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Neighbours Episode 5381 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5381
Australian airdate: 04/02/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Anthony Morris
Director: Gary Conway
Guests: Angus Henderson: Jonathan Wood
Brad Jordan: Brendan O’Connor
Taylah Jordan: Danielle Horvat
Det. Sgt. Michaela Morris: Jacqueline Brennan
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Elin
Rebecca being annoyed when Paul admitted to her that he knew Richard was in hospital.
Steve getting agro with Angus.
Rachel pleading with Susan for the charges against Angus to be dropped then telling her that she doesn't know her at all when Susan refuses to have the charges dropped.
No. 28
Rachel is trying to get hold of Angus but her mobile number has been cut off and decides to go and see him instead because other forms of communication are being supervised. Zeke threatens to dob but she turns round and tells him that he won't.
No. 22
Elle gets the lecture from her "parents" that she needs her beauty sleep before her first day back and heads off to the bedrooms after deciding that Rebecca is right. Alone, Paul mentions that they need to find a way to deal with Richard's death but stops mid-sentence when Rebecca wants to know what he told Karl about herself and Richard. Paul replies that he told him the truth about what Richard did to her and continues that it was because Karl was attempting to reunite Richard with his family when she asks why.
PAUL: He had no idea what he was dealing with.
Rebecca say he had no right telling and Paul goes all caveman by replying that he was doing it to protect her but she'd rather nobody knew. Paul brings up the fact that it's okay to go to court and say the same thing but she tells him that was her decision and despite Paul saying to wait, heads over to talk to Karl about it.
Ramsay Street
Rachel tries to sneak out of the house but Zeke has dobbed and so Karl and Susan pounce on her the second they saw her escape. They order her inside and Rachel pleads that they stop treating her like a child and doesn't appreciate the stance her step-parents are talking. Begrudgingly she heads inside after telling them that they make her sick.
Just as they are about to head inside, Rebecca asks Karl if she can have a word, which he accepts.
No. 22
Rebecca gets Karl to promises that he won't tell anyone what Paul told him so that she isn't judged by other people as being a victim. He replies that won't happen and instead turns the question around and asks is that how she sees herself, as being a victim. Rebecca is taken aback by his question and Karl goes on further to ask how she is feeling about not being able to go to court before reminding her that it's over, for good.
KARL: You have to find a way to move forward for your own sake and your boys.
The General Store
The teens are hanging out in the store and Taylah has a go for Declan avoiding talking to Rachel.
It looks like it is catching with Harold swithering whether to tell Libby or not about the rumours about Rachel and a teacher when she comes in to collect an order but finally he comes out and tells her. He assures her that he nipped it in the bud and Valda joins in with whoever started it deserves a good kick up the backside!
Didge heads to speak to Libby to see how Rachel is bearing up, she's struggling replies Libby, and to say to Libby that Rachel won't give up trying to contact Angus. "She's got no choice," says Libby but Didge tells her that Rachel wants to be with Angus and isn't going to stop trying.
No. 28
Libby returns home to Rachel and Susan arguing over her wanting to go and see Angus. Susan tries playing the trump card - that she has a police interview tomorrow and they will ask very personal questions but Rachel isn't phased by it and replies that she wants to talk about it. Realising that she isn't going to get anywhere, Rachel heads off to her room ignoring the fact Libby is just back with their dinner.
No. 26
There must be a new season on Neighbours - Spanish inquisition time as Didge gets an earful about where she has been when she returns home from The General Store. Steve continues the inquisition by going on about her not saying anything to an adult when she knew what Rachel was up to. Riley tries backing up his sister but its to no avail as Steve informs her that they are going to be keeping a very close eye on her... and that she can't hang out with Rachel anymore. Naturally Didge doesn't like that part and replies "no way" but Steve is adamant, saying that it isn't negotiable as she heads to her room.
Police station (next day)
Karl, Susan and Rachel turn up at the station just as Angus leaves after being interviewed. She tries to talk to him but is restrained and so settles for looking at him as he briefly pauses before exiting the station.
No. 22
