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Neighbours Episode 5380 from 2008 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5380
Australian airdate: 03/02/08
UK airdate:
Writer: Drew Proffitt
Director: Aarne Neeme
Guests: Angus Henderson: Jonathan Wood
Richard Aaronow: Blair Venn
Sarah Dawson: Janine Watson
Security Guard: Paul Viney
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Elin
Oliver learning that Richard Aaronow has checked out of the care facility.
Richard waking up in hospital and seeing Paul there.
Fitzy telling Rachel that Angus called her "a talented kid with potential."
Number 28
Rachel explains that she didn't meet Angus at school, so didn't know he was a teacher, and he didn't realise she was so young. Angus assumed she was 18 and she didn't correct him, and they went to a nightclub. Susan is getting cross, and wants to know why they didn't stop the relationship once Angus knew how old she was.
RACHEL: It didn't matter. We were in love.
Susan looks away, and tells her she's too young to know what love is. Their relationship is against the law.
SUSAN: Unless...unless things didn't really go - that far...
Rachel's look tells her it did.
SUSAN: Oh Rachel...
RACHEL: It's not how you think, okay, it wasn't sleazy.
Susan tells Rachel that what Angus did was wrong and immoral. Rachel cries, and Zeke tells Susan to stop upsetting her. Susan assures Rach she doesn't want to make her upset, and Libby reprimands Susan for judging Rachel...erm, yes, she's her daughter and telling her she's done wrong is kinda part of that role, Libby...
Fitzy comes over and tells Susan the police have been contacted and Angus is likely to be charged.
Erinsborough Hospital
Richard thinks Karl told Paul he was here, but Karl denies it. Paul arrives at that moment and wants to know what Richard is up to - what are his plans? Richard says he's up to nothing, and Karl pushes Paul out the room.
Number 22
Ollie has told Becca that Richard has checked out of the care facility, and she's worried he'll come after them. Declan comes home and learns the news, too, wondering where his father has gone. Rebecca wishes she had taken out a restraining order, and decides to call the police anyway.
Declan wants to go and find out where Richard has gone, and Oliver says he'll come with him, even though the care facility are clearly not going to tell them where he is. Ollie tells Rebecca that Declan's gone to let off some steam and they'll be back soon.
Erinsborough Care Facility
Declan and Ollie have asked again after Richard, and the receptionist is refusing to give any information. Declan tells her that Richard's been stalking their mother for years, and they need to make sure they're safe. She still refuses, and Declan suggests she write his whereabouts down instead.
Declan takes matters into his own hands and walks behind the reception desk, but when the receptionist calls security, Ollie grabs Declan and forces him to leave.
DECLAN: If anything happens to my mum...
Erinsborough Hospital
Paul is demanding to speak to Richard, but Karl refuses to let him in. Karl tells Paul that Richard is dying and has only hours to live; he's also facing a very unpleasant death. Paul says he can't feel sorry for Richard given the pain that he's caused.
Karl tells Paul that Richard has reflected on his life and regrets his behaviour - and he thinks he wants to be able to explain it to his family. Karl also suggests it will help Rebecca.
PAUL: After years of abuse, Rebecca was waiting for her day in court. I mean, Oliver even gave up a kidney for God's sake!
That line wasn't intentionally funny, I'm sure, but it made me smile.
Karl tells Paul that Richard saying sorry is the best that Rebecca will get, now - there won't be a court hearing. Paul's eyes go all flicky.
Erinsborough Care Facility
As Declan and Oliver worry, the receptionist comes out to tell them that their mother won't ever have to worry about Richard hurting her again. They beg her to tell them what she means.
Number 28
Fitzy tells the Kennedys that Angus will face the education board for a hearing.
RACHEL: I don't understand why he has to be charged.
SUSAN: He's broken the law.
RACHEL: It shouldn't be a crime. I love him.
FITZY: That isn't how it works.
RACHEL: Angus is totally innocent. He never forced me to do anything I didn't want to.
SUSAN: That's not how the law sees it.
RACHEL: No, it sees it *your* way.
Upset, Susan tells Rachel that Angus abused his power, but Rach refutes that Angus would ever hurt her. She doesn't understand why Susan finds it so hard to believe that a man would love her.
She runs off to her room, followed by Zeke who yells at Susan to stop hassling her. Libby turns to pointedly look at Susan whose eyes fill with tears.
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl sits with Paul in the hospital and says he should go home to Rebecca. Paul doesn't know what to tell Rebecca - what if this is Richard's last chance to torture her...something that will stay with her forever?
Number 28
Susan's worried about Rachel having to go through every detail with the police, as well as the education board. She's also worried about the gossip at school - maybe she should change schools? Libby doesn't think running away will help anything.
LIB: You've got to stop this. This isn't about you and your reputation at Erinsborough High.
SUSAN: No, that's not what I'm saying...
LIB: You have to stop thinking like a teacher and start thinking like a parent.
Libby tells Susan all that matters is that a heartbroken girl is crying her eyes out in her bedroom, and she needs her mother - not career guidance.
(IMO she also needs to be told she was wrong to lie and get involved with a teacher, but god forbid Rachel should be reprimanded in any way...)
Karl returns home to realise that something's wrong...
Number 22
Rebecca is worried where Declan is, and is trying to get in touch. Just at that moment, Paul arrives home and Elle tells him that Richard's disappeared, as have the boys. Paul assures Becca that everything will be alright - Richard will never hurt her ever again. It will all be over soon.
The Garage
Janae is fixing cars when Mickey turns up in his school uniform, and she asks after his first week. He says he wants to be a mechanic when he grows up, and his dad said he can hang out here for a while. She makes him put overalls on.
Erinsborough Hospital
Declan and Ollie wait by Richard's side. Richard says he doesn't have long.
DECLAN: Good, so we can go home. Say hi to Satan for me.
Oliver wants to know why Richard disappeared, and he says he wanted to give Becca peace of mind. He's had a lot of time to think, and he knows he's done really terrible things - he'll admit that. He should go quietly for Rebecca, but Ollie insists that he tell her what he's just told them - she needs it.
OLLIE: If you don't give that to her, you are a bigger coward in death than you ever were in life.
Number 28
Karl, Susan and Libby sit on the sofa discussing Rachel, and agreeing that they need to be sensitive and help Rachel through her broken heart. Zeke comes out of the bedroom and overhears them.
Karl realises that they've clearly not been paying enough attention to the kids, and Susan blames it on the MS taking too much of their time. Karl tells her it's not her fault.
SUSAN: If we hadn't been so wrapped up in my problems we might have noticed the kids have problems of their own.
ZEKE: No! The only reason you didn't know what Rachel and I had been up to is because we hid it from you. It's not your fault.
Susan thanks him, but reiterates they should have paid more attention. Zeke tells her he and his sister were sneaky - it would have changed nothing.
ZEKE: I'm sorry. And I know Rachel is, too.
Karl says that they're all sorry for something - but they'll work it out because they all love each other. Zeke smiles and nods at his parents, and they smile back.

