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Neighbours Episode 5382 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5382
Australian airdate: 05/02/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Hamish Cameron
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Angus Henderson - Jonathan Wood
Brad Jordan - Brendan O'Connor
Chaplain Marcus Swain - Robert Wallace
Thanks to: Le Pine Funeral Services Glen Waverley
Summary/Images by: Carly/Elin
- Declan refusing to go to Richard's funeral
- Libby telling her family that the newspaper is running a story on Rachel
- Rachel choosing Angus over her friendship with Bridget
- Susan meeting with Angus for his "help"
Angus's Flat
Straight to the point, Susan says that since Angus wrecked Rachel's life he can now fix it. Angus protests that he did everything he could to stop it, but he loves Rachel and doesn't see why Susan's treating her like a child. Angry, Susan replies that Rachel IS a child and as her mother she'll do whatever it takes to protect her. She informs Angus that he is going to write Rachel and letter and tell her it's over (or perhaps even an email so Rachel doesn't get the news in two days time, Suse?).
Number 26
Home on a lunch break, Riley tells Steve that work is doing his head in lately. Steve smirks and says that it's time he and "work" had a serious chat. Bridget practically sprints in on her walker and makes her dad annoyed when he realises she's been with Rachel. But Steve needn't worry as Bridget herself states that she's never going to see Rachel again.
General Store
Janae orders two coffees from Harold, who is delighted when he recognizes one of them as Ned's regular caffeine fix. He asks her if this means they're getting back together, but Janae honestly doesn't know.
Oliver joins Rebecca and Paul after rocking Chloe to sleep at the hospital. Talk turns to Richard's funeral and Rebecca asks Ollie to chat to Declan about it seeing as she's had no luck. Oliver admits that he was hesitant to go to the funeral at first too, but at the end of the day, Richard was his father and he has to believe that meant something.
Erinsborough News
Riley kicks Elle off his computer after seeing her snoop through his work, and the two swap barbs with one another. Riley snits that being a journalist is about having empathy and tact - something which Elle clearly doesn't possess. But Elle retorts that journalism actually requires someone who's not afraid to ask the tough questions. In the background, Brad rolls his eyes and wonders why he hired these two goofs in the first place.
Number 28
Karl is shocked to learn from Libby that the paper is still going ahead with their story about Rachel and Angus. Susan returns from her 'kick Angus' butt' visit and repeats what he said about them not treating Rachel like an adult. Libby can see where he's coming from - every time they dismiss the relationship, Rachel sees red, and every time Angus is attacked he looks more like a martyr in Rachel's eyes. Susan then tells them about her ultimatum to Angus. She has no idea whether or not he'll follow it through, but either way she is NOT losing her daughter to him.
Rachel's Room
(This room looks ace by the way - Rachel has some serious shelving going on). Later that evening, Susan tentatively tries to make peace by telling Rachel that she re-connected her phone and that she's sorry for not taking her feelings seriously. Rachel is quite surprised by this turn of events and hugs Susan in relief. Clearly getting the wrong message, she starts to happily chat about Susan and Karl meeting Angus "properly" when everything blows over, but Susan is all 'Woah, hold your horses! I still don't condone it, missy!' Predictably, Rachel's defence shields come down once more.
RACHEL: You still don't get it do you? He is the love of my life.
SUSAN: Oh, more than Stingray? More than Ringo? Remember them?
RACHEL: How can you compare this to any other relationship? You know that this is different.
SUSAN: Time and time again you rush in, you get your heart broken. Rachel, for once just listen to your head. Listen to me!
RACHEL: You're not going to stop me from seeing him.
SUSAN: Is that right? You might think you've got love all worked out but you don't. And as much as you think the world should treat you like an adult, the cold hard facts are you cannot have a relationship with a man who's abused his power and violated his duty of care. Now just deal with it.
Susan walks out leaving Rachel hurt and confused.
Number 26
Steve's on the phone to Miranda, who's in Bendigo for some work function (in real life the actress badly hurt her leg and needed time off). Realising he's burning his chips in the oven, he hangs up and takes the bits of charcoal out to Didge - who has just been moping over a pic of her and Rach on her mobile. Using the food as a peace offering, Steve says he knows that Bridget's been through a lot lately and he's sorry for being so harsh - he only acts like that because he loves her. Bridget replies that she's not a sheep - she was only standing up for her friends because she thought they needed it; just like he would. She takes one bite of a chip and laughingly tells him it needs sauce. Ahh, the healing power of the potato.
Number 22
Declan's having a grand old time playing video games with Oliver until he brings up the dreaded 'R' word. Declan retorts that just because Richard's dead it doesn't mean that he's going to forgive him. Oliver says that it's not about Declan - it's about their mum and how much it would mean to her if they all had some closure. Declan doesn't respond, so Ollie gives him the 'I thought you were better than that' throwdown. No ego can resist that!
Riley, having nothing better to do than stalk his boss (who never seems to eat a meal at home), asks if Brad's read his article yet. Brad says it was good - but being 'good' doesn't quite cut it. He needs to become the type of journalist who'll elbow his way into a story. Riley lamely puts up his elbow like he's doing that 'discreetly checking under my armpit for BO' move.
