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Neighbours Episode 5093 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 5093: A Scar Is Born
Australian airdate: 08/11/06
UK airdate:
Writer: Sacha Hamilton
Director: Chris Adshead
Guests: Mishka Schneiderova Deborah Kennedy
Alan Napier Barry Friedlander
Dr Charles Montgomery James Wright
Will Griggs: Christian Clark
Summary/Images by: Elizabeth/Izzy-da-vixen
Zeke overhears Pepper assuring Frazer that everything is ok between them after he suggests that the 'engagement' isn't a good idea
Mishka tells Lou she loves him too much to leave him
Pepper 'confesses' her love to Zeke during one of her sleep walking sessions
Number 30
Rosetta is writing furiously in her journal as Pepper bounces in to tell Frazer that she's off to the gym. Frazer makes a comment to Rosetta about her giving her work journal a 'good going over' but Rosetta ignores him. Will enters so Rosetta immediately puts the journal away. Will's looking for 'Pepper's' romance novels. Rosetta wants to know why he wants them - he explains that he thought it'd help Carmella take her mind off things - would Pepper mind? Frazer didn't even know they were hers. Rosie can't believe that Will is still seeing her (Still? They've had one date.) because he can't trust her. Will points out that he knows what she thinks but Carmella needs everybody's support at the moment. Frazer breaks the moment by saying the novels are stuffed under the couch. The phone goes and Rosie is made to answer it. Whilst she's gone, Frazer reads her journal, which he should know is perhaps the single worst thing a man can do to a woman, but he's choosing to be a creep, so he obviously has no problem with it. A Rosie voice over tells us what it says, 'Is it my disgust at what Carmella's done or are my feelings for Will driving me to act like this? I can't help but thinking if he knew Carmella's secret, he'd stop seeing her. So, should I tell him?'' Rosie hangs up the phone so Will puts the journal away and asks who it was just as she comes back into the kitchen. Rosie's stand offish and says it's nobody he needs to know.
The General Store
It's disgusting, there are a couple of teenagers pashing away. I know that I'm saying the olds on the street doing it are disgusting, but it's really PDAs that I have a problem with and it actually does look like they're about to suck each other's face off. Lou's wondering where their parents are because they're just kids, but Mishka thinks it's normal - they're 'frisky teenagers'. Lou says they can frisky right out of there before Mishka tells him that it's because of her milkshake. They don't have any malt so she's been putting Tazzle in them. Is it just me or considering there's apparently a shortage of Tazzle, they all seem to be finding plenty to go around? In any case, apparently in Russia (and this is specifically Mishka's Russia, a land I have never been to) it's an aphrodisiac for old men. Lou insists he's middle aged as Mishka pours him some and tells him, 'Bear come out of cave tonight.' Yuk.
Over to Zekemeister, who's reading one of Pepper's ghastly high school poems:
No more chains
That you gave me.
Enough of rain.
Now I'm craving
Something real, something right.
How do you stand sleeping at night?
He starts smiling and daydreaming until Janae interrupts him by saying it must be a good milkshake. I can sense a totally random bit now with two characters that rarely, if ever, interact. Janae orders a Tazzle milkshake and Zeke asks for her advice. Here comes the random interaction... Zeke explains that there's a 'woman' he thought was way too cool for him but it turns out she likes him, she told him. Janae wonders what the problem is, he should pash. Apparently there's a great spot behind the oval... Zeke says no, it has to be really romantic. They're 'soulmates'. Just as Boyd sneaks in, Janae says she knows what Zeke means, when she first met Boyd, she thought he was too good for her but when they finally connected it was like nothing else mattered. As she says this, Boyd looks at her funnily and sneaks out. Janae tells Zeke that if this 'woman' makes her happy, he should tell her.
