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Neighbours Episode 4831 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4831: Take This Mob And Shove It
Australian airdate: 17/10/05
UK airdate: 10/01/06
Writer: Drew Tingwell
Director: Tony Osicka
Guests: Joe Mangel: Mark Little
Carmella Cammeniti: Natalie Blair
Summary/Images by: Carly/Chloe
Roo threatening Dylan
Connor telling Carmella he wants to deal with the "connections" himself
Stingray freaking out about the robbery
The money being returned to Bounce
Scarlet Bar
Connor bursts in and angrily asks why Carmella gave the money back to Bounce. Carmella says she's not completely heartless; she just wanted to help get the police off his back. Connor now wants to deal with the mob himself but Carmella's against that, "out of respect for my father they'd listen [to me]" she reasons. The blatant lies are just overflowing in here.
General Store
The teen gang, V.2005, walk in with Sky wanting to know what Dylan has planned for muck-up day. Oh lots of things, Vaseline on the dunny seats for one. Joe is eavesdropping in the background and scoffs; he thinks this generation have no imagination. "Not that we'd be encouraging anything dangerous though, would we?" pipes up Max, also emerging from the depths of the background. Joe starts to tell the story of the cow in the classroom again before Sky reminds him they've heard that one. Harry joins the eavesdropping club and echoes Max, hoping Joe isn't encouraging reckless behaviour.
HAROLD: Fun's fun, but safety and regard for other people's property, first and foremost.
JOE: Oh, fair suck of the sauce bottle, grandpa!
Karl walks in and Dylan jokingly hushes everyone to keep them quiet about the "pranks". Karl looks extremely nervous as Janae warns her brother to stay away from him. Joe tells the kids that they need he and Max as their prank advisors but Sky says that's not necessary, she's got her own plans in mind.
Carmella is telling Izzy that she had the chance to tell Connor the truth but she didn't take it. Izzy thinks it's best she kept her trap shut, "the truth is the best relationship killer there is". That's like her motto that she has printed on t-shirts and caps ya see. Carmella asks what she should do and Izzy says to tell Connor that the mob is after her now, making him even more indebted to her. "That's just lie upon lie!" Ms Cammeniti exclaims. Um, hi, have you met Izzy? Ms Hoyland says if Carmella wants Connor as much as she says she does, she should be willing to do anything.
General Store
Joe again tells Harry that no one will get hurt on prank day, it's just one day of fun. Boyd schemes some more pranks with Janae but she doesn't want to get dragged into his "dorky plans". Dylan jumps up and does his 'shh, don't talk about the pranks!' trick again when Susan walks in, but Susan won't be scared by anything.
SUSAN: I've seen more muck-up days then you've had sausage rolls.
DYLAN: Muck-up day? What? No comprendé?
SUSAN: Yeah well, comprendé this, sport. Me veteran, you novice. You'd be hard pushed to surprise me.
Dylan waves a book in Stingray's face with all the teachers' names in there they need to get but Stinger couldn't be less interested if he tried. He gets up to leave as Sky says she'll call him on his mobile to tell him more about muck-up day. Stinger hastily says he'll call her because he lost his phone; Sky yells out at his retreating figure that it's the third one. She asks Dylan what's wrong with Stinger but Dylan just brushes her concern off, claiming that Stingray always acts oddly.
Number 30
Connor is trying on ugly ties for Serena for her graduation party that night. She still goes to school? Really? She brings up the "robbery" again, asking Connor questions about the thieves and wondering if they seemed like they had a good conscience until he snaps at her. "I'm sorry Serena, the whole thing just shook me up a little," he adds, noting her sad face. She changes tactics and says it'll be great to show off her "sexy older man" tonight. They have a hug.
Number 28
Karl swings by for a chat with Susan, he's very worried about muck-up day. She tells him to expect anything, which makes Karl think he should take a sickie. Susan calls him a woos and jokingly tells him to just remain alert, maybe bring a towel, some antibiotics, pressure-bandages... Flipping heck. Are they releasing the Outbreak monkey virus through the air con or something?
Karl then asks how she's coping with the whole Alex thing, offering his shoulder again if she needs it. Susan says she's doing okay, thanking him. She offers him a coffee but he has to head off, Rose Belker's coming in for a check-up. Susan then makes sure he's coming to the dance that night but he's a bit worried about how the parents will be around him because of the whole Janae thing.
SUSAN: Oh Karl, ancient history.
KARL: Is it?
Of course it is! This is Neighbours! That storyline is so last month.
SUSAN: Besides I need a date, you wouldn't knock me back would you?
KARL: Wouldn't dream of it, Suse!
SUSAN: Check ya later, Dr K.
Sky gives Stinger a heart attack when she walks through the back door while he's at the fridge. He snaps at her as they go and sit on the couch, but Sky just wants to know what's wrong. "Whatever it is you know you can trust me."
