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Neighbours Episode 4830 from 2005 - NeighboursEpisodes.com
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Episode title: 4830: Connor Among Thieves
Australian airdate: 14/10/05
UK airdate: 09/01/06
Writer: Drew Proffitt
Director: Jet Wilkinson
Guests: Carmella Cammineti: Natalie Blair
Ned Parker: Daniel O’Connor
Summary/Images by: Sayaka/Elin
Stuart and his colleague are interviewing Connor about the "thieves" who robbed Bounce. Connor gives Stuart some details about the thieves, but says that he only actually saw one of them - the one who hit him.
Serena wants to take Connor to hospital to see about his head, but he says he just needs a painkiller. Stuart wants to go through the details of the robbery with Connor one more time.
Max comes in in a very good mood.
MAX: Good evening, my fine bride!
He tells Steph about the vintage scotch and mentions the cost of it was $800. He's quite open about it all! Steph is takenaback but Max says it's number four on his "list of things to do before the baby is born". Steph seems to accept this readily(!) Yep, that's fine after having to mortgage themselves to the hilt and get bank loans to buy Izzy out of the Scarlet Bar, a child at private school and a new baby on the way. Ahem.
The weird box is on the table. Max says he thought Steph was going to get rid of it, and she says she tried, but got an overwhelming feeling that she was doing the wrong thing. She went to the library instead and discovered that a farm belonging to the McKeller family used to be on the site that the Hoyland house is now. Apparently the family had three children in five years that died. She gets a bit upset and says that she thinks that the box is somehow connected to the McKeller children, and not in a good way.
Outside the Scarlet Bar
Harold and David are just coming back from band practice and it seems to have gone well - David is excited but Lou mutters under his breath to Boyd about the whole business! Boyd thinks it's quite cute in a dorky kind of way though(!)
Harold comes up and rattles a tin, collecting for the Salvos (hope he's got a licence for that!). Lou reluctantly puts a coin in the tin. But Paul comes up and gives $100!
LOU: Show off!
Janae approaches Boyd and they chat about embarrassing families. Then there's a bit of an awkward pause.
VOICE IN BOYD'S HEAD: God, she's beautiful.
VOICE IN JANAE'S HEAD: How long have I been standing here? Two seconds? No, must be three. We're just flirting. Stop, look away!
JANAE: Well, I'm going to go.
BOYD: Yeah, OK.
JANAE: So, bye.
BOYD: Yeah.
VOICE IN BOYD'S HEAD: OK, breathe! Just breathe! Keep it together. Keepittogetherkeepittogetherkeepittogether.
Steph thinks the box is cursed - it would explain why she and Max have had so much trouble both trying to conceive and with the adoption. Max scoffs at this saying it's just a coincidence.
STEPH: This land obviously has dodgy history with babies so...we should move.
MAX: Obviously!
Max insists that nothing will happen to their baby and they shouldn't get worked up about something that has no bearing on reality. He picks up the box and puts it next to the kitchen bin.
Scarlet Bar
Toadie is extolling the virtues of a vodka and cranberry mix to Ned and telling him that Elton John and George Michael like it! He goes on to "casually" mention that both Elton John and George Michael are gay and quite gay about it. Ned says it's good that they live in an age where people can be open about being gay. Toadie says that it's hard to tell who's gay and who isn't sometimes and takes the example of Paul who is standing at the bar. Unfortunately Paul overhears a bit of this and takes interest in the conversation.
PAUL: Presume I'm what?
TOADIE: Well I was just saying that given how well you dress, one could easily presume that you were gay.
Paul laughs uproariously and tells Toadie he'd be relieved to be gay - women are the bane of his existence!
NED: Nah, Paul's into the ladies in a big way. But you'll be right mate, you'll find someone soon.
TOADIE: Me?!?!! There's been a bit of a misunderstanding here...a huge misunderstanding.
NED: Come on. All these talks you've been having with me. You've been trying to come out to me.
TOADIE: I'm not gay! Not that there would be a problem if I was.
NED: Exactly, there wouldn't...with anyone.
TOADIE: Yeah. I've been out with two of the hottest chicks that ever graced Erinsborough, you know. I'm the stuff of legend!
NED: Oh yeah, a raging hetrosexual.
TOADIE: Yeah! Raging!
But Toadie is still stuck on his "Ned is gay" idea.
TOADIE: But somehow I'm still in touch with my sensitive side. Sometimes I feel like I'm a gay man trapped inside a straight man's body. And then there were those confusing dreams when I was in high school, but hey, everyone's had those, it's only natural...
Ned is starting to look worried, but just then Toadie gets a phone call and has to rush off. He tells Ned that they'll pick up their conversation later(!)
Stuart asks Connor if he saw the weapon, but he claims to be confused - he was bending down behind the counter when he was hit from behind. Stuart says the position of the injuries look like he was being hit from the front. Connor says it is all a bit of a blur and he still feels dizzy. Serena takes him off home.
Toadie comes in and Stuart tells him that $5000 has been stolen from Bounce. But Stuart looks confused.
STUART: Something about his story doesn't add up.
Toadie says that Connor wouldn't rob the store himself, but Stuart thinks it's possible. He says it's not unusual for people who've been victims of previous crimes to replicate them, and Connor was a victim of the Scarlet Bar heist. Stuart says that Connor has been strapped for cash but Toadie says that Lori's mum came through with the money for Maddy's operation. Stuart says he has a duty to investigate but Toadie says he also has a duty to Connor.
The Coffee Shop, the following morning
Carmella has arranged a meeting for her and Connor at the Coffee Shop. He's not very happy about it, saying it's too public a place and besides, Serena's father works there. But that probably doesn't matter anyway, because he and Serena might not be together much longer.
