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Neighbours Episode 4990 from 2006 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4990: You Make Me Feel Brand Noodle
Australian airdate: 16/06/06
UK airdate: 08/09/06
Writer: Judith Colquhoun
Director: Jovita O'Shaughnessy
Guests: Justine Spensley : Alexis Porter
Julia Perry : Emily Evans
Jane Tulloch : Barbara Burder
Process Server : Robert Urban
- "Dont Go To Bed" by McSweeney
Summary/Images by: Miriam/Emily
Karl and Zeke getting hurt by the boxes in Karl's car.
Bree telling Zeke she will go and find her real parents.
Susan lashing out at Karl because she feels that he's taking a 'father' role in Zeke's life when that's not what he is.
Number 26
Scott answers the door to Rachel who tells him about Zeke's foot. Scott tells her there's no-one else home. They agree it's been hectic recently, and that Cameron is a psycho, and that Janelle being in court and Katya being questioned is all too much... And, oh, they've missed each other! They cuddle before kissing - and SPRUNG!
Janelle caught them!
JANELLE: And what, pray tell, is going on here?
Erinsborough Hospital
Karl is bemused and rather annoyed at Susan's outburst - and quite rightly, too. He insists that had Zeke been *really* hurt, he would have called Susan...
KARL: He needed *minor* medical treatment so I brought him here.
SUSAN: Minor? Yes, you brought him to a *hospital.
KARL: Only because I didn't have an X-ray machine by me.
Karl thinks Susan's being petty, and she reiterates that he's not his father.
KARL: No, I am not his father but I am his friend, and a mentor. And that's a role you encouraged me into, so why all this aggro?
Susan doesn't really have much defence for that one other than "I am not being aggro". Karl asks her if she might be overreacting just a little?
She gives him her NoButIKnowIAmReally look.
Number 26
Scott and Rachel explain that they promised Susan they wouldn't see each other, and they've tried but they just can't do it. Janelle agrees with Susan on the age front, and Rachel says that she tried dating a guy her own age and he spread rumours about her. Stingray says he'd never do that to Rachel...
SCOTT: Cos I love her with all my heart.
RACHEL: We love each other.
JANELLE: Well I can see that's true enough.
She asks them if everything's so innocent, why do they need a place to go? If Stingray's going to respect that, then why is it a secret? Her son tells her that Susan doesn't even want them to be friends, but they want to hang out and spend time together, watch movies and talk. And stuff. You know.
JANELLE: Oh, alright then! Hang on a minute, there's conditions.
Janelle has an interesting definition of conditions:
1. No letting on to Lynnie because she's a definite SuseSympathiser™ and a wowser to boot - as much as we love her.
2. This is non-negotiable. You can kiss, but that is it. Are you with me? No funny business at all.
Scott looks like he might have trouble with that last one.
Ramsay Street outside Number 32
Steph unwraps - quite literally - a new motorbike to show Charlie, when Lyn comes up and asks her if she's going to sell it. But - no way. She's going to ride it. She's been looking to do something with her life, something more than motherhood without going back to work full time.
Paul approaches.
LYN: Well whatever makes you happy. (Noticing Paul) Speaking of which, here's something that might give you a bit of a kick.
In your dreams, Lynnie.
Paul has the Baby Belts ready for launch. He looks and talks like the old Paul here. That's really nice to see. Steph asks if she can give a few to some friends, and Paul reluctantly agrees with persuasion from Lyn. He reminds Steph that the launch is at 1600 today.
Paul and Lyn walk away from the house and Paul asks if he can work at Lyn's today. He says it's hectic at home because Isabelle's not being a drama queen making an effort. Lyn looks like she's fishing for info so that she can gauge if Paul fancies her, but Paul starts saying that having Gail in the house is unsettling.
PAUL: But if either of them find out that I feel that way I'm gonna have Operation Shock And Awe on my hands, so - ssh.
Bree, Zeke and Susan return home. Bree reiterates that it was an accident, but Susan maintains it was carelessness. Zeke things he's done something wrong, and Susan assures him she's not angry with him; she's angry with Karl.
BREE: I'm sorry about the text as well. I should have said "Zeke's foot is temporarily crippled" and not "Zeke's crippled"...I can see how that can be misleading.
Susan goes to get the washing in.
BREE: Ach, that is *so* obvious.
ZEKE: What is?
BREE: Don't you recognise unresolved sexual tension when you see it?
ZEKE: What?
BREE: And I suppose you haven't read Pride and Prejudice, either?
ZEKE: I've read it. I just don't get it.
BREE: Susan and Karl are fighting because they want to be together and neither of them will admit it. (Zeke is blank) I've gotta go.