STINGRAY: My life's over alright? It's totally foccaciaed. And there's nothing you, me or anyone else can do to save it.
Sky sits in front of him and says it can't be as bad as he's making it out to be, he just needs to tell her so she can help. He's just about to spill when Dylan bursts through the door. "Oh my God, you're having an affair!" he cries. No, not really. But that would be awesome. He just asks if everything is okay and Stinger jumps up and says he was just telling Sky how worried he was about exams before fleeing the room.
Sky wants to know why Stinger clammed up as soon as Dylan walked in, asking if he's bullying his brother again. Dylan assures her that he's got Stinger's back. "He's really freaked out about something, Dyl, and I think you should find out what it is," Sky replies. He already knows dude, it's a little thing we like to call 'my brother robbed a convenience store and I can't hack it, do-dah, do-dah'.
The boys are suited up nicely for the dance as Dylan tells Stinger to keep it together, "getting pinged" won't help them one bit. Stinger is worried about the service station guy and the ramifications. Dylan gets jack of this and says he'll go to the cops and turn himself in then, Stinger's the first Timmins who has the chance to make a real go of their education and if Dylan turning himself in will help ease his mind and let him get on with life, he'll do it.
STINGRAY: No, you're not going down, bro. Not for me. I'll keep it together alright? I will, I promise. A plan's a plan right?
Scarlet Bar - Party Central
Sky serves Susan a drink as she walks in, offering a scaredy-cat Karl one as he also creeps through the door.
Joe and Harry compliment each other on how well they've brought Sky up. Aww.
Sky meets up with Dylan, Boyd and Stinger as they walk in and tells them that the fun has only begun; waving around a key to the school. She bribed Lou into cutting one for her when he was school caretaker, there's some things he doesn't want Harry to find out you see. Stinger looks like he's going to puke and heads over to the bar. Nice.
Connor and Serena are hanging out at the punch when he gets a phone call. Guess who from. No, not Batman. With Izzy egging her on in the background (they're at her house still), Carmella tells Connor that the mob people want to see her personally and asks if he can come along for support. He agrees, and lies to Serena that the alarm went off at Bounce. He'll be back soon! He promises! Pfft.
Carmella's still unsure about lying to Connor but Izzy says everything will be fine, this is just phase one and she knows how phase two goes, giving her a smirk and the keys to the car.
Scarlet Bar
Serena's leaving a message on Connor's voicemail, saying she wants him to call her when he can. Didn't he just leave? Or did we time warp just a tad? Sky checks on her cousin and says not to worry, he'll show up and she'll still have a great night.
Sky makes her way to the bar to make an announcement. She's got a gift for Susan on behalf of all the students; a framed cartoon caricature of Susie-doll wielding a stick looking thing. She says thank you and then tells the kiddies they're one of the most inspiring groups she's ever had.
Janae sneaks in all frocked up to join the party, much to Boyd's happiness, but Izzy soon puts a dampener on things by telling her that she's not part of the function, and she's underage, so she needs to vamoose.
Susan then presents the 'Staffroom Award' to the student they most think has risen to the challenge of teenage life - Scott 'Stingray' Timmins, come on down! He's bagged himself a video camera for his big future in filmmaking. Stinger looks surprised and tries to get away without making a speech but is egged on. He sadly says he doesn't deserve it but says thanks and shuffles back to his spot. Everyone does some awkward clapping.
Near a Warehouse Somewhere
Connor edgily waits next to the car while Carmella is inside a warehouse "talking to the mob". She sprints out pretending to be worked up and tells Connor they want the interest now and they don't care who her dad is. Connor gets angry and starts to walk to the warehouse, "if they're kneecapping anyone they're kneecapping me." She pushes him back and says it's too late, negotiations are over. Connor hugs her, saying it's all his fault.
CONNOR: I'm sorry for all the anger I've thrown on you, you know. You don't deserve it, you've been so caring and selfless with all the sacrifices you've made.
Oh puh-leeze. Carmella's had enough of being hit with the guilty stick as well and 'fesses up to Connor. "There never was a mob loan, it was all a lie."
Grease Monkey's
The teens rock up for some food before their pranking spree at the school. Serena tells Sky she's going to call Connor one more time before she goes in. Sky catches Stinger as he walks past, asking him if he liked her present. "You didn't think I'd trust a teacher to pick out your prize?" she grins. He smiles back, "You knew!" Cute.
General Store
Max has called upon Harry for another late-night favour... and didn't that come out all weird and wrong... I mean that he's there for Steph and her pregnancy cravings! I swear! This time she's all about the fruit and nut choccie.