CARMELLA: Does she know about us?
CONNOR: Us? Us, what us? There is no "us" Carmella.
Connor tells Carmella to let her contacts deal with him directly and he doesn't love her anymore. She tries to tell him about the true source of the money but he won't let her get a word in edgeways. He admits that he stole the $5000 payment from Bounce - he had no choice. Carmella groans and tells him that there must be something they can do. Connor suggests that he hands himself over the the Mob and be done with it.
Toadie has been on the phone to the insurance company - they won't pay because the policy states that two people must accompany the money the night safe. Toadie rants at Serena that it's her fault for leaving Connor on his own. Lil tries to defend her, saying that Serena could have been attacked as well. Serena says that she's doing her best but Toadie is not impressed and stalks out.
The Coffee Shop
Carmella says that Connor shouldn't have robbed Bounce - if he'd told her she would have thought of something. She asks if there were any witnesses. Connor says there weren't, but Stuart is on to him. Carmella looks distressed and says she'll sort this out. Connor says she's done enough already and he'll sort it out for himself.
Outside the General Store
Paul is sitting at a table and asks Max who is passing how his hangover is going(!) Max says that "the finer the drink, the easier the recovery!"
Paul tells Max that he thinks Izzy has relapsed - based on her behaviour he thinks she's back on the pills. Paul wants Izzy to go into rehab, but he's also afraid that pushing the issue will put her further on to a downward spiral. Max says that taking Izzy on is a job of work and offers him help if he needs it.
Lou gives David his weekly lottery ticket, but he says he's given up gambling in becoming a Salvo. Harold says there's no harm in it - David's not a Salvo yet. David relents and says he'll give the dream one last crack!
Connor comes in and Lil and Serena fuss over him. Toadie comes in and still isn't in a very good mood with Serena. Connor is horrified that Toadie is blaming Serena for the insurance problem.
Stuart comes in and tells Connor that there are inconsistencies in his statement - He'll have to come down to the station for some more questioning.
Lil has dropped in to return a plate and catches sight of the box at the side of the bin.
STEPH: Why are you looking at the box?
Connor is back from the police station. While he's been gone, Toadie says that an anonymous benefactor has left them "a present" - a bag with $5000 in it.
CONNOR: This is crazy!
There's also a note from the thief saying that they changed their mind(!) Connor smiles in relief.
Lil is examining the contents of the box, telling Max and Steph that the items are ritual items. She says the items are good - they're consistent with harmless folk traditions for warding off evil spirits. Steph admits that the McKellers had six healthy children after the false starts(!)
Max asks why Harold had the heebie-jeebies, but Lil says that Harold hates all Pagan rituals! She suggests that they put the box back where they found it - it's been doing a good job for a hundred years. Max and Steph are relieved.
Outside the Surgery
Boyd and Janae bump into each other.
VOICE IN BOYD'S HEAD: Stop wasting time, just ask her out!
BOYD: Er...Janae.
VOICE IN BOYD'S HEAD: Just ask her, you idiot!
BOYD: I was wondering, erm...sometime, if you want, we could see a movie.
VOICE IN JANAE'S HEAD: Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!!
JANAE: (casually) Whatever, sure.
VOICE IN JANAE'S HEAD: Okay, stick to the gameplan. Play it cool.
JANAE: I'll see if Sky, Dylan and Scottie want to come too.
VOICE IN BOYD'S HEAD: (disappointed) She just wants to be friends.
BOYD: If you want. But you know, Sky's got such a weird taste in movies, and Dylan and Stingray, they only like movies about talking monkeys and things, so...
JANAE: Yeah, I guess so. Just the two of us then.
BOYD: Yeah, yeah.
JANAE: Cool, well I'll let you know when I'm free! Bye!
(walks off)
VOICE IN JANAE'S HEAD: Don't look back. DON'T look back!
VOICE IN BOYD'S HEAD: What the hell was that? She couldn't care less! Good one Hoyland. You blew it.
Scarlet Bar
Harold is still collecting for the Salvos and Lou gives him another coin. Lou says he's happy to donate to the good cause of father and son working together.
HAROLD: God bless you, Lou.
LOU: Yeah, yeah. Now rack off.
At a table, Stuart and Ned are talking about the Bounce robbery. Stuart says that the return of the money means that the case is resolved, but he still thinks Connor is hiding something. Ned says he's should be more worried about Toadie - Ned thinks he's been acting a bit "queer". Stuart says that Toadie's middle name is queer! Ned says it's more than that, Toadie talks about guys all the time.
STUART: He's got this "big theory" about your "big secret".
Stuart says he didn't believe Toadie at first, but now he can see the evidence for Ned being gay - like not wanting to go back to Oakie and having secret meetings. Stuart says he's cool with it though - Ned's gay and good on him for it! Ned laughs in disbelief.
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Stuart Parker in Neighbours Episode 4830
Stuart Parker

Connor O
Connor O'Neill

Steph Scully in Neighbours Episode 4830
Steph Scully

Janae Timmins, Boyd Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4830
Janae Timmins, Boyd Hoyland

Steph Scully, Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4830
Steph Scully, Max Hoyland

Max Hoyland in Neighbours Episode 4830
Max Hoyland

Liljana Bishop, Serena Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4830
Liljana Bishop, Serena Bishop

Paul Robinson in Neighbours Episode 4830
Paul Robinson

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, David Bishop in Neighbours Episode 4830
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter, David Bishop

Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter in Neighbours Episode 4830
Harold Bishop, Lou Carpenter

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