ZEKE: Wait, hang on! I don't understand!
BREE: You know, I thought you were, like, some kind of brain. They've fallen. In. Love. Again.
Paul and Lyn are setting up the Baby Belt Launch. A crowd has gathered, and a contingency of local press.
PAUL: Mind you, I think we could have done without the Wobbles.
LYN: Noodles.
PAUL: Nancies.
A Sindi-wannabe races up to Steph. Hyper, and hysterical - and reminding me of Haley - she can't believe *how* long it's been since they last spoke!!! Who is it?! It's Justine!! From the Garage!! Steph thinks she might know her - it's great to see her...she, erm, fixed her car, once?? Justine agrees - yes, she fixed the car, back in 2002!!! Amazing, that Justine remembers her!! Justine!!
Even more amazing since Steph didn't start working at the garage until 2003.
Justine gushes over the Baby Belt thing.
JUSTINE: Just brilliant!!!
STEPH: You think so?
JUSTINE: Hello??! Genius!!!
Justine tells Steph that if she had kids of her own, she'd buy the belts, so she's buying them for friends instead. Justine! She introduces Steph to her daughter, Julia. No, wait, she's not her daughter, she's her niece, her niece!!
Justine wants to know about Ned the Noodle - and Steph promises an introduction to him, would Julia and Justine like that? Oh, yes please!!!! Would you?!!!!
Paul introduces the launch from the stage, and everyone claps Steph on her design, and Lyn on her project management.
JANELLE: Cor - I mean, if that's not a public declaration of having the hots for ya -
LYN: Janelle, ssssh.
In the middle of Paul's speech, Oodles of Noodles appear - Karl in his kangaroo costume, and almost walking into a decorative plant thing - and the kids go mad.
Incidentally, at Fletch's gig in Leicester last year, there was a guy with a T-shirt on that said on the front: "Dr Karl, I want to have your children." On the back it said "Especially Libby."
The Scarlet Bar
Paul comes in with Lyn.
PAUL: If I hear one more chorus of that Gooey Chewy Sticky Stuff I'm going to chop off my other leg and beat myself to death with it.
Paul is slightly miffed he was upstaged by a kangaroo. Lyn tells him not to be - he was just drowned out by enthusiasm. Janelle watches the way Lyn and Paul are talking at the table. Lyn compliments Paul on not letting his home issues get to him. Paul goes to get coffees and Janelle comes over.
JANELLE: What did I tell you?
LYN: Oh, God, what?
JANELLE: His tongue's hanging out so far, he's leaving tracks.
LYN: Janelle!
The Ant Rap is happenin', and what's most worrying is that I remember the words and the tune from the episode last week.
And I started singing along.
Steph introduces Justine. Justine!!!! Who thinks that Ned's tall! Ned asks Julia if she enjoyed the show.
JULIA: Not really. I'm a bit old for it.
JUSTINE: (giggling at Ned) That's a fib.
JULIA: No it's not, it's true.
JUSTINE: (to Julia) I really think it is.
Steph tells Karl to move away - Justine would like some privacy with Ned.
Justine asks if she can take Ned for a coffee, and he'd like that. Julia announces that she doesn't drink coffee.
Over the other side Zeke - on crutches - approaches Karl and crutches him in the...crotch. Zeke declares that Karl lied about everything; he was just using him to get to Susan. He says that Bree explained everything, how Karl has fallen in love with Susan and is pretending to be his friend. Mmm - I don't think that's *quite* what Bree said. He shouts that he hates Karl.
Number 26
Rachel and Stingray are being cute over milkshakes, and Janelle sits at the table. There's a knock at the door.
JANELLE: Stay, you two. Look innocent. It could be Suse.
Janelle - walking into the lounge sees Bree and asks her why she has money; Bree says it's for a taxi. At the door is a Random Man.
RANDOM MAN: Is Janelle Timmins in?
JANELLE: Not only am I in, I'm fit, fabulous, and good lookin'.
He hands her a note. She's been served with a fine from the DVD Distribution Company, for copyright - $200,000. Ouch.
Scott tells her she has to pay it and settle the fine. Or she gets dragged through the courts and will have to pay the costs. Bree reminds her mother that Toadie won't help her this time, and Janelle says she knows - what would she do without Bree there to be her conscience? She kisses her daughter, and Bree doesn't look too happy about it. Janelle wishes Kim would come home, and Bree tells her that he's not coming back. Scott believes it, too.
Janelle's face crumbles.
Karl tells Zeke that Bree was wrong - he and Susan are just friends. Zeke isn't convinced. Karl tells him he likes spending time with him - football, helping him with homework - because he likes him, and he liked Alex.
Karl hopes that Zeke will be a friend to him when he's older, and that he'll bring his kids to see him when he's in an old people's home! Zeke smiles and tells him he'd better not still be wearing the kangaroo suit.