Max offers Harold a lift home but he says that he wants to check out the neighbourhood, there's no telling what those kids are going to get up to with their pranks. Max doesn't think he'll be a target; it's just between the kids and the teachers he says. Harold laughs a jaunty laugh; "You think you're safe just because you're family?"
HAROLD: Things have changed. Please, take my word for it, be prepared. We're all in danger.
Hehe. He said it so ominously and the background music of mystery only adds to the hilarity. Max just laughs and says those kids won't get anywhere near him, he survived the rigs after all! Oh Maxamillion, you're so a target.
Grease Monkey's
Serena is still leaving heartfelt messages on Connor's voicemail, telling him where she is and that she loves him. Just then, she sees Connor drive past with Carmella in the car. Well ain't that a kick in the teeth by a bucking cow wearing steel-capped boots.
All the teens rush past while Sky asks her cous what's wrong. Serena lets her know the CC dilemma and Sky tells her not to worry, she's just seeing things that aren't there.
Erinsborough High Battlefield
Wheelie bins are everywhere, toilet paper is spread around like streamers, there's screaming, yelling, squealing - the kids are basically running riot with flour and water pistols. For some odd reason Joe and Max are in on the fun, hiding behind a wheelie bin (with a garden gnome on it?), throwing flour-ammo at random extras. This on your list or something Maxy-boy? Harold joins them as they spot Koward Karl rushing behind the bushes. They give him a wave and he thinks he's safe until KAPOW! Flour, meet Karl. The fellas think this is hilarious.
Janae and Boyd throw things at one another just as Susan rocks up in a fetching yellow raincoat, handing Karl a towel. Dylan shoves some more flour in his face as a sneaky random extra pelts Joe on the head with stuff. That was not in your contract random extra!
Harry is bombarded with RE's aiming water pistols at him. He warns them he knows all of their parents and grandparents but that don't make no difference. Harry is soaked.
Erinsborough High Battlefield - Inside
Dylan, Sky and Serena laugh at Karl, who looks like he's rolled around on a bakery floor. Singin' in the rain Suse comes by and laughingly tells them to get to class and leave poor Dr Kennedy alone.
Susan makes her way into the one and only classroom and puts her handbag on the desk, which proceeds to collapse on itself. Dylan, Sky and Serena are all, "BWAH! We got you a good one!"
Dylan runs into Stinger in the hallway, yelling in his personal bubble about how they got Dr Karl a good one before. Stinger just wants him to stop whooshing flour in his face. He's still being Mr Mopey-pants so Dylan tells him to lighten up, the cops haven't come after them yet so that means they're in the clear. Stingray finally looks convinced and smiles for the first time since the robbery.
Connor finds Serena in the hallway and is met with an icy reception. She asks if he was with Carmella last night and he sheepishly admits he was, "but it sort of gets a bit worse than that". Well that's just what every girlfriend wants to hear about their boyfriend and his ex.
Erinsborough High Battlefield - Outside
Screaming, yelling, loo paper etc.
A random extra cowers in a corner with a flour wound to the head. He shows a picture of his sweetheart to Jim-Bob and asks him to tell Polly-Ana her loves her. He takes his last gasping breaths before...
Just kidding.
Boyd sprays Janae with every single drop of water in his water pistol. They flirt a bit and Boyd offers her a change of his clothes so she doesn't have to go home and change.
Connor chases Serena out the door as Boyd and Janae wonder what's going on. Connor tells Serena that he was desperate, that's why he took the money from Carmella. Nothing happened between them but Serena just hates that he lied to her, he lied about the robbery and that he saw Carmella behind her back.
SERENA: You know we had this precious thing called trust, Connor, and you've broken it. It's funny because I'm meant to be the immature one in this relationship.
She storms off leaving Connor looking frazzled.
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Connor O
Connor O'Neill

Izzy Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4831
Izzy Hoyland

Dylan Timmins, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4831
Dylan Timmins, Susan Kennedy

Connor O
Connor O'Neill, Serena Bishop

Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4831
Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Sky Mangel, Stingray Timmins in Neighbours Episode 4831
Sky Mangel, Stingray Timmins

Susan Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4831
Susan Kennedy

Connor O
Connor O'Neill

Dylan Timmins, Susan Kennedy, Serena Bishop, Sky Mangel, Karl Kennedy in Neighbours Episode 4831
Dylan Timmins, Susan Kennedy, Serena Bishop, Sky Mangel, Karl Kennedy

Dylan Timmins, Serena Bishop, Sky Mangel in Neighbours Episode 4831
Dylan Timmins, Serena Bishop, Sky Mangel

Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4831
Serena Bishop

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