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Neighbours Episode 5299 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5299
Australian airdate: 13/09/07
UK airdate: 06/12/07
Writer: Ben Marshall
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Diana Murray: Jane Allsop
Simon Burns: Sam Lee
Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper: Emma Moore
- "Very Good" by Snout
- "Fire And Theft" by Dan Kelly And The Alphamales
Summary/Images by: Jamie/Holing
- Sophie revealing that she's going to be Adam's policing partner.
- Paul being advised to endure hypnotherapy to make sense of his fragile memories.
No. 22
Paul is getting something out of the fridge as Rebecca asks for his judgment on the outfit that she's wearing for a job interview. She does a quick twirl while Paul shatters her dream and tells her that Elle will give her a job even if she has to make something up. Not a good way to impress a woman, Paul. Rebecca is adamant that she doesn't want charity but Paul reassures her that she will be an asset, whatever she does.
Just as Paul is breaking the piece of meat he got from the fridge with a hammer he is haunted by some disturbing memories. Cue clips of '04 Season Finale. Rebecca asks if he is okay which warrants a quick and confused answer that quells Rebecca's fears. A satisfied Becca then gives Paul a quick peck on the lips before starting for the door.
Toadie comes in through the office the door, with the day's mail in hands, as well as a tooth brush. He begins to brush his teeth which clearly peeves Diana who now believes that Jarrod has given up trying to impress her anymore. An inattentive Toad seems more interested in a particular piece of mail that he's just picked up. It seems he has been waiting a long time for it. What could it be? A tube of tooth paste to go with his tooth brush? Or perhaps a letter full of anthrax? The tension is killing me!
No. 30/Rebecchi-Cammeniti
Meanwhile, over at #30 its renovations central as Pepper struggles to avoid getting in the decorators way. She heads into the living room and sees that Adam is in his brand new police uniform attempting his best Australian 'Flammin' Alf Stewart' accent.
ADAM: Stone the flammin' crows! Do I look like an Aussie cop or what?
Pepper, who is clearly struggling with her two week intimacy ban, rubs her hands over his shoulders. A sensible Adam reminds her of the ban so Pepper backs down and gives him lucky Trevor to prevent him from getting nervous. A startled Frazer comes in and comments on how guilty he feels when ever he sees a cop. Policeman Adam decides to question him in his best commanding tone.
ADAM: Excuse me sir could you tell me where you were last night?
Pepper seems impressed as Adam gives her a kiss goodbye before making his way to the door. The phone rings, which Pepper picks up, greeting Toadie who is on the line. She is clearly excited and announces that she's watching a uniformed Adam getting into his car. Toadie however, needs to speak to Frazer. The phone is quickly passed to Frazer, who is asked by Toadie to come to the office immediately for something important.
A cheerful Rebecca (two episodes in a row, and counting) and Elle walk in discussing possible jobs that Rebecca could do at Lassiters. Unfortunately Becca hasn't had any marketing or management experience so opts to do waitressing instead.
Despite Elle wishing she could have given her something better Rebecca thanks Elle for the opportunity that she's given her. Becca says that she feels so lucky just to have a job as well as to have a friend like Elle. Elle smiles and walks away leaving Rebecca to eavesdrop on the continuing conversation in the foyer.
RANDOM LASSITERS MAN CALLED SIMON: So I wanted to be nice to the latest charity case, Paul Robinson's latest. First time I've ever heard of someone sleeping their way to the bottom.
Rebecca steps into view so a not-so-startled Simon decides to show her around the complex.
Frazer walks in and wonders what Toadie wanted him for. Toadie quickly ushers him into his office while telling him how much he respects Frazer. Toadie shows Frazer the cheque which is compensation for the accident. Frazer, who is now "F-f-f-f-fifty thousand bucks' richer is shocked at the amount of money and wastes no time in deciding what to do with it. He wants to invest it in him and Rosie's future. Toadie makes sure that he isn't going to spend it on 'the high life' but Frazer assures him that he's wearing his 'sensible pants' now.
No. 22
A confused Paul walks through the door while Elle comments on how great Rebecca is just doing. She seems impressed that Becca went for being a part-time waitress, trying to work her way up. Paul, who is clearly not listening, asks Elle for a pen which she quickly gives to him. He's had some sort of memory flash. He tries writing down the name of something or someone, Gas? Gus? Yes, he's got it!
ELLE: Dad, none of this is real!
PAUL: Elle listen to me! Have you ever heard me say that name before?
Elle suggests that Paul should go back to the hospital to talk to Dr. Levi and get it all out of his system but Paul seems adamant that it wasn't a dream or a film.
PAUL: I lit the fire and then I just watched the fire until I couldn't stand the heat or the smoke anymore. . . . . . I murdered someone.
Elle doesn't want to believe any of this and thinks that he's being ridiculous. Paul on the other hand has decided to phone the police to confess. Elle manages to snatch the phone from his hand and convinces him not to confess anything. She thinks that he'll be seen as 'a nutcase' who they'll pin any old crime on. Elle wants to help him explore his past, but on her terms.
Melbourne Suburbs
Adam and Sophie are using a mobile speed camera to check that drivers are not going over the limit. Adam seems uncomfortable by Trevor being in his pocket so takes him out and shows him to Sophie. Sophie makes a comment on Pepper and how she 'remembers her'. Adam realizes that they went to the same school so remarks that Pepper must have been 'a riot' but Sophie seems to remember that they never really hung around in the same crowds. They both spot someone who is over the limit so make for the car to chase the speeding maniac who is '6 over'.
Frazer is holding Charlie when Steph comes over to ask Fraze about a dusty bottle of champagne that she's holding. Frazer suggests that she should sell it from $250 before talk changes to Frazer's compensation cheque of $50,000. Frazer says that he thinks the money will be a good base to buy a house - a good place for him and Rosie to start making babies. Their conversation is quickly cut short when Chuck decides to do a blow off prompting Steph to change his nappy. Steph then comes up with the brilliant idea of Frazer buying number 30 from Toadie, Stu and Connor. She thinks that Toadie and Stu will be up for it but that there's a bit of a question mark over Connor.
