of it, Karl's already crossed her off his Christmas card list.
Mia arrives and indulges in some quick banter with Oliver. They apologise for earlier and Oliver reassures her that he's not obsessed with her brother. She lets him know that Marissa is her best friend but Oliver doesn't know that she's Marco's wife - or was, at least. He's a bit shocked to hear, especially when Mia says their relationship is still complicated.
Carmella's Flat
Carmella's suspicious when Oliver starts asking about Mia. She says Mia intimidates her, just as with perfect timing the woman herself knocks on the door. Carmella pops off to get the invoices, once again leaving Oliver and Mia alone. He tries to finish their earlier conversation, asking if anything's going on between Marco and his ex-wife. Mia says it's unfinished, but not to mention it to Carmella, who appears with the invoices. Carmella's annoyed that Mia leaves so fast - she wanted to ask her about Marco. She wonders how he is. She's probably not imagining him on a tractor, although ...
Western Australia
Marco's looking all manly and brooding as he almost rides his tractor into a tree. As he stops, his employer appears again, surprised to see him still working past knock-off time. She wonders why he's so secretive - is he on the run from the cops? He laughs that off but explains that he has baggage.
Number 26
Mickey, Ben, Ned and Janae have made a tent in the living room. Ned and Janae high-five which Mickey takes as a sign they like each other, so Janae should move back in. She avoids further questioning by going to get some chips and Ned the drinks. Mickey explains to Ben that Ned's mad at Janae because Darren kissed her. Ben doesn't believe him and they begin to argue over whose fault it was. Janae steps in and Ben tells her that Mickey's telling lies about why Darren went away. Mickey says it's because he kissed Janae and she looks flustered. She asks them to calm down so she can explain.
The General Store
Declan wants Bridget to take a break but she won't, she feels guilty. Josh is angry to see her and Declan together and tries to storm out, but it's hard when one's in a wheelchair. Bridget makes him wait and tells him she didn't mean to shut him out, there's just a lot going on at the moment. Josh isn't buying it and says that she doesn't like him in the way she likes her. She says that's not entirely true.
JOSH: It's ok, Didge, really. I'll just staple gun the pieces of my shattered heart.
Woah, nice melodrama there. Even Declan looks pained. Bridget asks if they can still be friends and he says maybe, before telling her to sort things out with Declan and leaving.
Number 26
Janae is trying to explain that sometimes grown-ups just can't live together. Mickey still thinks it's because Darren kissed her but Janae says it's not entirely true - she kissed Darren. Ben looks pointedly at Mickey and Janae tells him that's why Libby was so upset - it wasn't Darren's fault, it was hers. Ned takes Janae away for a word. He's angry that Janae's told the truth to a little kid, but she says it's because she didn't want him to hate Darren. Ben says he wants to go home so Ned takes him.
Number 28
Karl is just about to ring the police about Rachel when Ned arrives with Ben. Once Ned's left, Libby asks Ben what's wrong and he tells her what Janae said about Darren. She hugs him.
The waitress tells Rachel they're closing up and as Rachel leaves, she offers her the use of their phone, free of charge. Rachel politely declines and the waitress tells her to take care. She spots the local newspaper and is shocked to see Angus' face on the front, under the headlines of "SCANDAL AT LOCAL SCHOOL".
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Rachel Kinski, Angus Henderson in Neighbours Episode 5383
Rachel Kinski, Angus Henderson

Valda Sheergold, Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5383
Valda Sheergold, Steph Scully

Ben Kirk, Mickey Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5383
Ben Kirk, Mickey Gannon

Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 5383
Ned Parker

Oliver Barnes, Mia Silvani in Neighbours Episode 5383
Oliver Barnes, Mia Silvani

Susan Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald, Angus Henderson in Neighbours Episode 5383
Susan Kennedy, Dan Fitzgerald, Angus Henderson

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5383
Rachel Kinski

Janae Timmins, Mickey Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5383
Janae Timmins, Mickey Gannon

Cathy Martin, Marco Silvani in Neighbours Episode 5383
Cathy Martin, Marco Silvani

Mickey Gannon, Ben Kirk, Ned Parker, Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5383
Mickey Gannon, Ben Kirk, Ned Parker, Janae Timmins

Ben Kirk, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5383
Ben Kirk, Libby Kennedy

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5383
Rachel Kinski

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