Elle says bye to her "parents" as she heads back to work and Paul asks Rebecca if he is forgiven when she hands him sandwiches too. He then enquires how she is, getting there, and that he can stay home if she wants but looking at Declan adds that she has enough to occupy herself.
Rebecca brings a copy of the paper with her as she joins Declan at the table and shows him what she has circled - a death notice for Richard:
AARONOW - Richard (1956-2008). The Funeral Service and Committal for Cremation of Richard Aaronow will be held in the Chapel of Erinsborough Funeral Services, 123 Jessie Rd, Erinsborough on MONDAY (Feb 4) commencing at 1pm
She tells him that she is going and that he and Ollie should too. To say Declan isn't keen would be the understatement of the year but Rebecca tells him that it is a way for them all to move on.
REBECCA: By acknowledging the pain he caused us.
DECLAN: I don't need to be there to do that. (Pause) It's really over.
REBECCA: He's never going to affect our lives again.
DECLAN: All that matters is he's gone. I don't need to be at his funeral to make sure of that.
Police station
The female detective is question Rachel. First up is where she met Angus - at the swimming pool with a school group. The detective jumps that he inappropriately touched Rachel which she is quick to reject. Rachel confirms the next meeting was accidentally at Charlie's and again rejects the detective's assumptions that he tried to get her drunk.
RACHEL: Is this what this interview's about - setting Angus up as some sort of sleaze?
DETECTIVE: It's about finding out the truth.
RACHEL: Well then here it is. Angus Henderson is a wonderful person and we did nothing wrong. The idea of making me talk about it like this is disgusting.
Erinsborough News Offices
Brad welcomes Elle back but reminds her that the competition between her and Riley is still on and he's in front (due to her being off). She rejects the chance to continue working on the collapse storyline with Riley but he whets her appetite for a new one when he mentions about Rachel and a teacher when they spot Taylah saying bye to her dad. Realising (a bit too late it has to be said) that it involves their neighbours, he now tries to get her off the scent but Elle is like a bull in a china shop, keen to do the article as she heads to talk to Brad.
The General Store
The teens are gathered again waiting to hear news about Rachel's police interview. Taylah lets it drop that the Erinsborough News is going to be covering the story and being the editor's daughter isn't going to stop him running the story.
Riley and Elle are talking about Rachel/Angus when they enter the store and unfortunately Libby overhears what they are saying as she is getting ready to leave. She asks them if they are talking about Rachel, they are, and Elle tells her to take it up with the editor if she isn't happy and Lib gives a snap "I will" reply.
Riley now has a go at Elle for being the one to start the digging on the story but she puts it down to that someone else will cover it if she doesn't.
RILEY: I can't believe how callous you can be.
He obviously doesn't know Elle as well as we do!
Police station
The questioning of Rachel continues with the detective now asking about when she was alone in his flat for the first time and isn't impressed when Rachel says that she can't remember.
DETECTIVE: Was your relationship intimate?
(Rachel moves her head ever so slightly)
DETECTIVE: Did you kiss? (no reply) Did you kiss? (still no reply) Did he kiss you?
The detective is getting very annoyed at the continuing silence from Rachel and asks when the first time she stayed the night at his flat was. With Rachel not budging a centimetre with the tough routine the detective is trying, she tries Plan B - showing concern for Rachel.
DETECTIVE: I know this isn't easy for you.
RACHEL: No you don't. You're only hearing what you want to hear. Do you want to know how it really was? I perused him. Okay he told me that this relationship was wrong but I didn't listen, he wanted to end it. *I wanted him.*
SUSAN: (aghast) Rachel.
RACHEL: (turning to Susan) I told you that you had no idea. *Everything* that happened between us happened because I wanted it to. ***Everything***
Paul and Rebecca are talking about Declan not wanting to go to the funeral and Rebecca thinks he should so that they can put a full stop against that part of their lives. After Valda retreats from delivering them more coffees, Paul jokes that they should send Valda to talk to Declan and she jokes back that if anyone can talk up a funeral its Valda!
Erinsborough News Offices
Libby is trying to get Brad to drop the story but he isn't listening, even when Libby says she was a journo too. Libby tries another tactic - telling him that his daughter is Zeke's boyfriend and it isn't going to go down well at school when news gets out about her dad making Rachel's life hell.
BRAD: (coldly) Taylah understands it's my job to report the news whatever that may be. The fact that you don't understand that is why you are probably an ex-journalist.
