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Neighbours Episode 5210 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5210: Sugar Hit
Australian airdate: 11/05/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Anthony Morris
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Oliver Barnes: David Hoflin
Charlotte Stone: Rachel Gordon
Terrence Chesterton: Scott Johnson
Leo Rayes: Damon Hunter
- "Wheres Ingrid" by The Brunswick Music Group
- "Garden At Vetheuil" by Philip Wilcher
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Emily
Fox tells Paul to do some damage to Lassiters - because Elle will then run to Daddy for help.
Charlotte warning Terrence not to stuff things up by getting close to Sky - or she'll kill him.
Sky realising that Terrence is a fraud, and screaming at him to get off her; Sky hitting Terrence over the head with a sugar dispenser. You go girl.
All together, now..."Aaaaah"
Number 26
Janae, Lou, Harry and Bree wait anxiously for Sky, worried that she now knows about Terrence. Karl and Ned turn up - they've just run into Janelle who's off to see the police. Janae tells them the story of Terrence being a fake, and Lou admits that Terrence has been taking advantage of other young girls in non-financial ways. Ned offers to go and help find Sky, but Janae doesn't want his help.
At that point, Sky returns and takes Kerry from Harold, holding her close. The others try to reassure her, and tell her not to blame herself, but she doesn't say a word. Harold suggests that she and him need some time.
The Surgery
Charlotte asks Boyd to push an appointment back - and as she does she spots a picture of Terrence on the fax machine. Freaking out, she wants Boyd out the office and tells him to go and clear her files from her desk. Boyd goes into Charlotte's office, and she takes the fax - it's to Toadie, saying that this is a hard copy of the picture, and the author wants to know if it's the same guy that's in Erinsborough...
Charlotte grabs her bag and legs it out the surgery. I hope Boyd has keys, then. How will he lock up??
Number 30
Oliver and Carmella are getting ready for the big function at Lassiters, and Carmella wants to make a good impression on Oliver's clients. She's a little manic, but Oliver's just pleased that she's coming along to support. Elle arrives - all the directors from the top travel agencies in Australia are coming! Woo! Carmella offers to help with anything that needs doing, too.
Elle is hoping it's already organised and done - or it will never be ready! But she's off to supervise a soundcheck. On her way out, Carmella takes her pills from her bag and looks at them...
Charlotte is leaving a message on Terrence's phone - they're onto him and they have to get out of there, now. She calls his mobile, and it starts to ring - literally. His mobile - which is with Terrence IN The General Store can be heard across the other side of Lassiters. Amazing, since most conversations which are held in there can't be heard when you're standing literally outside. But there you have it - the wonders of convenient sound.
Charlotte runs to the store and tells him to open up; but Terrence lies on the floor, unconscious. Charlotte keeps knocking - this is urgent! She walks in through the back entrance (another Lassiters building which someone hasn't locked up) and sees him on the floor.
Terrence says Sky hit him with something - she's onto him. Charlotte says that *everyone's* onto him! Terrence wants a hand up from Charlotte, but she has no intention of helping him.
CHARLOTTE: You do this every time! You just can't resist the pretty, vulnerable, little girls. Well, this time, you can bail yourself out!
She goes to leave, but Terrence threatens her; he'll dob her in and take the pressure off him. The police will be much more interested in a fake doctor putting lives at risk than a dodgy clairvoyant. It's got jail term written all over it! Terrence demands she get him out of there and take care of him. But Charlotte has other ideas, and spots another sugar dispenser conveniently on the table.
And with a murderous smile...
Number 26
Janae has just spoken to Janelle - her and Toadie have just given statements to the police. Karl announces he has to leave and suggests that Bree go with him. Janae tells Lou they should go spar, but Lou wants to stay with Sky (why are they all in the Timmins house?!), so Ned offers to spar with Janae.
Man, you can see it coming. And you know it won't make Ned any more interesting.
Ned tells Janae that his dad boxed, so Janae agrees - as long as he holds the pads and doesn't talk. They go off together.
Harry is sitting with Sky, and he tells her that whatever happened between her and Terrence is completely down to him; he took advantage when she was down and vulnerable. Harry wants to know what happened today - was she with Terrence earlier, and did he upset her? Sky can't actually remember where she was.
