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Neighbours Episode 5211 from 2007 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5211: The Sky At Flight
Australian airdate: 14/05/07
UK airdate:
Writer: Piet Collins
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Oliver Barnes: David Hoflin
Charlotte Stone: Rachel Gordon
Det Sgt Julie Morris: Justina Noble
Richard Murray: Bruce Paterson
Summary/Images by: Tracy C/Emily
Boyd and Charlotte kissing.
Sky thumping Terrance with the sugar dispenser.
Carmella spilling her drink on Elle and Ollie's client.
Terrance & Charlotte arguing and Charlotte reaching for the same sugar dispenser that Sky used to thump Terrance with.
Charlotte sits at her desk holding the sugar dispenser but quickly hides it in her bag when Boyd comes in saying they need to talk about their kiss. She tries to put the blame on him until he reminds her she kissed him first but their chat is interrupted when they hear an emergency vehicle siren and Boyd heads off to investigate.
Lassiter's Complex
Janelle consoles Sky and Toadie spells out the legalities to her but has to warn Harold to keep his voice down when he talks a bit too loud. Charlotte is an interesting spectator to what is going on and Boyd asks what is going on as Terrance's body is removed. Nobody wants to tell but eventually Toadie says that it is a murder investigation.
Charlotte makes her way over to Boyd (the others have headed off) and he repeats to her what Toadie said and she puts on a great act about how awful it is.
Scarlet Bar
Carmella gets herself back into Ollie and Elle's good books when she seals a deal with some hard nosed businessman (Richard Murray) and to celebrate, Elle invites them back to her place for champers.
Charlotte cleans the sugar dispenser of her fingerprints but says its general cleaning when Boyd enters the surgery to make some coffee. They talk about what happened in TGS and Charlotte wastes no time in trying to pin the murder on Sky. Boyd defends Sky and Charlotte tricks Boyd into putting his fingerprints on the clean sugar dispenser when she asks for sugar in her coffee.
Police station
Toadie goes over again with Sky what happened, reminding her that the police want to charge her with murder when she tells him she can't remember. With the aid of flashbacks, Sky tells Toadie about her last encounter with Terrance - from testing him to see if he was lying to her, to finding out he was lying and feeling stupid for being used, him pretending to be Stinger, finally cottoning onto him and hitting him with the sugar dispenser although she isn't 100% certain that she did hit him. It then dawns on Sky that she is going to be the one charged with his murder although Toadie reminds her that is still to be proven and to make sure that the police prove it was her. A new police officer enters and asks Sky if she is ready to start from the beginning.
No. 22
Carmella is still on a high at securing her deal and Elle reports back that feedback from the event is very positive too. Ollie isn't jumping on the happy bandwagon and points out to Carmella she is on her 3rd glass of champers and alcohol doesn't mix well with medication. She is not amused at his accusations especially as she took nothing to help secure the deal and storms out but not before spilling some the contents of her handbag including the bottle of pills which Elle picks up.
Police station
The Detective departs and Harold and Janelle enter the interview room to see how things went but Sky leaves wanting to get some fresh air. Janelle asks they said it was self-defence and Toadie tells her that the police prosecutor has to build the case not have it handed to him.
No. 30
Ollie tries to cheer Carmella up with cooking her food but she is still not amused at being called a liar especially in front of Elle. She is even further un-amused when he lets slip he's discussed her with Elle but promises her he won't do so again and that he does trust her.
No. 24
Janelle tries to reassure Sky that Toadie will help her get off while Harold wonders how Terrance managed to get all the info on them. Toadie suggests that his previous contacts were used but the police haven't found anything yet to confirm their situation.
Toadie then reveals that the list of things found at the scene show that there wasn't a wallet found, especially for someone expecting to be paid, and asks Sky if she remembers seeing one. He then has a brainwave and thinks that someone came into the store after Sky left and they are the real killer.
HAROLD: So find the wallet.
TOADIE: (to Sky) And you could be off the hook.
Charlotte is shredding some documents and Boyd is wondering what has gotten into her, so she feigns that her mum is unwell and doesn't want to talk. He offers her his ear and Charlotte accidentally knocks her handbag to the floor (must be catching!) and a wallet falls out. Boyd picks it up and asks who it belongs to.
Commercial break over and Charlotte takes the wallet from Boyd and says it belongs to a patient and volunteers to deliver it personally. She must have had a brainwave in the commercial break as she suggests to Boyd meeting in the Scarlet Bar at 8pm so they can talk about the kiss after she's gone home to shower and change.
No. 24
Toadie is trying to get a strategy going for looking for the wallet and Sky decides she's heard enough and leaves them talking in the kitchen. Harold thinks it is a lost cause and thinks they should be convincing the police that Sky isn't capable of killing someone but Toadie reminds him that the evidence suggests otherwise. Sky hears this in the livingroom and Janelle asks him if he thinks she did do it.
TOADIE: Not personally no, but as a lawyer you just have to look at the evidence and it all points to Sky.
JANELLE: What about self-defence? I mean the bloke was a monster.
TOADIE: Her memory has shut down from the stress. She can't remember the moment of impact. How am I going to prove that she thought her life was in danger? Our best bet is to stop them from charging her...if we can.
The mood is sombre to say the last after what Toadie has just said and he issues a rallying call to them and that they aren't allowed negative thoughts either! While he may look pessimistic, in the livingroom Sky just looks despondent as if she's already been found guilty.
Boyd arrives wondering why Charlotte hasn't come to the bar as arranged but before she answers he spots that she has a bag packed. She puts this down to being freaked out by someone being murdered and wanting to get away but Boyd isn't fooled and mentions her erratic behaviour of late, so she explains that he is the reason she is leaving...because she has fallen for him! Boyd is totally stunned at her revelation but their chat is interrupted by Toadie entering the premises.
Charlotte listens to the door as Toadie and Boyd discuss the case and he mentions that the police don't think Terrance was working alone and are waiting for his accomplice to do a runner and in the meantime Sky is their only lead.
Boyd re-enters the office after Charlotte quickly resumes her position behind her desk and says that Sky is the number 1 suspect. She then totally backtracks and apologises to him adding that she is sticking around.
No. 30
Elle arrives and shows Carmella the bottle of pills and she isn't amused at having someone else on her back about the pills. She tells Elle that she wants to be off the pills adding that if Oliver sees the pills then she'll lose him for good. Elle asks if she would like her to get rid of the pills, she does, and suggests that Carmella goes to see the doctor to talk things over and that things can only get better between herself and Ollie.
Scarlet Bar
Elle arrives at the bar and while Ollie wants to talk business, she is more into personal matters and tells him that Carmella is off the pills and that she loves him. He thinks Carmella is still miffed with him because of his accusations but Elle leaves momentarily to gesture to Carmella to enter the bar to allow them to kiss and make up with random Paul watching in the background. When they do kiss and make up, Paul tells his daughter that her sainthood should be in the mail!
ELLE: I am capable of being a nice person...unlike you.
While Carmella and Ollie are occupied at the bar getting drinks, Paul steals a copy of the pitch Ollie was putting together.
Somewhere outside
Before placing her daughter in her car seat, Sky tells Kerry that everything will be fine and that they will start over again and once things settle down they can go see Dylan or Joe and Toby.
Ramsay Street
Janelle comes by to see how things are going and what he thinks about Toadie's theory of someone else being there but Harold isn't sure, saying grief makes you do funny things. Lou makes his way down the driveway to hand over a note he found in Sky's room. Harold reads it and just as a police car pulls up, says that Sky has gone.
Sky gets into her car and starts the engine and heads off.
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Toadie Rebecchi, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Janelle Timmins, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5211
Toadie Rebecchi, Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, Janelle Timmins, Sky Mangel