Janae bumps into Ned, who's collecting some takeaway after he heard Steve was cooking. They seem to be getting along well until Harold "Cupid" Bishop (in his random 2-scene role as romance cheerleader), grinningly offers to double the takeaway order for them. Unable to handle it, Janae bolts.
Number 22 - Next Morning
Zeke drops in to hang out with Declan while Rebecca, Oliver and Paul attend Richards's funeral. Zeke's stunned to hear what Declan's missing out on, but Declan is blasé; Richard was only his dad on paper.
ZEKE: You have to say goodbye while you still have the chance. Because if you don't you'll regret it.
Funeral Home
It's an actual proper location - pretty impressive. Rebecca, Paul and Oliver file in and are surprised to see the big turn out (a lot of staff and students from the school Richard was headmaster of have attended). The Chaplain asks Rebecca how she knew Richard and Rebecca awkwardly says they go way back. The Chaplain nods all, "This must be a very sad day for you". Well actually...
Inside, a picture of Richard is projected on to a screen. Everyone takes their seats and Oliver whispers to Rebecca that he's sorry Declan didn't come. The Chaplain starts the service with another "this is a sad day for everyone" and then goes on to talk about what a wonderful man Richard was, and how he was like a "father figure" to all the boys in his school. Oliver and Rebecca share a look. Meanwhile, Declan has slipped into the back of the room but is not impressed with how kind and gentle Richard is being portrayed.
Funeral Home
After the break, the Chaplain is still going on about how fabbo Richard was, and calls people up to share their memories. Over the charade, Declan storms out just as Rebecca catches sight of him and follows.
Outside Funeral Home
Declan angrily asks his mum how she can just sit there and listen to all that rubbish? It's because of Richard he never had a normal family life like everyone else.
DECLAN: I love you, mum, and I hate that this gets to me so much but it does.
Declan says that he just wants it all to go away. Rebecca hugs him and says that they should go back inside and finish this together.
Riley and Elle partake in their favourite past-time: harassing Brad about work.
BRAD: (incredulous) Have you two planted a homing device on me?
Riley and Elle continue to talk over one another, and belittle each other's ideas until Brad gets jack of it and walks off. Not before smugly telling them that they're neck and neck for the job, however. Elle huffily tells Riley that if he can't handle working together then he should just quit. Sidenote, Elle's got quite a mane of hair going on today. Imagine the little hairball children she and Riley could have.
Number 28
Susan and Libby chat about Rachel. Libby says that Rachel's a smart girl and wonders if they should just let her work this out herself. But Susan is very much anti that idea, and starts to rant about how Rachel doesn't know what true love is - just as Rach walks out and overhears.
RACHEL: Really?
(Susan stops talking and turns around)
RACHEL: Oh no, please go on. I would love to hear some more of your worldly wisdom.
LIBBY: (trying to calm Rach) Take a breath, sweetie.
SUSAN: If that's the only way to make you see sense.
RACHEL: Oh great, relationship advice from someone who's been married four times.
Ooh, burn. Frustrated, Susan asks Rachel how a relationship with Angus could possibly work. If he doesn't end up going to jail, how are they going to have a normal life after everything that's happened? Rachel asks why Susan keeps attacking her - doesn't she want her to be happy?
SUSAN: Oh Rachel, I just want you to see reality. Take away the star-crossed lover romance, really, what have you got left?
Rachel walks out of the kitchen and into her room to brood. Her phone beeps and she's surprised to find a text from Angus. 'I need 2 c u'. Well, at least there's no random exclamation points this time.
Funeral Home
After the service, Rebecca, Oliver and Declan step up to the casket to say their last words. Oliver and Rebecca say short goodbyes (with Rebecca especially relieved to get some much-needed closure). Finally finding the right words, Dec says his piece.
DECLAN: I've been scared of you my whole life, and was feeling sorry for myself. But that ends now. See you, Richard.
The boys and Rebecca link arms and walk out.
Angus's Flat
Angus answers the door to Rachel, who is extremely relieved that he contacted her. She tries to kiss him but Angus rebuffs her affection. Rachel tells him it's OK, she knows he's scared because she is too, but she's going to stand by him no matter what. Taking a deep breath, Angus does Susan's bidding and tells Rachel that everything between them was a lie. He only said he loved her to get what he wanted; she was just a conquest to him. And just like Ralph Wiggum, if you put the tape in slow-mo you can see the part where Rachel's heart breaks into a million pieces. I'm sorry, Angus doesn't choo-choo choose you anymore, Rach.
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Susan Kennedy, Angus Henderson in Neighbours Episode 5382
Susan Kennedy, Angus Henderson

Angus Henderson in Neighbours Episode 5382
Angus Henderson

Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5382
Libby Kennedy, Karl Kennedy

Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5382
Bridget Parker

Bridget Parker, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5382
Bridget Parker, Rachel Kinski

Ned Parker, Janae Timmins, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5382
Ned Parker, Janae Timmins, Harold Bishop

Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5382
Janae Timmins

Declan Napier, Dan Fitzgerald in Neighbours Episode 5382
Declan Napier, Dan Fitzgerald

Oliver Barnes, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5382
Oliver Barnes, Rebecca Napier, Paul Robinson

Rachel Kinski, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5382
Rachel Kinski, Libby Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Oliver Barnes, Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5382
Oliver Barnes, Declan Napier, Rebecca Napier

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