Harold tells her that she's finally facing the fact that Scott has gone, and that's so hard for her. It's time to face the truth. Sky nods. She admits she held onto him because she couldn't deal with letting him go - and she's been selfish and weak. She knows Stingray's gone and he's never coming back. She breaks down and cries on her granddad.
Lassiters Hotel
Elle is telling the staff what she wants when the guests are being greeted. Paul watches, evilly. (Does he ever do anything that isn't evil, these days?) He opens the fire alarm cover, sets the alarm off, and turns the water sprinklers on.
Oooh. How evil.
Lassiters Park / Lake
Bree and Karl have come out for ice cream for them, Rachel and Zeke. Karl says he's noticed that things aren't quite right between her and Zeke.
BREE: You think I don't want to be with him anymore?
KARL: Well...
BREE: You and Susan aren't together at the moment, so does that mean she doesn't want to be with you again?
KARL: God, I hope not.
BREE: It's the same with me; I love being with Zeke.
Karl walks off but Bree obviously wants to sit and chat. She sits on the bench where Susan cried last week in the arms of The Priest. Ex-priest. She asks Karl what it was like with his first girlfriend. He sits, too, and recalls Annabel Cauley when he was fifteen. He kissed her so hard once, his lips got caught in her braces. Bree wonders if they did lots of kissing, then? Karl says yes.
Bree says that Zeke wants to kiss, but it's not her thing. She doesn't think she'll ever feel that way. Karl tells her that these things come in their own time; it'll happen. They awkwardly get up to go home.
Lassiters Hotel
Elle is throwing out buckets of water, and tells Oliver and Carmy about the sprinkler system. Paul watches evilly from the trees. Oliver makes suggestions as to where they can move the reception, and Carmella suggests they use The Scarlet Bar - probably because that set was already up that week. Elle says she'll organise things with Steph if Oliver briefs the restaurant staff.
In the trees, Paul hums evilly.
The Surgery
Boyd is at his desk, and Charlotte walks in, ignoring him. In her office she takes out the sugar dispenser and doesn't know what to do with it. She's crying. Boyd knocks and asks why she's being rude to him. She tells him to go away, but he says he thought they were becoming friends...then realises that she's crying.
Not knowing what else to do, Charlotte kisses him.
Wow. Boyd really isn't very fussy about who he kisses, is he? Any tart'll do, and all that.
Lou's Garage
Janae is punching Ned and I wish she'd punch harder. He coaches her to get her hands up, higher. Janae isn't interested - she wants to know how it felt to stitch Dylan up by putting him in bed with Carmella, and then breaking into their house and robbing them. Ned looks rather shocked, but then goes to punch Janae back - telling her that in getting cross with him, she forgot to defend herself.
NED: I stuffed up my life because I'm lazy. I reckon you could stuff up even more if you live it angry.
JANAE: Oh, so, hang on - so you think that because I'm angry at you, it's having an effect on my life? Like you're that important!
NED: I'm talking about your anger towards what happened with your marriage. That kind of anger can really muck you up.
Mmmm. And that kind of acting can also get you sacked. Ooops - did I say that out loud?? Anyway, Ned The Psychiatrist is on the scene, and Janae reminds him that her life and marriage isn't any of his business. She doesn't give a rats about his opinion on her boxing, either.
You go girl!
The Scarlet Bar
Elle is addressing the host of Very Important People and positions it to imply that they want to show off this venue as part of the complex. They all clap her, and Oliver thinks they bought it hook, line and sinker. He kisses Carmella for being a genius with the idea! He goes off to schmooze!
Elle and Carmella introduce themselves to Leo, one of the most important people at the event, and Carmella screws up big time by saying all the good things she's heard about his agency and how brilliant they are - and she's gotten the wrong company. That's one of Leo's competitors. Elle is mortified. Elle introduces Carmella as one of their suppliers on organic fruit and veg, and in her enthusiasm for it, Carmy spills wine all down Leo's jacket. He is furious, and Oliver covers by taking Leo's jacket and says he'll get Lassiters laundry to clean it. Elle takes Leo off, and Oliver shoots daggers at Carmella.
Ramsay Street