The Garage
Mickey is helping Janae in the bonnet of a car. He invites her to dinner - Miranda is making lasagne. Janae declines, but suggests that he come to dinner sometime to Number 32 and she'll make him pancakes, strawberries and cream.
Erinsborough Hospital
Richard lies in bed, staring at Paul, Rebecca, Oliver and Declan.
RICHARD: I never thought about what I did to you. I never cared. I did terrible things. And your life should have been happier...would have been.
REBECCA: Your involvement in my life hasn't been a total waste.
Declan puts his arm around his mum.
RICHARD: You deserve that love. I didn't. I'm so sorry, Rebecca.
Becca looks away from him and leaves the room. Her kids follow. Outside his room she takes some deep breaths with her sons either side of her, and says she won't let him see her cry. But she collapses in tears, and leans into Oliver who puts his arms around her.
She's finally free.
The Garage
Janae stares at Mickey who's being angelic for a change, with a screwdriver and engine piece. Janae grabs her mobile and calls Janelle - she needed to hear her voice.
Erinsborough Hospital
Paul comforts Rebecca, and confesses that he knew Richard was here, he sawe him earlier. Becca wants to know why he didn't tell her, and Paul explains that he didn't know Richard was going to apologise - he was worried he'd frighten her again. Rebecca refutes that: Paul was trying to control her.
PAUL: How do I know that wasn't his last chance to hurt you, eh? I didn't trust him.
REBECCA: That was my decision to make.
Ollie and Declan come out of Richard's room - he's died. Becca puts her arms around her boys, and Paul tries to comfort them, too. Rebecca shrugs him off and shoots him a look that would kill.
Number 28
In the garden, Libby brings Rachel some tea. Rachel wishes everyone had left them alone - they weren't hurting anyone.
RACH: I'm old enough to understand what I feel. I know that I love him. And I know that he loves me, too. What's so wrong about that?
Susan comes through the garden gate and sees them talking so she stops and listens. Libby tells Rachel that there's nothing wrong with love, but Angus had a duty of care to her which he abused. Rachel sobs.
RACHEL: Then I have nothing left. Because of me, Angus lost his job. I have destroyed my reputation, and I have lost the respect of Karl and Susan forever.
Susan sits beside her daughter and tells her that she hasn't lost her respect. Susan admits she's angry and disappointed that Rachel lied, but she's an amazing young woman and she loves her very much. Susan tells her she will do anything she can to make things better. Rachel begs her to get them to drop the charges against Angus.
Susan declines - it's out of her hands. And even if she could intervene, she wouldn't. Angus did the wrong thing.
Rachel snatches her hand away from Susan.
RACHEL: You don't know me at all.
She gets up and walks away, leaving Susan and Libby in despair in the garden.
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Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5380
Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski, Susan Kennedy, Libby Kennedy

Rachel Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5380
Rachel Kinski

Richard Aaronow, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5380
Richard Aaronow, Karl Kennedy

Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5380
Karl Kennedy, Paul Robinson

Rebecca Napier, Elle Robinson, Declan Napier, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5380
Rebecca Napier, Elle Robinson, Declan Napier, Oliver Barnes

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5380
Susan Kennedy

Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5380
Rachel Kinski, Zeke Kinski

Rebecca Napier, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5380
Rebecca Napier, Elle Robinson

Janae Timmins, Mickey Gannon in Neighbours Episode 5380
Janae Timmins, Mickey Gannon

Janae Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5380
Janae Timmins

Oliver Barnes, Declan Napier in Neighbours Episode 5380
Oliver Barnes, Declan Napier

Richard Aaronow in Neighbours Episode 5380
Richard Aaronow

Rachel Kinski, Libby Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5380
Rachel Kinski, Libby Kennedy

<<5379 - 5381>>
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