Melbourne Suburbs
The maniac driver who was '6 over' turns out to be Harold who was late going to the soup kitchen. Tut tut Hazza! They start to talk about the Salvation Army when Adam mentions that his Uncle is a 'Tambourine Basher'. An unimpressed Sophie comes along and enquires if Adam is done or not. Adam decides to let Harold off with a warning but Sophie insists that he should be given a fine. After accidentally dropping Trevor on the ground Adam hears the roar of a car engine so decides to save Sophie from, er, nothing and pushes her to the ground. An agitated Sophie returns to her feet leaving an embarrassed Adam on the tarmac.
Rebecca is waiting from her meeting regarding the civil court case but Diana and Toadie are clearly snowed under with work so Toadie asks if they can reschedule to tomorrow morning which Becca agrees to. Rebecca is left on her own by a busy Toadie so she decides to be brave and answer an endlessly ringing phone.
REBECCA: Well lawyers cost, but you know they can also save you time and money in the long run.
An impressed Diana watches on as Rebecca continues to be every advertisers dream. After the phone call Rebecca apologizes to Diana for answering the phone but all Diana wants to do is chain her to the chair. Kinky eh? Erm No.
Ramsay Street
Harold is complaining to Paul about going '66 km per hour'. He know thinks that Sophie was right as he just can't imagine what would happen if a child had run out onto the road. Paul is mowing the lawn and after listening to Harold decides to turn it off to ask him some questions. He asks him if there's been any fires in Erinsborough recently which he replies to, telling him about the fire at Erinsborough hospital and 'the big one' at Lassiters. As soon as Harold confirms that a young man called Gus was killed Elle arrives on cue to stop Paul from learning anything else.
Sophie is giving Adam a lecture on the incident earlier on. It seems he mistook the car engine as gun fire. Before long, Pepper arrives at the table to overhear Sophie saying that she's not the sort to keep dolls and doesn't need rescuing like Pepper. Sophie decides to leave the awkward moment by getting some lunch for them leaving Pepper to ask Adam about how he's getting on. Adam thinks he's doing pretty well considering Sophie is watching his every move. Adam senses the tension between Pepper and Sophie so Pepper reveals that Sophie wasn't exactly 'super friendly' to her at school. Adam doesn't seem to understand how anyone could be so mean to her but Pepper assures him that Sophie has changed, as has she. Pepper gives him a quick peck on the lips before leaving and NOT saying goodbye to Sophie who's been watching their quick pash.
No. 30
A new 'kind of reminds me of Carmella saying 'retro' complete with granny style sofa' revamped number 30 is revealed as Frazer, Toadie, Carmella and Steph drink to how great the place looks. The conversation quickly turns to Frazer's 'f-f-f-fifty thousand dollars'. Apparently, crime pays.
FRAZER: Pretending to be paralyzed, pure evil genius!
Toadie seems to be more interesting in the fact that the money might be spent on some new furniture, a copier and an espresso machine but Steph knows that Frazer has something better in mind - he wants to buy number 30. Steph puts her foot in it when she suggests that he and Rosie will be 'pushing out the babies' while Toadie is surprised that she could even consider that he'd want to sell his one and only asset.
No. 22
Paul and Elle are researching the Lassiters fire on the internet and stumble across a photo of Gus. He doesn't realize why on earth he would want to kill him. Paul now begins to believe that Gus must have been in the way, and that he had a plan so he decides to face his past and call the police. Elle tries to convince him to not confess to the police but is distracted by her mobile ringing. A sneaky Paul heads out onto the doorstep to ring the police.
No. 30
Toadie is still complaining to Steph that she didn't even consult him before giving Frazer the idea of buying number 30, as they go through the front door they bump into a rushed Pepper. Pepper asks what's going on, so a kind 'I've taken Rosie lines because the actress is ill' Carmella obliges and tells her that Frazer wanted to buy number 30 so him and Rosie can start making babies. Apparently the problem is that an absent Rosie has promised to give the money to the firm.
FRAZER: Silly me, I should have gone down to the office, checked the white board. Frazer-gets-money, we take money, use money to refurbish the most slapdash law firm on the planet.
As the argument between Carmella and Frazer heats up Frazer decides to go to the gym. An attentive Carmella asks Pepper if she's okay. Pepper explains that Adam's new partner is Sophie who used to torment her at school.
No. 22
Elle is attempting to relax a nervous Paul when the door knocks: it's the police. A shocked Elle opens the door to them. Surprise; surprise its Sophie and Adam. Paul wastes no time in confessing that he thinks he's the one that committed the arson as well as killing Gus. Paul appears sombre as Elle panics.
No. 30
Pepper is explaining more to Carmella about her experiences with Sophie in High School. Apparently, she made Pepper feel very small, which she puts down to being an easy target. Carmella wonders if she's told Adam all of this but Pepper thinks he's too nervous for her to 'lump' this on him.
No. 22
Adam is taking down notes as Sophie questions Paul. Elle tells her about Paul's recent neuro-surgery and memory loss that might cause him to be confused between what is and isn't real. She suggests that they contact Dr. Levi for more information. A clever Sophie comments that Gus was struck by a 'crowbar' before being corrected by Paul; it was a 'shifter'. Sophie takes a particular interest in this answer so nods to Adam to make a note of it. Paul assumes that he's going to be arrested by Sophie says that she needs to refer it to some detectives. Sophie informs him that they'll be in touch. A clearly worried Elle is comforted by Paul.
PAUL: Elle, if there is one decent thing I can do in my life it's to show you that I'm strong enough to atone for whatever it is I've done. I'm sorry, I'm so sorry for who I am.
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Adam Rhodes, Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5299
Adam Rhodes, Pepper Steiger

Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5299
Toadie Rebecchi

Rebecca Napier, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5299
Rebecca Napier, Elle Robinson

Rebecca Napier, Simon Burns in Neighbours Episode 5299
Rebecca Napier, Simon Burns

Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5299
Rebecca Napier

Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5299
Elle Robinson

Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper, Adam Rhodes in Neighbours Episode 5299
Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper, Adam Rhodes

Frazer Yeats, Charlie Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5299
Frazer Yeats, Charlie Hoyland

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 5299
Steph Scully

Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5299
Frazer Yeats

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5299
Harold Bishop

Diana Murray, Rebecca Napier in Neighbours Episode 5299
Diana Murray, Rebecca Napier

Diana Murray in Neighbours Episode 5299
Diana Murray

Paul Robinson, Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5299
Paul Robinson, Harold Bishop

Frazer Yeats, Carmella Cammeniti, Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5299
Frazer Yeats, Carmella Cammeniti, Steph Scully, Toadie Rebecchi

Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5299
Elle Robinson, Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5299
Paul Robinson

Paul Robinson, Adam Rhodes, Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper in Neighbours Episode 5299
Paul Robinson, Adam Rhodes, Snr. Const. Sophie Cooper

Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5299
Pepper Steiger

Pepper Steiger, Carmella Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5299
Pepper Steiger, Carmella Cammeniti

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