Carmella is snoozing as Frazer grabs some crumby flowers and brings them in to her room. He makes a huge deal about how small an offering his flowers are compared to everything that Will is getting together for him - apparently he's been running around like a headless chook all morning. 'He cares about you a lot,' he adds. Right on cue, Will comes in and Frazer whispers one final thing to Carmella, 'You're very important to him.' Frazer shoots off, telling Carmella to keep her spirits up.
Will then opens the goody bag he's brought with him and pulls out chocolates, a crossword book, some fruit, a few more magazines, nail polish and the best til last, trashy romance novels. Which does she want to read first? Can't Get Enough or Ascending the Elevator of Love. Carmella says there's something she needs to tell him. Will stops her and says whatever it is in the past and now it's time for a clean slate.
Boyd is sitting on the sofa playing with his wedding ring when he hears the door. He pounces over the couch and runs into his bedroom. Janae comes in and calls out Boyd's name. She's surprised when she doesn't get a response, especially after she sees his bag, and goes to close the front door. Boyd tries to sneak back into the living room but Janae turns and sees him and hugs him. Boyd says he's just come back, but Janae says that Lou had said he's popped into the store; didn't he see her there? Boyd's really standoffish and says he did but... Janae wonders what the hide and seek was about. Boyd makes out he wanted to surprise her, but she's obviously beaten him to it. Janae says it's good to have her hubby back, and she wants to hear everything.
Rosetta comes in to see Carmella and asks how she's feeling. Carmella replies that she's a bit sore but will live. Rosetta sarcastically remarks that it doesn't look like she's been too short on visitors; she sees Will has already been. Rosie wants to know if Carmella has told him the truth and if she thinks it's right to keep letting him under false pretences. Carmella points out that it's none of her business. Rosetta wants Carmella to tell the truth because it's not fair. Carmella wonders why she cares so Rosie says it's because he's a 'lovely decent guy' who deserves to be loved without any 'games or lies'. Carmella, the smart cookie, susses that Rosetta is into him and that's why she wants her to tell him, so that Rosetta can have him all to herself. Carmella suggests Rosie tell him, because if she wants to crucify her sister for some guy then she can be her guest.
Boyd is telling Janae that he's realised that Max won't be found until he wants to be and Boyd's got to accept that. Besides, he's better off with his family than on some wild goose chase. Janae's playing the doting wife and tells him that she knows it's rubbish but they're going to get through it. You can tell what Janae has got on her mind when she starts kissing him and saying she missed him so much but Boyd pushes her away, making the excuse first that Steph will be back soon then that he's hungry. Is Janae coming with him?
Number 30
Will is making some sort of soup thing for Carmella as Rosetta comes in. He explains that he used her recipe, is that ok? She claims that it is. Will asks if Rosetta's been in to see her. She has. Will says it's a shock, but she'll be fine. Rosetta asks if Carmella has been honest. Will says that she's tried to be but he stopped her because she's got enough to cope with. Rosetta thinks she doesn't deserve a friend like him but Will thinks it might be him that doesn't deserve Carmella. Will says that unless the secret is life altering, they should let old wounds heal. Rosetta suggests he picks up some marshmallows for Carmella on the way because she loves them. Will laughs and says she's a good sister, kisses her on the head (how patronising) and leaves.
Daydream - by the pool at Number 30
Zeke is scooping leaves out of the pool and he's got slicked back hair in a ponytail and lots of bling on. Pepper comes out wearing a black bikini, a black gown thing and black fluffy slippers.
PEPPER: Oh, Ezekiel, it's so good to finally have a real man around the house.
ZEKE: Nothing too good for my little lady.
PEPPER: Dropping Frazer was the best thing I ever did.
ZEKE: You know it babe. That Frazer wimp, he just didn't know how to treat a woman right. Come on, give me some sugar.
Pepper in the daydream does kiss lips and closes her eyes before we cut to what's actually going on...