LIBBY: No, having to associate with people like you is the reason I'm an ex-journalist.
Libby then gives Elle the daggers look after Brad shows her the way out of his office and blanks Riley as he enters the office.
As Riley reaches his desk, Elle has a go at him for calling her callous and reminds him it is a legitimate story. "And I wouldn't touch it with a bargepole." Just at that moment, Brad exits his office and hears Elle's response.
ELLE: No, you want to know what the real reason is. I wouldn't touch you with a bargepole. I rejected you and you can't handle it, this is where it is coming from.
Riley almost has a defeated voice when he solemnly replies "whatever you reckon".
Brad now gives Elle a look and her look is one of 'oh great' before she goes over to where Brad is making coffee. "I guess the pressure is getting to me," she says and Brad gives her two options - she can either be a decent journalist or have a relationship, not both and he is talking from personal experience too.
No. 28
The KK's arrive back and Rachel wants to head straight into her room but Karl & Susan want an explanation after what Rachel said at the police station. Susan seems to think that Rachel is lying to cover things up and can't understand where it has come from when Rachel literally pleads that it is true.
RACHEL: Look, I'm old enough to know what I want. I want Angus. I love him and I'm not giving up.
Finally Rachel escapes to her room just as Libby comes home and tells them what the Erinsborough News is planning on doing. "Fantastic," Karl says even though Libby gives them the 'good' news that the paper can't name Rachel or print a photo.
No. 22
Rebecca tries again to get Declan to go do the funeral but he still isn't budging nor wanting to talk about it.
No. 28
Rachel lets Didge into her room and relays what her dad said about not wanting her to see Rachel any more. Rachel asks Didge for a loan of her phone to call Angus but Didge refuses and after Rachel starts a mini-tantrum, informs her that she left it at home anyway.
RACHEL: Fine, fine, if you're not going to let me talk to him then I'll just have to go to him.
DIDGE: That would be a really big mistake.
RACHEL: Being with Angus is not a mistake
DIDGE: Rachel.
RACHEL: No. I'm not going to let anybody else tell me that I can't be with him. Not you, not anybody.
No. 28 (later on)
Zeke knocks on Rachel's door and asks if she is okay and she tells him to leave her alone. Letting himself in, he tells her she doesn't need to act tough in front of him. He apologises for dobbing on her but he warned her that lying just causes way too much grief, especially to the family. Rachel asks him to go away but he isn't budging until she talks to him. "You wouldn't understand" she tells him and Zeke replies "try me".
RACHEL: You have no idea what I'm going through.
ZEKE: (going to sit by her on her bed) So talk to me. Tell me what's going on
RACHEL: It's such a mess. Didge hates me.
ZEKE: No she doesn't.
RACHEL: No, Didge hates me. Karl and Susan can't even stand to look at me.
ZEKE: They were just worried about you.
RACHEL: You didn't see them at the police station.
ZEKE: Give them some credit Rach, they love you. Nothing will ever change that.
RACHEL: (shaking her head) Yes but they'll never forgive me, not this time.
ZEKE: Then stop obsessing about Angus. He's not worth it.
RACHEL: That's the thing... he is.
Angus' flat
Angus answers the door to a visitor, and no guessing who it is - Susan. He tries to close the door on her (solicitor's instructions) but Susan pushes her way past, telling him she isn't there to fight.
SUSAN: I need your help and like it or not you're going to give it to me.
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Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5381
Rebecca Napier

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5381
Paul Robinson

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5381
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5381
Rachel Kinski

Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5381
Karl Kennedy

Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5381
Libby Kennedy

Steve Parker, Riley Parker, Bridget Parker in Neighbours Episode 5381
Steve Parker, Riley Parker, Bridget Parker

Rachel Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5381
Rachel Kinski, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5381
Rachel Kinski

Elle Robinson, Riley Parker in Neighbours Episode 5381
Elle Robinson, Riley Parker

Bridget Parker, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5381
Bridget Parker, Zeke Kinski

Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5381
Susan Kennedy, Karl Kennedy, Rachel Kinski

Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5381
Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski

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