And we all watch on, eating our ice creams in the House of Truth, as Zeke - along with Karl and Susan - strolls down the Avenue of Denial, blissfully ignoring the shouts from the Trees of Honesty as they walk by.
Number 30 backyard
Steph and Justine are on sun loungers as Ned entertains Oscar and Julia who are watching him in the pool.
STEPH: The nice thing about Ned is he doesn't even know he's got it.
JUSTINE: He's not thick, is he?
STEPH: No! He's just a bit innocent.
Justine tells Steph to get her bathers on and get in the water. She declines - she has to get Charlie home. Justine flirts with Ned by the pool, and he tells her he likes kids, but not teenagers. Justine thinks he's perfect - a musician and a nanny.
Number 26
Janelle and Bree sit in silence on the sofa. Rachel and Scott are together on the other sofa. Lyn comes in the door, and for once there's a lot of noise and warning as she tries to get in. That has to be a first - usually people just walk into this place.
Janelle gives Scott a look, and he quickly steps away from Rachel as Lyn comes through the door. Lyn tries to tell them how it went, then Rachel leaves as Lyn follows Janelle into the kitchen. Bree tells Scott in the lounge that she knows he's dating Rachel, and she approves - she's glad he's happy.
SCOTT: I wish you could be happy, too.
BREE: Yeah, well that's not gonna happen, is it?
Scott tells her not to tell Janelle about her real parents, and Bree agrees. They hug.
In the kitchen, Janelle tells Lyn they're going to lose the deposit on the new house (what? News to me...) but Lyn reassures her that they're welcome in her home. She also tells her to forget about the rent. Janelle tells her friend she's going to declare herself bankrupt, but Lyn tells her that she should wait for Kim to return.
Janelle cries and doesn't think Kim's coming back. She takes off her ring, saying that it can pay for the fine.
No 30 backyard
Ned brings Justine a drink. Justine flirts outrageously, suggesting that Ned is a good male role-model for Julia, seeing as her mother's divorced, and she herself is single. Ned tells her he thinks she's fun.
JUSTINE: Well, I can be! But believe me, you'll know fun when you see it!!!!
JUSTINE: Wanna see it?
NED: Er...yeah, okay...
JUSTINE: You...do date women, don't you?
Justine strokes his arms. A lot. And laughs. A lot.
Ned says he's out of practice on dating.
JUSTINE: You're dong fine!! But if you need any help in the...practice department...I'm at your service, Ned. Twenty four seven.
Okay - cute to irritating in a matter of minutes. That was quick.
Number 26
Paul presents Lyn with an expensive bottle of wine - thanking her for all her hard work on the Baby Belt. He's off to the hospital and passes Steph and Charlie on the way in.
Lyn thought Steph was going for a dip in the pool, but Steph says maybe Lyn could take Charlie instead. Lyn picks up the vibe, and Steph admits that since the surgery, she feels like a freak. Lyn tells her daughter that no-one else sees any difference, they just see Steph. She understands how her daughter is feeling rotten, and reminds her that Charlie and Max don't see the scars, they just couldn't live without her.
An empty plot of land
Bree stands by an empty plot of land with a piece of paper in her hand - 998 Seastrand Street. There's half a letter box still standing, with the numbers 998 on them.
An older lady tells her the place burnt down - very suspicious. She could smell the petrol. The family moved away and she hasn't missed them - she refers to a little girl, as if she were a bit of a nightmare. Bree looks gutted.
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Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4990
Susan Kennedy

Rachel Kinski, Stingray Timmins, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4990
Rachel Kinski, Stingray Timmins, Janelle Timmins

Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4990
Janelle Timmins

Stingray Timmins, Rachel Kinski, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4990
Stingray Timmins, Rachel Kinski, Janelle Timmins

Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4990
Lyn Scully

Paul Robinson, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4990
Paul Robinson, Lyn Scully

Steph Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4990
Steph Scully, Lyn Scully

Ned Parker, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4990
Ned Parker, Karl Kennedy

Bree Timmins, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4990
Bree Timmins, Janelle Timmins

Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4990
Karl Kennedy, Zeke Kinski

Zeke Kinski in Neighbours Episode 4990
Zeke Kinski

Ned Parker in Neighbours Episode 4990
Ned Parker

Lyn Scully, Janelle Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4990
Lyn Scully, Janelle Timmins

Charlie Hoyland, Steph Scully, Lyn Scully in Neighbours Episode 4990
Charlie Hoyland, Steph Scully, Lyn Scully

Bree Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4990
Bree Timmins

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