Pepper's thrown a towel at him and asks if Zeke can't hear her. Is he ok? He's done enough pool cleaning for today. Zeke tries to tell her something but the door goes and Pepper asks him if it can wait for another time. Zeke says yes, he'll be at home if he needs her. Rosetta comes out. Pepper asks her what's going on. Rosetta says something about her promising herself she'd do laps and she's done them like, once. Pepper says it's the most appalling deflection she's ever seen - she's a school teacher so she's seen a few. The way she's talking, you'd think she'd been a school teacher for ten years, not ten minutes. Rosetta hates to admit it, but she's been behaving irrationally - she's got a major crush.
PEPPER: Awesome!
ROSETTA: No, it's not.
PEPPER: No, this is really exciting, I love crushes.
ROSETTA: Well I don't. I haven't had that much experience with the opposite sex.
PEPPER: Well, that's alright. You're just out of practice.
ROSETTA: Yeah, that too. It's been a while.
PEPPER: Well, how long?
PEPPER: What, like weeks?
ROSETTA: Uh, mm-mm.
PEPPER: Months?
(Rosetta shakes her head)
PEPPER (still not catching on): Years?
ROSETTA: Try never.
Pepper's surprised and obviously absolutely does not know what to say.
The General Store
Mishka sneaks some more Tazzle into Lou's mug as he serves customers. He tells her to cut it out but Mishka says they'll both thank her later. Lou says it's hard enough for him to keep his mind on the job with them working so closely. Mishka tells him he needs to keep his fluids up for working so hard and who knows, work may go after hours. Way. Too much. Information. Boyd and Janae come in for some breakfast and Lou welcomes him back. It's obvious what's on Lou's mind because he says it's good to see him and he bets Janae thinks the same thing too, 'Wink wink, nudge nudge.' Boyd says, 'Say no more,' and Janae adds, with a look of disgust, 'Please.' They order their breakfasts and some 'Mishka Milkshakes' and as they sit down, Janae says that Lou has a point, why are they there when they could be at home? Boyd doesn't know what to say so goes with the totally lame 'I'm hungry' again. Boyd's phone rings so he goes off to answer it. He goes somewhere that in the real world Janae would obviously be able to hear but in Neighbours world is obviously so far away she's oblivious.
BOYD: Hello? ... Look, I already told you, the newspaper interviewed me when I was in Tasmania, that's all I got to say... No don't call me again.
He hangs up and looks over at Janae, who just smiles at him questioningly.
Number 30
Rosetta and Pepper are sitting by the pool chatting. Pepper's trying to establish the situation. Has Rosie never met somebody she wanted to, you know? Actually, she has and not only is he her housemate, he's also her sister's boyfriend. Pepper's surprised, didn't she set them up? Rosie says she did it because she didn't know what to do with her own feelings. Rosie knows, she does it every time. Every time she likes somebody she runs a mile. Pepper says she's really hung up on him and Rosie explains that she was willing to sacrifice Carmella's happiness so that Will didn't like her anymore. What's wrong with her? What is she going to do? Pepper doesn't know, but she's definitely got her beat in the love and woe department. Rosetta doesn't know what she's talking about, she's got a fiancé. Pepper admits that they're not engaged; in fact they hardly know each other. Rosie's like, what? She tells Pepper to start from the beginning and not to leave anything out.
Ramsay Street
Will's leaving number 30 when a black BMW pulls up. I thought it was a 6 series, but it looks too big. It must be a 7 series. Anyway, Will tells the guy in the back that he's wasting his time. The old guy in the back asks him to accompany him on a drive, they have matters to discuss. Will says he's not going anywhere so neither is the old man, he asks his driver to park up. Surely a chauffeur driven limousine is nothing out of the ordinary for this neighbourhood? Two points. I know he's being sarcastic, so he obviously doesn't know that this is Ramsay Street where the Robinsons live. It kinda isn't out of the ordinary. Secondly, it's not a limousine, it's a black BMW! They're two very different things. I would suggest that in fact it's a chauffeur driven executive car because that's exactly what it is. Will gets in.