What's odd about this scene is this practical point: Lassiters is a good walk away. We know that because we frequently hear reference of people saying that they have to get to Lassiters in ten minutes, and the only way they'll make it is by driving. (For example, Billy was meeting Olivia for a date, once, and couldn't walk there in ten minutes, so Susan drove him.) So if it's at least a ten minute walk, and a warm day (as shown by the clothing - why on EARTH would Bree and Karl go ALL the way there to buy ice creams to bring home??? Of course they're not going to last; it was a stupid thing to do.
So, back to the story, and Karl and Bree have finished their ice creams. All four of them. Bree asks what Karl has planned for Susan honeymoon wise on her return. Karl tells her that they had a couple of nights at The Ritz in London. Bree's not impressed.
KARL: Bree, this is our third marriage. I think we're past honeymoon extravagances. Susan will be fresh after a week away.
I bet she will, the little minx!!!!!
Bree says it's not about getting away, it's about the romance! But Karl doesn't want to discuss his and Susan's romance with Bree.
BREE: Doesn't sound like there's too much to discuss. You know, I was reading this story the other day about a priest who fell in love with a divorced woman. He fell in love with her so much that he left the priesthood.
KARL: Sounds riveting.
BREE: Based on a true story, apparently. Anyhow, the priest never really got over the woman even though years later she re-married; he was still very much in love with her. Pretty romantic, eh?
KARL: Deluded, I would say.
BREE: What do you think the moral of the story is?
KARL: Priests should take their vows more seriously?
KARL: Bree, Susan is fine with the way things are.
BREE: Yeah, that's why she took off like the roadrunner.
Karl says he'll use as much romance as he needs, and Bree tells him not to say she didn't warn him... They go off down the road.
Meep meep.
The Scarlet Bar
Leo is talking to Elle about her takeover from Paul Robinson, and asks about her and Oliver's relationship - he thinks they'd make a good couple. Carmella overhears and leaves to get some fresh air, where she gets her pills out again and looks at them wistfully.
Number 24
Lou asks Harry how's Sky holding up. Harry says that she should have let this grief out weeks ago, instead of letting Terrence take advantage. He's also cross that he was sucked in, too. Harry doesn't know what else to do other than make her a cup of tea. Lou wonders if Terrence took advantage more than convincing her he could talk to Stingray. Harry is also concerned, so goes back to the lounge to talk to Sky.
Harry wants her to tell him that when she was with Terrence, did he take advantage of her, physically? Sky is still crying and tells Harold that he made her believe it was Stingray. He asks her if she was with Terrence today.
SKY: Granddad....I think, I think I've done something awful.
The Surgery
The phone rings and Boyd answers it. Charlotte cancels all her appointments for the day and tells Boyd to make sure one customer pays his invoice before the end of the week. She also tells Boyd that she doesn't want to talk about what happened before - and puts the phone down on him.
The General Store
Lou and Harry unlock the store - why didn't they just go in the back way which is still, apparently, unlocked?!
Lou sees Terrence on the floor and goes to him. Harold asks how he is, and Lou's face says everything - he's dead.
SKY: No, no! He can't be, granddad, he can't be!
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Harold Bishop, Kerry Mangel (baby) in Neighbours Episode 5210
Harold Bishop, Kerry Mangel (baby)

Ned Parker, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5210
Ned Parker, Karl Kennedy

Kerry Mangel (baby), Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5210
Kerry Mangel (baby), Sky Mangel

Charlotte Stone in Neighbours Episode 5210
Charlotte Stone

Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5210
Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel

Bree Timmins, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 5210
Bree Timmins, Karl Kennedy

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5210
Paul Robinson

Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5210
Boyd Hoyland

Charlotte Stone, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5210
Charlotte Stone, Boyd Hoyland

Ned Parker, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5210
Ned Parker, Janae Hoyland

Carmella Cammeniti, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5210
Carmella Cammeniti, Elle Robinson

Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5210
Oliver Barnes

Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 5210
Lou Carpenter

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Terrence Chesterton in Neighbours Episode 5210
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Terrence Chesterton

Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5210
Harold Bishop, Sky Mangel

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