Boyd Hoyland, Charlotte Stone in Neighbours Episode 5211
Boyd Hoyland, Charlotte Stone

Janelle Timmins, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5211
Janelle Timmins, Sky Mangel

Elle Robinson, Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5211
Elle Robinson, Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes

Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes in Neighbours Episode 5211
Carmella Cammeniti, Oliver Barnes

Kerry Mangel (baby), Sky Mangel, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5211
Kerry Mangel (baby), Sky Mangel, Janelle Timmins

Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop, Toadie Rebecchi, Kerry Mangel (baby), Sky Mangel, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5211
Lou Carpenter, Harold Bishop, Toadie Rebecchi, Kerry Mangel (baby), Sky Mangel, Janelle Timmins

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5211
Harold Bishop

Boyd Hoyland, Toadie Rebecchi in Neighbours Episode 5211
Boyd Hoyland, Toadie Rebecchi

Charlotte Stone in Neighbours Episode 5211
Charlotte Stone

Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson in Neighbours Episode 5211
Paul Robinson, Elle Robinson

Sky Mangel, Kerry Mangel (baby) in Neighbours Episode 5211
Sky Mangel, Kerry Mangel (baby)

Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 5211
Sky Mangel

Harold Bishop, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 5211
Harold Bishop, Janelle Timmins

Harold Bishop in Neighbours Episode 5211
Harold Bishop

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