Number 30
Back to the girls gossiping and Pepper has obviously explained to Rosetta the situation with Frazer because Rosetta's going over it. She pretended she was engaged so they could get a room in a house share? Rosie doesn't really get it. Pepper says she has no idea how hard it is to get a house share alone especially when she's riddled with neuroses and sleeping disorders. They figured they'd have a better chance as a stable couple with a dual income. Rosetta can't see what's in it for Frazer. Pepper's not sure either, but he was really keen on the idea. The problem is, she's gone and believed her own story and she's fallen for the guy. Plus, he's not interested in her in the slightest, despite her best efforts. Rosetta doesn't get it. So Pepper spells it out for her in a PG-13 way. 'He doesn't always sleep on the floor.' Pepper thinks Frazer has a thing for Rosetta, she can tell by the way he looks at her. Rosetta is surprised and says she's not interested at all.
PEPPER: We are such losers
ROSETTA: I know. We're gonna die old and alone. With cats.
Pepper says she has in idea - as it's in both their interests to get Frazer off Rosetta's scent...
Frazer is peeking out of the kitchen window as Pepper and Rosetta come in 'mid conversation' about 'James' who Rosie met. Pepper asks if 'he' called? Rosetta says yes, this morning. Apparently they 'met' at work because 'he' is acting for the other side in a mediation. Pepper thinks it's 'so romantic' but Rosetta is blatantly feeling really awkward and says she might go and call 'him' right now. Frazer is pretending not to have been listening when Pepper says it's so sweet. She says Rosetta's met a guy at work and fallen in love. Frazer has a momentary outburst, wondering how she can be in love with this James bloke if she only just met him. Busted! Peppers says she thought he wasn't listening! Anyway, he was there all along, right under her nose just waiting to be noticed. Frazer says he thought Rosie had a thing for Will, apparently it's obvious. Pepper says that Will missed his chance, she's moved on with 'Jason' now. Frazer corrects her and Pepper goes on to say this 'James' is Rosetta's true love. Pepper continues, asking Frazer if he thinks it's funny how you can find love in the strangest places. It can by lying right in front of you, staring you straight in the face. Frazer's just bemused and says, 'Yeah.'
A street
The old guy is telling Will that he can understand that Will might have been curious to see how the other half live but does he really think he was meant for a life of tending bars and squatting in a share house? Will insists that he's never been happier. It's what he really wants to do. The old guy tells him to think carefully about what he really wants because in three months his birthright will no longer be an option. The old guy will be in touch. Will gets out of the car. Good continuity there, I checked and he still has that soup thing in his hand. Well done continuity advisor! Zeke spies Will and the car and puts two and two together. Considering the guys on Ramsay Street are only ever either at the hospital, the school, Lassiters, the street or each other's houses, it's very extreme to have two of them on a random street on the same day, let alone at the same time.
Mishka is feeding something to Lou and Lou is saying no, he couldn't because he's stuffed full of her yummy delicacies. Mishka wants her Lou Bear to take one more little bite, so he does followed by some orange juice to wash it down. Mishka says that now it's time for 'canoodle'. Eugh. It's Lou's favourite time - canoodle o'clock. Mishka puts her hand on his shoulder and leans in to kiss him.
It's dark and we see Mishka and Lou at the top of a flight of dingy stairs. Mishka puts her hand on Lou's shoulder.
LOU: Mishka darling, come away with me.
MISHKA: No Louis, you go now. You leave Russia for good.
Mishka asks Lou what's wrong, does she have Borsch breath? Lou insists it's not, everything's dandy. Lou puts his hand on Mishka's waist.
Same scene, but with Lou's hand on Mishka's waist.
LOU: I won't abandon you, come back with me!
MISHKA: He comes, Lou Bear, please to go.
LOU: Not without you!
MISHKA: Nothing here for you. Please Lou just go, you go back you find nice Aussie girl, go!
Mishka pushes Lou down the stairs.
Lou's face is of shock and horror. Mishka asks what it is; he looks like he's seen the ghost of Stalin (By the way, that is absolutely not a saying in Russia.) but Lou doesn't know, he can't... Mishka wants to know if he's thinking about the Bogan. Lou says it's not that, it's canoodling Mishka!
A street
Zeke and Will are walking along, and Zeke is trying to work it out. It wasn't his car? Will says it's an old chauffeuring company he used to work for - his mate was giving him a lift. Zeke bets the chicks would 'dig a guy turning up in a sweet ride like that' and Will says none that he'd be interested in would. Zeke doesn't believe him. Will says that not all chicks like a guy just because he has a cool car. Zeke thinks out loud, saying that Madison would. Will's like, who? Zeke's blasé, it's a hotty, an old crush. Speaking of Ramsay Street (?), how's it going at number 30? Will says great, yes everybody is getting on. Zeke wonders how it is living with a couple, it must be pretty hard for Miss Steiger and her fiancé. Will says he's not given it much thought but they seem fine. Zeke says that looks can be deceiving. Will's had enough and asks, 'What are you on about?' Zeke's being the cool guy and says Will wouldn't understand. Will just shakes his head, understandably so.
The doctor is removing the bandage from around Carmella's face. He tells her to keep in mind that this is just the first skin graft and there's still a lot of work to do. Carmella's obviously heard this before, because she says, 'Don't expect to see my old self staring back, right?' Will's there as well, by the way. Carmella is sure it will be fine and the doctor goes to take the dressing off. He explains that there is still a lot of swelling and scarring. Will can't look and looks away as the dressing comes off. Carmella asks if it's that bad and tells him to look at her. He does so reluctantly and says she looks fine. Obviously not very convincingly because she sighs and tells him to give her the mirror. She looks and this is the first glimpse we see of her scar. The doctor knows the damage looks severe, but it's early days. Carmella simply says, 'I'm hideous.' Will shakes his head and tries to take the mirror from her. She won't let go and she pulls it from him, slams it down on the bed and half sighs, half cries.
A little while later and Katya is putting the new dressing on Carmella's face. I cannot believe it didn't strike me before but imagine what Katya is thinking right now and no wonder she doesn't say anything to Carmella as she does so. Carmella thinks it's God's will. Katya finishes and leaves. Carmella wants to get some rest, so Will leaves. He speaks to Katya outside. 'God's will? Well what's the prognosis?' Katya tells him that the wound itself will heal but unless she gets specialist treatment then... Will wants to know how soon she needs it. Katya tells him the sooner the better. Days, weeks? Days, Katya tells him but it's not that simple because she doesn't have insurance and the costs are horrendous. Will looks pensive.
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Frazer Yeats in Neighbours Episode 5093
Frazer Yeats

Will Griggs, Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5093
Will Griggs, Frazer Yeats, Rosie Cammeniti

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 5093
Zeke Kinski

Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5093
Janae Hoyland

Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5093
Janae Hoyland

Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5093
Rosie Cammeniti

Boyd Hoyland, Janae Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 5093
Boyd Hoyland, Janae Hoyland

Rosie Cammeniti, Pepper Steiger in Neighbours Episode 5093
Rosie Cammeniti, Pepper Steiger

Pepper Steiger, Rosie Cammeniti in Neighbours Episode 5093
Pepper Steiger, Rosie Cammeniti

Alan Napier, Will Griggs in Neighbours Episode 5093
Alan Napier, Will Griggs

Lou Carpenter, Mishka Schneiderova in Neighbours Episode 5093
Lou Carpenter, Mishka Schneiderova

Mishka Schneiderova in Neighbours Episode 5093
Mishka Schneiderova

Mishka Schneiderova in Neighbours Episode 5093
Mishka Schneiderova

Will Griggs in Neighbours Episode 5093
Will Griggs

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